【Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation】is this even a good idea HELP【Reine/hololiveID 2nd gen】 | Pavolia Reine Ch. hololive-ID



yea u can ._." maybe in general...even if that make no sense :_kaget:Does it work like that? 

Don’t oh no for the content? actually please don't tskr :_heart: Hey Reine and chta! oh no motion blur why :_sosad: content I guess I think your PC was saving you by not letting you play this in VR eh... lol That would be bad *chat that would be very unfourtunate :_thumbsup: clippers, you know what to do Throwing up from scared is nice Is that a normal response for you?:_kaget: Um, we'll try to comfort you then? please don't say that.. CONTENT Fingers crossed it doesn't come to that It will be clipped There was a motion blur option earlier  Well it would be content, at least never then welcome to throw up compilation now idk :eyes: room 50 more or less When does it start getting scary? :rainbow::_kusa: don't jinx it lol never maybe really You'll get there. Don't worry about it once u try speedrunning  It started three minutes ago just dont be scared EZ I mean I hope not but then you and Haachama can be twins soon:trade_mark: its not scary :_kusa: soon it's scary when you try to set up VR Waiting for the scary part is the scary part :_hydration: it's like Zork eventually...  in about 69 rooms LOL, I hope you don't but it'll be okay reine can you say desu wa? nyooo, dont throw up Reine this is gonna be a long stream Just rush through the rooms as quickly as you can :giraffe:ics gets me every time TSKR