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hi gura morning gura you could have badmouthed us! 

cute :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: :_gurapat: :virtualhug::shelterin: I played the demo before it came out...get ready for it to be freaky after a few shifts. hello gura hi guwa how u doing  Gorn is brutality :_gurapat:audio is good Gura Gorn Gura :_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :_GuraHAHA: was it the VR mic? :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: American ANGUS SHARK :_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh: that was great right :_GuraHAHA: that was scary you sound beautiful :smiling_face_with_hearts: yeah taht was fun :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Good ASMR HOT MIC We had the secret Yabe asmr time :_GuraCry: the hair ASMR was nice:_GuraComfy:  lol Hi! Sounded like a wig :_gurapat: it was cute tho we were spyin on ya lmao The hot mic moment:_GuraMM: Hiiiiiiiii~ Guraaaaa!:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: :_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh: lmaoooooo LOL everythin is good Yes lol  21 год пацану HairASMR was nice. D: lol  hair asmr Helloー!ぐらちゃん:shark: 구우라! haunted mixer that was hot :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: Mute  da shork is here hi sharko :_gurapat:  we've been able to hear you since the Gorn stream Hair ASMR isn't bad. hi it was so cute tho Oh my. hi~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we almost heard you call us names :_GurNya:  yes hi gura Hi~ Never trust the audio GURA!!!!!!!!!!!! I COSPLAYED YOU!!!!! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: lag Hi shark, :_OHH::_NYO::_GurNya: shhhhhhhhhhhh secret ending goober hehehe yea your audio wasn;t being shown Suprise ASMR :_guWAT::_gurapat: yeah :grinning_squinting_face: gura we could actually still hear you the next day hai Guraaa!!!!! Hi HI GOOMBUS The secret ending :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: guraaaaaaaaa!! your wig lol cute Yeah the secret ending was nice Hot Mic! yeah dumdum that was because of the VR thing right? :_OHH::_NYO: wig? we're usually not messing with you shockingly lol good times It was all an imagination Oh yes I did:_GuraHAHA: Morning gura hope you have a great day:grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Hey Gura! :grinning_face: Na dummy we can hear you  :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: Us mess with Gura never :_GuraSmug: :_gurapat::_gurapat: oh nyo Bad mic bad! Bonk! I wonder why the VR mic works differently good morning, gura:_gurapat::_gurapat: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: GURA ASMR :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::shark: sleepty better now Peachy doin good, how are you? HIRYS GURA Good! How was your day  Better with you lol Audio issues huh. Interesting  :_GuraComfy::_GuraComfy::_GuraComfy: hola Gura your mic is on  Hello :waving_hand:  im good a doing great since you started streaming sekolah ya liat gura aowkaowk Hi Gura:_GuraAA: I'm good how are you Gura!!!  Good and you 3rd time on the stream! :D great. i mowed the lawn VR Mic is funny Yeah, we heard you playing with your wig I heard the sound that I fall in love with. Hi Gura we heard you being cute:_gurapat: 🇹🇭🇹🇭 im excited for thissss How're you today Gura? 3 days uwu hello :_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya: おはよーぐらちゃん!!:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: 

bag it up chef Is that a shark burger Gura? :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: 

LMAOOO Did i just hear Noel ?!?!??!?! :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: that's burger is alive?! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: LOL How the heck you gettin gas and electric out her? too many word can i get uuuuuuuhh そのまま渡すんだw LMAO that burger looks better than most burgers at fast food palces haha gura is not going to survive today:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Job simulator lol The buns not getting tasted is heresy though.  Ok chills Lol number 15 mans got jump scared by white and red cubes  fucking chills reference Number 15 MOOOO Its 8:20 am and I haven't eaten, yet this makes me hungry burgerking foot lettuce oh ma gaaahhh YESS oh they don't picky? Burger King Foot Gooruh Gura lmao Gura seems quite on edge Hey Gura LOOOL :_guWAT::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: oh my gosh they so pickyyyy lore Mooo!!! Gura Chills yaaaassss burger king foot lettuce WTF is That YOU CHILL Number 15... stooooop omg why are you talking like chills lmao  Fry Cook Gura yaaaaass lmao lol that intonation like the youtubers :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Burger King Lettus CLIPPERS Oh god lmao LMAO Burger King Foot Long SO CUTE I love this game Jajaja :_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL: hahahaa xD .. foot lettuceeeee :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: :face_screaming_in_fear: a burger !! NUMBER 15 Damn Karens:_GuraMad::_GuraMad: you watch too much chills :nail_polish: Chills gura lmao Ok there CHILLS Lma matieriul gurwl oh noy :hydrate: looks yum,my\ Burger King foot lettuce That pink meat doesn't look cooked Nike's top 5 LOL no sauce? CHILLS Moo? meat still a life:_GuraSame: what's with the chills accent LMAO Number 15: Gura Foot Lettuce yo chill Burger King foot lettuceeee Ahahah  Bruh Gura :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA:LOL This is just peak comedy oh no lol:_GuraLOL: Goombus the meme machine is in fine working order today, as usual Gura's FOOT burger :_GuraHAHA::_gurapat::_GuraHAHA::_gurapat::_GuraHAHA::_gurapat::_GuraHAHA::_gurapat::_GuraHAHA::_gurapat::_GuraHAHA: Nooo not the Valley Girllll Lmao this reminds me of some youtuber yess yess yess:_GuraSmug: :_GuraHAHA: 15 lol  number fifteeeeen :hamburger:King foot lettuce  :_GuraOK::_GuraOK::_GuraOK: mucho texto CHILLS Batchest bergur Ew reading This is an educational game for many of you Is that CHILLS?!  Number 15 thanks Chills very cool YOU SOUNDS LIKE CHILLS  no. 15 trump? this is a giant spider in russia in 1982  Gura the evil cow is watching... Gura is chills confirmed?? THROW IT  Loll that was beautiful gura 

L*3 :_GuraSmug: That cow got me actin up 

Fauna.... Fauna sad noises RIP Fauna lmao Bye Fauna weren't you buying vegan burgers before? :_GuraWat: Fauna will remember that imagine Vegan watching this ? INFINITELY BASED:_GuYum::_GuYum: Yes yeaaaaaaaaaa  shaaarrrkkkk yes :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: I'd try a salmon nug :_RedGura::_RedGura::_RedGura: YES you do Yes :grinning_squinting_face:  toppings on bottom why?! yes gura Sadly, this is too thorough for real life Gura......... The meat is made of vegans. NO VEGANS? This is real life... yep :_GuraSalman::_GuraSalman::_GuraSalman: can you bring this to the job? RUN FAUNA Painfauna based gura, did you know Scientists age sharks by counting the rings on their vertebrae kind of like a tree VEGANS AREN'T ALLOWED TO DRIVE. FUEL IS ANIMAL PRODUCT more or less yeah LOL salmon nuggies FOOD SERVICE BABY yes unfortunately 7 minutes then trash =( memorize everything  M e a t :_GuraHAHA:yes? It's a pie most likely you will gura, if they give you all of that to read I think so yes welcome to food service sharky looks like a twinkie Pie fold. Lol vegan deadbeat not scared guras first food service job like a real job it's apple pie apple pie also yeah real life sucks like this Yeah You ever flipped burgers before Gura? :_GuraHAHA:  Vegans can eat the menu, paper is vegan right?:_GuraWat: cookies:_GuYum: Apple pie? Thats a hot pocket Apple Pie yeah sorta, i mean you get trained but yea Carnivores RISE UP! fauna crunchy... Real life is worse LOL lol :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: this is training :_BloopYAYR: welcome ot the real world sharky hot pocket? MEMORIES BROKEN pizza roll? it's a pie lmaoo Twinky bread I guess  I think they have 1 person at each station in real life Yummy memory foam pillows. No crumbs! i am a vegan:((( !! :white_heart::white_heart: YES:_GuraMM: COOKIE its a Twinkie Apple pies lmao hot pocket fish are friends not food Real life? Yes. This game? TAB any time for the manual, I think. hot pie lol Looks like a hot pocket:_GuraHAHA: its an apple tart maybe??? RIP GUUBA DEATH BY BBBUUUUUTTTAA It's C4 cookeies you really only need to know the burger for your first day lol I LOVE YOU FOREVER DADDY  In America vegan eat plant, but in Russia plant eat vegan no meat no life  Apple pie vegan is an unsustainable first world thing for spoiled people Gura...you was a vegan Apple Pie! omnivora yep 1 to 1 to real life IF YOURE A VEGAN DONT GO TO A BURGER PLACE. gotta do what you gotta do to get money Why is that cow so attractive... just me? Don't judge nah just go right into it. WHo needs tutorials yes this is what real life if like lmao you did When I was working at Dairy Queen I had to memorize so many Blizzard recipes. o7 just yolo everything Who likes vegan burgers... that is disgusting AF Yep...it's a lot like working at an actual fast food place. You gotta prep the food before you even open the store. Look at that cool rooster wow cute! :eyes::eyes: my internet sucks Yes Sir o7 fresh microwaved cookies yum :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :_RedGura: 

