【VA-11 Hall-A】Drinking Lives and Changing Mixes. (Part 2) | Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN



Hi*2 Howdy! hi cali 

:_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh: hellooooi HELLO HELLOOOOO hi calli! Evening Mori. The best time of the week is here! Good day Calli! Heya Calli Hello Calli Hello Calli! morning Calli! Hi Mori. How are you today? hi dad good morning! howdy Hey Calli:_happyhat: good evening Calli!:_happymori: Yoooo dad! hello calli!!!! hallo hello calli :_happynohat::_happynohat: hello! :_moriguh: Ello Calli :_moriguh::_moriguh: hanyoooo daaad ~~ Hello!:_happynohat: heeeloooo Hallo! haro garo garo HOWDY Howdy Dad :_happynohat: How are yaaaa? hollo HI DAD Wassup hi こんばんは!!!! Hi Mori!  Hello, Calli!~ GUH Hello!! hello!:_deadbeats: Hello Calli! :red_heart: Yo :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: calli YOOOOOOOOOOOOO hello Hello Good Evening Calli:_happymori: Hello HALOOOOO heloooooooooooooooooo Good evening Calli:_happymori: Hello :_happyhat::_happyhat::_happyhat: thanks for the heart attack hello calli:_happymori: harooo~ MOSH MOSHI hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi calli Hello~! Hi Calli  horrro Hello:_happynohat: hellooo heyo Hello dad Evenin' Calli halllooo haloooo Evening Dad hi Calli. :red_heart:GUH:skull: hello! hi Calli The D-beats good evening Calli D'Beats Mornin' dad! Helo Herrrroooooo How was your day? sup Hello! Guh hallo calli Hi Calli :_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: Ello Calli :_sweg: Heya Cali!! gogogogogogogog :_happyhat::_happyhat::_happyhat: Yooooo DEADBEATS no HI DAD! :_happynohat:  Hello!:_moriguh: hey calli howdy calli :_happymori: why u cute HELLO!:_happyhat::_happyhat: Hey Dad :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Hi Calli! helloklahoma val 11 hal a awaits let's drink helloooo Morning Calli.:yougotthis: Kobonwa Hiya Mori こんばんわ!! こんばんは~! OHallo Calli!! こんばんは~ Hiiii dad! HELLO!!! the deebs for short :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: notification dont arrived HOWDYYY Hello!!! :red_heart: Moshi Moshi! HI こんばんはー konmoriiii hi calli:raised_hand: Morning thunder woke me up in time for stream, hello! Ready to make some drinks!?! You going to drink with us today Dad? konnichiwa was good Helloこんばんは hello calli Sup Dad calli! :grinning_face: HALOO!! Halloooooo LMAO THE TITLE :grinning_squinting_face: I love you Calli yo Hello:_happynohat::_happynohat: 

yes apple juice baby Time to get some people drunk :_drunkmori: :_moriguh:'evening 

:_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori: "special" apple juice? Did Suzy get you hooked on the apple juice? with optional karmetrine? Gnome evening, or Gnevening :_drunkmori: :_moriguh:evening what ya drinkin today:_confused: Apple juice Calli did ya Notice Ingram just looks like Kanji from persona 4 :_moriguh::_moriguh: Finally, I am best girl! Apple cider? Everyone on the internet is a romanceable character :_drunkmori:Yeah apple juice:_drunkmori: Wine mom I got banana :_morimurder::_morimurder: :_drunkmori:  GUH evening alcoholic apple juice? whats ur opinion on grape juice? any snack Calli? :_moriguh: I'll grab mine whats your snack of the night Dad? It’s 6 in the morning dad  Why does this apple juice taste fermented? :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Got my morning coffee indeed I just finished eating breaky こんばんは〜 fine aged mechine oil I'm at work so no can i have a beer calli? haven't had apple juice in like forever Water for me I'm getting some snacks too:_happymori: that's what I'm talking about sup bruh H2O MEEEE Same. I do  Poland love you :winking_face_with_tongue: Playing the prologue missions yet? Theyre on the main menu That does sound nice i would fancy  Delish got some chips :red_apple::tropical_drink: everyone That's weird :_uhh: lol Sometimes  Odd Too early for me to drink sadly. Talk to me in a few hours! :_happymori: delicous ICE CUBE I do too Same here. I do actually 

:_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: He looks like a Cryptobro $80 is nothing nani 

brow beaten for not having a shitty monkey jpeg inflation laying it on thick here dont you think jill? loooool This guy is too Hipster for Crypto :_shock::_shock: INFLATION :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe:. thats just straight up George from Seinfeld bro, im losing it rn By this point, crypto is probably the national reserve currency. Wow that rough Ouch... He's Elon Musk's boi Inflation is rough o no george costanza is a crypto nerd Credots are crypto m8 This guy’s getting destroyed imagine using real money:_canteloupe: I bet he buys NFT for a living crypto bro moment woah a realistic future if he only has 80 dollars hes definitely into crypto geez inflation sucks This guy getting ripped apart lmao its not crypto, just something closer to credit cards BURRRN N N N Jill is an NFTbro the NFTs Jerry!:_canteloupe: Can I pay for my drink with a bored ape NFT UHM Inflation hit hard huh? He lost all his money on NFTs… he looks like he has nfts He didn't pay enough for a hair transplant I think I know who he is looking for... Bruh I always thought Kramer would be the crypto guy >I seriously hope you guys don't actually do this Poor guy he’s must be new to the streets :_glasses: :_confused::_confused::_confused: ~500$ for drinks... ~80$ is chump change... what do things cost here This guy.... Inflation gotta love it:_canteloupe: logic Inflation is crazy in this economy I do enjoy a decent lunch. lol uhuh :_canteloupe: inflation, it sucks :D Sure that's how it works  I love this voice lol :melon::melon::melon: water Hey Calli! I've been wanting to join for a while. Nice to finally see your lives!! This guy lmfao 


NICE The 2069 has to be intentional. getting too REALL , IRL stream lol MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: NOCE what the hell.... IM GONNA SIMP! AYO LMAO Hey streaming chan, I'm about to say the C word PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP&!| MOOOOOOOOOON! uhhhhh WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! funny number Rude. Nice >_< valley girl cail OOF oh this is brilliant XDDDDD 88888888 :_moriblush: i love this so much omg this voice is great calli omg POG CALLI POG CALLI POG CALLI Ayo noice nice >.< STREAMING-CHAN! Based moment cursed cursed cursed! yes yes yes! LMAO oh ooh That's cheap in that time :_canteloupe: YES! YES! YES! Oh my:_moriblush: '3' HAHAHA shots fired Rude LMFAOOO niconico niiiiiiiiiii yabai streamer Tic Tok's final form... What a deal Well okay then streeming Calli chan sounds like coco :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: lmao Lol high pitch streamer voice uuu キャー カリー・。・ SO NOISY this girl anime was a mistake Marry me Mori-chan! She looks and sounds like IRyS WTH streaming Chan is best girl does that mean Jill is ubscribed to...? ANIME WAS A MISTAKE Dam lmao IRyS Look! the east its burning red! :_morimurder: "anime was a mistake" Bruhhhhh lol 69 the woman of culture Jill has membership to shining fingered this is the final form disappointed that's not a real website :dog::dog::dog::dog: Why is everyone so noisy? KILL HER lmaooo wow IRYS IN DISGUISE Streaming-chan, cool it on the self promotion:_shock: streamer chan!!! love the voice Why does everyone hate the look of this place?? this is what happens to Vtubers when they reach their expiry date ... well she's nice :_calliopog::_calliopog::_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: Again dog urine 

This girl.... hahahah OMG.:_shock: LOL 

:_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: Ah, easy solution AYO WHAT OI OI LOOOOOOOOOOL Ayo? dis aint dat kinda bar maam. WOAH WOAH WOAH Marry me Streaming-chan! oof Bruh Oof  Woahhhhh OOF MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON WHAT FLAT There is some jiggles if you look carefully I love this a little forward are we??? quality content! BRUH :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: girl what Sounds like someone doesn't know how to keep their viewers attention we are living in a society time to get Streaming-chan smashed. the disrespect  ohmygod bruh AYOO hold up... WOAAAAAH IKZZZZZZ lmaooo Streaming-chan is a savage! FLAT? DO YOU HAVE EYES????? NANI?! WTF :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: :_shock: Woah.... Gurl!!!! NANI!!! :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: pffffff she wild  Uhhh hahaha :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: :_canteloupe: Yeet the streamer :_morimurder: yeet her oof damn miss you are drunk  Enemy? WOOOOOOOO :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats:lets gooooo Of course Calli is unaffected BRUH WAT ???! AHAHAHAHAHAHA YABEEEEEE!!! Bold one Oh my only fans moment :_moriblush::_moriblush: yabairys Anime was a mistake good gravy haha Ha! Anime was a mistake. lol today b r a lol this girl is a psychopath DOUBLE WHAT Hello fellow youngsters is that what you call flat? yikes girl Starting to understand why padtaro got mindbroken by this game Ayooo :eyes: this girl is WILD  oh damn she straight up said yer not sexy Mori XDDD LMAO ina coping rn:_canteloupe: oh no lol God, this is a game IRYS IN DISGUISE anime was a mistake  :_moriblush: OH DANG  the burrrrrn WHOA THERE Ban pants yoooo VA-11 Hall-A lesgooooooooooo BAN PANTS no pants How Do I Premium TF? ! lol ban pants They can take their top off, right above the neck :eyes::eyes: lmaaaaaoo PAY TO YOUR OSHI lmao Ban pants! Isn't that TOS? Lmao TOO MUCH CLOTHING! Its about us :grinning_face: ! 

8888888888888888 ban pants MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON 

mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon LOL TRUE True! lmao yeah] Man, called out :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: Facts Urge to murder this lady rising.. Gottem. lmao called out :loudly_crying_face:  She knows us so well : O JUST LIKE THE DEAD BEATS dead beats irl Called out. LMAO WOW Chat roasted lmao shes not wrong Being called out by Streaming-chan. lmaoo Facits At least she's self-aware How rude  LMFAO :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: Make her drunk, Calli, Peak Content :_shock::_shock::_shock:hey :_canteloupe::_canteloupe: oooooof called out? lol lol viewers yes WOAH that cuts too deep self-aware af LMAOOOO so much meta  buzz buzz :_happynohat: Wow wtf lmao :_calliopog: actual glue eater viewers LMAO HELP WHAT Truth! Why does that sound familiar? LMAO I'm friut fly Same She's a moron based Streaming Chan grizzly bear? BASED :_drunkmori::_drunkmori: called us out huh oof chat Zen Star give her water Lmao I feel called out  IRYS IN DISGUISE Premium time when? Big fringe weaver  #CalledOut Ouch Do we have the brains of fruit flies? KILL HER GET HER WASTED How do I premium? Damn she bullying the viewers hard GIGA GRIZZLY TEMPLE TIME Fringe Weaver time ayyyyyyyyy BIG LMAO Lol MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON Hey that’s hitting close to home!! This is too real :loudly_crying_face: MOOOOOOOOOOON MOOOOOOON THEY JUST LIKE US FOR REAL Oh god girl don't do it then I feel called out. She's so rude loooool BAN PANTS Getting Called out here DAMN callout Too much clothing Time to give her a Bad Touch man calli is naling it This hurts to accept this truth lol N O means no :_moriblush: Geez what a menace ban clothes same jill same :_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori: Go the one with 9 alcohol same MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON Give her water GUT PUNCH GUT PUNCH GUT PUNCH 

lol drunkrys LMAO 

LMAOOOOO Is it boy or girl? :_moriguh::_moriguh: hmmm :_drunkmori: MOOOOOOOOON LMAOOOOOO :_moriguh: LOL :_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori: looool :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: lmao fight fight fight fight  A yeah party time Ah, here we go. Based Streamer-chan. :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: no :_moriguh: :_moriguh: :_moriguh:  :_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh: Wtf h-hi streamer chan? Didn't hear a thing dads getting protective! can you slap her already? MOOOOOON lmaooo :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: No thats immediate pain Is she from Needy STreamer Girl :_morimurder: :_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: There's this girl that swears a lot yes I'm listening MOOOOOOOOOOOON protect us dad LOL Tell 'er!  can we punch her? lmfaoooo She’s the best!!! LMAOOO keep her away from meeeeeeee I want /dangeru/ to leave overprotective calli but Premium Kawaiiope Freak yeah calli gonna cut a bish Well, Bar mori has..... Yay premium Lmao PREMIUM TIME WHEN /dangeru/ raid Dad I'm scared oh nyo :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: MOOOOOOOOOOON ayyo? you called? XDDDDD how do I premium LOL :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: They're breaching containment LMFAO Nuh uhh kill her How much is the premium Miss Enemy in the mouth. LMAOOOOOOO I miss short haired Calli-chan  (´・ω・`) I miss short haired streaming chan xDD Some 4th wall of the 4th wall break here she's got IRyS irises  wao 6k irys what happen to u 4K WATCHING NOW Hello Fellow youngsters Aww love you too dad lmao We're listening, Streaming-chan OOF damn more than u Lol damn we lose press the keys Calli only 6K andy oh snap, she's got us beat i want /dangeru/ to leave Oop  I miss short-haired streaming-chan sheesh LMAO 

:_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: MOOOOOOOOON hmmmmm 

:_canteloupe: WOO MOOOOOOOOOON Premium Time When? CONDENSED MILK?????? Moooooon ew Da Fuck lady?! Bro how is she not banned from streaming:_canteloupe: MOOOOOOOOOOOON What's happening? MOOOOOOOOOOON PREMIUM TIME WHEN?! PREMIUM TIME WHEN!? LOL YABE:_canteloupe: MOOOOOOOON WHAT THE HECK Chartreuse Fizz Hey kids wanna die? PREMIUM TIME WHEN? I mean, she's not wrong She's just like you MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON How do I denko? i hate this streaming-chan already  let's do it like they doing it on discovery Channel Chat here and there are zoooooomin FAQ YEAH not like more people join for that Maybe milk Its called a White Russian i think :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: Did I miss bath time? quick get the Booba shot glass Nice PREMIUM TIME WHEN?:_canteloupe: (-w-) did i miss bath time? @Ice White - CFAA( * ´꒳`* )੭" This is a denko. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON Nice  nice Niiice drinking condensed milk:_shock: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON Sure is! yep:_canteloupe: ANIME WAS A MISTAKE ye yes anything for the views yes lol MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON Yes AYO!? :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: PREMIUM TIME WHEN???? LMAO yeah, Jill likes porn yes  yep yes lmfao  ....why condensed milk? YES LOL ....wait really? oh so that's what we paid for! YES LOOOOL yes it is YES :grinning_squinting_face: exposed what? whats happening  game extremely ahead of its time lol she has needs! yeap hol up... Anime was a mistake lol eh lmfao no she has needs She has needs okay Yup, the very same Shining Fingered. she is? whaaaa Jill got needs! Are we really this bad?!? Don't make it weird, Streaming-chan ...... yup 2069 Yup MOOOOOOOOOOOOOON Finally you understand Yea lmao YES IT IS! yeah sure why not:_sweg::_sweg::_sweg::_sweg: wait a minute Yooo nice  Oh I'm pissin' on the MOOOOOON kinda like OnlyFans? Lore time? :_confused: Different thing but yeah :_confused: Eyup. AHAHAH she has needs Calli Jills a premium user  Shining fingered yes sudden realization :grinning_squinting_face: Exposed don't worry about it Yep A Jill has needs Yes..... uhhhhhhh yeah? the BGM drop lol marry me streaming-chan omg it all makes sense you got it wait what This girl is promoting foqing P-hub right now I miss short haired Streaming-Chan Streamception Intensifies mhm :_confused::_shock::_shock: lol WuW YEA She has needs Girl's got needs. yes 800 a month totally worth  she has needs she says:_canteloupe: 

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON she has needs oh, thats why they call it shining finger:_canteloupe: 

everyone has needs Calli She has her needs @2 legends, 1 noob thanks (´・ω・`) po*nsite Shining Finger, not Shining Fingered- - How do I denko? 20"69":_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: i just noticed she has heterochromia YABAI Virtual Reality has really evolved. lol YESS!!!!!!! :_confused: MOOOOOOOOOONNN Jeez jill Anime was a mistake... TOO MUCH CLKOTHING Well she has been single for three years:_canteloupe: No judgement :_canteloupe: She is steak frustrated о боже что за резкое молчание also, Nice lol sudden realisation Frigging hell that went yabai fast. Jill is doing her jilling reps Jill knows what she likes  Atleast we get to see what talents they have  She's finally aware Jill has needs! yes :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: its some really good adult entertienment that's hyperinflation baby LOL Jill jills. Whoda thunk? A woman's got needs :_canteloupe: Jill might be lowkey horny too Look, Jill has her needs too. :_canteloupe:  I love this song 2069. Nice:_canteloupe: :_shock::_shock::_shock: That's 10 Gut Punches Yeap People have needs ok She's cultured EXPENSIVE FAP LMAO Jill has needs too noice hey a girl needs relief What a deal This gal is getting on my nerve…. My god your ”Annoyin’ Girl” voice is top notch!  She has needs! she's a woman of culture $800 dollars?! :_shock: Hey, a girl's got needs y I see:_canteloupe: look adults have needs :grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat: Shhhh we don’t talk about that She be shining fingering herself :_canteloupe: one of us! Yup, She's pay 800 every month for Porn. :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: bartenders need to destress too 10 times Art's tip for this Jill downbad How do i Denko? it's like what dr dre said. IT ALL COMES FULL CIRCLE Jill's lonely and sad cultured Jill is hornier than a Nephilim  Lmao Too much clothing It's right there in the name She has needs  Jill is jilling off! ay mang, no judgement here Jill is cultured. 69 NICE Good year :astonished_face::astonished_face::astonished_face: do not kinkshame jill Jill is chill Jill chill, bars Jill needs some way to relax :smirking_face: Everyone has needs Respect the hustle I mean, what did you think the name meant?  It's like a revelation :melon::melon::melon::melon: I mean she's cultured at least Anime was a mistake Lol woman got needs girls gotta Jill off sometimes you know no judging here hey she has needs lol Jill jills off to chill off 

