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Hello Calli How are you doing hey  straight vibin 

:_deadbeats: :_deadbeats: :_deadbeats: She lookin' :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Hi Calli Iooooojh dade YT was beginning to die towards the end of the last stream and it seems it hasn't recovered, so many stutters lol yooooo Calli doko?  Deadbeats vibin' now:_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Please start soon!!!! Grim reaper intro screen looks like Terminator :skull:  we be here I'm back Ello Calli:waving_hand::cowboy_hat_face: it’s SUPPA CHAT time YEAAHHHH Ello Calli :_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh: Hello! Hallo Hello Dad :_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh: Hello! hallo! helloooo Dad is here Hello Calli! Hi Calli! Hello ! Hey Mori HI CYALLI GUH HALLOOOO Hi dad Howdy Calli:red_heart: HI I’m here,:_glasses: what up? Hi hi hi Hello again. howdy calli Harro halo calli Yo Calli! Howdy Calli :waving_hand: hellooooo hi Calli! :_happynohat::_happynohat: Ey she back! Hello hi hi! howdy Calli!:_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: Howdy Calli:_happynohat: Howdy Calli!! hello Howdy Calli :_happymori: ! hi dad Hey Calli  HEllo Calli!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :_happynohat: Hi Calli~ :_moriguh:heya calli hey hello Mori Hallo!:_moriguh: Helloooo callllllllli HIIIIIIIII Howdy Calli  yoooooooo Hi Calli:_happyhat: Heyo Howdy Calli! howdy yooo! Hi Calliiiiii hello o/ howdy Calli!!! Hello calli Calli doko? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hey hey hey calli :_happymori: Morning Queen Hiya Calli! Hello Calli~ Hi Mori. How are you? Hi Dad 

Hello Calli! :waving_hand: :_happymori: Papa? Hi Calli!!!:_happyhat: 

Hi Calli Hello Calli! :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :_deadbeats::_deadbeats: :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Hope you're doing good! hi dad !!! HI CALLY! Hello Calli :_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes: Hi Calli.:_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh: UwU kore wa nandesuka? hi calli :_happymori: lol Hey Calli! :_happynohat: hey calli :_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh: hey dad!! :_moriblush::_happyhat::_moriblush::_happyhat::_moriblush::_happyhat::_moriblush::_happyhat::_moriblush::_happyhat::_moriblush::_happyhat::_moriblush::_happyhat::_moriblush::_happyhat::_moriblush::_happyhat::_moriblush::_happyhat: hello calli Hi Calli !! Hey Calli! HIII CALLLIIII HEY DID YOU KNOW WERE BOTH MORI'S? calli!!!!!!!!!!! howdy Calli!! henlo fren. Hallo~ What up Calli Hello A forever stream? what's up coolio calli? Glad to see you're feeling better. Hi cali from the Philippines  :_big::_ups: hi dad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arkhan X!! YEAHH  Hello again Calli. GUH! the biggest of chads calli:elbowcough: S h e e e e e e e B a c k ! :two_hearts::_happymori: The CHAD!:_moriguh: Calli He's a true chad  :_big::_ups:to Arkhan:_calliopog: ArkahnX the legend! HOWWWDYYY :_big::_ups::_glasses: oh my LOL :_big::_ups: arcan He does it for us Hey there Calli Good:_moriguh:morning:_skull:7 LMAO  Yay!!!!! :) Yeah :_happynohat::_happynohat: wait a minute Sweet! :_big::_big::_ups: To him!!!!! :virtualhug::virtualhug::virtualhug: :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: hey Calli hi calii 

why do we still get allergies? aren't we skeletons? Not solid candy peppermint Hi Calli 

:_shock::_shock::_shock: :thanksdoc: uh oh Good morning Calli, watching you from Brazil Haha Uh ohh Uh oh Make sure you keep it clean or you'll get an infection from them. oh ooof Hi Calliiiiii:_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes: lol, wops Good luck w the payment  ooo I saw come here, come here, so i come :_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: Your poor neck! Has it been grabbed by Homer Simpson? come here? :_shock: Lmao Bills...:_cryingmori: :buffering: Good ol hot sauce up the nose should do the trick Peppermint:_shock::_shock: HI CALLI!! You don't have autopay? I've seen vids of it clearing a nose of oh no me too:_shock: DONT BREATH チケットダメだった:loudly_crying_face:ライブ行きたかったよ so glad i don't have allergies, but the single stuffed up nostril is awful  my nose is always like that and those sprays don't do much xd simply get a fire hose, works for my allergies as if paying taxes wasn't bad enough.... Got bills to pay too FUCK you just reminded me about a bill I have to pay too Pay your bills everybody LOL :_shock::_shock: oh nooooooo I join the stream taking my zyrtec adulting moment lol huge mood to that calli close the door its cold Oh nyo Calli  Theres one that does clean out plugged nostrils. its a squeeze bottle i use it and it works extremely well eating spicy food helps me a lot personally, it feels like it clears everything inside I pay all my bills online. lmao *Mood* Have you ever got a runny nose? "THEY JUST LIKE ME FR" :memo::thinking_face: allergy season if you have nail polish remover smell that your nose will be freed immediately lol (probably don't do that too often though) oh no isn't it late for you Just eat a mint candy it will clear up hello Calli forgot electric bill. stream may end randomly Bills the bane of living.... yeah that's rough Everyone's got those allergies, eh? :_shock: i wake up, i sneeze, i carry on with my day :_moriguh:Hiya, Mori!!! :smiling_face_with_sunglasses: yeah keep it clena yes maam sorry maam 

Greatt :_cryingmori: I mowed the lawn for $20 when I was a teen  

they make me do all the cleaning for free. i live with them for university tho i was allowed to live there in turn for cleaning Ah yes, grandparents as your employer as a child lmao LOL calli close the door its cold Eternal deadbeat workers if they get killed :_canteloupe: side quest Reaper’s gonna reap lol haha yup money talks I did that to avoid getting the switch You got paid? Hi calli how are you doing? お疲れ様でした~ I used to pluck my grandmas white hairs for 5 dollars :_big::_moriguh::_ups::_calliopog: free I clean the car for money same, did that for free chore no payment lmaoo Lmaooo yeahh.... agreed hey calli all the work i did was for free hi :_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: Killed them to make sure they work for you FOREVER :_morimurder:  LMAO you poor souls LMAO My job requires me to clean up after my co-workers and customers. :grinning_face_with_sweat: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahhaahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahhahaahhahah Oh damn... Imagine getting paid by your parents or grandparents lmao you get paid? :_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: alas :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: lool this girl got allowance yall ONLY TEN?? Goddammit:_canteloupe: lmaoooo I’m here  I never got payed for anything lmao great Lmao I did that for free too:_cryingmori: it was more like do it or get hit lol Lmao  EFF NUGGIES the best they can give are 25 cents Woah 10???? Only $10? That’s like a $100 job cleaned my grandparents house for lunch cant believe youve done this Free nerget wait, we were supposed to get paid? calli is 1% wow that was for highschool? you got money?! Trust me, they asked for worse its cool Mmmm McNugget money Yo nuggies I did it for free pain eyy nuggies nice:_glasses: I had the joy of doing all of my chores and my bro's, he got an allowance, I didn't. I got lunch I guess I wasn't paid Damn, Calli rollin Nuggies 10 bucks!? :_canteloupe::_canteloupe: Lol 

:_glowpink::_glowpink::_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP::_glowpurple::_glowpurple: :red_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::orange_heart: :black_heart::purple_heart::black_heart::purple_heart::black_heart::purple_heart::black_heart::purple_heart: 

Sup Calli!!! :red_heart::purple_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart: You are so pretty in any style :red_heart: you can use that mask? :red_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Hololive Taker. Bull you can't cook, we watched you on several occasions.  :orange_heart::red_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart: ショートほんとかわいい :pancakes::_happymori: Gonna have a gorls night out? Raiden Shogun and Dad is somewhat similar  ye Oh no Calli lost the Family Shake and Bake recipe  oh no we get it bacon pancakes :red_heart::orange_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart: :red_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart: Pancakes with Myth :red_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: :red_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart: Keeps them from eating PopTarts as well, those aren't the best for you MORI WHATS 13+13-13×3÷13=? :heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit: People being impatient We are chill about it  what's with the rainbow we understand I meant passing off the breakfast as yours we saw some things Nah, we gotcha, there's a lot of weirdos out there :red_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart: Kiara's French toast! :pancakes::_happyhat: Ah, I get ya That’s bougie af  i wouldn't mind at all being taught a lesson rear me Mori:_moriblush: Oh you mean that :purple_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::orange_heart::red_heart: 

hi calli YEETING GURA LET'S GOOOOO playstation shrek stream? 

:_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: lol CALLI I KNOW YOUR JOB BEFORE BECOMING A VTUBER! :_happymori: How far have you stdied Japanese now? ln English ttrpg in person???? :_calliopog: bone bros les goo BIG UPS for the gifted subs:two_hearts: 2022 National Gura toss bone broooos yeet the shark? YEET GURA WOOOOOO :thinking_face: Feet stream cooking stream? yeet goomb I miss Bone Bro collabs  BONE BROS LET'S GOOO It's gotta happen, Calli. Ya gotta yeet her Toss the Shark bonanza :_canteloupe: Is it time for Cuphead? About a year on from the first attempt. Totally would watch that Yeeting stream lol  Lol BONE BROS LETS GOOOO :red_heart::blue_heart: yeet the shark Sometime this century I guess Understandable  Yeet that shark :_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes: yeah YEET 3D Yeet:_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: SHREK 2 THE VIDEO GAME STREAM bonebros Bone Bros! :red_heart::blue_heart::red_heart::blue_heart: Yeet her on the bed calli! You dont look like a reaper OH PLEASE Bone Bro collabs woo:_calliopog: You can play that Rabbit game as you can Yeet each other there. :_confused: YESSSSSSSSSSS Can your model blush? ohhhh boy Yo really? Got ya Oh that would be great. Shrek for PS2 Baybeeeeeeeee :red_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: understandable hot damn OH HELL YEAH:_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: secret spy dad Niiiiiiiice nobody tosses a goomba! xD you and Gura hit it off great so good to hear you two will have a lot of time together Already waiting at the airport God Calli + Gura is such a fun combo TTRPG off collab would be DOPE yoooo?! OH Man! that would be fucking amazing :red_heart::blue_heart::red_heart::blue_heart: Gura's going to be happy to see you. :_calliopog::_calliopog: :_calliopog: :_calliopog: :_calliopog: :_calliopog: :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: TTRPG finale would melt faces, just saying:_morimurder: the finale being off collab would be perfect say Uwu:pleading_face: She’s the Aphmouth pink girl If y'all do that, I demand a dice cam Oh!?!:_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: What about River City Girls?  Let's goooooooo :smiling_face_with_horns:Ship That'd be the best finale :_calliopog: :red_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart: TTRPG HYPE good call 

yeet gura pls were happy for that.. meeting soon:_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes: 3D yeet 

holy damn That'd be hella great yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: ohh :_calliopog: PUSH Yeah, no pressure in the end That make's perfect sense  :red_heart::blue_heart::red_heart::blue_heart::red_heart: Oh man :_calliopog::_calliopog: excited for the off collab ttrpg letsgooo Heck Yeah:_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: is the script ready? Got it:_happyhat: Oh please let the stars align for that Okay cool, cool! Siiiiick Let's F gooooooo FINGER CROSSED :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: DEADBEASTS time to larp oooh YOOOO NO WAY:red_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: That'd be crazy good if possible and the energy is there. ola beibe ten side die o: :eyes: i hope it works out! would be loads of fun, real dice? OH YEA I just hope you watch that "gamer word" movie with Gura that you talked about in December.  Hype hype hype!!!!!! :red_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: Trust me bro say Uwu:loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::pleading_face::face_with_tears_of_joy: Don’t say that cool I trust the process  It better not be "Rocks fall everybody dies" I trust you all I won't get TOO hyped.... but imagine a 3D one:_morimurder::_morimurder: Noice Dope, can't wait for TTRPG finale so dad has alot of Core Memories sick!:_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: LETS GOOOOO :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog:OMG Shenanigans afoot :_canteloupe: off collab twister:grinning_face_with_sweat::face_with_tears_of_joy: I get that. I hope you have fun together! :red_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart: WOOO! Physical dice rolling is the best! that's gonna sound real good hell yeah :_calliopog:  Hey Calli what happened to Cuphead, I think the DLC fot released already 

Nice. :_canteloupe::_canteloupe:he knows what he’s doing  nice 

:_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: Nice Euro based nice € ^^  NO HOES lmao Nice :_glasses: :_calliopog::_canteloupe: nice (but in euro) Lmao Lol GOT EM Happy Accidents nice :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: NICE :_big::_ups::_shock: nice exchange rate there :_big::_ups: Andrew Run noice LMAOO Uh oh niceee :_big::_canteloupe::_ups: hahaha:_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: Noice N I c e GOTTEM :_canteloupe: :_canteloupe: :_canteloupe:  nice...:_uhh: He knows what he did. STEINER! 69 what a coincidence Shadow k 25: CALLIE I LOVE YOUR SONGS I CAN'T WAIT FOR WHAT'S TO COME IN THE FUTURE :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: LOL Andrew is one of us:_canteloupe: :_canteloupe:What is a money? NICE:_glasses: What a Chad :_canteloupe: We'll call that a happy little accident nICE noice:_glasses::thumbs_up: Andrew is a man of culture @Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN  gottem! lmao nice Definitely on Purpose lmaoo :_glasses::_glasses::_glasses: 4D chess move Nice Andrew:_canteloupe::thumbs_up: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: :_canteloupe:NICE eyy nice Ah, silly Andrew, amrite? Based :_canteloupe: He probably used an online currency converter. That's a power move Hm what an absolute madlad LMAO funny daddy Andrew more Chad than we thought :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: :_glasses: chad Andrew lol guten Abend Calli when are you gonna get married? :_uhh::_uhh::_uhh: :_canteloupe: gottem thats Nice Andrew Thats Pounds, Calli 

Once a week seems like a lot MamaMori is smol? you've got to balance happiness and healthiness 

diet should compliment your lifestyle, if you're exerting yourself a lot you probably need more calories Cheat days are good don't go super size me Super Size me bayber not with this $8 nugget meal goin on GURA would be on that list, right? Or La+? You can eat anything as long as its in moderation there's a balance between diet and exercise :ice_cream::_happynohat: McDonalds is in Russia no more :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: I heard mcnuggies but no tendies blasphemy That would be good what did i just walk into my mom says the same too Protein keeps you feeling full i only get mcnuggets once a onth well you burn calories processing protein is dietz nuts a nuts? chicken salad sounds good:_happymori: ahhh brokoli Chicken salad has no carbs You don't have to be perfect you just have to be consistent マクドナルド? chicken salad sounds good a balance diet chicken is the staple of any diet, i guess Yeah get some chicken Once in a while I only eat desert if it has unhealthy amounts of protein in it Can you say "hi pogi" A teriyaki chicken salad does sound kinda good rn Calli do you like Cat ? If you like cat would you like to come see my cat? That's what I do once a week  Yeah, dieting is a marathon. Not a sprint. whataburger every night?? I can only eat McD's like once every two months without getting sick (Come here) rabbit fried legs bucket I like to just eat packs of salami, plenty of protein there McDonald’s is the enemy  taco bell In n Out? Five guys OOF A PB sandwich is carbs though, bread. Chicken, turkey, lean meats. amongus yeah a treat once a week is fine Steak and shake once a week is fine, can prob be more often and get away Killer Burger Yesterday I eated 3 pizzas instead of 4 in my birthday, but that's because I had also chocolate cake and it was late night so eating a lot was a bad idea Doesn't matter what you eat as long as you fine balance a whole papa johns pizza? Milkshake? in-n-out 

Calli is definitely reading this Hahaha hilarious reading something that you shouldn't!!! LOL :_happymori: 

Moooooooooooon privet papa lol Hey kids, wanna die? glad you're having fun with the chat :red_heart: for sure this is a pre recorded calli  Did you ever listen to the song I made for you? It's ok if you didn't since I know you're always busy :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: Calli read this  Hope your evenings going well Calli! pretend I said something funny  :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: How do I denko? Up in here, up in here. calli's is kawaii :_moriblush: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: we're all crazy here Hello other Deadbeats (and not calli) I want to give you a super in the next stream :_moriblush: @Dark Eye 45 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :partying_face::party_popper: lol, you are geting all the troll ones Taint im shyyy calli plz i bet calli wont read this This is going to go unnoticed do penguins have knees lmao imagine calli actually reads it what's happening? :_moriblush::_moriblush: Calli we are shy deadbeats stop it :_moriblush:  Kawaiiope  "hah, you fell for it! THUNDER CROSS SPLIT ATT-" I forgot the meme :_cryingmori: mitenai //// :_canteloupe: You just lost the game, Calli. [message get b:_Ripr:uhed] :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: [Message Deleted] MOOOOOOON kyaaaa, dont look look at us calli :_canteloupe: :_canteloupe: :_canteloupe: :_canteloupe: Ignore em Don’t read this uWu :eyes: y6all stop bulling calli hihihihi Lmao I love u Calli rip Redacted it was yesterday but thanks (I AM WINNING LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO) got here just in time you cute Silly stuff going on Lol You can't see me:_glasses: Mori, you're losing. Not just your marbles either. HELLO THERE hi dad! ZOoooooom :_moriguh: Acknowledge me, father hi calli If you look you need to donate to us reee calli please dont look DONT READ THIS I don't know what to say Calli if you read this i hope you're having a good day Too much clothing You know you want to increasing chat speed with this message SPEEDY Faster Late to work lol:_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: :eye::mouth::eye:hey there co knee don’t make eye contact  LETS GOOO Damn right :_moriblush:  :_moriblush: does it mean she know I'm cooking pancakes now? if you read this, you like feet can I be ignored please:_moriblush: :_moriguh: :_moriguh: :_moriguh: :_moriguh: of course I can feel the gaze of death on my back. The Reaper is coming! :_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh: MOOOOOON fast you say? oyo Good morning calli :_big::_moriguh::_ups: chat go BRRRRRRR alma means in spanish soul hi ඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞ chats gonna zoom lop You are manually breathing now Nyyyoooooooom  kouabonga true At speed of sound :_big::_ups: ZOOM NYOOOOOM 300% more engagement  MOOOOOOOOOOOOON *typing * If you can read this, you're probably watching the vod So shy:_moriblush: aww don't look at me:_moriblush::_moriblush: LUDICROUS SPEED  Do read this  gotta pump those numbers up get to it chat chat zoom zoom GUH CANT LOOK GUH It’s OK Callie. You can read my comments anytime. Good morning. 

:_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh: :_big::_moriguh: SPEED 

lol Meat rod LMFAO :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :_big::_ups: Zooooom Hey how are the spiritombs? Reaper is a funni you can't prove that I'm typing :_big::_ups::_RipHeart:@Sayaka's Soul Gem ELLO DAD sure thing Several people are typing... :_ups::_ups::_big::_big: *SEVERAL PEOPLE ARE TYPING...* She knows us too well deadbeats  :_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::folded_hands: :_big::_ups:Sayaka :_big::_ups:Sayaka!!!! Chat's going so fast nobody will know I like Calli :_big: :_ups: @Sayaka's Soul Gem!!! hello from South Africa FASTER, LADS ROLLIN AROUND SPEED OF SOUND Oh god, I hope her Soul gem is ok big ups Speeeeeeeeeddddd Ayyyoo! we're no strangers to loveee loooooool :_big::_ups:Sayaka:_happynohat: heck yeah warrior cats :_big::_ups:@Sayaka Soul Gen Calli won't see this :_cryingmori::_cryingmori: dude I thought that was a Pug Fake Warrior cats icon it was a furry aww she knows us so well I just entered and i have no idea wth is happening :_confused: damnnnnnnn ThunderCats? friend remember yo sleep :_big::_big::_ups:  oh god the covers are something else LMAO @Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN What do you think that I should do about the Death Note problem now that I have finished my paperwork and can now focus on other problems? LMAO :_big::_ups: Sayaka Warrior Cats! No, we won't here's a safe haven for a moment lol favorite warrior clan? 

It is what it is :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: lmao :_big::_ups: 

:_big::_ups:Sayaka i remember that from when I was like 9 So when do we get to see Calli's warrior catsona? :_big::_ups:@Sayaka Soul Gem That is a wonderful comversation starters "you look like a crapy cat picture" it's a good game Would you rather eat a baby goat or a matter baby? been around a while where's chat rules calli i wanna be agood boy unu hey mori really loved mera mera I haven't played it is a good game! dead beats are boomers too It was a meme game in like 2015 Because it's great it is an old game there's a LOT of deadbeats Great taste it's a really special game:_happymori: Had to change my pf once I saw Calli draw this:two_hearts::two_hearts: because it's a great game! Cause its a good ass game Thats why we kept requesting it you can never forget Warriors Your audience is predisposed to like waifus and drankies deadbeats have good taste that's why indie games rule Its so good! I played it after Risu did we play lots of indie games:_glasses: Drowning in chat flood speed. HELP! It is an oldish game It's a very popular game You know we're cool like that  It's a legendary game. OOOH CALLI YOU WANT TO RELEASE A NEW SONG RIGHT NOW OHHHH I saw it on Xbox game pass once, looked fun boy I underestimated it lol :_big::_ups::_happynohat: we're cultured people  we love you too :red_heart: hiii mori how are you doing? <3 

Yeah I was thinking if you were offline a lot during 2016 you might have missed it it is!:_happymori: oh dang I outta work:_canteloupe:Peace :victory_hand::_happymori: 

I remember hearing about it a lot :_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: perfect timing then hi babe :_big: :_ups: @Vampiricotaku-KFBeat's Vampire  yea ive never hear of it till now wow :_big::_ups:All around :_big::_ups: @Rosemary Shinbuki Sup. its like the bar itself, tucked away but you get the occasional idol walk in:_canteloupe: :_big: :_ups: @tbcStudios  :_deadbeats: How is 5-6 years considered to be old… :_big::_ups:Drac! It's an indie game. Known amongst those who follow those but not amongst the big big public how are you doing mori?: <3 never heard of it before you played it lol DraconicInsight :_big::_ups: Hi  it happens :_ups::_big: Winter Outfit calli when?? :_big: :_ups: @asas asas  A number of indie tubers have kept the game alive. lol :_big::_ups::_ups::_ups::_ups: :_big::_ups:Draconic!!!! Honestly never heard about this game until Holomems played it  It takes a special game to have like someone like Jill Yup yup :_big::_ups:Vampy Hi Calli. Friends and I miss your crazy eyes it's aight its mine now it's one of my favorites now it is :_big::_ups:DraconicInsight Kinda, i like it too Im with you calli I had no idea about this game Yes Maybe :_canteloupe: DraconicInsight :_big::_happymori::_ups: @Zekenator _ 77 take care dood 

:_big: :_ups: @Insufficiently Anonymous  coincidence is life funny how things work out :_happymori: 

lol Venezuelabros:red_heart: Just for the Reaper is it not? We need more Calli fan games  :_calliopog:  :_canteloupe: But what if?.. This game is perfect for you, and somehow even more perfect for you 6 years later :heart_suit::heart_suit: Well, there's definitely lots of coincidences hmmmmmmmm true :_calliopog: its crazy how coincidences are in the game Ame made Valhalla? So ame? lmao Calli becomes CEO of a computer company in the fuiture You should try Far cry 3 this game is open world and cool especially the main villain Vaas is funny hey mori, how should i start debuting for vtubing? we are on the right timeline HIC AME DEVELOPED IT Ame? Ame is Va-11 Hall-A dev confirmed? :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: meow Ame is a time travler  Lmao :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: Maybe... Well you are friends with a time traveler oof Don't tell Ame she'll hunt them down lol Always bet on the werebears I remember see a version with Calli as a mod in Persona 3 from PSP, i sure its real... timetravelers, what chads Ed the Nerd Holo went into a copy right era where many members got copy right stricken and it was really stressful. you aren't the only Calli Gambling is for the devil  F Argentina ame ame ameeeee Argentina? 

Apple (cider) juice can you get drunk of apple juice i believe you 

Ngl i thought it wasnt apple juice and was deinking along, and i realized around my 12th sip Good Apple Juice is Good Apple Juice appel juis She means Wine :wine_glass:  Apple juice exists in the underworld... I assumed it was a euphemism but I realised it was not apple juice is tastey what other reason do you need Doubters gonna doubt  I get it "Suisei's Special Apple Juice" you could drink cider instead YEP apple juice I believe you but アッポージュース Cranberry juice might be a good alternative too, if you havent tried it I get ya wldmsmclrnfhgbcheoqkakxnxms  How about egg yolks? Apple Cider sparkling water and apple juice is great don't worry i believe ya Apple Juice ASMR? Apple juice is great, honestly Apple juice is coolness!! :smiling_face_with_sunglasses::thumbs_up: Apple juice yee Health is important i'm off gotta get some sleep love u calli and deadbeats:red_heart::red_heart: how about sparkling apple cider? gotta love that apple juice eh Привет hey, apple juice is good :thumbs_up: :red_heart::red_heart: btw,my grandma cook the apple soup everyday. You do you  we believe ya wouldn't be the first time we've shown up to work drunk good idea Thats cool  i respect that a lot Alcohol is also a lot of calories Apple juice is good I am happy, apple juice is my favorite drink tbh  Apple Juice is Bomb:_happymori: Apple 'juice' :hundred_points: Up to you dude, we cool apple juice is great, I'd never doubt you :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: 

:_big::_ups: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart:  halo 

:red_heart: :rose: :red_heart: :rose: if you read this ur cute lmao :heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit: :_big: :_ups: @Michael C  :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: I'm now starting to wonder if someone even see me here, am I bonked? or am I talking to myself EoaL's track is so freaking good Just roll with it Ow....I want a headpat too! :disappointed_face: looool :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: think you'll be fine cant lose what we never had :astonished_face: There is? calli im totally not tall pls throw me across the room :_moriblush:  Oh you better get ready lol hello all every time I see you it's like I'm watching one big success story. Much love. I can't wait for the Bog Musical in the Jump King Supers lol why does it start raining every time i listen to end of a life grandma calli Yes  aww :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: :_canteloupe: facts what equipment do you use for streaming mori? Probably a safe assumption :skull::skull::skull: I'd say you already lost it after that drinking scene :_canteloupe:  true :_hearteyes: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Oh lawd it's comin road roller of yabai gottem Just be one with the yabai Ayyy thanks Xademan  aw 

you say that a lot actually.... very in character hahaha 

こんばんはー GReat :_happymori: "lol ,die" LMAO :_morimurder: calli is raiden shogun? What is your named, called out attack LOL BEAUTIFUL ughhh ded so theatrical nice Ah, chunny Come on Calli, give us someting turbo edgy Lore So chuuni. Love it Lol the Frieza A chunni Reaper I'd use that for my DnD boss. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! short and simple :_calliopog: perfect Perfect I loved when the [mentally derranged] salesman comes and becomes a [BIG SHOT] and he [Hyperlink Blocked] everyone Lul you died So you were dorkier back then OMG, WOW!!!! OK!!!! that was better! lots of Calli combat sounds in elden ring streams Kill Move That's our Calli:_morimurder: by grebthars hammer hey calli have you ever thought of writhing a song to sing in a duet with everyone in HoloEN? that could be a neat Anniversary merch that was pretty good ngl clip that soundbyte oh i die thank you forever Win quote? lol Git Rekt  LMAOOOO pog hmmm :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP:bozo :_morimurder: :_morimurder: :_morimurder: :_morimurder: Oml so chuuni lol noice from chuuni to stone cold....nice~~~ lore i swear i just heard the raiden shogun use her burst Too long. Reaper’s Scythe Gambit perfect name lmao Faqboy destroyer LOL I'M DOWN mori will you ever play genshin impact? no Spaces :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: Gottem Get Fing destroyed and die please destroy me 

:cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :_washhands::_washhands::_washhands: 

why cucumber? Because Ina Doesn't like cucumbers, "ina gone post cucumber" :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: Dads head :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: I love this part :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: she went out to buy milk hello have a nice day today for all of you :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: whats with the cucumbers :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: takos lesgoo!!! :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: what's with cucumber hi :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber:takodachi, assemble:cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: thanks for the gift :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::woman_dancing: takodachi with the cucumbers :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: Every deadbeat, go grab a glass of water as well. It's good for you. Dang it Takos It’s always weird when you join the live and they’re just not there lmao  :water_wave::water_wave::water_wave: :_washhands: guy, you know, cali is a beautiful girl:> :goodvibes: Takodachi’s have invaded :cucumber::_shock:cucumbers raids this bgm is really chill Hydratation time dudes!  YABEEE :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: @sourclout Godd name :winking_face: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: what doing? 

:cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: 

:cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :_deadbeats: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: Vibing with the music :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: That’s a legendary stream. What a time :chillwcat: :_washhands::_washhands::_washhands: ん?カリおらん :hydrate::_happynohat: callie fell in 3d? all the non takos in for a ride lmao :cucumber::_washhands: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: lol Man all the fehmans in chat love cucumbers lol wbwbwbwb :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: OH, A FLUFFY AND SWEET ONE @Senta Amaris :red_heart::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: hi mom chill vibin with deadbeats and cucumbers what a way to spend my Thursday morning:_happynohat: Okaeri ayee takos:cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: Hi dad!  :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: oh hi the takodachis are invading, apparently :_moriguh: welcome back Calli:_happymori: WE MOVING~ she back lmaoooo Welcome back! cute oh she wiggle doko doko?  ITS TAKO TIME :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: dad is back  pickle rick It's just a little apple juice break. Don't make it weird. cutecumber  Are you getting more alcohol?? dad's back from the store! good music S C A T T E R welcome back Because Ina Doesn't like cucumbers, "ina gone post cucumber" welcome back! SCATTER Because Ina Ina meme Ask Ina :_happyhat:she's back Lol Where’s she? :cucumber::_drunkmori: Oh? Wellcome back Ina??? :cucumber::cucumber:scatter:cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: Welcome back, Calli! welcome back:_happyhat: I still dont know I dont know either Welcome Back! you're. cutie 

Good luck SC! Thank you so much:_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: :_deadbeats: 

you got this good luck! Good luck :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: I need my spleen back Do yo best! don't let your dreams take over your personality but try your best You've got this dude Ganbatte yes good luck :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Calli startin' fires :_happymori: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Good luck:_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: :_deadbeats:Ganbatte! :_deadbeats:  :_big::_ups::_deadbeats: :_rider: PIERCE THE HEAVENS :_rider: Good luck dude Good luck! Best of luck Friend!!! :_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Good luck, best of wishes!!:_deadbeats: :_big::_ups::_ups: :_big::_ups: Best wishes Good Luck good LUCK it means no worries You got this~ Good luck:_deadbeats: Go get that dream deadbeat! get that bread HAKUNA MATATA  goodluck sc! The Moose:_shock: GOOD LUCK!!! :_big::_ups::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Yeah Micky be really stingy  You got this my dude!:_calliye::thumbs_up: It means no worries how do I premium the deadbeats moose do got hands good luck!!! :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: good luck:_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Ganbatte:_deadbeats::_deadbeats: good luck, dominate love that lion king quote The mouse owns all :mouse: we're all behind you dude!:red_heart: Buena suerte:_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: good luck brother It means no worries for the rest of your days good luck:_happynohat: don't tempt Papa Bidney, Calli 愛しています Michael muse is a force to be reckon with:_cryingmori: 日本語うまいなぁ Best of luck! :_deadbeats: BIG UPS lol  wot 

that's gotta be a complicated feeling eh? people change Make sense 

too little too late, famalams It's nice you can admit to being petty like that sometimes. ...Which I say as someone who can be kind of bitter and petty. ^^' lol, its nice to not hold grudges :_happymori: people change~ no need to be to angry about the past :grinning_squinting_face: Best way to get back at those folks is to just do your best, yeah? The lyrics to "Skater Boy" come to mind :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart:Mori you're too sweet, stop it That's a good mindset humu humu yes.. we know even if they were rotten, its hard not to be proud of you you're too good for us hello I came here ah, forgive but not forget "Thanks for stabbing my eyes with straw, I really think that helpped" Calli just being wholesome and really mature. Sasuga Dad It's like your soul can rest when you are with "the one" Calli wholesome :red_heart: feel that hmmm...kinda same...maybe No need to be petty forever, yeah Maaaan That's a bit disingenuous...  Revenge is the reaper way Id hope not jeez same live and let go, even for shinigami didnt they stab straws in your eyes? Pig's blood what. The Carrie reference  hey calli do you feel lonely when your the only myth member who did not meet the others? first time back on stream for a while, fire :fire: outfit calli You're a better person than me lol, I'm still bitter towards all my bullies BLOOD FOR BLODD GOD!! getting over it  :pleading_face::pleading_face: very specific kill them with kindness:_sweg: hey that happened to me lmao Is "at least I'm not Carrie" a good baseline? didn't you say your eye almost got poked out? Everyone has to mature sometime I've found that I've gotten less bitter towards individuals as I've grown older growing up is tough  IDK Calli some of those stories I feel that but yeah I agree Boy, we feel you on that stuff Pigs blood? I could see Calli pulling a Carrie irl it's more like a "thanks but i still dont want to see you" I do think people can grow up and change  hate is a waste of time Straws in eyes sounds pretty dang bad to be honest ? well good they werent. At least u impressed em. Yea, no point to hate.  

Chad Sister Reap :_big::_ups: sister reap based 

:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: pog! :_big::_ups:sister reap Good sis, good sis aren't all sisters? SO SWEET Sistereaper Damn good sistahood what about that giant lizard though :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: basedddd sisterreap my queen She lives in the Mosh, and in our hearts :red_heart:Sister reap:red_heart: We love sister reap:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: what animal is she?  love sister reap :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: that's what family is for Still dunno what my brother would do in that scenario :slightly_smiling_face: wil we ever meet sister mori? For sure So is she single. Just kidding  popular kids that use their power for good are top of the food chain :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: yeah cuz we're broke Ishkagal I now what you mean We're proud of you, Calli :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: very adult :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: I seriously wish I had that same mentality as yours... :heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit: that's very wise Calli:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: thats a very nice way of thinking :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: i wish you so much more of that happiness, dad :red_heart: 

:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: we're not going anywhere Calli:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: 

:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: oh hell yea dude :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Oh nooooo... we're stuck with Mori... oh nooo:_canteloupe: Oh noes:_canteloupe: :_happynohat::_happynohat: I will always be with you dad pretentious people who love to be dicks to others :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :_happymori: Yatta! Thank you to the reaper family one or two tens of thousands :thumbs_up::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: oh no :_canteloupe:  Count on us Calli! We're happy to be stuck with ya! we love your music too You say that as if its a bad thing..... Yeah! Oh well I guess *you*'re stuck with us thanks mom! Well you have us for a while:_canteloupe: Mamamori woooooooo :_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes: :heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit: "Oh nooooo" it means she is proud of you calli :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: best news ever :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart:  We'd Love to be stucked with you!! glad to be stuck with ya thats something to remember! I'm sure we'll cope :red_heart: yay! I'm here until the end :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: oh nyo :red_heart: :red_heart: Oh no, guess we're stuck with Calli. :_hearteyes::red_heart: oh no what a terrible fate /s I'm not going anywhere either Oh? Trying to figure things out? You're stuck with us. :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Oh noooo. How tragic. Having to deal with you. :_canteloupe: Oh no, I'm stuck watching Calli:_glasses: Reaper family carrying for us we'll be here for as long as you'll have us :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Guess you're making music for the next 80 or so years then :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Wholesome Mori lets GOOOOOOOO deadbeat till my beat is dead fs uhuh oh noooo:_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: weeeeeeeeeeee I'm sure Mamamori is a huge jpop stan. that's a shame your mom sounds like a genuine sweetheart Like singing in an auditorium; the emptier it is, the harder it is to perform based we need a song about this YES u seem really passionate about it? :skull::skull: It makes you money do you need to know? all We love u dad, no matter what happens! :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: 

:_big::_ups: hey, dont look down on it, thats a LOT of determination. And learning = skill, is totally gamer feat Your welcome Morí Bęlla :beer_mug::face_with_tears_of_joy::heart_suit: 

:_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: You beat Everwood Trash Can on hard, massive gamer moves No Boobs douge :_canteloupe: In the end, you beat her lol :peanuts::brain::_shock: :_canteloupe: loooool the doge Doge :_big::_ups:4 you are a master gamer and my Idol in gaming eldenring No putting yourself down Still a good accomplishment!  winning is winning  doge doge where? dodgecoin こんばんは! Hi! nothing wrong with doges u did it, that's all what matter dad :_happyhat: a win's a win, who cares how many attempts it took? You did great don't have to be amazing at games to be a gamer that inplies that a lot of us are worse than average at playing videogames good! be proud! Calli dominates Millennia with her Shiny Giratina. you were actually getting consistent dodging waterfowl Tiche was a good change-up lmaoooo :_big::_big::_ups: You really got good at her Congrats Mimic! :_big::_ups::_deadbeats: It is still an accomplishment that you persevered for! Doggo meme Doge lol the doge :_canteloupe:  Doge >:) hey many people didnt even beat her themselves Don't fear the blender. ahahahaha bless doge Your determination is more than enough Let's drink tonight guys :trade_mark: :beer_mug::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::purple_heart::heart_with_ribbon: i've watched the finale a few times. epic dodges uwu 

yeah I missed it too, pain:_cryingmori: Hope it becomes a BluRay or something 可愛いイケボ"(∩>ω<∩)" 

The drama Morí alright, the drama :face_with_tears_of_joy: going to upper cut the bossman so i can watch the concert THE TITLE SAID "COME HERE" AND I AM HERE WHERE'S MY MONEY?!?!?!? it's ok, we have ways yeah has a VOD ever been age restricted because of all f words? I'd love to see more, it was a blast :buffering: Yeah a Shame for no Archive Yeah, the Archive situation was reeeeeaaallly rough I hope they change that next time Yea that sucked but it was fun to watch live Yeah that made the price tag really steap No archive is truly sad :loudly_crying_face: IT was not avaiable on my country yeah screw lack of archive One shot...Or one opportunityTo seize everything you ever wanted... Yeah, that's why I skipped out on it. I got to see the free portion though I think ironmouse has been active longer than sora Hewooo Calliii! :red_heart::red_heart: there's not many people Sora can call "senpai" so I think its okie? If not we'll make OUR V CARNIVAL! With black jack and nice ladies! Yeah missed it too hii calliii I was hoping for the Acrylic stand cause I liked the art, but no luck on that either Can’t believe you were the opener for day 2  yeah, was super sad I missed it It was incredible. Really sets the hype high for New Underworld Order. :_big::_ups: favorite anime? You pretty much singlehandedly reaped all my worries about NUO with that showing :crossed_fingers: 

o7*3 ??*2 Take care once again everybody.:virtualhug: 

:purple_heart::heart_suit::broken_heart: :_RipP:EACE :red_heart:  :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: peace :red_heart::_skull:7 :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: CYa all :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :_RipP:eace :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: by everyone! :hand_with_fingers_splayed: I guess I should've waited a sec to restart my computer :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::_sleepyreap::_sleepyreap::_sleepyreap::_sleepyreap::_sleepyreap::_sleepyreap: :_nani::_nani::_nani: PEACE! :heart_suit: SECRET!??!? take care everyone:_happymori:7 lol take care ??????? :_skull:7 :_shock::_shock::_shock: :eyes: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Oh no. what? OH NO  ?! :_shock: ?!?!?! BACK, DEMON C-Mannn!!! NAni?!?! :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: CMAN!? :eyes::eyes: huh? C-MAN nani huehuehuehue Peace Calvin noooooo what Oh nyo  :_nani::_nani: :_shock::_shock: OH NO Calvin  OH Calvinnn oh shitaki AAAAAAHH SECRET SCARY ENDING oh CALVIN?! :_calliye::_calliye::_calliye: Eh? there he is! LOL WTF?! :_shock: dye eh? death-sama? Noel DX!? Secert Ending! Good rest dead beats, good night Calli AYOO OH NO :_shock::_shock::_shock::_shock: OH NO OH GOD C-man?!?! C-Man?!?! YOOOO LMAO ???? IT's C-MANNN tf ?????? yoooooooooo LMAO :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: HAHAHAH C MAN Calvin got loose!:_shock::_shock::_shock: :heart_suit: CALVIN PLA C MAN???? I KNEW IT Bye everyone  uh oh:_shock::_shock::_shock: Calvin? D: oh god he's back Cman? dadyyy WHAT THE FUCK?! C-Man my dude! C-man? :_confused::_confused::_confused: Lol NO FUCK YOU GO AWAY Yo:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: C-MAN!!! Let's Goooooo This is why we stay after credits! :_glowpink::_sweg::_glowpink: virgilio? Calvin:_hearteyes: NANITHAFUCK?!?! DONT LEAVE ME CALVIN Let's goooo Wait is that D-man or C-man oww ,!??!?! C-MAN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Oh NO C-MAN?! C-man my beloved what the hell you here :_canteloupe: C-Man!! OMGGG We missed you!!! Who?!:_cryingmori: AYO