:_OHH::_NYO: :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: FEETG 

yeah it does kind kind of feel like that F E E T room  guras fave room TOES Lmao FEET I understood that reference dont dead toes inside :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: feet lol Thats your room :_GuraHAHA: return the slaaaaab (of meat patty) :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: TOES! its like the Katz Motel THE TOE ROOM OHHHH YEAAAAAAA BABY toes :_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh: Toes room lol I could see it happening, courage has to make burgers to keep the old folks from being cooked T O E S MURIEL!!! :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: DONT SLEEP OPEN INSIDE theres toes in there must enter we can never escape the feet  GURA'S ROOM TOES:_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Ogeyyyy.... is that the usual room gura needs to enter dont dead open inside I GET THAT REFERENCE :_GuraHAHA: lol don't sleep C - 4 - 7 - 7 - 1 don't encourage the foot faqs more like gura the cowardly shark DON'T SLEEP OPEN INSIDE toes? lol Back pack backpack Back pack backpack  :eyes::eyes:toes don't sleep, open inside yeah it really likes courage scene hahaha dont sleep open inside DON'T DEAD | OPEN INSIDE TOES? :eyes: Feet Yubi room! Toes room:_GuraHAHA: sont sleep open inside Lol the reference Maybe you have to open the door with your toes to open it. Toes you really cant escape the toes, huh? lol that reference  good morning gura Yum LOL that is toe is your friend TOE what's your favorite cereal, gura? always finds the game with feet references don't you :smirking_face: I'm the big toe syeee? We're gonna plan a heist, seee? no toes 4 u Sup @Merryweather Media  AHHH it adds texture Yummy try 177013 mmm Charlie chunks :_guWAT: Farmer's flakes. Fresh from the farmers. it's a chumbie's room mmmm farm to plate dandruff gura sayang :_GuraWhat: lol Farmer Dandruff :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: Hmmmm Done stalling? farm WHAT? Farmer Dandruff:_GuraWhat: F E E E E T What? Fruit loops Gura ballin' is it halloween time? got hit by nostalgia and Count Chocoula OG series ぐらーーーーーー:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: DonT1 sleep, Open inside. :_GuraHAHA: Charlie's Chunks? Where the Gura Dandruff They dont have CHarlie chunks in my region wear it' Unruly child They sounded like bouncy balls lol present KKona  :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: definitely SLEEP INSIDE 

ok*4 :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: yo merryweather 

is the virtual world it all lies we have a car? Introducing the new jack-o-burger Emotional support pumpkin  gift for the bossman :_GuraHAHA: FEET Pumpkins are good gifts  Oh for sure BIG JUICY BURGERS! CHEAP! lol lol  O nyo  lool :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: LMAO YABE T O E S YAGOO crying Yagoo present jajaja "dont sleep, open inside" LOL :_GuraWhat: :_GuraMM: reminds me of Mr meaty his parents must not have liked him if they named him toes :astonished_face:  Lmao tasty pumpkin borgur hey gura dont dead open inside Ok :_GuraMM: EAT YOUR WHAT KEK yehaaaa Meric! :eyes: a gladly  I'm telling HR D: Eat my ass :astonished_face:  Oh hell yeah! :chillwcat: eat my what :_GuraMM:  EAT THE ASPH HEY YA BROTHER KKona :_GuraHUH: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Yaggoo? lmao :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: okay I tell ya Hwhat! wat as you wish :_GuraMM: gladly :_GuraOK: yes mam No U! yabe :_RedOwO: Okay:_EBI: Careful. ok gura goora.... gladly:_GuraMM: sure :_GuraMM: INAFF do we have to :_GuraSame: Yo noooo :_GuraMM:okee LMAOOO :_GuYum::_GuYum::_GuYum: if you insist Samegaki :_GuraMad: :_BloopYAY::_BloopYAY::_BloopYAY: Eat my WHAT ? :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: say less gura yes chef :_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL: yes please YES CHEF well if you insist yo what did she say YOUR WHAT? :_GuraMM:  Lol ok I will eat it w-what just kidding :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: Ok  かわいい nani? cute :elbowcough::elbowcough::elbowcough: 

:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: some cities let you rent electric scooters from a rack. problem is that they dont always have power to get to your destination so they get littered everywhere For great justice take off every patty 

:_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Dat 80s music THIS ISN'T HARVEST MOON Take a shower to keep the orca away :p LoL Have a Happy Humble Day! that cow seems nice mmmm Energy bar Animoo the romance route  this games kinda long gura :_GuraMM: I'll take 1 Gura borgar plz :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: :_GuraGlow::_GuraSame::_GuraGlow: 6$ for a snack D: Ina milk bar  yum Um, why would you want to? lol I don't recall giving you the B word pass, Cow. That is an oooold meme That's never a good idea. Trust me... mmm..... HOW ARE YOU GENTLESHRIMPS  Wtf that was 6 dollars?? shork is borger Gura you’ll get fired :_guWAT: GTA at home peas ALL UR BRAINZ ARE BELONG TO US nasty SIX BUCKS!? Gura's boundaries has no bounds  :eyes::flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face: do the harem route Save it for later? Baby food? romance toe yes  $6 ! eeeew oh for goo goo gaga In a Bar???? hi greeto Eeeew Scrumbly peas and carrot MASHED??? .. yum? Scrumbly :_GuraWhat: Baby food! Roomba romance! Let's Romance The Salmon animatronic Babyfood bar Yummy :_GuYum: GURA YOU HAVE MONEY IN THIS GAME SPEND IT WISELY y-yummy? what's your favorite hamburger waifu? Da fuck? You have one co-worker Somebody sent us up the bomb! $6 for a energy bar?!!? Sounds not yummers hahhaa you would totally eat that as your daily meal it's huge! mashed peas and carrots bar. yuck Yum, baby food bar 5 second rule 15+ year old meme PowerBar Ha this is the usual room isnt it murican sized christ that's huge :_GuraAA:  BEEG can you make sweet sweet love to him? huuuge :_GuraWhat: romance the cow mascot lady Feed him YABAIIII Tabemuscle is that our coworker?? E? Dang, XL means XL. uh oh thats what she said no, but that would be funny that wasnt free goomba :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:Do you hate her?:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: lol yeet:_GuraHAHA: Zombie? AYOO XL scrumbly scrimblo zombie man nice MRE :_guWAT: :_GuraA: :_GuraA: :_GuraA: snack? E for Eat can I get uhhhh size isnt everything LMAO LOL ITS HUGE :eyes: lock your door gura! i have so many questions you paid 6 dollars for that?? lock the door lol lock it Give it to him LOCK THE DOOR is that a zombie? lol based Lock your door. SCRUMcious LoLs :_guWAT::_GuraHAHA: Gotta save our snacks! that guy is creepy this apartment is nice didn't lock door lmao prob ok with ramen lock the door :_GuraHUH: me indonesia Shower time lmao Lmao LUL :elbowcough: FOOT do not acknowledge me work friends not friends friends lock the door :_GuraWhat: 

XL*2 :flushed: :flushed: :flushed: :flushed_face:  :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM:  

Relatable :grinning_squinting_face:  lock the door take off clothes?  :_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Lmao thats me with my coworkers Close the door? :_GuraWhat: :_SamtTBH: lock the door? Lock your door? LOCK DOOR :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Lock the door gura who the heck is that... Lock the door? :_GuraHAHA: lock the door! :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :eyes::eyes::eyes: :_GuraMM: I thought you wanted to romance him? free heals ! mmmm shower water say hello to your lounge boulder :eyes: did you lock your door?? :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :_GuYum: You shower with your clothes on? Maybe you should lock the door clothes on ayo? :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: :_GuraMM: shower scene 6 dollars for a granola bar. Expnsive I don't know you don't look chat :_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: shower scene! that's toes Lol :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Shower with your clothes on He is scary.. i too shower with my clothes on You still have your clothes on lol mean shower stream lmao shower with your clothes on take a shower stinky :shower: shower with clothes on, the best The Gura Shower stream finally :_GuraMM: LOL door not locked :eyes: stinky  ew Wet clothes got a nice shower snack oh nyo Press E LOOOL finally shower asmr stream oh god Gura!!! SHOWER SCENE?! why is the shower head mosaic lol can't be sure about that water LMAO Daisuke aww yis, with the clothes on fully clothed shower Eww washing the work clothes at the same time shork sewage water ??? Fresh shower water, yum stranger danger :_GuraPeek::_GuraPeek::_GuraPeek: ew:_GuraWhat: Too late! They're already in! good call take a shower sharky:anguished_face: goorah lock the door LMFAO :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Don't forget your Pizza:pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza: poster multiplied? shower with cloth? Oh god Wait do you have a BOULDER? yabe ah refreshing:_GurNya: runs naked out the shower to lock the door lmao i love you gura :_GuraWhat: Toe is a nice boi  Drink shower water shower with clothes on Shower snack LMAO:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: In your clothes? try E? :_GuraOK: locks lol quickly run out of the shower:_GuraLOL: damn it's huge that dude was gunna jump in with you! Shower snack  you are naked and you run out for the door? Press e to eat while eating is that shower safe to drink :_GuraWhat: did someone said shower? its HUGE taking a shower with clothes on, naruhodo you shower in your clothes? thats a big toblerone you just ran out naked:_GuraMM: THE SIZE Huge! LOL don't drop that in the bath like you did that pizza lol XL lol beeg e to eat Huuuge 

uhh T O E huh 

Ohhh that dude standing at the grill?? :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat:  These restaurants will do that to ya lol what...... Ruuuuun  Toes!! You did lock that NOPE spoopy .. yea まずいまずいまずい! :_GuraWhat: What the hell was that? :_GuraWhat: I saw something  oh my:_GuraWhat: YOu did lock it the door... :face_with_monocle: poor Toe :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat:? :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: TOE Is that your co-worker there talking about haha Lol lol creepy uh :_GuraWhat:door? TOE? it's fine:_GuraHUH: :_OHH: :_NYO:  :_RedOwO::_RedOwO::_RedOwO: You did Did the door open? NOT TOE wah brain is? scared Shork toe extraction?! door open? OH NYO halo gura WEEE WOOO WEE WOOO Oh nyo spooky :_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH: HEY HEY HEY  yabe:_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: did that door open uhhhhhh :eyes: ... ohhh tOE! Toe!!!:skull::skull::skull::skull: yabe holy door guraaa Toe the homie Extraction of Toe???:_GuraWhat: hey hey hey! is there a shrimp burger? close the patio door and go check the lock eerie  Extract the TOE what :astonished_face: HUH?? Ok then turn around  OH GOD HEY HEY HEY EVERYONE Oh no... Gura's going to lose her mind T.T You locked it. That's Toe in the restaurant?! markiplier? hey hey hey everyone  ....................... wtf.......... OH NO It do be like that WHAT toe WTF uhhh what was that HI I'M FROM BRAZIL FICE TO MET YOU GURA!!!!! ummm did the door open? WHY DID IT OPEN wtf:_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: that's just how working fast food is like Hewwo! Hewwo~!? Extract the Toe! OMG door Yeah, sounds like she was talking about Yarp hewwo:_GuraCry: GURA I THINK SOMEONE MAY BE IN YOUR HOUSE yo check out those great news! ...Let's call it a visual error fast food is draining work oh nyooo :_OHH::_NYO: oh nyo it's what happens when you wageslave sharky im scared :_GuraCry:  You need a new lock rehabilitation yay :_gurapat: cuteee Hi Gura  The plot thickens.... Lock the bedroom door too tonight Hewwo:_GuraPeek: 

lah bisa tetnyata :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:safe in bed What if there is a monster under it??? 