We live in a Matrix so we are people Holo Earth is real and this is just a simulation :_nani: 

Wake up, Calli. We may not be real. I'm just text on a screen Beep Boop Time I am a protocol droid i think i am real deadbots Beep Boop real robo BEEP BOOP I'm actually a sea cucumber MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON i am 27 I think I'm real...???? Do the words I speak before you make you feel beep boop boop bap? I would never be a filthy human totally not a bot beep boop Anime was a mistake hehe I've been real since the 90s :buffering::buffering: :_rider::_rider::_rider: hm... do real people need oil? Taxes says I’m real unfortunately  Did I miss bath time? i am real, but are you real? Are you real Calli? This is an automated reply. Meep Morp  Im a non-existent I’m mostly real beep beep boop I think I'm real :_big::_ups: :_big::_ups::_happynohat: Beep boop maggot! lol We gay bots  We're just a sim are we humans it's been ten years calli, you need to forget us now lol recapcha am i real? :robot: I'm real broke :_canteloupe: HELP I CAN"T COMPLETE CAPCHA TEST REAL ENOUGH I guess I'm real :robot: Definitely not real Lol Calli IM REALLL Am bot  im a cyborg does thag count? robot deadbeats are just terminators it is ? (stops judging) Woooooo! I failed so many CAPTCHA, i don't even know who i am anymore ^^'  WE ARE REAL We're all Roboco  Beep boop, son. Beep boop. I think I’m real The limbs I just got are real atleast. :_moriguh:  How do I premium?  Chat isn't real. Wake up sheeple. BEEP boop :_moriguh: Are you real ? Hello fellow youngsters I’m real to me, dammit! wake up cali we have been trying to contact you. you have been in a coma for 8 months now Negative. I am an organic meatbag This statement is false I am real? beep-boop how can we be real if our eyes arent real? nah I'm fake af Sometimes a bot, Sometimes a man, always gatchaman LOL Am I real ? Poor Roboco Based Saku :_big::_ups:StormTag! beep boop boop beep or beep boop boop bop :_big::_ups:Saku and StormTAG Did I miss Bath Time???? ha ha funny jokes fellow real people! am I a bot:_canteloupe: GUH i hab bills to pay... not real, I think take the robot pill anon Wait we live in simulation i want /Spam BOT/ to leave Bots have feelings too! bot420 :robot::robot::robot: Chat is real wdym what is "real"? its too early for me to be experincing existential dread calli, where's the foul mouthed tween If I'm real, I have some real problems with reality bruh TOS gonna break reaaaaaal soon :robot:beep boop pill :robot: I'm real but I'm often wrong:_canteloupe: are real chat? anime was a mistake 

sleeping stream woooooo :_shock::_shock::_shock: dang its like you 

A WEEK? :grinning_squinting_face: :_shock::_shock: daaamn a week jesas WHAT Dis girl LMFAO JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ A week?! damn What a mood Shes a streamer allright oh god LMAO Calli... Seeing something of youself in her? JUST LIKE CALLI holy moly Why go premium when someone’s probably pirated it already ? :_nani: Right uhmmmm real streamer hours here um... Dang SHE JUST LIKE YOU FR HOW IS SHE ALIVE??????? Ppppfff :_shock: DAMN tHIS IS GETTING REAL How do I premium? ??? Hm... Omg lol Oh no, she is going to die How are you alive?! :_shock: "child's numbers" - Calliope Mori, probably Jill is my spirit animal lmaoooo Streaming-chan.... sounds familiar.... This girl is doing an eternal subathon Dammmmn A WEEK!? oh hey it's calli LMAO RELATABLE :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: ummmmmmmmm Is Streaming-chan just Calli? LMAO how is she still alive lol Hey kids! Wanna die? she's done :_sleepyreap::_sleepyreap::_sleepyreap: god no ?????? lmao umm sounds relatable OH NYO FINISH HER someone help this girl  Not a week, but a MONTH Das a month girl 4 head She hasn't slept in a month?! wow :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe:Are we sure Calli isnt Streaming Chan instead? MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN A MONTH?! Damn, this girl gonna die! :_shock: :_shock: :_shock: :_shock:  Good thing that's nobody we know oh nyo Its the ping oh dang Is this Mori when she's in recording mode? just like you calli weak sauce, get on my level scrub She's gonna die "I can do what i want" -Streaming-chan Is she dead? LAG This really is Calli she needs more She's going to die Damn this girl just like Calli カリちゃんの喉は魔法みたいだね(*^▽^*) She needs to sleep  No sleep in a week? Sounds like Calli 30-day week haha mood ayo we got the Callie in workaholic mode huh calli its you lmfao It's Ping Oh no seems familiar Sleep stream : O Just like Calli fr fr Lol a MONTH The F! LOL  A WEEK?! Jesus christ! 100% a streamer No sleeping at the bar! ..been through that helo darkness my old friedns LOL :grinning_face_with_sweat: Jesus… feels familiar Calli? fr fr no cap and there she goes Errrr...... :eyes: BRUH Who does this remind me of:_canteloupe: I WANT MY MONEY BACK How do I denko? wao that dangerous fr fr it is Calli Have you remembered to sleep this month? FR FR Lmao Calli IRL she you her chat just dissed her, bruh  Malenia. Hello darkness my old friend... MOOOOOOOOOOOOON 


Hello darkness my old friend "hello darkness my old friend" Calli's been sleep deprived for way longer :_shock::_shock::_shock: sure LOL :_shock::_shock: Cautionary tale  lol SHE DOESN'T GET A SLEEP WHOLE MONTH?! a 30 day "Week":_canteloupe: Its Calli she just like Calli fr :grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat: This conversation got a bit too real Bruuuuh :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: How was Rollercoaster Tycoon by the way? :_canteloupe: Lmao yep just like you fr fr :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: :_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes: She must be base on you Calli workaholic lol true Oh thank goodness she's gone :_cryingmori: sleeps about as much as you. but that's the only thing fr fr just like you I think they meant the lack of sleep part lol lmao calli werent you up at 5 am playing video games  ok but the sleeping thing... Relatable af Streaming-chan is Calli but wilder :_canteloupe: Calli, how long did you stay awake for? Calli be like "I'm in this picture and I don't like it" PREMIUM TIME WHEN She has few elements in common with you Calli I haven't had sleep since the one with 365 days Calli when was the last time you slept understandable They meant the sleep deprivation:_canteloupe: That is true  just like you fr fr... How have you been sleeping mori relying on alcohol ..... Cali does not sleep either calli... RELATABLE The lack of sleep is you, but nothing else, really. :_sleepyreap::_sleepyreap::_sleepyreap: Bruh, no need to be shy with us it's the sleep thing calli I take a cap of whiskey before dates, it works like a charm Lol, you can relate :_canteloupe: She is like Sis Reaper. what's sleep? LMAOo Its there Have you:_canteloupe: cALLI HAVE YOU SLEPT lmao:_canteloupe: what happened to the apple juice y'know. She got that Mori Schedule rotflmao TRUE :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: Sleep ain't optional now, chief I see... TOO MUCH CLOTHING LMFAO Drunk dad what is sleep Calli sleeps:_canteloupe: God I wish. LOL u were awake at 3 am never too late to start lmaooOOOO unhinged Calli Don't be like streamer chan, rest when you needed :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: All she does seems very unhealthy both mentally and physically. so lood calli LEWD Who was here just now? Frfr no cyap 

LOL  Luv Gils VA anime standards 

BIGGIE That's a C JILL IS A B calliope Mori premium only 99.99 she said she was a B cup Jill isn't too big. Noted. She's not flat :_moriblush: B-Cup isn't flat tho :( mmm, lung cancer YEA RIGHT? i dont know why people keep saying that well she is a B :_canteloupe::_canteloupe: How to go premium. Asking for a friend :_canteloupe: GET A MEMBERSHIP OR GET OUT LOL Well, she IS drunk lmao High standards, I suppose hahaha the comparison only people who've superchatted specifically 99.99 would know...>> she's beef actually Jill wears a pushup She hasn't slept for a month, probably can't see anything Damn she did say B Kek Buy membership now! for only 5 dollars! boing boing Medium is premium  ayo how much is membership? 99.99? MEDIUM IS PREMIUM She doesn't appreciate a good figure, I gues bruh b vup is not flat She did say B She's a B cup She was drunk B cup So what is her size then Calli?> Medium is premium Medium is Premium after all Good thing it's ended she did say she's right 90% of the time, gotta make mistakes sometime True Calli nobody is truly flat in anime that's B alright jill's bust is at least a C cup Jill is medium, medium is premium Flat by anime girl standards? :_canteloupe: b not flat B-cup is not flat B for BIG GORDA Jill pads her chest :_canteloupe:  Shes too sleep deprived to see clearly thats at least a C is B cup flat to you Calli? compared to streaming chan or you tho... Minimum a C I mean streaming-chan is probably seeing goddamn gremlins crawling out of the light fixtures at that level of sleep deprived She said B a c YOU DO WHAT ON MEMBERSHIP!? $11k ypu rich! That vest isn't form fitting either You have met Alma, right? She was 19 karmotrine under! GET MEMBERSHIP NOW, 69.99$ Could just be artistic license :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: Ah, Windows 95 shutdown screen. Nostalgic push up bra That's a D in Japan Jill is concave She was drunk so.. not flat C for Calli? High B/low C? well my girl is faded  

eyyy Stella:_happynohat::_happynohat::_happynohat: ooo Stella 

STELLA STELLA oh my  Calliojou! I've missed you! :_calliopog: :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: OJOU SAMA !! Why are you not in guras biry it's the boomer! COUGH :_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes: Awooga YAY BEST GIRL OJOOOOU Stella by the moore :flushed_face: DESUWAA STELLA STELLAAAA stella!!! MOMMY I'm gonna miss that character... RIP woah Fancy  cat ears STELLA Stella! Stella Stella hello again :_hearteyes: Stella:_happymori: why am i feel myself so lonely stella! :_moriblush::_moriblush:damn Stella! :comet::comet::comet: Cat lady is back :_moriblush: :_moriblush: Stella stella~ Stella's back! The best girl! Stella!! :_happymori: Stella:_moriblush: stella~ CAT BOOMER STELLA!!! This bar really attracts quite the cast Tsun!!!! Datte boku wa hoshi dakaraaaaaa stellar stellar :_wine::_happynohat: Very pretty  YO SHE HOT tsun tsun stella Stella what a voice Well that's a nice voice  :_moriblush::_moriblush: :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush::_RipP: :comet::comet::comet: Thankies Stella ear twitch cute Stella you're an angel Breaking new uh oh nice gift amazing voice acting aww Stella:_happymori: Noooooo oh my Thanks cutie stellar stellar(?) :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: oh no, sei..... Stella is a friend! DESUWA Newscaster is Gill confirmed 

sounds interesting they touch on this in the Girl's Frontline collab I heard beer began as fermented barley it was fed to slaves to keep them complacent and fed at the same time 

Thats.... wierdly effed up damn, that's mind blowing Soma moment :_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: Just like Star Wars I didn't expect transhumanism  You would also have more experiences that could change yourself from your uploaded self altered carbon? rule number two if Valhalla, if the recipe calls for optional Karmotrine and customer didn't specify for non-alcohol drinks, filled them to the brim with Karmotrine. There's already a story about this! What if that is how mirrors work:_uhh::_uhh::_uhh: GFL Soma damn Some Ghost in the Shell style stuff Literally Some spoilers!!!! gfl collab lore Oh wow Psycho-pass moment lol Its Soma looool I can't, Adam Sandler talking about this, I can't Soma be like SOMA moment :_cryingmori::_cryingmori: :thinking_face::thinking_face::thinking_face: Never played Soma? Isnt that Mesa? Soma We're going deep with this  this is a quite old scifi trope SOMA Time travel Wasn't Black Mirror out at this point? this is old stuff though Well, the idea predates Black Mirror. It's the Simpsons Soma* Talking about Vtubers  told you it's ahead of it's time:_happymori: LOL lmao this is SOMA :_cryingmori: there can be only one, kill the others to become stronger this game is a prophet  Pretty old concept actually :_canteloupe: Reminds me of SOMA. Soma came out 2015 Calli... Calli hat Probably more Derek Parfit or something soma  

F*11 SHMUP time:_deadbeats: star wars tie fighter 

LMAO :_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori: touhou style nice GO CALLI GO IKZ LOL LoL LMAOO not enough aggressive rap in the BGM Cute Go Calli go! Happy pirate noises Kawaii she's surviving LMAOOOOOOO 2hu weaknesses revealed thread the needle Calli!! :_deadbeats:  Is this the start of the Touhou arc? touhou this ain't lol oh yea Touhou  LNFAOOOOO :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: cute Erin Erin :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: ロル Touhou gamer?! Pog? :_shock: I want to see Calli tackle a real touhou game Eyyy Bullet Hell!!!! lol we finished ooof uwaaaa NOOOOO Kyaa COTTON LETS GOOOOO disclaimer: she can play bullet hell games alas UWAAAAAAA :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: what happened to Cuphead?  Uwaaaaa EH? EASY MODO? bullet hell stream soon? f uwaaaaaaaa :_cryingmori::_cryingmori: Go next  lmao LOL  LMAO that was cute Uwaaaa Yeah that's how I feel when I play bullet hell that was too good Truly the dark souls of cyberpunk bar tending action minigames  let's goooo Wha :_canteloupe: :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face:  Spoiler alert: Calli could not play bullet hell games :grinning_squinting_face:  galaga vibes japanese goborin Touhou's more known for their Moe cast. Uwaaaaa〜 :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: LOL Try saying that to Dracula... :_canteloupe: Cute:_moriblush::_moriblush: MOOOOOOOOON Oh I didn't know this was in the game. I never played that on my playthrough Go Next DROP THE MOE REAL QUICK :grinning_squinting_face: Wait, there's a bullet hell game in this?! This game's just something else. uwaaaaaa love bullet hell games Model Warrior Julianne stream IKZ That yes hahahhaha Kawaiiope not made for bullet hell pfft Can always go back to it whenever. use your master spark 

Lol  :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: LOL 

Who /dangeru/ here? :_moriblush: MOOOOOOOOON Moooooon :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: MOOOOOOOOOOON lmaoo MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON MOOOOOON See Cup lmao that's flattering to say lol Wmy does Streamer-chan sound like Bae? MOOOOOOON MOOOOOOOOOOOOON (´・ω・`) hey kids wanna die Mooooooooon Jill is not flat, oi! shhh MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON mooooo :_moriblush::_moriblush: Lmao CUP CONFIRMED R CALLI CUP LoL UR FLAT I USED UR CHEST TO IRON MY LAUNDRY Why is everyone noisy? (´・ω・`) Why is everyone so noisy? Medium is premium o7 what did you say? TOO MUCH CLOTHING! TO MUCH CLOTHING :_canteloupe::_canteloupe: How do I denko MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON How do I denko? OI:_morimurder: Too much clothing  AWWWWWWW MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON wanna die kid?:_canteloupe: medium is premium MOOOOON Hi dad~ hope you're having a lovely night! :growing_heart: PREMIUM TIME WHEN?! LMAOOOO mooooon Jill don't get paid enough for putting up with that... thing. Hey kids? Wanna die? TRUE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON Girl really is all about the size :_canteloupe: Hey kids, wanna die? MOOOOOOOOOON Hey kids wanna die? Thank goodness for context she jealous of Jill She looks flatter then jill MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON Hey kids! Wanna die! hey kids! wanna die? Lets not push it OI. Thats rude SHE LOVES US SHE REALLY LOVES US Rude 

:beer_mug::brain: How do you flirt with a brain in a jar? lol 

:flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face: U h h This one is actually the smoothest talker :_moriblush: Lol  :_happynohat: :eyes: :brain::_moriblush: brain is gud brain I like taylor getting brain Never thought i’d see a brain drink alcohol, hows that for thought juice. oh :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: A beer for the brain  LOL :_moriblush::_moriblush: :_canteloupe: i like where this is going :_moriblush: :_moriblush: :_moriblush:  ayo yo Calli what was that A brain of simple taste Ay yoooo smooth Wow! Brain got game  Taylor kinda bad tho :flushed_face: cool brain I guess Just getting drunk as a brain  Lol This brain got game tho Is this gonna get yabai?? Lmao GUH Is this a man or a woman :yougotthis::yougotthis::yougotthis: Swhat a smooth ass brain lmao callis brain voice sound simillar to a certain flaping talking owl i know :_moriblush::red_heart::brain: :saxophone::brain: Oh boy lol Brain in Beer BEEG beer smoothest brain in town :_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori: Yo Taylor has the flert game on lock Taylor got game :clinking_beer_mugs::beer_mug::beer_mug: Getting hit on by a brain Big brain, big beer Brains need enough beer to pickle in. beer for the charming brain Brains are cool  :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: :brain::_glowpink: :flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face: scientific fact 

I rarely, if ever, drink. And if I do, I do it intentionally to get drunk. Calli falling for the brain lol getting hammered is a part of it 

Facts so you relate to a brain in a jar ? I don't like both:_canteloupe: ok ok BASED coping hard I like both yeah very true :_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori: that's why most people brain lmao trueee No problems I said nothing This game really is for you  pplardifferent based brain I like strawberries Oddly specific again Calli lol takes a brain to understand an other I would prefer the taste and feeling be good beefbrain Personally alcohol isn’t that tasty to me lmao Calli Gigachad Brain Feeling > Taste some people just love to get Smashed:_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori: I agree. I would never drink alcohol if it didn't intoxicate me. Certainly not for the taste. I prefer it for the taste HIGHLY AGREE No one sensible brinks beer for the taste, more for the sociability:_canteloupe: or don't like either I use alcohol to numb the pain of existence Lighter than I ever will but can hold his alcohol better Just try to be aware :beer_mug::_happynohat: Based Brain, Brain Base I can see that. I'd tell that to anyone. sober gang tfw I don't like either of those components, guess I'm stuck being straight edge forever :goodvibes: We love Taylor :brain: I drank like 4 beers at a wedding to get myself on the dancefloor based Calli I only got drunk once in my whole life, and not planning to do it again People like the taste of alcohol? taste is just electric impulses in neurons :slightly_smiling_face: Based:brain: Drunk.exe 

:_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: futurama reference :_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori: 

off collab when Dad? LOL dang Taylor Flirt :_deadbeats: :_deadbeats: :_deadbeats: :_deadbeats: :_deadbeats:  Taylor slicker than owl snot yep good band LMAO ayooooo weaboooooo this dude is smooth :_deadbeats: This brain is thirsty :_glowpink::_glasses::_glowpurple: lol OH! sunflower? \ o \ buy u a drank LMAO CALLI :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: Brain got game :baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread: aaand copy strike Woo sing it Calli! HAhahahahhahahah oooooo weeeeee :baguette_bread::skull::baguette_bread:  adorable :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: what a move I want a whole karaoke in this voice lets go calli lol smooth :brain: got game I’m pretty much like Kiara when it comes to alcohol. I don’t usually drink can i buy you a drankkkkkkk LES GO!! :baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread::baguette_bread: Taylor has jams hahahahahahaha Taylor got dem smooth talk DAMN, Taylor's got BARS :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Imagine hurting all the brain’s feelings today :baguette_bread::red_heart::baguette_bread: Taylor popping off :_deadbeats::_deadbeats: LMAOO DMCA :_deadbeats:  uhhh Taylor...stop... :baguette_bread::skull::baguette_bread::skull::baguette_bread: pop off :_glowred::_canteloupe::_glowblue: Taking me back xD OHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahaha bruh how would that even work? but how though Taylor Drunken Somrthing real brain hours flert 100 :baguette_bread::baguette_bread: DMCA T-PAIN RAINS SUPREME!  Rapping in that voice hits different..... :_deadbeats: tipsy :sign_of_the_horns::sign_of_the_horns::sign_of_the_horns::sign_of_the_horns::sign_of_the_horns::sign_of_the_horns::sign_of_the_horns: lmaooo :baguette_bread::brain::baguette_bread: That is one smooth brain :_deadbeats:D:_deadbeats:M:_deadbeats:C:_deadbeats:A:_deadbeats: are you okay ? I'd let Alma look at my internet history  Sing it Taylor  Taylor have a high self confidence :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: BANGER AHAHA smooth brain... wait It's okay! sounded like Bae for a second T PAIN! Calli moment Taylor is dangerous levels of chad:_glasses: 

Guess that works as well  cool Our secret 

Hi the host  Naruhodo OFC, that makes sense  :red_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: YOU ARE? AWESOME CHAD you hired the rat from ratatouille lol plot twist its your mom lol no snitches in chat Sasuga cali secrets safe with us:_happymori: :red_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart: :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: Are they going to japan? Your secret is safe with 4212 PEOPLE The moon... IT's a secret chat Oh interesting That's nice of you Calli will this be streamed, or???? Nice Sound alike fun! holomyth's secret base Clip it Secret in public lol :_glasses::_glasses::_glasses: we got you you guys gotta hug it out shhh smack dab in the middle of Houston Kansas, obviously LMAO we'll never tell Gotcha! too late, news out already sush deadbeats It’s in the underworld Noice Haachama? Nice :red_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: Isn't Night Breakfast just Dinner? Shh sorry, imma investigator no snitches okey boss lady Don't tell them chat please  Ohhh zero for kiara  ah yes cause 4000 deadbeats can keep a secret Mouths sealed Please everyone be quiet and don't tell the others Lips are Sealed:_happymori: you always want to be a good host i respect that Remember keep it secret :red_heart::orange_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart: Are you going to yeet Gura? Lips sealed I heard nothing Snitches get stiches ok :_happymori::_happymori: Shhh. No snitches yes maam o7 No clippers for now, no snitches. you got it bawhs  secret secret  keeping it hush hush Aight Ma'am! hehe cx NO CATAPULT. TREBUCHET!  okay Japan one day soon! I believe. :shushing_face: Don't worry Calli! We won't tell!  A Skeleton doesn’t kiss and tell  We won't tell  assemble:_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: 

TSKR INNUENDO :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: 

ASMR calli please  This is getting spicy :_moriblush: :_moriblush: Dorothy: :flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face: Hack ASMR Ara Ara Callie  ASMR:eyes::eyes::flushed_face: I'm frothing Holy OMG chat :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush:  Don't wake me up chat lol C Calli This voice...:_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: oh my... calli omg :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: LOOOOOL this is a very interesting explanation about hacking SPICYYYYYYYYYYYYY oh? customer support ASMR LOL lmao D.. DAD? 0///0 :grinning_squinting_face: CALLI PLS Uh-oh! Yabe alert! I'm liking this geek talk. why are you making this so alluring, Calli?! THERE IT ISSSSSSS hacking asmr :_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes: /-\ UWOOOOOOOOO SURPRISE ASMR I need an adult...? lmao Calli .....woa... Calli is good at this Hacking ASMR :flushed_face: :_moriblush::_moriblush:  Oh lawks! wooooooooooo commitment :eyes::eyes::eyes: HACK ME CALLI HACK ME BUFFER OVERFLOW :fearful_face: I LIKE THIS goddamn Calli out here trying to make hacking sound sexy. I respect it asmr hacking Calli? what's with the sudden asmr :grinning_squinting_face: thats code for creampie for sure Worst Al Pacino voices of all time.  That';s kinda hot. Lol Hacking ASMR, LET'S GOOOOOOO B u t w h y? OH LAWDY HAVE MERCY :_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes: is this flirting? sheeeeeeshs asmr lessgo I LOST Ayo?  Calli, you're making us feel weird things  CALLI THE VOICE IS DOING THINGS TO ME :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: CALLI SPARE US  HELP WHATS HAPPENING LMAO You can ddos me anytime alma :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: lmao Calli really trying to make hacking lewd what is happening :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush:kyaaa suprise ASMR? You're too powerful :_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes:  BUFFER Interesting. Beautiful! I'm dead thank you forever :beating_heart: ohoho :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: OH GOD WHY YABE Oh mah guh:knocked_out_face: Wrong filter LOL AHAHAHHAA Ohhh.... dad atop Calli you great sometimes :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush:ohh my I C :flushed_face:... buffer overflow NICE THANK YOU!!! This is becoming way more yabai than I read this part AAAAAAAAAA OMG Buffer Overflow :_moriblush::_moriblush: Rose, hang in there lol I wanna learn coding now DOROTHY LMAOO Yes Yes :_moriblush: :_moriblush: :_moriblush:  sounds like youre horny lol :eyes: Wow LMAO i see you're used to dorothy lmfao loooooool :_moriblush: :_moriblush: :_moriblush: :_moriblush:  Dorothy is down bad AAAAA :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Not the buffer overflow YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ayo YABE? Spicest nerd talk in the universe 

???? That's where I figured he was just taking the piss :_canteloupe: 

Bear sized Gorilla vs Gorilla sized Bear This guy does I love Virgilio so much Chole? Tables aren't real This guy isn't very bright not even close:_canteloupe: uuuh ??????????????????????? He's complicated he wanted a human? live this guy this guy is Persona non grata all right. (Person not welcome) wait aiin't that wrong Hol'up LMAO maybe you do homie :_canteloupe: its 23  Galaxy brain bRuh r/iamverysmart 23 and  WTF LMAOOOO I fucking hate him Calli just hit him me LMAO Sharks eat each other before they're born oh my god this guy Lmao  This guy... lol this guy has extra chromosomes Bruh I love him yes He's built different Oh I get it he's crazy  hihi LOL Oh my god PRIMAL my guy wanted a glass full of... white liquid i swear this mf p-primal... philosophy 101 failure Virgilio doesn't know what a table is he does lol Gottem. jeeeeesh ????????????? oh god this guy is a moron bruh AHHHH he looks like he only has 17 pairs of chromosomes This guy is such a damn poser  Yea what a logic LMAO IM DYING :grinning_squinting_face: Bruh, is this dude a wise ass? is he high No it isn't 'Primal numbers' :grinning_squinting_face:  Epic This guy reminds me of my friends joking when the movie The Number came out. “table” lmao This guy  he clearly has 17 pairs lmao TAKE THAT MOTHER-F-WORDER! It is 23 wait - whuh?????? primal numbers XDDDDD What?? Table is make up :_happynohat: BRUH ??? AHAHAHAHHAHAH kek lmao lmaoo I think he's got 17 Primal lol He definitely has ALL the chromosomes What a dummy hahaha he's missing chromosomes?? Primal lmao :_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: HE might have 17 chromosomes. What a lovable baffoon. I believe he has 17 his ending only checks for one of his drinks. the characters relevant to his story matter more. it is 23 Well that explains the problem fuuuck i had forgotten how this guy was Yep WHAT A FOPPISH FOOL This guu Dummy dumb ding dong :grinning_squinting_face: Maybe he has 17 Calli :_canteloupe: chale no hablo ni entiendo bien el inglés... f I despise this guy 17% of Meerkat deaths are due to other Meerkats and thats one of the highest same species related deaths in the animal kingdom PRIMAL HAHAHAHA Ugghh this guy gomenasai ken sama he's missing 6 pairs of chromosomes tbh lol yeah "primal numbers" I'm loving this guy already lmao This guy... is dum  Prime numbe jeez maybe he has 17 lmao  23 LMAO this guy... Oh God this mf is willful ignorance personified Wow, get a load of this guy! maybe he has 17. Remit, you dyslexic twerp This dude desperately wants to appear smart Uh oh, stoooopid This dude has 17 pairs  Big dum He might not be sharp a pseudo intellectual 

4th Wall break!!!! Lmao... stop bursting the 4th wall :melon::melon::melon::melon: 

Don’t talk about graduation dad :broken_heart::broken_heart: dad goes to buy milk 2030 and leaves us Q__Q Ah, he’s the meta one  4th wall = broken We do think about you a lot:_happymori: i relate to Calli being undead and all 4th wall breaking~ this voice is cracking me up ooh simulation "SHES REAL TO ME" Snap back ro reality. :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: Trying to discuss Solipsism is ineffective when they were just discussing 'primal numbers' Jill is too based BASED JILL So. you are saying you will stop Vtubing before 2030? 4th wall? LMFAO Hahahahaha ok Calli, don't listen to this fat ass :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: this guy is self-awaring lol 4 wall broke lmfao that's the best answer tho KEK lmfaoo 4th wall break :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: AHAHAHAHA Lmao lmao hahaha Shes reaaaaaal to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LOL yea he sounds like a redditor lmao called out AHAHAHAHAHA based jill HAHAHAHAHAHAHA TRUE LOL REDDIT MOD K E K Everyday wow oof called out He goes on the Brancel subreddit Re'it LAMO Reddit? no wayyyy Jim Sterling. What if you're just a jar of peanut butter in Walmart? Ever thought of that? damn he grindin A reddit intellectual re'it  He's so....:yawning_face::yawning_face::yawning_face: im on reddit now... He has SO MUCH karma LMAO red-it red pilled :_calliopog:  truely this is hell KEKW Ret-it re'it? Re'It OH NO NO NO REDDITORS REDDITOR bo'o o re it BASED BEYOND BELIEF LMFAO  LOOOOOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Savage breaking the 4th wall, also Calli please LMAO Lol HAHAHAHAHHAHA This man is Reddit, but in person form. lmfao redditor oh no re'it am I being called out lol ahahaha bruh LMFAO unfortunately :_canteloupe:  what buh lmao of no a redditor Dangerously based. "reh-it":loudly_crying_face: "closed minded" LMAO DRAGGED based 

LUL smartest redditor :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: 

LMAO Can we shave his dumb head now? LOL RED IT verysmarrt Updoots to the left Virgilio unbssed and redditpilled CALLED OUT An admin for sure I bet he's a bluecheck on Twitter too lol lmao Oh god, he's a Reddit Mod WE DID IT REDDIT :_calliye::_calliye::_calliye: RE'IT holy lol I can punch you and make feel reality, lol reddit would survive to 2069 just out of spite:_canteloupe: Lol Re'it He’s a Reddit moderator  redditor :_canteloupe: makes sense This guy would say the go on Redfit proudly LMAOOOOOO Of course it would still be around  I'm Red(dit) pilled OH N0 NO NO he goes on the grandpa Joe hate subreddit Damn Calli SPITTIN Lmao  LMAOOO :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face: Reddit, more like 4 chan Most intelligent redditor what did i just tune into? Meh  jill uses danger/u/ she's hardly one to judge Not my internet points! PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF :grinning_squinting_face: he karmafarms and calls every woman "female" Oh there goes gravity Angrier chat than r/danny the only trustworthy newssource THAT US why yes ofcourse I am a mod myself, how'd you know? :top_hat: Still sore over that a average redditor I'm shocked MMMMMMMMMMM badass that's true This is sounding weirdly specific.... I mean better than twitter that just bans you average Reddit or CAN CONFIRM AM KNOW ALL HAHAHAHAHA now you're twitter Calli's projecting again @Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN are you REAL? ah yes, the typical REDDITOR Shots fired stop they're already dead LMAOOOOOOO LOL Calli...... KEKW Really this is just willful ignorance like those ones you see spreading misinformation BASED CALLI  Just let my oshi have fun AITA  Someone get this man a TED talk good morning mori!!!! [Removed] Red pilled oh no Bruh is this malding? based :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: - Virgilio is galaxy brain Reddit called the fuck out yoo lmfao callu that is what we call blue pill not red XD i can concur he is the least based redditor he is not a user he is a reddit mod lmfao oh man calli is going hella based  Yes that does sound like Reh-i't "im not reading that" F in Philosophy 101 LMA calli pls we've been exposed like 5 times already today Ah, Re'it, my favourite social media Calli is the REAL red pill you ok?:virtualhug::virtualhug::virtualhug::pleading_face::pleading_face::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: lmfaooo BASED Check out my karma! guessing the apple juice is doing its job mori calli talking from experience again:_cryingmori: Shots fired  So reddit is a hivemind? Virgilio please Bloodi Re'itas Calli is based rn He's going offscript... LMAOOOOOOOOO oh no my karma~ he's a reddit admin AND a discord mod LMFAOOOO Call out:_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: I just go there for memes and cute things. True 

is it like twitch? but bad because there are unsavory characters? ah well The sub gifting is super wholesome in my opinion but understand the problems that happen with it 

yeah What’s the problem? yea... What happened? :red_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart: true Be faith with Ina Look at the positives  why is there an issue with gifting subs? Privacy? just gotta hope more shitters dont get in True :red_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: Positivity! wait why is it bad here? I come from the purple platform That's good way to see it  not @alex johnson yeah thats true What's wrong with it? Do the best of the situation ok calli:_happymori: DOOOOOOMMMM!!! Yeah it's a way to deal with it sur, but don't stop asking for improvment be hind the scenes doing what we can~ Girl members, welcome all the cute boys Is it not a positive thing? Why is it bad? When in doubt, blame Susan? LOL what is the issue with it? I don't understand the hate, but ok :red_heart::blue_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart: We'll live with it, like we live with all youtubes mistakes :_canteloupe: We hear ya What's wrong with gifting subs? It is what it is, yeah. I feel like it's a nice thing on Twitch, could be ok here too "problem" ina is wise We can gift subs now? Like on twitch? hmm yea just whatever Positive Ina :red_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart: :orange_heart::purple_heart::red_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart: thanks susan Nice ending! B positivve I think it's a great idea  it is a thing it seems :red_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: It's need to be fix first for real. GET TO WORK, YT As a viewer you have to enable it as well, so no worry on vieweing as a positive it'll get sorted out!! technically yeah Wait whats bad about the gifting? Until it can be turned off again or point towards an emote only tier once Youtube fix themselves. GET ME A DRANK MI'LADY Statistically it’s unlikely to go to bad people  I don't really understand what the issue is. Is there a bug of some kind? I'll just hope for the best then CALLI THE REVERB :red_heart: :_sleeby::_sleeby::_sleeby: well even if it is wrong tier, a couple bad apples for 1 month won't be too bad right? reverb is still on calli 

Ex wives, so dangerous oooh man... Can’t relate … nvm got one  

:loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: :pensive_face: :( Ah man Too real. poor Jill:_cryingmori: :_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: this is romanticizing a relationship, if only it was like this. yeah...... jill needs a hug dayum, hittem in the feels  Why is this game so heavy?  Jill you allright mang? :_moriblush: She gonna lose it Damn... damn. :_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori:Oh Jill..... cuts deep  too real feels it hurtss good call Glimps of Us perhaps Hey now Jill, don't call me out like that too soon :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: bruh oof the feels Thats deep. bro POOR BOSS :grinning_squinting_face: Hiiiii Calliiiiiii damn.. tis is so sad... :loudly_crying_face: :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: Jill... Smart move Dana I wish I knew that feeling :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: Jill..:_cryingmori: jeez:pleading_face: :_wine::_wine::_wine:time Getting real up in here huuuuuuug Jessus Jill forever alone chat :_cryingmori::_cryingmori: I feel her right? can i get a headpat:_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: :people_hugging::people_hugging::people_hugging: I know right? Poor Jill Can all you husbands cry later? Ffs IS OK GIRL :_cryingmori: 

tell us their names gross calzone face :_cryingmori: 

damn Calli runnin them hands early on eh Dana is pretty based that's why you like to yeet small people ? Same :_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: I was always told to, if attacked, defend myself oh school in general wasn't nice oh no we dont talk about middleschool is Middle school kind to anyone?  I say shoo instead of punching all these touchy kids in the face Cromch:_moriblush::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: same here CRONCH Mori megane? doesn't jill have an artificial liver? Punch me I was picked on a lot for being short  Worst years of my life  Kids are little shits Middle school is rough Middle school is tough I was too:_happymori: same 13 year olds are brutal  :_cryingmori::_cryingmori: run them hands up Calli the Bully Hunter I try not to remember those years Kids are cruel, Jack. WTF WOW  same as me They get dat Gut Punch Brooooo Destroy them B r u h mid school was never Nice Tweens ouch Oh faq that dude... thats messed up Who the fk disrespects a reaper? Yeah Middle School was Something Else:_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: yummy pizza face Bruh That's the worst THEY WHAT WHAT!? Never be ashamed of your Chunni years  WTF:_cryingmori: dude... Yeah, I was aggressive/defensive in elementary school and early middle school. oof ayo that's fucked up middle school is a crazy time WUT what the fuck oof  Yup Punching them WTH What the heck:_shock: MONEY Just Wow :_shock::_shock::_shock: Yeah, I was never bullied in high school, but I think that's just because I was massive and wore all black zamn god dang FFS Classic damn WTF?? that sucks Relatable. I also got some punches in Junior and Middle school.  wow wtf WHAT A COINCIDENCE F them OOF big oof What the heck?? wow WTF So messed up oooof  NAWWWWWWWWWWWWW WOW Rich kids... Oh my God, I am so fucking sorry, Calli Middle school from hell bad teacher lmaooo :pouting_face::pouting_face::pouting_face: that's fucked up wtf  wtf thats messed up Oh geez. bruh jeez, but it happens Rich brats… That's... Ridiculous anime as fuck ah man... schools be like that. “No.”—all sadomasochistic teachers IM MAD BRO YAY NEPOTISM ahhh, that sucks that is mess up 

:_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: ??????? OOOO 

lol Bold Jill V card lmao Hauh hmmm spicyy Dana is a PURE WOMAN legally bound? a cat is fine...... Dana is the Sukeban mascot :eyes: Virgin Jill's wildin I love this game for those references :_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: ummm YABE oh brugh oooooh BOLD LMAOooo It's an old meme, but it checks out a cat is fine too Oh no, not the vtuber card Yabe Shy Boss huh Contract  Sheesh lol Dana done with this Sheeeeesh :eyes::eyes::eyes: sheesh Dana is sweet Sheeeeeeesh JILL Vtuber Card SHEEEEESSSSSSSHHHHHHH :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: NDA on her Vcard bro jill is wasted Jill lol jill down bad don't F with NDAs Jill:_canteloupe: :_glasses: Drunk Jill is an experience SHEEEEESH Jill drunk and Boss still a V lol You got Jill super drunk, Calli. She's getting real drunk So, nothing will happen with her tonight? woah B0ss is kinda intense shes had 12 beers Dana, poor poor Dana :_moriblush: Jill's gone Bow That happens after 12 beers :_canteloupe: SHEEEEESHHH I mean she's 12 deep Wildin jilll Shes blasted How much did she drink? Jill is getting confident Vtuber card :_canteloupe::_canteloupe: Jill is a SPICY drunk lol She did have TWELVE beers you made her like this DANA FORK KNIFE PLAYER CONFIRMED SHEEEESh Jack of all trades  :_moriblush::_moriblush: 12 beers make wondere What beer does to a MF sekuhara Jill is drunk Jill Getting a bit horny  

X*2 is the apple juice carbonated? LORE TIME 

Bone apple juice i'm beleven lol Yeah Bro:_canteloupe: :_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori: LOL lol  "apple juice" right LMAOOO Lol How did Calli drink all the game drinks too? Ffs is apple juice an euphemism they must be new here:_canteloupe: :clinking_beer_mugs:LORE Drunk by proxy to Jill :_confused: drunk on apple juice Sippin on that juice SHE DRUNK what brand of apple juice how did you get drunk from apple juice Apple juice is code for the juice of an apple You must be new here :_canteloupe: . apple juice or 'apple juice'? So you're naturally like that? its placeebo It says something else on the screen Apple juice is king  is the apple juice - fermented?? "Apple juice" She's gotten a little apple juiced, yeah. Yeah she's drunk LUL red wine? Hahahahaha We call it cider when it has alcohol Apple juice keeps like a mule aged apple juice lol callis drunk on life No+2 years old lol :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: Ringo timeeeee apple juice with a shot of whiskey Lmao  Calli how are you doing today.? x just a bit. nope I prefer grape juice tbh LMAO What's that ice made of? Drunk by apple juice :_canteloupe: LMAO are you drunk on apple juice Mori? be honest :_canteloupe: (im jokin) The spicy apple juice :_canteloupe: apple juice with alcohol I guess and? optional karmotrine is the apple juice a cider, or other things? curious I believe you I believe Ice in apple juice is a tad weird I believe you. lol drunk on life! :red_heart: i believe  Drunk reaper Hello!! drunk on life  are you sure that's juice? Smirnoff Ice? Got it Good old ringo juice alcoholic ice? You called it special apple juice my dudde It's the internet, everything is lies, y'know? Hard apple cider yeah drink off apple juice :_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori: Lmao you sure your drink isnt spiked on "accident: we never will Time to get the hand cam out :_canteloupe: riiiiight We believe you. :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Ice from vodka? I believe you :_happymori: is that what ppl call it these days? thats like ice in milk it's all for the memes its our turn now i guess, the convo lmao You're right we won't :rofl:  nope lol I wish I had apple juice. Of course I believe you:_canteloupe: Is it tasty Big fan of cider myself Yepp she drunk :_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: I believe you! Nup, she's drunk. Sloshed. Crunk. Wasted. Plastered. On another planet. 

F*4 HE IS ALREADY DEAD dude didn't die, he got erased from existence 

She murdered that man Guy probably has ED now OUI OUI? NO NO!!!! what did I walk into?? Probably Pickle She murdered him the poor dude poor dude She killed that man  Noooooo stop Jill he's dead Plug and Play So sad... clip it:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: This poor dude lmao That damage is irreversible  PP He went to play for the other team probably LMAO Poor dude :_RipP::_RipP:funny  EMOTIONAL DAMAGE Big F lol Apparenently they still did it after all this Poor Ex-boyfriend:_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: that's beyond 'hurt feelings' at that point OUI OUI PP This man's definately dead RIP that guy Bae didn't get this, by the way Joke over !!! Limp mode actived =(( :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: :_RipP::_RipP: 8 bit pain :melon::melon::melon::melon: DAMN, she Destroyed him…… That man died OOF Dana is like :_nani::_nani::_nani::_nani: UHMMMMMMMMMM That's massive emotional damage right there Blood went from downstairs to his cheeks lol LMAO Poor Man Getting Emotionally Destroyed:_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: probably? she killed him! golly. lol BRUH HE'S EMOTIONALLY DEAD HAHAHAHHAHAHAJAJHA oh trama for him I feel bad for that dude  EMOTIONAL DAMAGE INDEEED man died that day He never recovered  LMAOOOOOO How is it emotional damage at a depth of three point five Can you make a drink for that guy. He needs it. :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: something died inside that day alas poor that guy clippers go go go! Jill be all like "teehee pp" :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP::_RipP::_RipP: S P I C Y Jill so savage Turned his light switch OFF F brother oui oui small PP that dude never recovered Can't stand up no more :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: trauma unlocked lmao  and he never when hard ever again happy pride to jill valentine :growing_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart: And that’s why baus is single ppor bastard bruh :_RipP::_RipP::_moriblush::_moriblush: She actually murdered that guy No mercy from Jill Poor soul RIP That's fricken trauma for that poor guy lmao oh my god this whole stream is... god, my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. OOF Size Large :_RipP::_RipP: I feel attacked:_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: JILL IS WRONG FOR THIS :grinning_squinting_face: diabolical can we give homeboy a hug pls:_cryingmori: :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP::_RipP: :_RipP::_RipP::_canteloupe: cant never recover all males just died RIP OKAY POOR DUDE mans need emotional support a moment of silence that poor man, Jill sucks unfathomably based Hahahhaha That poor man thats the kinda damage you cant undo :_RipP:ain :_RipP:eko  Ya freakin killed him Jill I guess someone will clip it that poor guy, he'll never be the same ever again lol That dude turned gay from that He will never get a boner ever again  Legend says, he's limp to this day Ever seen a man get murdered without saying any words or using and force? Dana has thats the kind of thing that scars a man forever Peak Moments :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP::_canteloupe::_RipP::_RipP: :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP:to the Dude hahaha man he's already dead and she kickin :skull: yeah, that's something that you'd never forget And he still has performance anxiety ED to this day callis really nice huh That guy is so freaking´dead :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: the homie :_cryingmori: you cant blame a young jill He was never the same again :_cryingmori: This is actually beyond emotional damage, thats like psychological warfare Poor guy My mori would never laugh at a peepee 

3*6 :_sleepyreap::_sleepyreap::_sleepyreap: Dont be sorry that convo was worth it 

oyasumi jill :_sleepyreap: if you have shrek underwear i will laugh it was 12 beers :clinking_beer_mugs: Jill ded :_sleepyreap::_cryingmori: what a night That was fun. LOL Hiatus though F Jill died, credits roll :_calliye::_calliye::_calliye: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: we don't do that here Reaper doing her reaper duties reaping hiatus over  All in a day's work Slay gurl this is fricken Art... Her liver is effed  :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Pace yourself Jill's job: get everyone drunk, including yourself fell asleep thinking about pp..... lol ,mission successfull :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: JILL ran out of usable Pokémon! JILL blacked out! man this game is amazing good job Calli needed to put an end to Meat Rod laughing Jill Snowfall did she sleep with you? That was a great scene:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: that guy caught a cold alright lol Amarga: means bitter :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: It's not snow, just pollution. Wooooo :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Nice  I guess in 207x you're off hiatus :_moriblush::_moriblush: Dana waifu lvl 100 :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: aren't you on a reaper hiatus? Nice Chapter 1 complete :_glowred::_happymori::_glowblue: Bitter Calli aims to kill the body, not the Soul like Jill. congrats!!! Amargus Bitter in spanish 3 I think bitter It means "bitter" 3 chapters  amarga=sour 3 i think This stream is great. This game is great. You're great, Calli. Three chapters. 18 days. Yatta Chapter 2 :_deadbeats: Good job Calli 5 do we continue? 3 chapters That's actually ash huh, amarga means bitter in spanish 69 That was only chapter 1?!?! wait. . . There's more!? YEEZUS :raising_hands::raising_hands::raising_hands::raising_hands::raising_hands: damn that bill 

calli is Morinallie A simple life We would miss you  

:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Not yet, but and when you do become one it won't be nothing though. Like I'm pretty sure once you are you're not gonna be like "pfft whatever". cottagecore reaper?? lol deadbeats "Thanks for a million, now bye!" Yeah, that's good Just invite us to live there too just pop in once in a while :winking_face: Naw you gotta be careful Calli Calli's gonna retire and flex on us :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: well, you got a few million dead beats, that's something yet I'll support that dream Morbillionair MORBILLIONAIRE don't leave us :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Enjoy life for all of us dude:_happymori:7 Ara Senpai and well what will we see :* Right we'll miss you for sure A quiet place sounds nice :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: moribillionaire old lady Calli living off the grid I see :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Can't let people know if you become super rich since its dangerous Nice goal a witch cottage in the forest  It's fine Cali. I follow you because of your personality, not because the number in your bank account. Calli based as usual That's kind of sweet. And yell at neighbor kids to get off your lawn Lol that sounds hella chill "Hey deadbeats - Cancun is awesome, thanks! PEACE!!" Morbillianare sounds like a good life youd go crazy in a rocking chair though :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: typical anime ending Are you? Lol the SC Funds to make Calli a millionare? :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart:  that's the life Nah nah nah don't F with the IRS hahah damn taxes million yen? for legal reasons Tax evasion Mori only two things are certain in life, death and taxes :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Have a cabin with a ranch to have the deadbeats roam even the joker dont fuck with the IRS would u still make songs for fun thou?  Wait, you guys pay taxes? TAX EVASION IS REAL what rapper pays taxes? Taxes are canonically stronger than Death Sure you do…. Death and Taxes. Sounds familiar Every retirement’s dream lol evade them like a #realwoman Callie, you're too awesome! ;; だつぜいcaliope? LOL Oh you don't wanna mess with the IRS FUCK TAXES A good plan, that You'd get bored in a year tbh, too much ambition They get more expensive the more money you make dad's teaching us tax fraud 

:_RipP:eace I have to go to bed, but I cant catch up on the chats after I wake up. Later, and PEACE :_big::_RipP:eace 

PEACE :_RipP:EACE:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :_RipP:EACE:victory_hand::_happymori:to those leaving Thanks for the stream Calli ! PEACE everyone ! o7 :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: peace PEACE :_RipHeart: :_RipP:EACE!!! Hyped for tomorrow too! PEACE :red_heart::clapping_hands: byyeeee Peace PEACE :victory_hand::red_heart: Peace! :_RipP:EACE! Thanks for the stream Calli!! PEACE!! PEACE Calli, take care o7 bye Sorry I need sleep from now, but also to stay awake for reasons, so have fun everyones :_RipP:EACE!! :_RipP:EACE:victory_hand::victory_hand::victory_hand::victory_hand: Thanks for the fun stream Calli! :_RipP:eace! PEACE:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::victory_hand: thank you for the stream!!! PEACE :red_heart: take care everyone P E A C E !!!! Peace Calli and thanks Bye :waving_hand: See ya Calli!:_RipP:eace!!! :_RipP:eace~ :_RipP:EACE :_RipP:eace to all who are heading out:_happymori::red_heart: PEACE! BYE CALLI!! Have a good night Calli! Peace  BYE DAD, LOVE YA PEACE:victory_hand: DAD MANGA WHOOOOOOOO :_RipP:eace!:_happymori: Well that was a great 5 min for me lol I want that screen as a wallpaper P E A C E :red_heart: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: PEACE!!!:victory_hand: :_RipP:EACE ! Er, I *can*, not I can't lol Ok :_RipP:eae! And i'll be sleeping now, thank you for the fun stream Calli! PEACE Peace ! Just another 30ish mins, good since I'm about ready to tap out:_sleeby: :_RipP:EACE to everyone leaving :victory_hand: PEACE and remember to get some rest see you Calli, thank you for the wondeful stream :_RipP: :_RipP:eace!! (●´⌓`●):heart_suit: it was amazing I had a lot of fun see you next time bye 

:_RipP:eace deadbeats:_happyhat: :_RipP:eace :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Farewell everyone 

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