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I've been on a plane for 17 hours before. last vacation I took was a fishing trip actual plane flight time is like 12h~ from EU to JP 

Driving can be tiring. It's like focusing it was a 16 hour plane flight to fiji My longest flight was probably 14 hours going from San Francisco to my family in [Self-Governing East Asian Island]. luckily there is no daffa here You got a big plane flight coming up right? Bangkok to Rome 12 hours Well do you prefer Manual or Automatic? 14+ hour HKG -> JFK I once took a 12 hour flight, it felt like 2 days driving sucks when there are other rude drivers Not much, holidays are a good opportunity to just chill :_thumbsup: wait, 2 or 4... forgot now If one day Ollie gets a 3D model by Priichu, will you stick that sword back in her head? had a flight from US to New Zealand, the flight was so long I fell asleep 3 times and was still on the plane I don't know how long it took, but my longest flight was Hungary to US I get sleepy when I'm driving... very bad it is I take a trip to my parents house everyday. It's just a few steps anyway yeah, you have to pace yourself when you drive 5 hours my longest flight, longest drive is around 20 hours I think had to do 6h of driving for an interview a few weeks back And you can't just stop and take a break on a flight lol drove for 18h to Florida from Chicago Absolutely. Yeah highway hypnosis is a real thing :_jitome: Driving in my home town tests my sanity Reine, you look fucking beautiful today 

shoust "Heine, It's Reine" lmao is this a bird resort or something? 

Look for the hottest phoenix. might mistake a chicken as a pheonix so gotta make sure maldives is a popular phoenix destination I guess True true:_kusa: multiple kiwawa I see, I just interrupt their life by calling them could always go near and like silently whisper kiara  kind of relatable when you don't want to mistook someone:_kusa::_kusa: i'm sure she will recognize the silver-haired peafowl princess Just shout out Kikki Rikki Imagine sending a message and everyone around you start checking their phone :_kaget: kiara stands out alot Isn't Kiara one of the few Phoenixes in this world? just bird call one another! teach us the step Reine msg her to shout kikiriki lmao Just shout kikkeriki lol help call me pavolia:beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: That's some Death Note level trickery, send a text and see who checks their phone :_hydration: I know you two want to do a stream but I hope you enjoy your vacation first! Don't worry about streaming for us if it's too much! "excuse me mam, did you see a phoenix over there?" and it asked to kiara Just start humming each other's original songs, all the time? akward is a state of mind its only awkward if you make it awkward are you a hugger at first sight? so now we're doing bruch, hell yeah Wear a pin of some merch? just start shouting:_mep::_mep::_kusa:to easily find her :_mep::_mep::_mep: