【ELDEN RING】GIANT SNEK (spoilers) | Watson Amelia Ch. hololive-EN



I don’t want to look at her toes:_ameHeh: dont trust the yubi:_ameRage: gura is running off on you 

epic :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: you can do it Ame! :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: You can do it  you can do it :foot: its hard, but you have to yes Reset your stats It's litearlly the next area When is ame gonna fight malenia  go to the three fingers ame :_ameEEE::_ameHic3::_ameYYY: Enjoy You're good yoy only got one way to go :_ameCute::_ameCute: Do Deeproot Depths first imo If you wanna continue the game, yes yeah you got it! you got this :_ameYay: I BELIEVE IN BOWSON It's fine  It gets harder from this point on, but you good forbidden oreos yeah Yea, just be prepared for a power spike “Yo, why you out here sinning? That’s some blasphemy of the highest order!” you'll level up quick in this area That was feet! Quick show Gura lmao the cookie BIG oreo! Really hard. Way hard :_ameUhh: :_ameHeh: Moldson you got this! :_ameThink::_ameThink: She didn't get the secret medallion? Moss Bowson lol You have to, if you want to beat the game  moldy arms the difficulty spike do be coming HELLLOOOO you're fine, although the mobs are super strong there you can do anything Ame :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: If you wanna! You’re qualified :_ameGun1::_ameCool: malding what? first stream already talking about toes off to a great start Bowson defies the fingies?!? :face_screaming_in_fear:  bowshon :_ameThink: But yeah the difficulty spike is bigger hear lol Morb? kiwi accent AMEEEEEE 

Hahaha bruhh :_ameHeh: 

little pot friend cuteee :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: maybe an anemone Ohhhh I thought you were talking about the like-like looking dood in the back, looks like the metal barrel :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameAAA: that's pretty cool the extremely rare sea butthole :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameHic3::_ameUUU::_ameTTT::_ameEEE: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: The PotFriend cute maybe a hydra iunno! :_ameYay: :_ameYay:  :_ameCute::_ameCute: kind of Actiniaria :_ameHeh:faq Devil snail :_ameUhh:  lol Murder it! LOL hes vibing  :_ameArm2::_ameCute::_ameArm1: :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh:  lmao :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameCute::_ameCute::_ameCute: ame so cute talking about animals:_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: devil tube snail :_ameRage: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: maybe a type of anemone what the heck is dat :_ameZoom: hehe :_ameGun1::_ameRage::_ameBee: AMEmone ice takodachi spit on me :flushed_face: A shield eater from zelda /spit What did I come back to:_ameHeh: ame cute Amenome the snail just chilling:_ameHeh: potfriend! Snail WAR :_ameRage::_ameRage: do this ame:_ameHeh: lucky snail Cute this is so cool :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: We will investigate Super camo  that tank look awesome So many little friends Fry it and dip it in lemon/vinegar yum yum Snail hate! the tank looks so pretty kikit sea but, hole potfriend :yellow_heart: you got so much stuff in that rock kawaii cool 

F*2 The bell sound i don't think this is a safe place boss ... 

that means hes doing a good job hiding northern cliff run just run find the boatman follow the sound of the bell Ame, if you have a chance the DK barrel thing maybe looks like something called a Tunicate specifically a "Sea squirt" perhaps though I dunno if your tank is salt of fresh He’s a good hider Oh boy :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: Mumei ahead :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: down the hill oh :_ameUhh:  she gonna meet an even bigger nightmare oh god :_ameUhh: That’s very bad death BIRD :_ameUhh: :eyes: uh oh what da bird doin they will restore every time :_ameUhh: This place is HELL strong mini boss scary bird birdu p oh booy oh god run Moomers boid into the fire Oh nyo oh no :_ameUhh: a different boss  diffrent boss lol holy Mumei??? Oh no strongest i think :_ameUhh: it looks nasty oh no everythings coming out Kiara rises from the dead and looks like..... that This bird...:eyes: oh shite oh god this thing this thing is terrifying this guy.... PIOLIN That guy sucks Good luck :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: oh these basards Devilman! PAG Cute bird :_ameCute:  :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh:boss :_ameDed: o oh This bird is a pain :_ameUhh: :_ameUhh: :_ameUhh:  Rude pokey stick bird LMAO ONE SHOT congratulations you found something worse ledge up north Emo Kiara :_ameCute::_ameCute: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: oof :_ameDed:  !? LOOOOOOOOOOOOL :_ameDed::_ameDed: woah ok it's very strong がんばっで A boss LOL this thing is murder with wings oof lol 

F*5 :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: why am I here? 

he can fall off u got this ame he has wings tho:_ameHeh: Good night, hope everyone have a great time watching the stream let it down to die :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameDed: :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: :heart_on_fire: f LMAO OOF :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: this whole area is bullshit lmao lmao  AMEEEE :_ameHeh: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh:  Kek hi, watson yes nooooo kek fire that causes frost btw :thinking_face: nooo lol That fire is brutal :_ameDed: before the patch i think you can kill it with gravity rekt :_ameDed: So closee ride horse :grinning_squinting_face: :_ameEar: frostbite :_amePray: Terrarium review for the middle of next week if possible please. :_amePray: frostbite makes you take a ton of bonus damage close! hieeeeeee oof may as well jump f If only you had a hamburger explosion deals a morbillion damage I hate that bird... fire too strong gotta avoid those flames lol doin good BOWSON MY BELOVED hiii :_ameEar::_ameDed::_ameEar: I had a lot of trouble with this boss Nooo:_ameDed::_ameDed: u can win dont give up RIP Dang  This is one of the tough bosses I couldn't fight head on Gn vic he can fly ame mogu mogu Gamers Posture :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3: oof so close time to ameway :_amePray: 

EZ*3 Bird is scared :_ameUhh:  if u go too far away, the summon will despawn 

:_ameHeh::_ameHeh: maybe he knows :_ameHeh: lmao :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: :_ameUhh: :flushed_face: I want to be your floute :_amePray::_ameGator::_amePray: how dare he! :_ameRage: his ass is bony  がんばれー yeah just doot him :grinning_squinting_face: :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: :_ameRage::_ameRage: L2 yuessss nice! it's pretty boney actually The blinking of Bowson means you're out of "here's where you can summon" range and she's gonna despawn  cheese time! shower:_ameHeh: god spot Ez doot She have the high ground Nice spot! :_ameGator:Oooo :_ameThink::_ameThink::_ameThink: Perfect...SHOWER TAKE A BATH strong :_ameBee::_ameBee::_ameBee: CHEESED Lmaoo :cheese_wedge: GG EZ win!!!! Nice MY BIRD JUST DIED AME LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hi Bowson  LOL Bruh LETS GOOOO :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: TOOT LIKE YOUR LIKE DEPENDED ON IT damn she's good :_ameParty::_ameParty: nice lmao nice nice  ggez :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: :_ameParty::_ameBee: YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!! NICE Nice:_ameYay: YES!!!!!! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: it's imba THE HIGH GROUND strat beautiful gg 

EZ*5 Ez*2 :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 

Bonk LETS GOOOOOOOOO ez clap Wow smart  :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: NICE :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: LOL the cheese Nice:_ameCool: LAWL It was that easy lol Nice:_ameParty: LETS GOOOOOO wooooo!! LETSSS GOOOOOOO DOOOOOOOOOOOT EZ PZ :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameWWW::_ameAAA::_ameYYY: nice! :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :_ameParty: ez lol cheese strats ftw nice lmaooo Just keep bubbling Nice yeah :_ameYay::_ameYay: :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet: damn :_ameYay: NICE NICE! The power of CHEESE :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: literal bubble shower GG EZ :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: :cheese_wedge::cheese_wedge::cheese_wedge::cheese_wedge::cheese_wedge::cheese_wedge::cheese_wedge::cheese_wedge: :_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameYYY: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Higher GROUND :grinning_squinting_face: nice cheese watson lol damn 3 hit ko Nice job!! Naisu lmaoo EZ Cheese nice!!!!!!!!!!!!:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: nice GG NIIIICE AMEEEEE she found the high ground lol :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: all the doots hit him huh nice :_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameYYY::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: lmao cheesed EZ :_ameHeh:  :cheese_wedge::cheese_wedge::cheese_wedge: niiiiice EZ:_ameParty: nice!!:_ameHeh: nice-:_ameYay: :grinning_face::grinning_face::grinning_face::grinning_face: first try EZ :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_ameParty::_ameParty: lmfaooooo  :clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Awesome :clapping_hands:  :_ameYay:nice Nice!! bonked nice fight its weak to holy We take those:_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: i think you headshot it Holy dmg :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: it hits hard but it takes a lot of damage from divine NEW GUN:_ameZoom: Perfect positioning for all your bubbles lmao so easy wth :_ameZoom: You had to high ground :_ameHeh: It was over HIC Your bubbles did more damage when he got staggered :_ameParty: hic He weak to holy damage so Doot was effective. nicee Rigged :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3: the bird took a huge shower:_ameHeh: EZ LETS GOOOOOO Weakness To Holy perfect! cheese :cheese_wedge::cheese_wedge::cheese_wedge: 1 try cute noisss :yougotthis::yougotthis: Bubble shotfunned it AmeWay imagine the ground pound distance  :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: wow, that battle took me at least like 30 tries :disappointed_face:  nice job! it does damage obi wan strat i see it pokes enemies EZ nice AME I must sleep, good night ame and teamates victory h i c Death stick :_ameUhh:  