:_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Blankie Shield!!! Just pretend it doesn’t exist Thats a good strategy  good plan nice and cozy :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: yeah sure when you're most vulnerable Hide under the sheets didnt you close your sliding door BED is SAFE I can't help but wonder if that includes hiding under blankets hey me to :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: kept you waiting huh? ah yes bed, the solver of all problems ah, yes youll be safe when ur most vulnerable Pull the covers over and doze off how do you sleep when scared cool the bed cannot save you sleeping shak dont forget the covers Hello Gura!!! reminds of me as a child kept you waiting HUH? good gura yummy, crunchy bed Do you get scared of the dark? :_GuraWat:  mmm, crunchy sheets Kept you waiting, huh? doesn't going to bed make it worse Kept you waiting hhh Like a true baby:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Those pixels tho why your sheets so dirty gura yeah but what if the monster gets you on your way to bed just Sleep lol stinky bed Don't worry Gwombus, I've deployed drones to protect ya. Monsters can't get you in bed. That's the rules. STILLLLL IN A DREAAAAM Where’s the gun when you need it Great Idea:_GuraOK: wise shark in 3 am :_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: Makes sense I guess.  :astonished_face: Hang in there! someone is following you same cute~ Kept you waiting huh? GReetings! Gura:star: you are so cute You left your door open! monsters can't hurt you under your bed sheet THE SLIDIBG DOOR:loudly_crying_face: when I get scared I eat chocolates and play my ps5 lmao :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Another MGS reference Konkchu~ Konkchu~ kept you waiting, huh?:_GurNya: bed is the safest place LMAO METAL GEAR REFERENCE it's always night here you sleep at night? who unlocked it? keep you waiting huh bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the monster is under the bed doe Lots of metal gear references huh? understandable :_guWAT: SNAKE :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:the bed is comfy HMMMMMMMM lol :_gurapat:  sleep with a revolver under your pillow gura someone unlocked it  CLIP THAT when did it get unlocked This is a nice apartment for a bugger flipper's salary!  I feel safe inside my blanket  hay đó:yougotthis: Kept you waitng, huh? ok nice :thumbs_up:. Just sleep gura bed is a little dirty nice , lock every door to keep you safe why was it unlocked? It unlocked  :_GuraHAHA: bro you locked that before you slept uhh BEHIND YOU hi guwaaaaa Hello Why is the door unlocked? :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: check your corners wait, you locked it :eyes: how was it unlocked I saw a potato MAn how weird would it be if Metal Gear took place at a fast food restaurant Guwa cute :_gurapat: :eyes::eyes::eyes: you left the tv on :_GuraCry: this is like Silent Hill 4 it was unlocked after you slept ahh ok:_GuraMM: wash you shirt gura but you already did a night shower why do you have a rock in your apartment you left the patio door open and the TV on WHY ARE THE LOCKS OPEN? :money_bag: :money_bag: :money_bag: the warm water drips on my skin hi cute shark :shark: ITS UNLOCKEDDDD LEWD idol meeting time 

Gura your outfit! kitchen table? i think you were seeing the hallway 

be scared gooba :shark: :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: it's almost 4 am. I have to go to work at 7. what am I doing here FRONT door open!!!! its a simulation do you shower with your hoodie on to wash it gura? you can be honest Hey. You left that open.. no this is real life answer the question gura headpats ah nothing makes me enjoy a good poopin' like conspiracy theroies always time to work :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: KKona conformist  need uiniform  its always work time I have no idea footsteps...  day off..:_GuraPeek: wait a minute.... :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Either she showered with clothes on or she is around naked There is not concept of time in hell Are you a conformist or something? Gura: silence eat sleep rave repeat call 911 gura footsteps? Work is ALL THE TIME :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Wait  :_GuraWhat: why is it always night? The chair moved i really like the look of this game :_GuYum: hiya just got here NANI uhhhhhh Toe is watching you shower:_GuraMM: someone is here. I hear footsteps why was the bedroom door unlocked? forget to lock it before bed??? you relocked it when you woke up its always time to work what the youre a vampire? :eyes: :buffering::oops: Heeeeeeh?? like mirror OUTFIT GURA người nước ngoài nói không hiểu gì hết:grinning_face_with_sweat: LORE....... are we in the matrix gura what's with the boulder? he just like, has this large boulder in his apartment No spoilers time only matters on work I like your house your house is cozy :_guWAT: RTX off someone came in other mirror on bathroom damn she caught that detail early She noticed omg Wink I lost all sense of time when I worked fast food too lol geez uh oh iyotanay ta gura wink wink :winking_face: was that there before...? i dont remember this from marks gameplay locked wierd... the cube map doesn't update  :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Yabe oh god good sign yep Gura is actually solving the lore! creepy paranoia be like :astonished_face::astonished_face: Gura have you finished bully or are you still going to play it? he could be anywhere ya, toe walks around THE SHIRT someone entered the house ... HI GURAAAAAAAAAAA that was just me 

closet the door what are you doing gura?? lol He sounds like a grumbly demon 

oh god Confirmed stinky :pile_of_poo: Lock door? LMAO :grinning_squinting_face:  It's never daylight???? :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: mhmm and mhmm lol BOOOOOO stinky:_GuraComfy: Stinky vintage meme is that toe ha ha epic I can smell him through the screen nice meme lmao this game is something :_OHH::_NYO: fuck that pun Uh oh stinky not arrow, but burger classic! oh nyo Skyrim lol wow again... Oh nyo :_GuraMM::_gurapat::_GuraMM: ohh s..t, is fast to moved he's fairy skipping  ya thats toe lol LOL skyrim Skyrim Burger eddition? toe?! YES HE IS TOE LMAO LOL dufuq?:_GuraWhat: xdxd Yeah, looks like a toe .... That's Toe Yeah that's Toe :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: CLOSE THAT GODDAMN DOOR :nerd_face: its toe He looks so happy  :_GuraMM::_GuraMM: good wtf The memes Batman Tralalala Why he running like that he id toe :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: nice run Look at him go That must be Toe :_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL: Those high knees That is Toe, yes. Your Toe-worker :smirking_face::smirking_face::smirking_face: might be toe Toe is nice boy -2 ??? :_GuraHAHA: Calisthenics!  he's so happy he runs like Spongebob :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: His run LOL He’s racing you to work :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: oh dear High knees LOL that run :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: I'll race you  Mumei's FRIEND He's doing the Take on Me run  Snicker Bar seems like a toe yeaa he kinda broken uwwuuwuwwuuwu was that yep it was He's special needs :_GuraMM: He's so happy to go to work he's a big guy no eyes DD is he mentally disabled booba big booba he is like zombie just driving his invisible car to work I used too ;) U wanna race bro He stlin :eyes:AYO? :eyes: yowza damn bazongas  where are her eyes :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: :_GuraHAHA:  Goowa what kind of work do you have? lol BOBA that is toe is he biking? He’s airbiking Gura you forgot your outfit! This town seems odd  Co-worker sounds like a zombie Booba :_guWAT: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Race! :_GuraAA: How boing boing bro wha:_GuraWhat: hes rodeo stinky snicky 

:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Gura!!!! lol:_GuraHAHA: 

roleplay lol bruh lmao :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: halooooooo guraaaaaa :_GuraSalman: thank u for forgiving me ew no worry, punishment time Are you happy? Are you humble? NAILED IT Dual wield those burgers It is the cutie :_GuraSalman::_GuraSalman::_GuraSalman: I want a cake shake  Salman I want a shork! cute two shakes?? :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: I couldn't take a shower :( shark :_BloopYAYL::_BloopYAY::_BloopYAYR: :_GuraSalman::_GuraAA: shake shake Shake it. Nothing like lukewarm meat sitting on the floor to add that special botulism flavor. :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: booty Happy meal please? working the graveyard shift with Gawr Gura:_GuYum::_GuYum::_GuYum: shake yer bootay shake shake shake! hello shake you booty Lmao still can't remember the name yeah this is my first time subscribing to you ;-; I was recommended by my friend bella :> :_GuraSalman: Salman nugs 2 shakes? Hungry :_GuraSame::_GuraSame::_GuraSalman::_GuraSalman: Shake shake shake No salmon nug for her day 2 or level 2 shake your b00ty! Uh oh the Pattie’s  two shakes? Shake the Booba :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Shake yo  How can one shark be so cute!?!?!?!? :_gurapat::_gurapat: salmon shake your booooot can my burger have a ketchup heart  Shake Shork Yabai GUWA Doing good Gobber. You will be employee of the month for sure shake shake yo buuuty shake your sharky! shake your sharky! gura? This is the KFP experience ACTION IS COMING OH NO You should turn the kitchen lights on she already got 2 shakies only one flavor shake? yeet This place is terrible, they only have one staff member haha you're the best employee there turn the lights on, Gura :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: That's a slurpee fries with that shake baby just yeet that shake! :grinning_squinting_face: pui welp I'm back now I guess check the paty mmm ankha? Shake your sharky UwU A tail shake please :_GuraMM::_GuraMM: isnt 2 shakes too much? what the shark doin shake ur booty!! you need that second shake Is this the feet burger SHAKE THAT BOOTY GIIRRRL The Burgirs Sorry, the shake machine is broken Now I'm hungry 

:_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: uhh You need to buy energy stuff from vending machines or coffee shop but I would recommend vending machines 

time to go.... I hear boss music  :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: runnnn run girl run!!! MOM PICK ME UP here we go :sushi::drooling_face: :_GuraHUH:  is that jerma  The trumpet went crazy for a second, lol :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: me wtf o-o RUN GURA :_GuraWhat: :_gurapat: :_guWAT: :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat:Least ya made it. Good. :shark::shark::shark::shark: is cooooool You should get the hell out of there The manager Kiara Hewwo :_GuraSame: average day working at McDonald's wasn me, promise You are doing fine. you can get food at the vending machine You have to eat from the vending machine  I thought someone was coming lol  that first dude who had the wrong order :yt: bruh run It's the guy whose order you messed up yabe :hamburger::hamburger: hewwo sir, this is a wendy's hewwo? vending machine to the righttt Shift over. So is life. lets Go more faster bgm. RuNNNNNNN GIL Jinx incoming i think it was joe forgot to turn off the appliances before clocking out again, nice :_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: Tru part time? Now I wanna Borgar 2 lucky customers got a meal. shift over time for Gura i just work here it dose not left stove on moring aaaah lol everyone just went zoomed *backs away slowly* RUN true truth :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: can you just run away? whats happening true and real :_RedOwO::_RedOwO::_RedOwO: imagine doing this burger business for 8hrs straight not boss music behind you right famous last words TRUU GTFO now you dead are you not? run gura i'd be out (´・ω・`) You should probably run now definitely not paid enough for security you're clocked out, not your problem! Whole lot of not your problem. nope let the corporate dudes handle it that music is scary LOL Gura get your gun! Music says otherwise oh nyo oh nyo no benefits, no worries RUNNNNNNNNN I don't feel good Why am I craving Taco Bell Dorido Tacos.  I'm not dying for some burger joint Thats not the Happy Humble attidtude gura Vending machine ruunnn that's an angry Karen ruining your window Juke box moment facts Check out the juke box oh no pig move This is what it's like working at Burger King your life is at stake i don't get paid enough for this its the hash-slinging slasher yeah you're off the clock gtfo It's the vegans:_GuraMM: you dont get paid enough to do it ruuun R.U.N Yes Not my shift, not my problem! :chillwcat: scawy incoming death music well time to go home  sign everyone here is like family! you wont give up weekends and holidays for your family? 

big thing is breathing :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat: what is that Throbbing 

:_GuraMM::_GuraMM: NICE AYO??? :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: WOww OINK OINK HUHH BUTAAAA big man :_GuraSame: final boss throbbing? Dat's a big boi YABE???? boss fight? BUTAAAAAAAA anything is much bigger than you are IT HUNGRY :pig: YABAE Omg :flushed_face:  :_OHH::_NYO::_GurNya: :_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH: (0_0) WHAT  BUTA :_OHH::_NYO: :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat:jesus OH :_GuraWhat: YABE ew was it throbbing? throbbing Have fun with the boss fight Gura WHAT IS THAT????????? WTF IS THAT??????????? It's a Doom enemy! Cute Wtf UH OH :_GuraWhat: wooow its throwing stuff LOL wtf is happening YABAIIII boss fight cook its a BOSS FIGHT Oh it angry :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat:  uweeeeeeh Make burgers lol wth!? oh thats me! AYO WTH??? boss fight ah :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: hehehehe :_GuraWhat: THROBBING!! giant throbbin Beeg Boi Elder Ring :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat:  blue WHAT THE well things have escalated  FEED THE BEAST beeg is that a mancubus? ruun EWWWWWWW excuse me what?!!! is he naked? make a poppin' pork I guess YABE WTF??? why he attacc :_OHH::_NYO::_GuraMM: is this a boss battle?!?! RUN  なんじゃこりゃww BUTA :_GuraPeek: ruuun]ruuun the great mighty poo is back?! is that zombie uh hi :eyes::eyes::eyes: emm Gura scream in... Is this a freakin' boss fight? Lmaoooo Yabe what Don’t stay in one place Hi sharky Panik :astonished_face:  wth is that Feed the Customer COOK look at the size of that lad Feed him RUN um um um UM THROBBING BOSS FIGHT Gura cant cook tho! BUTAAAAA YABAI YABaiiii fry him Goooora!! we held hands when you played within skarry.  feed him burger Bossfight Rip F feed the pork feed him cook him to death MAKE IT BURGER feed ittt punch it or sometjhing make burgers and feed them to him Haaton  TAKE THEIR ORDER  run You make a burger yes feed it like in Quake 4 The Great Mighty P00? :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: they naked  Final boss music :shark: give it poppin pork? Gura sniff that animal zombies! Cook Gura. he's hungry NIGERRUU 

F*2 :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: trigger the doll and run 

prepare the patty the. just assemble it no easy way i'm afraid Gura you need to proc the Little zombies by running around them then go out of the exprosion :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat:go next dodge dip duck dive and dodge cook for your life!! Always carry health with you Get health from the vending machine  get gud! You gotta cheese him :yougotthis: emmmmmmm Dont stay in one spot for long :_BloopYAYR:GO GURA GO :_BloopYAYL: Just what kind of part time job is this git gud, bro baby mode will activate... burger joint is a serious business unfortunately she's no Markiplier.... you got this :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: be quick making burgers and heal YOU CAN DO IT GURA Cook like never before goob feed the pork pork Fry Cook! Fry cook! fry cook:_GuraAA:  be motivated gura, you can do it :clapping_hands: fry cook welp creeper Smol Apex Predator vs Abomination Patty PigThing! Take your time, there is no time limit the haaton war :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Can't you prepare the patty before the fight ? it wants your Krabby patty badly If you can dodge a poppin pork, you can dodge a ball. the anchovies!! get em gawr gura shark pants!!!! JUST RUN PAST THEM OMFG timing guraa So hard Welp Remember your training, Gura!  candy bar STILL NO PICKLES Yeah gotta bait out the explosions :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: :_GuraGlow::_GuraAA::_GuraGlow: THERE LIKE CREEPERS chanel your iner fry cook gura jsut gottta do better gura I'd heal up creeper, aw man slow and steady gura can't close the door? Use the vending machine aw man ok now give it all dodge duck dip dive and dodge 

:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: lmao 

The way it just bounced off, lmaooo LMAO floor borger :_OHH::_NYO::_GuraHAHA: burger flipping bits initiating in 1 minute lol bruh.. lol  :_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL: :_GuraHAHA: lol What the heck is this? 30 second rule :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA:EWWW GURA FLOOR PATTY FOR FATTY! Floor Burgor. Floor food let’s goooooo  You say that like it's an unreasonable stance to have The pig is picky Lol You're gonna find out you've been failing because he's been hiding all the pickles under his tongue Add flavor  Maybe you need to get it in his mouth when he opens it? It says something when a pig doesn't eat it its got foot fungus dip it in the bathtub to clean it off What if you make all three burgers before feeding them? that might keep the numbe of enemies low do you wanna kill him:_GuraLOL: he's such a pig :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA:  Eat it, fatty :_BloopYAYR:GO GURA GO :_BloopYAYL: We’re shutting this place down he's too good for floor patty Toxic Gura here she goes he may be a demon pig but he has standards :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: based PARKOUR AND BURGER she can drink the coffee it heals and gives speed customer service in a nutshell who knows what has been on that floor this patty is made of floor! Still hongry :eyes: 🫶🫶 DUCK AND GRAB GURA!!! DUCK AND GRAB!!! she's gaming  picky dont forget youve stepped on it several times is it as good as the Floor Ham? saltly shark :_GuraA::_GuraA::_GuraA::_GuraAA: this has got to be a reason why i love gura feed it the nasty patty Silly Smol Shork XD impatient customer Big Brain I thought this was a horror game this is hilarious Lmao  Hi Gura LOL Parkour speed run gura is this a rage game? he is not fatty but big bone chungus:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof It's bad is what it is. gura's returning to the sea... look at all that salt. lolol wasting food makes me a sad panda :_BloopYAYL::_BloopYAY::_BloopYAYL: Better than stinky patty Gura, just cause he is a monster customer doesn't mean you feed him floor burger Gurab it? 

He's so loud :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: Oh nyo 

This is new :_OHH::_NYO: クリボー :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: wow goomba is that yes man why is he so loud oh nyo Goomba!:_GurNya: this is a bit of a strange game ok bro Soma vibe Fah fah fah fahhh fahh what :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA:GOOMBA GOOMBA WOOMBA goomba:_GuraMM: Wth is this game... Head Cyborg futureama  The almighty Goob  a v tuber in other owrds :_GuraOK::_GuraOK::_GuraOK: GOOMBA loud bot yeeehaw he's so loud:_GuraHUH:  :eyes: Boobacell This game took a turn.  Goomba :blue_heart: Severed head is talking :fearful_face: what is this lore lmao he's really loud cooking mama got wierd  fwiend? my ears:_GuraHUH: frendo  Loud guy he forgot to put his limiter on Its a smol room :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:he loud lol Hes using a funny mic THE PLOT THICKENS E7=Toe? the guy he mentioned is ded oof This is why we only eat in KFP... What the fuck is happening are we not making burgers anymore? Savage Gura Aww man Gura made a friend Turn this guy's volume down! epicccc seven WHY YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT he's mic is peaking :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: Bruh lmal shork a friend :crying_face: :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: GET WOKE :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: maybe he is toe :_GuraWhat:  uh ha? WAKE UP I knew it HUH...... He is talking though a megaphone forever :loudly_crying_face: e7 friend :_guWAT: oh- wake up! :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: I miss my mum :frowning_face: We don't live in the same country any more spooky get woke go broke Wake the fuck up samurai you dont say gura, run wake up HUH? WHAT Matrix  bass boosted AI LMAO Get Red Pilled! homie is bass boosted matrix Ur already awake tho woke Time to take the red pill Its all an SIMULATION get woke I CALLED IT I KNEW IT how? wake up gura, it's a simulation 

savage gura :_GuraPeek::_GuraPeek::_GuraPeek: lol 

would u like a shower lol? :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: :_GuraMad::_GuraMad::_GuraMad: Whataya looking at? HOOMAN is the virtual world it all lies :_RedGura::_RedGura::_RedGura: You can call him shorty I didn't program these head-bots, trust me lol is the burger a lie? imagine dying to water You need to play poppy playtime chapter 2 one day That's not a way to get ahead in life a butthead cursed is that a clock? Looks like a giant mug hhgtdc He's trying to take your job! He's AHEAD of the game he he He's just a silly little guy LOL the chat is full of broken records, always repeating everything lol Roboot LMAFO human superiority He's just trying to get aHEAD. :anger_symbol::anger_symbol::anger_symbol: :grinning_squinting_face:know your place You're Neo! does he still have a brain guess he was aHEAD of you gura KNOW YOUR FKING PLACE TRASH :_GuraLove::_GuraLove: "know your place, TRASH" kick the baby :grinning_face: Read teh paer アタマ! smol brain moment Go to work :_RedOwO::_RedGura: Collect the 3 recipes Gura savage 危険 Know your place talking soccer ball know your place, trash Lmao gather the materials Look at the board, Gura You need to buy the stuffs Let's not get a-head of ourselves, now place the head in the microwave you're in a simulation gura, chat is not real on the wall Those ingredients are probably somewhere. hey Gura, thanks for the stream :red_heart:, sorry but I have to go now. Enjoy the rest shrimps, I'll see ya later! PEACE! get all ingredients hello Recipe on the wall recipe on the wall gura toxic gura:_RedGura: Mix the ingredients Can we get a mute button Find all the ingredients Recipe on the wall goomba. go to work maybe? :_GuraWat: put stuff in the microwave? This is based interception nice game  yeah you got one Assemble the ingredients hohoho Show them who is the boss, Miss Gura! shreked and greenpilled just go to work assert dominance over the head A recipe but not the components  Cells within Cells Double Pattie with Cheese get the 3 items on wall LOOK AT THE BOARD, GOOBA LOUD MOUTH AI the recipe is on the wall You need all of them? put stuff in microwave It's on the wall steal and selll ???????????? 

im alibe :_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug: Scrappy doo? who is that 

lmao scrappy doo TOE IS THE MASTERMIND yes Maybe a Cow A dog like silent hill or like the silent hill dog ending is that scooby doo spoilers? The mastermind is probably the CEO Toe is the mastermind  did you just reference the scooby doo movie? :_SamtTBH: With you, it's always a Scrappy Doo situation AHAHAHAHAAH You :_guWAT: it looks like a roblox game lol lol What IF it's TOE? And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that meddling shark! borger time who didnt get the toy he wanted in a happy meal? lol bad cg scooby do movie oh god B O R G A R hi gooobaa The game has been updated alot in a few years it used to be like you just go to work and scary happen why not dog :_guWAT::_guWAT: Gura is the mastermind :_OHH::_NYO: Hello gura! i would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you nosy vtubers! boss is a talking burger  am borgar :_GuraPeek: :))))) Ham borgor  some little kid? like you gura? :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: monkey:oops: actually korone Become boiger  borgar Borgar  maybe a corpse bu4ger balls And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids Lol Your inside someones Roblox world :_GuraLOL: do you like scrappy doo? :_GuraHAHA: :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: DETROIT BECOME BORGAR Gura has a galaxy brain ngl Fired. consum BORGAR Burgers make you lose your accent. Noted LOL He became canadian in the end burger balls huuuuman  we aren't even looking robot  Cute burger mastermind is ronald mcdonald the main villain is actually smol Ame :_GuraMM: human Hooman! Maybe the influence of Chilla Art games. :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: :_RedOwO::_RedOwO: reject humanity, embrace the burguer DEW IT That's how Kagaroo Jack ended I think mastermind is a smol shark :_RedGura::_RedGura::_RedGura: My money is on toe USE THE JAR Watch. BAE is final Boss. Borgar :_GuraAA: Bunger :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: gura is sure shower!!! damn too many voices  What are you looking at...nooormieeee?!!!  HOOMAN again :grinning_squinting_face: What if TOE has a bunch of clones and all the toes make one big FEET :_RedOwO::_RedOwO::_RedOwO: In the Age of Ancients... The mastermind is Bezos :_GurNya: Hi, shark That head just wants beef Lmao  

Bruh Yabe D O O M  

:_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: burger balls She got scared LOL damn farmer calm down What the fuck? Yabai jesust :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: Calli?? ...Doom? Well. That's a cheerful mascot! the reaper  Calli? ok edgelord Why did he sound like Smaug farmers sound like this now? Damn  :face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear: :_RedOwO::_RedOwO::_RedOwO: :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat:  wtf lol :_GuraSame::_GuraSame::_GuraSame: calli? Evil farmer  is he talking about crops/ :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Calli's Uncle The farmer...seems to be...quite a character Umm :astonished_face: :_GuraOK: dad death sensei? THE FUQ IT'S CALLI  :_GuraWhat: monkaS  uhm ok:_GuraHUH: AMON? best boi U good It's Dad! Calli ? EAT ARBY'S  Its the SHERIFF? CALLI??? :face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear: dad? :_RedOwO::_RedOwO::_guWAT::_guWAT: oh god nice damn What???? scythe?? CALLI? Bro wtf is this game D O O M LMAOOOOO YOOOOOOO WTF Hello darkness my old friend Calli why?? dadi chilllll cool guy :_guWAT: OKAY CALM DOWN SATAN :_RedGura::_RedGura::_RedGura: :anguished_face::anguished_face::anguished_face: oh he got cooler  hi gủa Just your friendly local farmer emo? :_OHH::_NYO: He seems nice. Sir, this is a Happy's Humble Burger joint -u- I see you met death. oook nice guy okay farmer joe! uff Edge Lord Hillbilly wow. what a guy I saw you mouth that lol :_GuraHAHA::_GuraMM: Excuse me sir? that dude is COOL Wait. When did we end up in Inscryption? Sickle? Calli? Open the place. Now. Hi Dad what is this farmer smoking. give me some Oh it’s Cali Wow what a cool animatronics i like him he sounds cool spoopy Hit him with the "this is wendys" Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh. You touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding. Wtf Is that Death Sensei what a jolly fella Calli?:_GuraWat: This is a Wendys Sir he moves also haha Damn I’m late  Howdy. YABE Understandable... have a nice day What is this, DOOM? # Deep that farmer is metal Dang bro, chill Sir this is a Happy's return the slab? Damn hes metal! Nice to talk to you too farmer, see you tomorrow for the next shift ronald mcdonald sounds weird ok :_GuraSame: WHAT THE This is a epic game. that's reassuring Death-sensei? Normal fast food mascot quotes. :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: that's not very happy humble of you :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Is... is he the Death Sensei of this world? calli's cousin Thank you Farmer Existental Dread he seems friendly IS THAT A RHAAST REFERENCE? maybe that's just what the animatronics' lines are :_GuraWhat::_guWAT: WTF man Calli's uncle be like DO THEY LET KIDS AROUND THAT THING? Holy sh- that farmer goes HARD He chose the path of perpetual torment.... LOL ocean man take me by the hand ? where?? Callie's Uncle lol borger time got dark fast 

break the glass :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: 

noel put your udders away pls Some type of WAAAT?!! :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: No selling lady :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA:LOL Put your udders away That's trafficking Gura What do you mean :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: you maybe should held on to the glowstick Hi Gura:_pow::_wer::_gurapat: Have you tried throwing something at the glass to smash it ? what do you mean by that gura? Do a flip  :battery:もいれよーよ Auuuuuggh Ugandan knuckles flashbacks are real uh huh:_GuraMM: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Lightning Mc :_GuraMM::_GuraMM: pumkin=ame? :_GuraMM:  next to the bed? Clock Where lol Try throwing something at that glass. Maybe it breaks? smash trhe glass??? what do you do in vrchat gura? Something?  :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM:SHOW UDDER Exploring women for profit Gura, Canceled. Throw brick at window? @Pouty Keiki Not everyone reads it that way. Text doesn't convey an "I'm joking" tone like saying something like that in-person does. she's going to start twerking any minute (pokes with stick) "Do something." Ayyy wassup? :brick:? damn mirror dwellers some type of ERP? you can steal from jazz cafe Nice clock bro :_GuraLove::_GuraLove: :_gurapat::_gurapat: There is a 2 by your 2. Better put water in it! Could be in your vending machine :_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug: the scary game? I just got really strong Omikron: The Nomad Soul vibes. Anyone else play that? do you have vrchat stories? Your alarm clock at home? Just mugg someone  That's a big battery. OR Gura is just that small. MAYBE THE CLOCK IS IN THE MUSEUM?? Use the Brick! 

a*2 yab :_GuraWhat: 

you would know :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: must've been the wind... Yeah seems like it :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: YOU FRIED fired? yabe your Insight stat has gotten too high you fried? help sharkie im stuck :eyes: Auuuufgh :_GuraWat: ?? Gura looking like a speedrunner Average kidnapping in the matrix  I dont know what women with taped mouth sounds like myself the live is very good weak glass lol  :_OHH::_NYO: :grinning_squinting_face: :_RedGura::_RedGura: lol :_RedGura::_RedGura::_RedGura: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Oh, now you can throw it. hello gawr gura LOL LETS GOOOOO  what? You know what's really scary? When your cat scratches the door Maybe there is really someone there :astonished_face: lmao :_guWAT: yea vandalism :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM! :_GuraMM: oh nyo lol  :_GuraHAHA: Krusty Krab is unfair! :_GuraWat::_GuraWhat: WOW  :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat:  :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: why couldn't we do that at the shop  There "Tape on her mouth" so BDSM? :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA:  Whimp THROW KRUSTY KRAB UNFAIR A I wonder if you can sell the brick down with the establishment!  vandalism! :_GuraAA: :_GuraHAHA:  haha fission mailed :_GuraWhat::_RedGura::_RedGura: It's just the pitter patter of shrimp feet smash the old man based smort shork :_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug: maybe the c4 patty can get you access to it? talk to duke nukem again Lol time to get some bread!  LMAO oops :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: the roomba explodes when tossed lol screw ya it's fine they don't have any cameras 

man we are very intellectual! lol We're all sussy nakas its flat joke 

what that do? :_GuraWat::_GuraWat::_GuraWat: It looked weird. lol sussy chat was simply wrong :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: sussy... :_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh: :_GuraComfy: ඞ  Is chat just dumb??? :_GuraWat::_GuraWat::_GuraWat: gura learning what its like to have a min wage job? Chat being chat LOL chat ehehe :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: sussy  sussy chat :_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug: time us all out sussy hehehe amogus forgive are intelligence gura must be in the cabinets in the kitchen then I am sussy lol chat I thought that was something you could open :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: chat has 0 braIncel YES :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: yes chat.... :grinning_squinting_face:  hi Dang it sorry.. I thought it was something :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: alec shrimp SUSSY Yes :_GuraMM: yes ㅏㅑㅜㅇㅁ :_GuraMad::_GuraMad::_GuraMad: The toilet, goowa always been a little Made u look lmaoo  yesss  hey that was legit, I thoughgt it might be a clue Try taking the PUNCH IN CLOCK from work Gura. :_GuraPeek: A little:eyes: stop being dumb chat dum chat AMOGUS we goofed Terrified It's something もしもし〜 :_GuraOK: :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: Chat hates looking at themselves bonk time Huh, guess not. :grinning_squinting_face: Shorkcut cockroach dimension  chat has to REFLECT on their actions rare instance where chat is dumb :_GuDuh: yes... we dumb sorry Well bratty chat... yeah there is a weird guy in it were vampires:face_with_tears_of_joy: Chat fail:_GuraHAHA: speedrun strats :_GuraSame: We are becoming Toe'd! Gura stop picking on us:_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH: maybe im only scared when i look straight at them yes Mirrors are terrifying  im scared of my reflection just figured it might be something Chat was wrong :_OHH::_NYO: sry Gura chat is sussy actually yes mirrors freak me out chat being sussy yes, mirrors always make me REFLECT :slightly_smiling_face: afraid of our REFLECTION mirrors look back at you, so why not lol dumb chat what can I say where just too smart bussy saka It might be in the museum I dont wanna see myself.. Oh no we have to go to work  im afraid of what i see in the mirror mirrors do be kinda creepy oh I think chat may be a little confused It's definitely something yes, my image scares me Go to mirror say; Redrum 6 times in dar yes if i we are in SH :_GuraMM: you can hack the clinic door :_GuYum:Mmmmm Steal and sell! steal ? Yummy snack 

k*2 Oh Dear :_OHH:.nyo: 

lol oh nyo she is young to die. running around holding a patty. I've been there yeah :_OHH::_NYO: I'm scared hi happy hows you doin :_guWAT: :_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH: ooooh noooo uuuu time for the usual room og g this microwave is taking forever Walk out worry do you serve pizza here? :slightly_smiling_face:  Tick...Tock...Tick..Tock... oh dear god YA BE can you make multiple burgers at the same time? oh well we're hungry guraaaaa :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: OH NYOOOO Its done Gura lol uh....... Rush Hour. YABE :_OHH::_NYO:!!!!! OH NYO faster than my local places Yabeeee :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Uh oh Understaffed :fearful_face: yabe YABE 3 2 1  That it gura just UWU your problems away thats a long line for fast food you can cook more than one cookie and pie at the same time  oh nyooo :_OHH::_NYO::_EBI: :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: I'd like to speak to your manager they can wait lol Oh nyo... boss gonna git mad. :_GuraOK::_GuraOK::_GuraOK: Noooo yabe :_GuraWhat: :_OHH::_NYO:  :_OHH::_NYO::_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat:Yabe oh no they're unhappy  oh NYO You made her angry! boss gonna be mad Gura やべ Done hi Oh nooooo... oh m the pie Gura WHAT IS THAT Spooked shark wtf :eyes: :_OHH::_NYO::_GuraHUH: whoa :_GuraWhat: !?!? :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: YABE :_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH: :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Lol Yes ??> :_GuraWhat: Yeah! WHAT  !? what the heck 

:_GuraAA: $30 holy geez :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: 

nice pog clock :_BloopYAYL::_BloopYAYL::_BloopYAYL: Time for Bombs! :_GuraAA: YOINK let's goooooo :alarm_clock: kronii acquired You can buy a patty at home. nice:_GuraAA: Nice  Nice! YAY :bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb: CLOCK NICE Time for explosions borgar you have one did you get de burger? Are rotten patties acceptable? Nice clock bruh we found kronii! burger on your house nice clock gura Oh look, it's Kronii :grinning_squinting_face:  AUGHHHHHHH You can buy one at home minecraft? KONO BUTA  patty at home? steal it from work YEP CLOCK Borger  at home vending machine at house niceniencinei vending at home Clowk patty at house work Go back and get the patty? AUGHHHHHHHH this game is a fever dream Gura look out for the pig It's okay if it's rotten. Boosto! My dragon hand is surging! should still work You can use the Rotten one. I think Gawr Boosta nice clock bro we have burger patty at home Go back and get a patty :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: kroni lmao I thought I saw one in a vending machine. steal from work of course Okaaay let's made a BOMB :bomb::bomb::bomb: steal it from work I gurss nice clock :_gurapat: Check the construction site should be fine I don't know where the clock is vending machine has them i think there's one in Toe apartment  You can buy one in the vending machine didn't it reset it once? the patty CROCK AUGHHHHH Nice clock, Goob. Kroni, lets goooo Kronii I think it respawns fresh when the apartment loads Nasty Patty at home damn you need a raise '_' I mean, you could always go back. moolah Try the rotted one anyway? 

:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: can I get that with a smile please Where's the pig? :_GuraWhat: 

Free cookie from the ground watch that energy goob sometimes you kill roombas floor cookie Floor cookie nice Oh it's a cookie alright :watermelon::watermelon: :grinning_squinting_face: your very good at working minimum wage :_OHH::_NYO: lol RRAT Toilet floor cookie BAE! I think Toe just tried to kiss you BAE NOOOOOO Bae no… Bae? its bae Bae Attack rrat Not Bae! RUN BAE oh god jerma is here Baaaaaaaaaaaaeeeee! rat!:_GuraHUH:  live rat BAE not the rat! a rrat not a rat!  BAE STOP IT ratJAM BAE NO mickey bae? kick bae out Bae infestation! It got harder oh nyo bae:_GuraMad: :rat: lmao bae get out of here rip Bae bae plz pooor Bae :rat: ? bae is in the building  roomba will take care of the rodent oooh noo llol uwu bae :rat::rat::rat: Bae:_NYO::_GuraCry: BAE??!? Catch bae! Find Bae!:_GuraAA: Bae Has Entered Bae :_NYO: Hi Gura! Bae invade BAE PLEASE WE'RE TRYING TO WORK :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA: Bae where you at? The pig is gone! bae! not bae! rip bae NOOOOOOO GET THE BAE :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: YOINKED halo f GOOD LORD OH NO RATGRAB fry him! LOL into the trash! Slap grosss F RIP BAE fry it No Bae allowed:_RedGura: cook? deep fry that rat like latam Roast the Rat Fatality MICKEY 0berit Gura highest iq in hololive did you just snap its neck?? Bae!!!! RIP Bae PUT IT IN THE FRIER dispose gura Bae... NEW MENU ITEM! Hellogura:double_exclamation_mark::double_exclamation_mark::double_exclamation_mark: NOOOO bae :C oh nyo GRILL IT cook it Hello bae Bae same brain lol deep fry it! um fry it  FRy it Bae pls Bae!! cook it now haha PITCH Poor rat :pensive_face: :_GuraWhat: Hi bae Yooo not here!! 

F*2 cook evil pattie? :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: 

:eyes::eyes::eyes: RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN must make the evil borger freezer :_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH: You have to find one The Chum Bucket looks different... that looks evil THE PILE came cause of thumbnail привет гура :_RedGura::_RedGura::_RedGura: :_GuraWhat: yes THOSe things make a rotten burger is that happy? evil patty Rotten burger x-x "yes they're all evil" OH NO use a rotten patty uhm:_GuraWhat: :_OHH::_NYO: freezer :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles: lol mooooo :grinning_squinting_face: You’re on a time limit Gura  RUN I think the pile is evil party OH GO toe just forgor it The nasty patty? :_GuraWhat::red_heart: LMAO Minecraft slime texture? That wasnt Asacoco Watson I like this game. :ghost::ghost::ghost: rotten patty it was nice knowin ya gura A ROTTEN BURGER :_GuraHAHA: that's a cookie It needs a rotten one :_GuraAA: nice cooking sim turned into nightmare at mickeys AYO this side is form employees ONLY BRUH mincraft cow Nasty Patty uh oh You got cookie LOL Cookie. The usual room All the patty's here seem pretty evil :fearful_face::fearful_face::fearful_face: That is a cookie lol cookie yabe:_GuraWhat: from my point of view the patties are evil :_GuraHUH: :_GuraHUH: :_GuraHUH:  OMG Oh GOd cook the rat lmao Cookie just feed it gura dead thats a cookie lmao welp Rotten patty ok RIP YABE rip gooruh NOOOOOOO  I don't think Happy is happy.... that is so creepy Dead Shark ayo what :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: this is Manhunt? :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Lmao its there omg Oh nyo :cookie::cookie::cookie: it doesn't look evil enough f the giant pile youre standing on lol you can do it man Welp.. yab :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: better run for it hurry bro rip lead the cow away L.al I'll have 2 #9's, a #9 Large, A #6 with extra dip, 2 #45's, 1 with cheese, & a large Soda :face_with_tongue:  oh no well she dead oh nyo Oops time to go home and go to bed :pig::pig::pig: Cookie was evil patty all along minecraft cow :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: 

F*2 oof ????? 

Hold a patty till it gets rotten then toss it. bait her outside ded it's an orange!!!!!! :_GuraWhat:7 :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: oh no a cookie take a rotten burger gura dead LOL Oh nyo now it move hurry up lead it away We toast Gura what have you brought upon this cursed land peko? Give it rotten meat dont drop the cookie! very terrible wah lol welp Mmmm cookie  lure it  OOH SHE WILL DIE HORRIBLY Move outta there Gura, get it to chase you outta there cookie is just a sweet pattie RUN :_OHH::_NYO: lure it outside what? a cookie? mincraft cow Get the cow outside LMAOOOO I bet the gawr gura allegations  Touch it asset joy :slightly_smiling_face: hahahahaha :_GuraHAHA: lure it away? the P I L E OH MY GOD THATS SCAAYR go outside and around :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: lure her outside for space Rip Gura  :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie: Give her a hug Literally every girl's reaction. :cookie:(*´ч ` *)mogu mogu bye dude:eyes:7 loop him je :_GuraCry: f :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: dead lead cow away first lead it away? Cute??? ono :fearful_face::fearful_face::fearful_face: oh my god Rip Lead her outside? Grab a regular patty lure it away and then grab patty? Cute?:_GuraHAHA: lööp her AMoGUS you ded those eyes be fast o7 STILL NOT HAPPY OwO well damn use your DBD skills loop her outside gura don't blink creppy ur ded Hold a patty till it goes rotten. HELOO GURAAA SENPAII you gotta try i smell a jumpscare crouch to grab some things jump scare incoming lure outside :_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh: lure it to front JUST RUN lure it somewhere else :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: lure it pig want shark burger Cute Lure it out Juke it get roomba :cookie::_GuraHUH::cookie: keep your eyes on her  lead it out of the restaurant Yo salmon nugs Cook it Make burger cook it wtf you should clock out Have to cook it nonses You have to make a burger out of it! Oh, I would LOVE a cookie! gotta cook it cook the evil patty? cook it Gura cuuuuuute Go outside  色ヤバ Improvise adapt and overcome cookie:_GurNya: got to make it :_NYO::_pow::_wer: make whole burger? Make evil borger? Gura, it needs to be a meal :face_with_open_mouth: YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE BURGER Full burger, Gooruh 

:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: With her stomach mouth :videocall::virtualhug::videocall::videocall::videocall::videocall::videocall::videocall::videocall::videocall: 

thechat is spamming It was her . its uh... thing a told you she like shark burger She was like chewing on your head. lmao :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: i am crazy ...both i guess sounds good chef :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: LMAO :grinning_squinting_face:  lol :_GuraCry::_GuraCry: :_GuraComfy::_GuraComfy::_GuraComfy: BRUH Oh well Mogu mogu yummy? SC Chat Yes:_GuraWhat: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA:okay Alrighty :_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL: you were in his intestines:_GuraHAHA: waku waku AYAYAY :blue_heart::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face: otsu mogu mogu yami? okay gura gg ragequit goombah play the game You'll never graduate mcdonalds like this okayy:_gurapat: ok thank you LOL..rage quit :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: ok:_gurapat: I JUST GOT HERE noooooooooooooo Chat time with sharky!? heyo gurra your heart is safe? GG :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:  Hahaha Yeah her stomach, that SERIOUSLY got me... this was a wild ride :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: ok thx for the game gura idk if i can trust gura with a patty nice gaming gura It's cool! lmao okey :_gurapat: :_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya: yez Okay, Gura. :_gurapat: good stream goobs make the burger you must feed her the broodwhich  :shelterin: lol ok "They're eating her...and then they're gonna eat me! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!" Its pretty neat tasty shark Huh Time for zatsudan! welp still a fun time This was interesting Ok:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: This game is absolutely insane... the patty Is raw Alrighty! Thanks for tonight Gura! GET In My Belly LOL Sheeez brain doko moment lol  Thanks for today Gura:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: GG :3 Thanks for the stream. there were some good shark shrieks in it. some good scares at least no more? 100+ Thank you Gura :blue_heart: :shark: :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: dame la galleta que yo si me la como aunque no sea sano :') It's a great stream game, some of the best shark screams since Outrun Rage quitting lmao lololol :_gurapat:  dang i missed the whole thing :_gurapat::_gurapat: :_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug: Rest in pieces Rooma-kun Gura got eaten. The end :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Game was fun lol boom boom roomba :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_OHH::_NYO: rage quit KEEP GOING PLZ thanks for the stream Gura! noooo :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat:Great job chef! chat quit no Krabby Patties Huh? Finally a chat! last try Damn that was scurry so we're gonna MOOve over to chat time gura? go next :grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face: e that's okay Yeah, I defiinitely didn't see any of this coming It has only been 20 mins of game time Thanks you Gura first BGM~! It's quite a game More delectable screams 

twenty rats grill mower combi Your throat okay after screaming like that? 

Gura could you do a collab with vshojoGura could you do a collab with vshojoGura could you do a collab with vshojoGura could you do a collab with vshojoGura could you do a collab with vshojo :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: A few good screams Green Egg ? Like, a grill/ riding mower combo? Grill some salmon nuggies:_GuraAA: She did the Pavlov dog experiment on us :skull: what do you think of nirvana? :_GuYum::_GuYum::_GuYum: SHARK POWAH Lol Gura  i have a test this afternoon TvT Gura stream scream, good life Gura scream stream twenty one rats bye gura say:трудновыговаримовый same :_GuYum: :_GuYum: :_GuYum:  何年ストリーミングしますか? Really  never tried that!~ oven bacon is better Makin Bacon! Also safer I enjoyed my stay I air fry my bacon! Easier too :bacon: whoa, baked bacon! bakin' bacon :_GuYum::bacon::bacon::bacon: :_GuraAA::_GuraAA: cooks more evenly yea, its nice microwave Gura is indeed the BEST girl ever :_GuraSame: You don't fry your bacon? i do too oven is the way Yep, oven bacon is the secret pro tip lmao, Do you read regular chat? A I use a big griddle for bacon oh yeah, in the oven's better Yum Bacon Bacon! :_GuraAA: yea Yummy in the oven? is the consistency still good? still crispy? it is better I love you Gura :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: less grease Hello gura!! twenty two rats bacon sounds good right now :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Oven bacon is great! Shark bacon? but then you can't do the eggs in the drippings crispier @Andrew Johnson Texas is Central Time, so 7pm BLASPHEMY YEAHHHH Baking it wayyyy better atlantic style bacon that's how my dad cooks it it does not bacon in the oven is really easy Bacon in oven is also a bit less oily My mom does baked bacon too :_GuraWat::_GuraWat::_GuraWat: yep bacon in the oven is great costs more energy I prefer pan-fried because I want the CRONCH :_gurapat::_gurapat: beeg brain Weirdo 

oh nyo :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: :_OHH::_NYO: 

brought you a present oh no chirping? How did a bird get in the house :_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya::_OHH::_NYO: :_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya: Yay floor shirts  :eyes::eyes::eyes: :_GuraSame::_GuraSame::_GuraSame: :elbowcough: You and Mumei Oh noooooo GURA SMELLS LIKE FEET IF SHE DOES NOT PLAY GTA SAY THIS WITH ME OH NYO Oh good, I'm not the only one:_EBI: stinky mouse :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: a human baby? For how long? :_GurNya: :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: LMAO :_GuraWat::_GuraWat::_GuraWat: :_guWAT::_guWAT::_GurNya: :_GuraWhat: wut stinky shark :grinning_cat_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_cat_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_cat_with_smiling_eyes: Oh yum. oh god EWWWW OH NYOOOO :chillwcat: LOWER HALF LMAOAOAOA oh GOD OH GOD might need another cat friend to play with a proper burial  hi gura wew o no.. OH MY :astonished_face: LOL gift for mama oh lorde GEEZ RISU NO Oh no Risuuuu ÑOOOO oh nooooooooo oof lol broooo NYOOOO :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: oh my god bruh oh.. no... XDDDDDDD risu rip Noo...... oh boy :OHH::_NYO: nice SQUIRREL??? Oh my god  :_GurNya::_GurNya:yum? Risu:_GurNya:7 RISU :face_screaming_in_fear: RISU :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: hope you didn't like that shirt chuubi what the hell RISU! :_guWAT: :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Good kitty. Doing it's job. Oh nyo- Risu Noooooo!!!! LOOOL OH GEEZ squirrel w :_GuraWhat:  how big is your cat??????? on no Risu... good cat :_GurNya: What? RISUUUUUU Oh no, poor Risu Aww cat wanted to share Poor Risu!!!!! Risu :_GuraWhat: outdoor cat....... how did chikubi get a squirrel?? Godzilla will come and protect you from the dangers Risu nooo Just the ass end of a Risu he's teaching you how to hunt Rest in peace, buddy... 

:_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: something in my SHAAAAAARK :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: 

:_gurapat::_gurapat: one hundred fifty rats nirvanas a little before her time i think :_GuraA: Korean duolingo possible?  :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: one hundred fifty one rats lol it did loll :_EBI:massaging gura head:_EBI: GOODBYE BYE GURA!!! oh yeah?! name 10 songs by em isn't nirvana some kind of east concept? :_GuraMM: Can you speak a sentence of Chinese? :_GuraHAHA: Do you kjnow Nirvana? dad music! :face_with_tears_of_joy: Gura... haha Pfft. tell us how you really feel Not helping your case gura shark very cute one hundred fifty two rats she doesn't know who they are.. :_GuraSame:  I love NiRvAnA RAID CALLI Such as???? Smells like Nirvana "Yeaaaa...woooo...Nirvana...." You don't know Nirvana:_guWAT: Too bad about Kirk Cobain... lmao *googles songs* it's ok if you've never listened to them Come On here it is Nirvana smells like teen spirit LMAO Kingdom hearts? smells like shark feet! :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: THE BLEACH ALBUM THE BEST  Zoomer moment :_GuraA:lol to google!!! googling noises Hi ghoora Searching lol Smells like teen spirit… Lol I hear GOOGLE! haha Called out! we hear you typing:_GuraHAHA: red hot chilli! *googles them* *google sounds* It's okay if you don't know them Gura *furious googling Lmao :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: WE CAN HEAR YOU CHEATING Typing:_GuraHAHA: STOP LOOKING THEM UP I HEARD THAT smells like sh0rkie? Smells like Teen Spirit >> 

a*2 In a society Technically they stopped because some artist sued McDonald's 

close enough Mah Wafae! my first job a lady who was a professional worked there part time and she went by Giggles Ma Wiiife! :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: lol miku sings pagliacci when CLOSE ENOUGH Clockwork Shark Gura as aJuggalettes the Stanley parable mai waife Cute like Polka? A few clowns with knives were messing around outside my school when that was goin on one hundred ninety five rats Gura you already are a clownh polka :_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: Ame Clown yesu tell us another one gurray you can be a whole circus Polka is cute:_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: Miku waifu hatsune miku has been a clown? i dont remember this karakuri piero!!!!:_GuraGlow::_GuYum::_GuraGlow: Politics- WE DRINK OUT TEA AND THINK FOR OURSELVES. Polka beloved cute clown  take pill gura  fake fan My waife A one hundred ninety six rats Goodbye Gura :waving_hand: hows your miku figure collection going? sad Miku noises Polka is my kind of clown. Ayo creepzz watch your back bro :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: hololive clown agency Muh wife  did you say Mai Waifu in italian accent? Polka is cute clown tho :thinking_face: Excuse me but Miku is my wife :_GurNya: Polka is cute and energetic.  she went full borat That dude that married hatsune Miku will have some choice words for you I think there is a Clown Shark Guess you ended up being the clown miku:_GuraWat: Not a true Miku fan UNFAITHFUL GURA piero means clown in japanesew SHE HAS A CLOWN OUTFIT IM SURE one hundred ninety seven rats Ronald Mcdonald ? clown shark. is that thing ronald mcdonald miku also gws gura :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::red_heart: :yougotthis: thinking about that clussy aaaaaaa :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Puppet clow pierrot I think that was an off-hand anime that song slaps one hundred ninety eight rats oooh:_GuraSame: dang, dont even know your own wife POLMAO the world is mine pv is the only one i remember I think you'd look cute dressed like a jester Oh your waifu dressed like a clown society a pierrot means clown 

Goombus and Roombus Please don't name your cats poot and toot Omg Mojo jojo xDDD 

hey Gura! be safe and happy! 古拉 我愛你 :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: gombo and gomba two hundred s3xteen rats MOJOJOJO:_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: hoo and cha OINGO BOINGO hank and bobby Tom and jerry :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::blue_heart::yellow_heart::face_blowing_a_kiss: Boingo and Doingo? Scoop and Boop Gawr and Gura Mion and Shion deez and nuts knick and knack tit & tat 3P LIFE STEEL LIKE BUTTER just not Roomba and Boomba...  Hey Gura my cat just died lets gooooo :_GuraHAHA: :_gurapat::_gurapat: floopy and gloopy? Ebi and Bloop Very descriptive lol Feet and Toes Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum is that a jojo reference? i like poot and toot LOL Mojo and Jojo is hilarious Joker and Quin hi mommy Wingus and Dingus Tik & Tok Oingo Boingo Ebony and Ivory  Goomba Roomba two hundred seventeen rats lol goomba and wason BOINGUS Tom and Jerry Goomba and Roomba Toot and Boop CUTE toot gonna get bullied  chapchapppp napkin and fork kitty 1 kitty 2 Coke And Cola, bam done ur welcome te amo gura dallas and texas Roomba and boomba Bob and vegan ba and zinga Puyo and Puyo jim and jam Stink and Stank That is fine Gura, me too bongo and bingo? yo was that a Jojo reference? dante and vergil Chunchunmaru Chiku and Bee? goomba and roomba? DOINKY & BOINKY can you say "goblok" Hoo and Cha :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: :_gurapat: Knick and Knack Taco and Bell goober and goomer? like mine Orange and Bornana DIP AND DOT two hundred nineteen rats Shake N Bake FLIP AND DAK :grinning_squinting_face:  flip and flop Ogo and Pogo. Small names so me remember feet and meak bean and sprout ? Gura i have a interesting question, what kind of shark are u? Hekyl and Jekyl chibi chibu Would you like the pet my poopy  guraaaaa cutieeee Mango and Jango and theyll both come over too 

X*24 x*8 :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: 

Lol now I'm confused :_GuraA::_GuraA::_GuraA::_GuraA::_GuraA::_GuraA: First a LoL like game and now a Sims one is lightning McQueen in the game too? :_gurapat::_gurapat: he was in the phone game too, Magic Kingdoms I think When I visited Disneyworld, I got Goofy to sign my Goofy hat gura do you know dumbledoor Clicky Clakity two hundred forty rats hello Will Sora be there :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::red_heart: That cartoon is like 1956 Tenchou and Senchou kingdom hearts бебра LIES two hundred forty one rats goofy is Western korone :_GuraHAHA: Ina as Milky Moose lol :B same :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Uh huh… :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: "I am Goofy!" - Hololive Doggo X:_guWAT: haha sure ur still cute ok:_GuraHAHA::_gurapat: goofy more like goopy C Uh huh... i knew it YE OK  Embrace it two hundred forty two rats sire :_GuraMM: no your not lmao Sure.... doubting that gura you sure? right.. :_guWAT:.... You are weird tho we totally understand :learning::learning::learning: very normal! :_GuraSmug: Wait, THE Goofy? Of Kingdom Hearts fame? sure:_guWAT: :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: Sure Gura. :_gurapat: :_gurapat: :_gurapat: :_gurapat:  :_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug: "Disney archiver"  нюхаю бебру you're weird, but not because of your disney love not weird? Where's my hyucking money? You think I'm hyucking around? Riiiighttt disney adults are the most social adults I know Did you see A Goofy Movie? One of my favs "X" Hi Didney LMAO Ok Guwa as sociable as a shark can be this is true, you're very normal! but aren't you a NEET? Not weird :_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug: Encanto was nice GURAAAAAAAA Акуля That's okay Gura, I'm a Kingdom Hearts adult Hey, she admitted it this time.  The door GURA DISNEY BRAIN She a didney pwincess  You're fine Gura ! x doubt didney adult child encanto!:_gurapat: I’ll believe it when I see it! two hundred forty four rats DIDNEY 

o7*2 :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Bye bye Goop-Goop 

bye bye!!! :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: :_EBI::red_heart::_GuraLOL: Goodba goobye! :_gurapat: Bai bai!!!!!! bye gura take care bye goobai gooba :blue_heart: Sleep well gooba:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: byebye see you later:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: W:_GuraA:H Sleep well stinky shark :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Gube Bye Gura! Otsusame! Oyasame!:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: bye Goomba! :blue_heart::_gurapat::blue_heart: Goobai :_gurapat: okie dokie goob :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: rip roomba bye bye Gura see you bai bai goomba :_gurapat: later goomba Guh bye! :_GuraComfy::_GuraComfy::_GuraComfy::_GuraOK::_GuraOK::_GuraOK: Bye Gura:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Goobah goomba :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: c ya goobs :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat:gn bye bye shark Bye gura :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: :_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: RIP roomba bye bai bai See you soon Gura:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: bye waifu Gubye G! goom bye :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat:byeeeeee bye:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: Roomba:_GuraSame:7 F for roomba boomba F Roomba:_GuraCry: bye! goomba:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: bye gura:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: BYE Goodbye Gura oyasuminasai~ Gone but not forgotten :_GuraCry: o/ goobye:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: That was your fault… Bye!!!!! good byeeee uwu Bye  Goobai Shork:blue_heart: LETS GOOOOOO twice:_GuraHAHA: what game?! :_EBI::_gurapat: cya tomorrow :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: byeeeee bye bye ok See u Looking forward to it! Bye Bye Gura bye bye:_gurapat: o7 roomba more weird games! Goobye:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Roomba is immortal Think it is as weird as today? Goobye, Goomba! LOVE YOU! :_GuraLove::_gurapat::_GuraLove::_gurapat: see ya around goomba:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: what game F for Roomba RIP Roomba-kun Otsusame :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: What is it :_BloopYAY::_BloopYAYL::_BloopYAYR: :_EBI:7 Roomba I like weird see you gura goobye~ Thanks for the stream, Gura! Bye bye! :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: :red_heart: Bye byee :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: :_GuraPeek::_GuraPeek::_GuraPeek: goodnigth Bye bye! Rest well Gura! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: buh byeeeee BYE GURAAA Take care:_GuraLove: Bye bye  Oh boy :_GuraHAHA: goobye good bye gura:blue_heart: :_GuraSame:7 Goobye!!!:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: nini gura:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Ok bye bye! bye bye bye byeeeeeeeeee See ya tomorrow dude :_gurapat::_gurapat: GOOD BYEEEEEEEEEE yay see ya tomowo:_gurapat: Goobai~~~~ oooh? Bye Gura thanks gura byyeee:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: 

o7*4 bye bye bye~bye~~~:yougotthis::virtualhug::yougotthis: 

:_EBI:7 :blue_heart: :thumbs_up::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::blue_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::smiling_face_with_hearts: goo bai:_GuraSame: :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Bubyeeeeee Tahnk you for the stream otsusame!!!! :_EBI::_EBI::_EBI: bye :_EBI:7:_GuraSame:7 :_EBI:7 rest well chunbuddies! posture check:_guWAT: Cant be any weirder then hotmike, mike still on  Bye bye Gura :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: goobye :_gurapat:7 Good night goomba :_gurapat::_GuraLove: Have a good rest Gura :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: mic on bys goomba i hope it's stanley parable Have a good rest Goodbye everyone have a great night  GOOOOBAYYYYY GUWWRAAA secret ending again? :_GuraPeek: hot mic? bye everyone have a nice night:_EBI::_EBI::_EBI: bye gura Gura WE CAN STILL HERE YOU. Stinky!! three hundred thirty two rats can we get a hot mic??? bye every friends :_GuraSame:7 :_EBI:7 :_gurapat::_gurapat: bye guraa bye bye goomba man her stream are just always good カワ(・∀・)イイ!! Goobye Goomba なんよ rest well:_gurapat: :_GuraComfy::blue_heart::_EBI: Goobyyee!! bye bye shark Thanks Gura:blue_heart: yes we can bye guraaaaa bye byeeeeee:blue_heart: What Bye byee! Bye bye Gura:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: :_EBI::_EBI::_EBI:7 :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: three hundred thirty three rats :_gurapat::_EBI:7 bye bye! see you tomorrow :_EBI:7 everyone. Have a good day and good night  bye chat! goodnite~ o7 goomba :blue_heart::_EBI: Bye and take care, Gura! Have a safe and wonderful day, everyone bye ~~ :_EBI: Bye Gua!! :blue_heart::_gurapat: byby gura thanks for streaming^^ gotta watch those cats :grinning_squinting_face: sleep well love and hugs :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart:  Bye Gura! :_GuraHAHA:7 :shark::blue_heart: goobye! Goobai Goomba :_gurapat: three hundred thirty four rats thannk you! :_gurapat: bye gura! :_GuraSame:7:_gurapat: :_gurapat: thank you gura!!!!! :_gurapat::_GuraLove::_gurapat: brainrot are you touching your hair? blink twice for yes  bye bye gura :_GuraSame:7 :_EBI: 7 rest well Gura :blue_heart: i Love brain melt music hold? holding :_EBI::blue_heart: bye bye otsu gura thanks for the stream bye-bye Otsusame Hello three hundred thirty six rats o7 Friends  yes Goonight Guwa:_gurapat: Bai baiiiii :_gurapat: Have a nice rest! just got hear o7 Good night Gura! Thanks for the chat~ bye bye!!