【ELDEN RING】Likely dumpling vroom azula (spoiler warning)【Pavolia Reine/hololiveID 2nd gen】 | Pavolia Reine Ch. hololive-ID



good evening reine :blue_heart: hiiii:_bigO::_bigO::_bigO: Hi Reine:_bigO: 

Helloooo Hi Reine :_heart: Hi there bestie, how're you doing? Hi Reine!!! Hawoo Reine!~ Hello! Hello Reine:_bigO::_bigO::_heart::_heart: Hey Reine! Reineeee :_thumbsup: :_bigO::_heart::_bigO: Good evening Reine Hellooo LMAO lol lmao wkwkwkw Hi Reine:_smile: wat Hi lol hello reine! :_bigO: Hi Reine, I'm glad to finally see you :_smile: Hewwo Reine! OI WEINEEE hi Reine! aaaaaaaaa レイネこんばんはー!! Lol helllooo reine:_heart: Hi Reine! www quite the start lmao :_kaget: HEELLLOOOOO hey Weineeee :_bigO::_bigO: Hi Reine reinee Hii Reine:_bigO::_bigO::_bigO: :_heart: Tskr already:_car::_car: Slay queen tskr More elden Slaying! hi tes lmao tskr :folded_hands: Hello Reine :red_heart: hello hello Reine:_smile::blue_heart::peacock: :_kusa::_kusa::_kusa: Hi! omg already a scream The frog zone AAAAAAAA LOL TSKR nice scream hi reine! Hi again Reine ああああ・・・Hello :_kusa: :_kaget::_kaget::_kaget: HeyNe Reine farm rune? :_bigO::_bigO::_bigO: Halo Reine:_bigO::_bigO::_bigO: lmaoo Hi, please dont die just yet lmao:_kusa: First scream tskr :_kusa::_kusa: HEWLO REINEEEE You did great Hey Reine :_heart::_bigO::_heart: oo she do some farmin I see Hello Aaaaaa Reine:blue_heart: Screaming is a great way to start a stream:_kusa: hello Reine :_bigO::_bigO: mana link??? sama kang jeremy Starting off with a scream, i love it It’s the champion!! how is the weine doin How are you doing Reine!!!! 1st death rta? early blessings tskr:folded_hands: Lets gooooo time for slaying and….. AHHHHHHHHHHH Were you grinding before the stream? HELLO Evening Reine good evening/morning :grinning_squinting_face: so good baru mulai:_kaget::_kaget: Hello Reine:_bigO: LMAO She almost fell off in the first 10 seconds of the stream :grinning_squinting_face:  

F*2 nice try! :_sosad::_sosad::_sosad: 

:_itsfine::_itsfine::_itsfine: close that was a bloody god try oof that takes fat rolling to a new meaning:_kusa::_kusa::_kusa: That rolling attack is so, so dumb. and roll to die This guy is WHEEL-y annoying :_itsfine: oof:_itsfine::_itsfine: Ah, good first try:_itsfine: :elbowcough::elbowcough::elbowcough: :_car::_car::_car: aahhhh:_sosad::_sosad::_sosad: for someone unprepped, u did great tho! Good run:_bigO: forgor'ed lol Really good 1st run use mimic XD very good attempt though! You can summon an ally if you walk from the other side That was a good run He's Pretty Annoying Though :grinning_squinting_face::sweat_droplets: Mimicu So sad You made it really far into the fight. Well you were caught unprepared, but you can take these guys on solo. nice try Almost first try Nice try:_itsfine: nice run tho she see me rolling... they be rollin rollin rollin  ahh reinee When he roll u Roll into him nice try for first match though:_thumbsup::_thumbsup::_thumbsup: :_itsfine::_itsfine: she forgor Never seen the fat guy knocked out of his phase transition, but Reine did it twice :yougotthis::yougotthis::yougotthis: good try he who ate all the pies:_reizero: :_kaget: That was a great attempt Oh this guy's That was an amazing 1st try typical bird brain  back tskr well maybe making it 2vs2 by summoning a companion Good try  If he can summon, we can also summon :_thumbsup::_thumbsup: nice jumpscare 

nice! with that strengh Reine can princess-carry her new elden queen! doesnt count she used weapons congrats ! 

:_bigO::_bigO::_bigO: didnt count cause blah blah blah That’s the level I was on my first playthru  a win is a win i love you reine!!! congrats to the mimic the real protag bonk thy elden lord :_kusa::_kusa::_kusa: mimic is the real elden lord DEW ITT :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: Wife!  Your Elden Ring streams were my favorite from hololive Reine! Congrats It was so fun to watch your playthrough! I missed most of this because of work and thought I'd watch the vod, but I'm glad I got here in time to see you slay a god. you can just be running around talking to people "they don't even know I'm elden lord" mimic the real elden king *question mark emoji* Yes or yes :_kusa: Y E S WAIFU LES GOOO :_bigO: YES!!! obviously, YES thank u for playing ER!! :_bigO::_bigO::_bigO:  Yes DEW IT your level is on the lower end for finishing this game do dragon! yes!!! +866? It's that a:_reizero: playthrough was fun to watch! enjoyable LOL ranni forever DO IT ! Yes:_bigO: Lol heck yeah WIFE TIME IKUZOOOOOOO Touch the blue thingy to bridal carry rani :flexed_biceps::_uwu: I'll see this myself, catch you next time Reine :_thumbsup::_thumbsup::_thumbsup: waifu ikz Congrats Reine!!! :drum:  :_thumbsup: :drum::drum::drum: yes :_mep::_mep::_mep::_mep: Spicy ending? :_blush: good dress nice look  remove the helmett LMAOO Waifu!!! :flexed_biceps::flexed_biceps::flexed_biceps: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Something to consider, they screwed up the japanese translation. so the ending isn't the way it appears Lesgoooooooo hey reine elden beast died LETS GOOO I’m afraid you are maidened