gmod looks crazy You do that's your summon taking damage from the lava don't use the man serpent? Try swinging your weapon. use the spear special Read the description yes but it only works special vs him slah it RIP ear long range lance Boros hungy :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: Yeah spam your weapon attack lol `:_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: Rolling keep rolling have you considered swinging your weapon  dont need spear L2 lol You can use to far away  pain You can keep it but its not that cool Bait read desc it's only ranged in here; common FromSoft boss gimmick :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: it's for him only Heavy attack and special cheese strat use the special weapon it specifically for the boss go ame go! Mimic is cheating always UwU  you have to just doot then the man serpent leaves lava down which is making all that noise as it hurts the boss lol it's workin as intended  Spam L2 Only works during the fight, sadly It has a lot of range charge attack it's only ranged this fight Specifically, it's only ranged in this fight gteat I know it's very loud but it's OK as long as I can hear the beautiful angel that's a beautiful angel named Amelia I love you so much just slice him! alls fair in love and war:_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: The doot should be buff against him too TRY ATTACKING Rykard fight nothing is cheating its like the storm weapon, its designed that you abuse it try attack TOGETHAAAA 

F*2 That I frame save calculated dodge by getting hit lmao 

ame coco holy sht ive never seen the skulls lmao bro i cant believe my eyes :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: Now we can devour the gods TOGETHAAAA!! :_ameDed: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: TOGETHAAAAAAA weapon art TOGETHAAAAAA Togethaaaa Equip the str talisman. TOGETHAAA TOGETHAAAAA :_ameDed::_ameDed: werent you saying it was too ez rip aw so close! TOGETHA TOGETHAA :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: Easy Huh Ohh so closee TOGETHAAAAAAAAAA TOGETHAAAA TOGETHAAAAAAAAAAAAA togetha!!!!!!! TOGETHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Try L2 TOGETHAAAAAAAAAAA :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: TOGETHA! LOL togetha ouch :_ameDed::_ameDed: Lets Devorah the god togetha TOGETHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Togethaaa togetha!!!! :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: THE GOUGHS great first try! this is like a Heavy Metal album cover :_ameDed:  TOGETHAAAAAAAA :_ameHeh:togetha TOGATHAAAAA TOGETHAAA! TOGETHAAAA  tog3thaaaaaaa LMAO togethaaaa :_ameDed:togethaaaa NOOO hi amee tOGETHAAAA TOGETHA  Togethaaa~ TOGETTHHHAA!! togethaa togethaaa Really good try RIP TOGETHAA:_ameHeh: bruh Weapon art Try the ash of war on it. its cool NOW WE CAN HEAR IT AGAIN he sounds like your dad Ame I thought you said the fight was easy togetheraaaa ToGETHA! Roll was a bit early :grinning_face_with_sweat: try weapon skill not easy Togethaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa special attack is really strong Togethaa togethA Use L2/RT Togethaaaaaaaa Right:_ameHeh: the similarities no bowson run! Try the weapon art, it can stagger him latenight elden ring! u can equip the raw meat TOGETHAAA WE FAMILEEE Togethaaaaaa Together :_ameHeh: It's one of the coolest fights you have an L2 combo yep now try solo :_ameHeh: :_ameUhh: too orange for my taste You do bowson 2nd phase This is a role playing game! What role are we playing, the victim!? try the weapon skill  yes yeah yes 

ye*2 that was ranni and radahn's brother i think ornstein cosplay 

Husband  The serpent that ate him was yes _yes_ maybe kind of sort of lmao :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: :_ameUhh: maybe daddy :_ameThink::_ameThink::_ameThink: go talk to tanith :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh:  go ask her :_ameThink: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Yes Adoptive dad rya yes read his soul Perhaps :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Uhhh yes Adaoptive father at the very least go tell her what you did Maybe? we dont know That guy was Rannis brother :_ameHeh: sure New snek waifu! his remembrance will explain some things time for marriage ame lore :eyes:yes sure:_ameHeh: she don't care) yeah, tanith was an adoptive mother lol :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: well, probably part of the family.... TOGETHAAAA what?:_ameHeh: reload grace ame go visit Rya! You can find her around the castle btw You kno im pretty sure if you leave and come back to grace something happens new waifu acquired ^^ He is her dad, he got eaten by a snake god tanith is her wife that's for sure reload the area ya know Tanith  in short no, in long, its complicated :flushed_face: yep! I think he melded with a big snake? Alright Ame, I'm gonna have to stop you right there Probably yea teleport out than come back U can find his head  :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameYay: Rest So you're saying there's a chance? :_ameHeh: fast travel but you're married to ranni already it's not just for Rykard, it's apparently a pretty decent weapon once you buff it yeah fast travel Yes. He was devoured by the serpent and became one with it  we don't know Ame, we watch vtubers:_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: fast travel back :grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face: You have to fast travel The only way out is to fast travel I don't know, pls tell me :_ameHeh: Back to manor just fast travel cute :_ameLove: 

