【ELDEN RING】all hail bowson of the bog~ | Watson Amelia Ch. hololive-EN



:_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: we're gunna need a bigger bear 

lol he's a weakling wrong bear bear!! need bigger beat :_ameUhh: aww he's too small need a bigger bear :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: Need Huge Bear need bigger bear You're gonna need a bigger bear. He's not big enough bigger bear ame :_ameUhh: :_ameUhh: :_ameUhh:  lmao theres a bigger bear close by oh god :eyes: need the huge bear thats sound terrifying :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Bigger bear You need a bigger bear You need a troll to hit that statue  :_ameHeh: if you quit game next to statue it break dark souls irl Need beeg bear, not the smol bear :eyes: need big bear and now...... PAPA BEAR !!!! oh not this place did she get hurt?  Reminds me of the bear eating the kayak video Bear, think this over! :_ameRage: LOL IT IS TIME oh no not there That bear is too small Ame Oh this place. Oh I think I've seen that one lmao :_ameAAA: there gloverworths there Pretty sure itd be worse if you kicked it :grinning_squinting_face: what's this? :_ameZoom: :buffering::buffering::buffering: Good luck Sounds hard to bear do not kick the dog bear, ame That building is suffering:_ameCute: You'd KICK it? :_ameUhh: :_ameBubba::_ameBubba::_ameBubba: Don't kick bears, Ame! bear is beary annoying. sound scary bears are pretty much big dogs right:_ameCute: black bears are basically slightly bigger dogs tbf close call :grinning_squinting_face:  Oh no... :_ameUhh:good luck Bear repellent door :_ameConc: Never mess with bears this area is awful OH NO bowson so cute  have you seen the one were the bear wants to destroy the boat? :_ameHeh: oh no, the hell A OH NO :_ameUhh: :_ameUhh:oh no this place 

resetsn ow yes :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: 

:_ameHeh: Yep :grinning_squinting_face:  F this place sucks Ameria Bowson :_ameDed::_ameDed: what a fun place :_ameDed: You're good! it did work :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: RIP  if you keep it up I think it remains up yeah yeah it should stay up [ES] Ame:la cosa funciono cierto? no va a resetearse, se suponia que muera fast way to tp back to grace The Ame who lived, come to die LOL, this is the easiest way to go back up :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: you can make it with the bobble option DED AME ON THE FLOOR Speedrun strats :_ameThink: you killed the chariots! Ame ded 6.99 a month :thinking_face::thinking_face: Darn :_ameCry: :_ameCry: :_ameCry:  this place meant to die:_ameYay: :_ameUhh: you will see :slightly_smiling_face: see, you need to destroy it :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: it's easier to just die there tbh This place sucks this is unironically fastest way to go bk to grace you did good Ame  you'll see what the pillar did soon enough all according to keikaku It's ok. You already set the conditions. Just go forward now no horse here? This place sucks:_ameDed: You'll see what the pillar did you were supposed to turn at the pillar Too much back seating in here  lmao do a flip no elevator now you get Armor set you can go changing side, or just roll in front of the spike youll see the change in the 2 lane highway leaving the pillars up will destory the charriots and you get armor the spotlight form that tower spawns the chariot, it now spawns one level up 

[ES] Ame:por que no puedo viajar rapido? supongo que es porque estoy en una cueva did she even got micmic ? :_ameSad: 

Yeah it is lame cant fast travel out of places you haven't finished yet can we get a try with chuuni ame? you can use the thing that transports you back to grace :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: LMAOOO no fast travel if you haven't beat the boss yeah comback later :grinning_squinting_face: :_ameUhh: how dare they deny the ground pound, blasphemous! good one LOL :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: lol boss is alive so no fast travel Can't fast travel while in a dungeon Do a flip! LOLOL Not gonna lie Ame, that gross legit hurt my feelings. LMAO :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: lmao oof:grinning_face_with_sweat: good idea :_ameHeh: hi ame nice flip she did a flip! nice idea Sweet idea nice that works lol good idea They are weak to parry. Auriza Hero's Grave Death Counter: 23 (To Crucible Knights specifically: 9)  speeeen Epic idea good idea:_ameThink: Nice land as well:_ameHeh: :_ameSad: :_ameSad: :_ameSad:  that does work well, same thing not bad idea summon teamate? fast ame >< summon us if you can. nice lol :_ameCry: :_ameCry::_ameCry: Don't worry I have faith said Jill defeat the boss you always do :_ameSad: awww :_ameParty::_ameParty: slow clap professional landing gotta go outside first walk outside you can go up elevator not yet go back up and out nooo:_ameCry: elevator you have to get out  Try to place some messages for us. :_ameHeh: you need to go back up Take the elevator out back up the elevator no f 

F*2 Auriza Hero's Grave Death Counter: 34 (To Crucible Knights specifically: 20)  The giant smith guy sells a Talisman that makes weapon ashes cost 25% less. (but you may have missed the earlier unlock through a dialog option) 

:_ameDed: yeah no stamina lmao :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: If u need good multiple TANK summons, u can find in Nokron Greatshield Soldiers Maybe try to summon the gremlins later? GP uses a lot of stamina Ground pound mommy :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: ran out of stamina Have you tried the spear of Bofadis?  Yeah, you had no stamina [ES] Ame:no me dejaba rodar, debio ser mi stamina  Rip ame :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: Summon Us :_ameDed::_ameDed: Ame if you feel comfortable, these 2 are easy to parry ;-; :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: FAQ :_ameThink::_ameThink::_ameThink: :_ameDed: :_ameSad:  the lvl 17 stamina :elbowcough: bull shiteee! :_ameCry: RIP HAHA :grinning_squinting_face: you can change the arrow talisman to other more useful in this situation, and maybe unequip the shield to use better armor You did your best Queen of the Pound, not the Roll this fight is legit bullshit Don’t run, it eats stamina Use normal ground pound ame you always get hit by that ash uses more than half your stamina no stamina from running :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::pile_of_poo::pile_of_poo::pile_of_poo: Try sleep arrow on the spear guy がんばって〜! git gud Ganbare Ame Ame, please try regular attacks yes yes, let the frustration flow through you :face_with_tongue: :_amePray: U can do it It's ALWAYS your stamina yes you can! CHANGE YOUR GREAT RUNE maybe try one at time  he's morbing out Amememm I believe Ame!! You got this!! try the other katana you got any other talismans ? :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: will be easier if you can take out 1 true:_amePray: [ES] Ame:me siento bien sobre mi estrategia necesito una buena run 

Kill them :_ameRage:  Blue=item lol 

:_ameEEE::_ameAAA::_ameTTT::_ameUhh::_ameTTT::_ameHic1::_ameEEE::_ameMMM: :_ameHeh: yeaaa  use white bird leg I love that Ame wears this outfit when she’s playing Elden vibin' :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: niiice :_ameYay::_ameYay: POG ohhh wow nice HOLYYY LETS GOOOO yay Big one! theyre just playing music :_ameCry:  nice :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: NICE! Wooo the best one!!! nice! NICE no way!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO Wow, cool :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: niceeee yey she got it!! Nice! LETS GOOO lucky Noice! Streamer luck babyyy!! wooooo yeeeee woo Niceeeee BIG DOOT OMG Wow nice luck! ooo Ooooh :_ameHeh::_ameHeh:rare item YAAAAAAAAAAY Bowling pin looking fools naisu the BIG doot stick got the big one let's gooooooooo :partying_face::partying_face: :_ameParty: YOOOOOOO :_ameParty: pog WOAH DOOTING TIME :_ameCry:bruh really nice rare drop First rule for item You will don't need it Not enough Dex Ame you got the best one!!! holy s**t You lucky damn Nice :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameYYY: bubble time :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Yay!!! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: EZ luck ohh nicee! you can respec! Nice :_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: That weapon is actually crazy strong :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::postal_horn::postal_horn::postal_horn: :_ameYay: oh man you're lucky :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameYYY: they shouldn't be vibing in Bowson's way THIS WEAPON IS SICK AME TOOT try it out woo! the little ones drop the small one Got it!!!! Niceeeee!!!! We need the smol one tho I think this is rare 

:_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: 

yep :_ameUhh: creamy :_ameUhh: milk wha :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Maybe change a helmet? white blood :_ameHeh: "Milk" yum Shiro naaa~ "milk" milk baggy exploding! White blood yeah! :_ameZoom: milker :smirking_face: thats her blood if you jump to the right off the ledge down stairs there you can get onto the houses and into the lower city. the ledge you jump onto to avoid the fire statue what She jizzes bloodloss ooo Lol their blood is creamy  what if its white blood Ame milk :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :flushed_face: :flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face: she's albinauric :_ameUhh: :_ameUhh: :_ameUhh:  yummy Thanks, you made me sing "Money" out loud reset your arcane would be faster :eyes: nice milky Albinurics is his blood they have artificial white blood Albinauric? milk:_ameHeh: some guys in this game have white blood ayo amelia luckson She's an android like Bishop mmm milk :_ameUhh:  Kill Kill Never Stop :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: There is they are bloddless creature yes Hum :moai: is she using the silver scarab talisman? lactating tongue arcane buffs ARCANE Yes [ES] Ame:hay armadura que incremente el drop? there is but you don't have it there is yes there is ones that raise arcane increase faith arcane  tear helm or albunauric helm yeah the slime mask mimic head actually yeah Silver Scarab anything that boosts arcane  

bro chat going so fast wow you really just needed alittle more arcane lol doot 

And then she doesn't like it :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: nice :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :trumpet::_ameParty: :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet: lol the talisman worked! :face_with_tongue: It also gives you the 16 faith to use it too DOOT :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: so smol :_ameHeh: cute Bubble time ooo doot aquired! TOOT LMAO toot :_ameYay: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: cuuuuuuute :trumpet:dooot :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: DOOOT :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: D O O T :_ameRage: :_ameHeh: doot :_ameYay: cute:_ameHeh: doot doot she got it :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Doot :_ameHeh: dooot :_ameCute::_ameCute::_ameCute: cute:_ameLove: so happy for you ame! :_ameYay: Congratulations  :_ameYay::_ameYay: @Joshua Vaughn The timing on that DOOT:_ameHeh: Nice! they're having a doot-off Use the skill you need to upgrade it need upgrade bubble :_ameCute::_ameCute: lol cute you need faith lol Battle of the Doot You a bubble blowing baby? lmao jazz battle! [ES] Ame:el de el hace mas daño, de hecho no se Did you know that if you search hololive on yt your channel is the first thing that comes up  bubble buddy :_ameZoom:that damage might have to upgrade it :trumpet::_ameYay: Battle of the bands!! LOL well, yours isnt upgraded It's based on faith war of the doots! ameeeeeeeeeeeee getting 2 is good, dual wield, have to upgrade for more damage ............ cute :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet: level 0 weapon ヾ(≧▽≦*)oヾ(≧▽≦*)oヾ(≧▽≦*)o Faith Weapon DOOT of death Sick damage :trumpet::_ameHeh: Upgrade it they have an upgraded horn Ame Doot!!!! :yellow_heart: Level up the DOOT it's not upgraded use skill gotta upgrade it Cute :trumpet: it sucks :_ameHeh: DOOT! porobably resistant to that damage type That damage :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: remember, your's isn't upgraded Doot now you are ready for cricuble knights queue epic sax dude nice job Ame :clapping_hands: it's the scaling your doot is small :_ameWut: SEAL INCREASES DAMAGE TAKEN upgrade it and it does LOADS more damage doot!!!!:_ameParty: :trumpet:doot just whack them with it lmao needs some upgrades lol you can keep dooting by spamming the skill :_ameCute::_ameCute::_ameCute: DOOT Doot! Beats by Bowson Toot! get dooted The big horn is way better he dropped an item 

Doot :trumpet: DOOT These guys are also holy resistant 

jazz battle :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: [ES] Ame:ok voy a cambiar asi no muero Bowson changed jobs to Bard bubble bubble upgrade it for decent damage another one LOL The big horn is better :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: second one wow Another one!? ANOTHER one you got anoither!! lmao another drop ANOTHER ONE dopped another one thank mr skeltal lol they dropped another :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet: another one another one! Purple item? is that another one ...another one? Another one another purple Another one? It dropped another 2!! another 1 what another one? you got 2:_ameHeh: scarseal increases damage you take btw lol it drop again WTf lmao another one nice! another horn! another lmao LOL lmaooo dual wield time Dual? dual wield them Lol :_ameZoom: A doot battle dang Duel wield!!!! dual weilding horns :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :eyes:lucky drops DUAL WIELD :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: another one, nice dual wielding!!  noice lol 2nd one Dual weild :_ameUhh: Dual wield lmao :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: DOUBLE HORN 2? Time to dual weild Dual wield lmao Small doot is Somber stones btw Ame. DUAL WEILDING TOOT Dual weild?? one for each hand of course you get a 2nd one now :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Dual wield doot ohhhhh second one LMAO DUAL WIELD DOOT DOOTS nice dual wield! wtf lol the talisman is dangerous anotha one powerstance time lol dual wield  lol wow Power stance both doots wow! Luck build babyyy!! BRUH dual wield em dual wield it 2 in a row! Dual wield :trumpet::trumpet: dual wield time:_ameHeh: you take more damage tho You take more damage though it's a good Talisman Dual wield horns yoo another one! you can duel wield now!~ Dual wielding dual doot! no u will take more damage what the heck lol yeah you can for now The talisman is bad at 40 vigor double DOOT It makes you take more damage tho double doot dual wield trumpet lol you ake more damage wearing that though you take more damage double horn 

they coded the game wrong he's not too hard to learn delay attacks man 

dem pillars :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: nt nt stick with the fire grease Good try! boss gib no chill:_ameUhh: :_ameDed: he's actually resistant to holy already got him to half F Lol, yeah he can catch you off-guard U can do it do not jump the fence It is a weird arena  He's a bit resistant to holy though The pillars get in the way. it is an easy fight, but there are places you can get stuck in He resists Holy, don't use that grease he is immune to holy lmao:_ameHeh: these slow but rhythmic attacks are his signature Easy once you learn the delayed swings :ok_hand:  [ES] Ame:se siente que es facil pero el mapa es confusa, vi una cerca y no estaba segura si debia saltar,y luego hay muchos pilares false sense of security? Ame do not use holy against him use rune arc dont panic hes slow I have faith that the beautiful will Delete this enemy the pillars are brutal You can cheese him with just using your bow :_ameBee::_ameBee::_ameBee: He resists Holy no holy #believeAme you've just got to see his moves more, give it a few more tries just roll in, Bagelson grease isn't really needed though he's made of holy u got this ame! he resists holy lol lightning is good too Holy grease is worse than the other greases here hes strong against holy he resists holy bruh He resists holy btw hes resists holy btw Summon switch holy damage is less on him he's resistant to holy rune 

nice dodge go :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE: he's weak to LIGHTNING and you can JUMP atrack over his stomp 

lol :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: DO IT :_amePray: YOU GOT THIS LET'S GOOO Hulk smash Very tense. GO GO GO Nice:_ameYay: :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: almost oh, you can dodge his stomp with GP! nice :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_ameRage:LETS GOOOO LETS GOOOO NICE!!! She's doing it chat!!! :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: YEEEAAAAH you can do it Nice LETS GOOOOOOO Naisuuuu:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: nice! LETS GOOOO!!! :_ameParty: nice ame lit :_ameYYY::_ameYYY: NICE!!!!! LETS GOOOOOO YOU got him!:_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s gooooo Lmao NICE :_ameHeh:ez gamer NOICE yeah :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameYYY: Woooo NICE :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: way to go ame! YEYYY Nice:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty:nice :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: poggers pound Noice :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: WOOOOOOO NICE!! I was wondering why you didn't pound. the last talisman pouch! [ES] Ame:no me di cuenta que estaba muerto, ! LOL niceee LETSS GOOOOOOOO:_ameParty::_ameParty: NICE! :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: 4 talismans! :_ameParty: final:_ameCool: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3: Noice Nice! YY Gottem :_ameParty::_ameParty: congrats!! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: nice :thumbs_up: GG EZ:_ameCool: Go ame!!! We did it chat! nice:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Wooooo! Big souls too :eyes: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameCool::_ameCool::_ameCool: :_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameParty: yay EZ EZ :_ameSmug: lol :_ameHeh: ameezing 

LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: first try! 

:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Way to go Ame! :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: Congrats!!! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Lmao :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: nice got in the zone!!!  :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameYay::_ameWWW::_ameAAA::_ameYYY: ground pound :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Nice  Nice! :_ameSmug: ame too good :_ameHeh: so good at the game kek AME TOO OP :_ameLove::_ameYay: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Congrats!  good job niceeeee Woot!!! level level up? Vamos mi amor Ame too good :_ameCool::_ameCool::_ameCool: tunnel vision bowson :_ameCool: 1 2 roll sounds neat strategy :_ameYay: Lvl up WOOO :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: level up too good for this game :_ameCool: Nice. gooooood!!! ezpz GG :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Ame true gamer:_ameParty: :_ameCool::_ameCool: EZPZ nice pouch level up perhaps hulk smash vs ground pound..... GROUND POUND WINS!!! you have 110k runes SIX HOURS Ame’s gaming  [ES] Ame:queria terminarlo con mi ground pound pero no me di cuenta que tenia tan poca vidap orque soy muy buena Sure go for it Nice Watson  :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: Yeah you did it! sure youre good at the game ame.:_ameSmug: but youre just getting better:_ameCool: now the real fun begins W00W00 GG We were here Investigators :_ameArm2::_ameGator::_ameArm1::_ameArm2::_ameCool::_ameGun2: Transient Moonlight activates by holding r2 be and pressing one of the attack buttons cute  What a gamer :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_ameParty::_ameParty: Now the real boss :_ameDrool::_ameDrool::_ameDrool: 

Hello Ame! :grinning_face:  :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: good night :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: 

I love you:_ameLove: :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: you read our tweets too? dang lol @Uncle Fudge You got here awfully late. :_ameHeh:  gn ameeee Ame cute like the "Babe wake up new Ame tweet" :_ameHeh: :_ameDed:miss her already almost like i can hear her Thank you for the stream, Ame. Bye bye and goodnight. :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: AME CUUUUTE!!! don't break the Twitter like economy Have a nice night Ame!  Bye tonight is a full moon ame don't morb too hard goodnight Ame oh nyo :_ameUhh: :_ameCry::_ameCry: you did good today  gamer fatigue kiss finger bye ame! Too much Elden ring :_ameDed:  lets massage em :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: I havent gotten an Ame like in a long time it has been 6.5 hours:_ameHeh: Awwight Thanks for the stream :slightly_smiling_face: IT was fun :_ameLove::_ameLove: cute :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameLove: I never tweet cuz I'm not a bird lol :_ameCry:try finger, but whole ame cute :yellow_heart::yellow_heart: Dang you did all that while holding the computer? have a good rest :_ameLove: Furled finger moment please have a good rest:_ameSalute: Hey beautiful :elbowcough: hello it's happening soon yep JP has it :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: what's the group password? i miss her already only in japan for now I think :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: :_ameZoom: [ES] Ame:regalar membresias va a pasar pronto ? No:_ameUhh: :_ameArm2::_ameYay::_ameArm1: Jp only, I think :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameYay: knuckle crack ASMR GN it exists already cute  nyoooooooooooooooo oh man im late :(( :_ameHeh: yeah it's happening real soon any plans? it's rolling out in beta to more people Already a thing? its up for a select number of channels bye bye~~~ you did good today Ame GoodNight Ame~ GoodDay~ waoh YawnAme:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: It might be :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_ameArm2::_ameCute::_ameArm1: I messed one of my fingers up playing Sekiro. You're a Souls pro now. it started today I thought Some one gift me  I hope not:_ameHeh: Gn ame!! invite smol ame to play elden ring? gn ty for stream! :_ameCute::_ameCute::_ameCute: :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: 

o7*2 :fire: Lol doot  

:_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameLighto:  :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: DOOT :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet: :_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameLighto: DOOT lol Dang bowson :_ameHeh: SO SKILLED LOOK AT HER DOOT lmao YOOOOOOO :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: lol :_ameSalute::_ameSalute: BRUH THIS IS SO GOOD:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: look at her gooo :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::face_with_tears_of_joy: toot :_ameLighto::_ameUhh::_ameLighto: :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet: Play us off Dootson Bowson:_ameArm1::_ameArm1::_ameArm1: :_ameLighto::_ameGator::_ameLighto::_ameHeh: :saxophone::_ameHeh:  shes too powerfull!! :_ameLighto: :_ameHeh: :_ameLighto:  ingenious:_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameLighto: lmaooo DOOT DOOT:_ameHeh: :trumpet::_ameHeh:  That's why she wanted the horn do badly. Bowson dooting DAYUM BOWSON she can play the sax too???? Go off Bowson! Perfect LMAO :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh:LOL LOL :_ameLighto: :_ameGator: :_ameLighto:  DOOT for Your Soul :_ameHeh: go bowson go! Ame the time Bowson :_ameLove: :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :_ameLighto::_ameGator::_ameLighto: LOL that is good so skilled :trumpet::_ameHeh::trumpet: LMAOOO:_ameHeh: GO BOWSON GO :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: GO BOWSON GOOOOO :_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameLighto: Incredible :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: bowson the musician It is Bowson:_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: loool :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ lmfaooooo get it bowson! :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet: amezing look at her go :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: 草 bubble lol lol yeah killing it  :_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameLighto: missed it LOL  What a musician wow bowson so talented Bowson:_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: LIVE FROM THE CAPITAL! IT'S BOWSOOOOOOON :trumpet: she be dootin do a t bag that face LMAOOOOO:_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameLighto: She is good:_ameHeh: bowson's so good :wind_face: Doot Finale!!!! :magic_wand::yellow_heart::magic_wand: 🫧:trumpet::crocodile: LMAOOO :trumpet::_ameHeh: byeee :_ameHeh: :_ameSalute::_ameSalute::_ameSalute: SHES GOES HARD:_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: she dootin Seeeecet ending! :saxophone::trumpet::saxophone::trumpet: Doot Bowson Doot!