Yes! Minecraft Oohh Minecraft  

Minecraft frog hunt no! :_ameGator:goood kill her smack her for a crucible knight to say hi lmao :_ameHeh: Ouhhh craftmine  HOTS let's go! halo :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: rock simulator? :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: frogs sound good get those frogs universe sandbox sounds fun Frog stream hit tanith you can kill her and get her costume Frogs!! Yes more elden ring? :_ameThink::_ameThink: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: lol Paladins please no :_ameHeh: attack her :_ameHeh: :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: you can go play mc rock simulator league of legends stream??? Open VC minecraft Yes please  HIT HER :_ameYay::_ameLighto::_ameYay: would you like to play sekiro or bloodborne ame? a full stream of abathur hate:_ameHeh: oh yeah the server update Heroes time Amelia FROGson minecraft minecraft minecraft minecraft  :_ameHeh:  hit her Ground pound her late universe sandbox sounds comfy Deep Dark ancient city! universe sandbox or minecraft :_ameZoom: Mafia what are you waiting for? Frog update :_ameCry::_ameCry: :_ameGator:? Hit her  ame cute hit Tanith for items Kill the lady! :gem_stone::pick::_ameHeh: explore minecraft 1.19 OOOOOHHH so never :_ameHeh:  hit her@ Find that Wiimote  mafia is pretty good nice :_ameUhh: :_ameUhh: :_ameUhh:  Ame thanks for the stream! Rock Simulator ?? rock:_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: MC KILL HER more rock you're not high enough rock level yet Mario ? Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft  Sekiro :_ameGator:???! :_ameThink::_ameThink::_ameThink: The Rock :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Amelia rockson HI bloodborne :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: dont do it ame :_ameHeh: 

o7*7 Byeeee TOMORROW 

:_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: tomorrow?! ByeBye Ame ~~ See you ~~!! :_ameHic3::_ameYYY::_ameAAA: :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: okay:_ameLove: bye bye Goodbye  Always, bye cya ame TOMORROW:_ameLighto::_ameGator::_ameLighto: :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameYay: :_ameHeh: :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameLove: :_ameLighto::_ameGator::_ameLighto: Thank you for the stream Watson. Have a goodnight. :yellow_heart: :_ameHic3::_ameUUU::_ameTTT::_ameEEE::_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: TOMORROW TOGETHAAAA love you ame :_ameLighto::_ameLove::_ameLighto: cya Ame :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: :_ameHic3::_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameLove::_ameQQQ::_ameTTT: :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :_ameSalute::_ameSalute::_ameSalute: Goodbye! bye ame ty for the stream lol lesgo saxophone time :saxophone: :saxophone: :saxophone: baby~ cute Lol Byeeson  see ya:_ameLove: Thank you for the stream Ame! Love you! Bye-bye!:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: :_ameLighto::_ameGator::_ameYay::_ameLighto: :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: :_ameLighto::_ameRage::_ameLighto: :_ameLove: bye bye See you later bye :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto::_ameEar: See you, Ame!  :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameHic3::_ameYYY::_ameAAA: :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameSalute::_ameSalute::_ameSalute: cya Goodnight, thank you Ame! BYE BYE!!TOMORROW!!! thank you Ame Bye ame :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear: Thank you for the stream Amee See ya tomorrow ame ty ame Ty ame Bye Ame :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameHeh: :_ameHic3::_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameYay::_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameCry: :_ameLighto: :_ameGator: :_ameLighto:  thanks for the fun stream, see ya ~ gnight ame Have a good night chat.:_ameSalute: byeee :custard::_ameGator: byee Cya Ame! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: see ya ame, thanks for the stream :love_you_gesture::crocodile::yellow_heart: See you next time. Bye bye, Ame. Byebye ame Jolly good stream :_ameSalute::_ameSalute::_ameSalute::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: bye~~ Cya bowson  :_ameSalute: Bye Ame  Bye Ammeee :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: bye byeeeee I love you so much Amelia get some resthat's some rest I can't wait for the next stream Thank you ame there she goes... bye byeee :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: laters ame :hugging_face::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: :_ameParty::_ameParty: doko matane :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameYay::_ameHic3::_ameYYY::_ameAAA: :_ameZoom:  :_ameZoom: bye bye Ame!! CYA! :_ameSalute::_ameSalute: :_ameInspect::_ameInspect::_ameInspect: