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Hi*4 :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameLighto: 

:_ameDed: :_ameCry: Spinning ame doko hi hi ame wasgoode :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: :_ameThink::_ameThink: hi :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYay: アメどこだ? ame doko:_ameCry::_ameCry: :_ameZoom: i love you ame :red_heart: :_ameZoom: :red_heart:  :_ameBee:  :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom:??? Kame muted :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE:doko?:_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: EN CURSE :yellow_heart:Take your time!:yellow_heart: oh no the jam Ogey Hello! ehh? HI AME helloooooooo! hi Ame? Hi Ame! hii :_ameCute: hi super Ame :folded_hands: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2: Ame doko? Hellooooo ame :yellow_heart: oh Ame!!!!!! :_ameInspect::_ameInspect::_ameInspect: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameCute: :_ameLighto::_ameUhh::_ameLighto: incomin! :_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: Hello :_ameYay: Slow fade. :_ameHic1: :_ameHic2: :_ameLove:   HEWWO  HI AME:_ameYay: Hi Ameee ay AMe! And round and round it goes... :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameLove: Hey Ame muted? Hi Ameee :_ameYay:  Hello detective  Hi Ameeee Hi ameeeee Ame?:_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: H I oh hi :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: Hi Ameeeeeee Hi Ame!!! Hi Amelia Watson UwU  Howdy hello ame Hi Ame :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: hi Ame :_ameYay::_ameYay: Hiiiii :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameHeh: hi! new wiimote hype :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: :_ameUUU::_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameUhh::_ameHic1::_ameHic2: wah Ame cute Hi Ame!! :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHeh: Ame Cute! :yellow_heart: HI ! AME !  aaammmmeeeee Hello : D Hi! The Ame has arrived hi ame!! :_ameUhh: doko? Hi Ame 

hi*3 :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYay: hello 

Ameeeeeeeeee hi ame! Hello Ame :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHeh: :_ameEar::_ameUhh: :_ameZoom:mouse hi ame HOOOOOOOOO AME DOKO+ Hello Ame. Have a great stream tonight. Hello Aqau bgm! Helloooooooo Ame!!:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: :_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameLighto: Hi Watson! Hi Ame :_ameHic1::_ameEEE::_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameYay: The BGM :_ameDrool: Hiiiii! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: Hi Ame! hi AME Happy Mother's Day, Ame! Howdy  EN CURSE :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameLove: :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: hi ame!!! :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: ameeee ame dokooo ameee a-dokooo Hi Ame :yellow_heart::yellow_heart: Hi Ame:yellow_heart: Welcome back to Mario. This time for sure  :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3: Hey Ameee~!:_ameYay: Hellooooooooo Ame!! HEY AME I LOVE YOU :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameLove::_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE: :_ameEar::_ameEar: Hi AME !! :_ameHic1::_ameHic2: :_ameLighto::_ameLove::_ameLighto: Hello Ame! only Ame thoughts now :_ameDrool: hi Ame:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: AAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!! :red_heart: Hi ame!!!¡ Hiiiii  ame muted Ame! Hello!:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: Ameeeeeeee hii ameeee hi ame~!! ah yes, nice bgm Hellow, audio muted. :_ameYay:hullo Ame :_ameYay: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameUhh: muted? ah my braincells  pretty detective Ame muted hewoo Muted btw  ame muted? Mute? hallo~ :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYay::_ameHic3::_ameUUU::_ameTTT::_ameHic2::_ameEEE::_ameLove: muted sup ame cute BGM :_ameHic1::_ameEEE::_ameWWW::_ameWWW::hollow_red_circle::_ameYay::_ameYay: Ame Muted! Helloooo!! Hey Ame :yellow_heart: 華生 oh hi :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameCute: hiiiiiiiiiiiiii:_ameLove::yellow_heart: ameameameameame Hello! lmao hello!!! Hi! hii amee Hello!!!! ame actually muted :_ameHic2::_ameYay: HI Big chungus what are you munching on :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: hi ameee HI AME:yellow_heart: :_ameHic1: :_ameHic2: :_ameYay:  Hello? Thiccccc Hello Ame  ammeeeee Hello there. :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Hiii! lol ahhh coming through now HIII No game btw, just in case HI AME Hi Ame~ :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: 

ame boomer lmao if you downloaded it then its on the wii u menu the wii u sure was a console 

:_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: how many mothers did you "wish" a happy mother's day, Ame? :face_with_tongue: :_ameThink::_ameThink::_ameThink: BGM boppin' Game doko :_ameCry: :_ameZoom: :_ameWWW::_ameHic2::_ameHic2::_ameUUU::_ameHeh: game doko? Elden Ring brain rot :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh:  cute  uuu Time to Investigate :magnifying_glass_tilted_right: rune factory brainrot lol :_ameWWW::_ameHic2::_ameHic2::_ameUUU: From the WiiU there should be a Wii section It's in your pirated games folder 日本人いるぜ :_ameThink: amee doko :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: Gamepad doko ohh right you have to enter the old wii menu  Hi watson :red_heart: Good night everyone :yougotthis: Press X on the Game Pad Ame You need to do it from the Wii U MENU Do a groundpound :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Hello ever one:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: COOL nice :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: Totally prepared :_ame100: :_ameLove::_ameLove: :thinking_face::thinking_face::thinking_face: ask Ina, she's got the magic touch :_ameHeh: Patrick Cop goes WII U WII U WII U ame cute  :_ameCute: that menu seems convoluted  menu doko? :_ameYay::_ameYay:lol :_ameArm2::_ameSalute:DAB hello Ouya stream when? Why the Wii u and not the Wii? :_ameHeh: Box distant ame my beloved :_ameInspect: just a box! hi Ame [ES] Ame:estaba en una caja , deberia estar cargado smol box? 

did you ground pound any moms today? :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: 

yes happy:_ameMMM::hollow_red_circle::_ameMMM:day:_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameHeh: Yes  Happy mothers day I did! Ate lunch with my momma, and got flowers:_ameHeh: :_ameUhh:  :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Ah yes the so called Mario game where you face monsters such as a giant baby pirhana ah, . memories yee :_ameUhh: Thankyou mama ame I miss her :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: lol yay! :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: Yeah, it was good. Happy Mother's Day  LOL Happy mothers day! i did ame, thanks! yeah had lunch with my mom and some cake hey Amelia! enjoy the game! My Mom says Thanks! :_ameEar::_ameUhh::_ameEar: :_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: Nice :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: had a terrible day lmao :_ameEar::_ameYay::_ameEar: Dang, that's a lot to ground pound any mothers in the chat ? Howdy Ame! Nothing beats a ground pound :_ameHeh: happy mother's day! your favorite holiday ame :_ameMMM::_ameUUU::_ameMMM::_ameLove: all of it? :_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameLighto: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: ground pounding Sana? :eyes: not the best, but better now that you're here :_ameYay: Happy mothers day Ame !! Happy mother's day! Can’t hear anything but static  The whole galaxy lol  my body is ready :_ameHeh: tukutukutukutukutukutukutukutukutukutuku :_ameHeh:sasuga Ame connect your nunchuk ame :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: GROUND POUND SANA?? Eh...sorta. But I did have a decent Mother's Day. ground pound galaxy :_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: probably Uhhhh :_ameParty: Happy Mother’s Day! yeah Yes, I bought a cake for my mom.:_ameLove::_ameLove: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: weird sound maybe Happy mothers day! :_ameHeh: おはよう! oh boy :_ameEar::_ameUhh: :_ameEar::_ameEar: :_ameUhh::_ameEar: rip my mother:_ameHeh: :_ameHeh::_ameEar::_ameEar: How was your Mother's Day? Spend time with Mamame? :_ameYay::_ameEar: :_ameEar: :_ameHeh::_ameEar: AND STATIC :_ameEar::_ameHeh::_ameEar: fua :astonished_face: oh no :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameUhh::_ameEar::_ameEar: dear god :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameEar: tukutukutukutukutukutukutukutuku audio crunchy yeah nunchuk doesn't matter as much happy ground pound day:_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: The audio is crackling?  it should be...fine... good sunday :love_you_gesture:, hope you're doing well too mario jumpscare Ground Pound baby audio is really crunchy audio is scuffed :_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: audio crackly audio wack? :_ameEar::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Music is bugging what?! weird crackle In the British places that it's now Monday, mothers day was March 19th. :_ameEar::_ameUhh::_ameLighto: hello ame! LOL so loud Yes We heaar crackling Crackling. audio kinda pooing sound is werid static?  Monday gang here:_ameHeh: audio is choppy oh god the crackle  whew, game is instantly peaking woooooot ground pound ground pound :_ameDed::_ameEar: uhh sound is stuttering Audio is scuffed crispy audio my ears Good now, yes Weird static noises Scuffed audio audio is crackling Crunchy audio There's some static audio crackling its uhh... scuffed sound cracking what! :_ameHeh::_ameEar::_ameEar: crunchty sound Audio crackle. Game Audio sounds werid audio crack game audio is crackling Happy Mother's Day!  Wb investigator! :_ameGator: whats the crackling sound :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: sounds crusty sounds staticky :_ameUhh::_ameEar: Crackly my ear drums sounds fucked up LOL there's a static audio sounds weird:_ameUhh: theres some audio issue audio is crunch Scuffed sound crackly louder:_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: It's kind of crackly. o god that audio gamesound is warbly game audio crackling crackle  Audio is weird there's something weird with the sound audio crackly :_ameUhh: It's crackly volume is fine, but is crackling Happy mothers day!!! oh no the sound is jank  [ES] Ame:hicieron algo bueno hoy ? we took my mom out yesterday uh the audio sounds very cronchy Audio is crackling Sound is crunchy :_ameEar::_ameUhh::_ameEar: some crackling not really got a weird artifact lol Pancakes and gardening! went to a nice restaurant STATIC :_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: cooked dinner for mama I hear static static :_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: The sound is very static. Audio is cracking My mother's day is in the 10th :_ameHeh: Wonky audio I hear crackling 

LMAO :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: NOOOOO :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: 

:_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: you got this! あ i believed :_ameCry: I believe oof :disappointed_face: Oof it's the Wiimote! oh wait... I might have jinxed it... got the hang of it :_ameThink: where is the mario hat? Lots of progress!:_amePray: LOL Go next! F lol :_ameDed: :_ameHeh: Too Bad! :grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face: "Are you fucking kidding Meeeeeeeeeee" Clip THAT had a good rhythm :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: She's starting to believe @froggy yep That was good you got it  You got it :_ameCute: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameDed::_ameDed: lmao :_ameHeh: you can do it this time it was better :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: You can do it ame ok hahaha don't worry, you're getting better :love_you_gesture: Practice run 3! :_ameUhh: doesn't count ok lol Woopes lmao cute it DOES count flick wider maybe? a short flick might not be enough? Ame is playing as Chris Pratt it doesn't count she was platformin :_ameCry:  not enough ground pound Faith  you got this ame, you can do it is that wii ? FIRST TRY!!!!! I know this level was always very hard and frustrating by experience :_ameHeh:  You're getting better #Amebeliever this is the run ey ther watson Doesn’t count, must be Gura Nice hops 

Think of it more like a whipping motion than a flicking motion たまに動かないことあるよね Zero death run this time:_amePray: 

Look at da flick of dat wrist :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: LOL Flick with the shoulder Shake it like you mean it :_ameHeh: You’ll get there Look at the flick of that wrist uh UH! :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: amelia hi  winning soon mario games are so much fun  GO AME GO :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: FLICK IT HARD miyamoto is personally sabotaging your game probably :_ameHeh: just shake it :_ameSad: maybe Hello Ame throw it:_ameHeh: throw your whole arm flick the nunchuk instead hi lol look at the flick of the wrist seems like your new wiimote isn't actually that new LMAO Maybe the nunchuck? Idk :person_shrugging: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_ameHeh: FAQ [ES] Ame:quizas lo movi muy despacio, no tengo mucha fuerta de agarre quizas :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage:almost Gotta be really snappy with it nice save :_ameRage::_ameArm1: close Woooo!! dex user wow nice :_ameHeh: Yeah, that must be it 助かったww Clutch FAQ U Clutch. :_ameRage: go go go Yoooo SAVE saved :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: do it wow lmao Remember Ame, it’s Wingardium Leviosa! Swish and Flick!!!!! LMAO  rage ready you flickin' cool yeah you gotta WHIP IT too weak :crying_face::crying_face::crying_face:? :_amePray:  we can't all be lamata Get Kanata to help? :_ameRage:FAQ Throw it! very close is there a button to do the flip? :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: LMAOOOO :_ameDed: 

ok*2 lol FAQ 

:_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: :_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: FAAAAQ :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: :_ameHeh: :_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: F A Q\ :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: Lmao  :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: Tilted x Hello there, wow Look out she's gonna morb :_ameClown::_ameClown::_ameClown::_ameClown::_ameClown::_ameClown::_ameClown: :_ameUhh::_ameEar::_ameEar: you forgor...again the classic you can do it Ame  ame is morbin out :_ameRage: F :_ameRage::_ameRage:FAAAQ happens to everyone that does the purple coin challenges LOL gg Like a Polaroid picture ITS THE WIIMOTE PING I joined right when you died lol oh god she's morbing:_ameUhh: LMAO try another level? There are worst levels in this game Ame :_ameHeh: rage incoming :_ameUhh: uh oh what is she gonna do :_ameDed::_ameEar: call in brother Watson :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :eyes: Angry Gremlin AWAKEN Ok Ame :red_heart: Just Morb out Ame :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: SHAKE IT amebeliever! faq :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands:you can do it watson:red_heart: Incomes the gremlin noises  ok :_ameHeh: :_ameClown::_ameClown::_ameClown: Guess you just can’t do this one  Ame come back Okie Dokie okay Recalibrate?:_ameInspect: :_ameUhh:she's gonna morb  Wii gonna get destroyed :_ameUhh:  Lol ogey~ :thumbs_up: lmao Is it the sensor? She's gonna go destroy something Looool Ame doko? :_ameCry: Rage quit? :_ameRage: :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: doko? oof that wii menu sound Motion controls are always ass. I hate them. Pain she gotta go fart Ame doko... she's gonna rage off stream AME DOKO??? ragequit lol? AME DOKOOO this lvl is trash even emulated:_ameDed: AME DOKO AME DOKO AME DOKO :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: Ame doko :_ameCry: Ok:_ameHeh: 3D Ame??? morb moment oh no:_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: oki werewolf mode she gone ame doko:_ameCry: doko :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: thanks! She's morbing :grinning_squinting_face: :_ameQQQ::_ameDed: Oh nyo Ame doko?? :loudly_crying_face: :_ameZoom: :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: ame doko ;; AME GREMLIN :_ameSmug::_ameSmug::_ameSmug: Ame dokooooooooooooo Smoll ame? set up your gamer skills Uh oh:_ameUhh: she's morbing Ame doko Bar below screen Smol Ame time? Ame gone :_ameDed: Ame doko? Idol sneeze meeting! Door-kun WATCH OUT :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh:okay she queuein in Apex Ok dokie okay:_ameSalute::_ameSalute: :_ameLighto::_ameDed::_ameLighto: okkk Mute :_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameLighto: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: 

:_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: smol :_ameCry:AME DOKO? 

:_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3::_ameHic1::_ameAAA::_ameTTT: ame doko :_ameDed::_ameDed: hi :_ameLighto::_ameSmug: Ame doko¿ :_ameLighto::_ameCry::_ameLighto: Just got here. What'd I miss? mom ame doko??:_ameCry::_ameCry: ame dokooo Ame doko??  ame doko:_ameCry: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: sometimes you just gotta morb out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: Ame doko? AME DOKO :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: ame pee Aqau bgm A M E D O K O  controllers be bullying:_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE: Doko ?? :_ameCry:Ame:_ameCry:DOKO:_ameCry: cam ame doko!!! I just joined mom I'm scared :_ameDed::_ameGun1::_ameHeh: just arrived, has she been live for how long?? :_ameGator::_ameArm1: :_ameDed: ame back :loudly_crying_face: Ame dokooooooooo :_ameInspect::_ameInspect::_ameInspect: :_ameGator::_ameGator::_ameGator: :_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: :_ameThink:  I miss Ame :_ameSad: i wish ame was back Ame:_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: ame dokooooo :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: :_ameBee::_ameBee: Ame 3D Ame maybe? I still remember her voice... :loudly_crying_face: Ame Doko? :_ameCry::_ameCry: I hear ame Ame doko:loudly_crying_face: Kiara secretly steal her away :_ameCry::_ameCry: aqua bgm music Ame? :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: Oh hi, gonna watch the vod since sleepyness is a mf, have fun Ame Sadness... sad... 

:_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: Ameeeee Dokoooo Ame doko? 

incoming 3D? Idk Brisket Man :_ameCry: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: WHERE DID SHE GO :_ameSad: :_ameCry::_ameCry: Ame Doko? mana woy :_ameLighto::_ameDrool::_ameLighto: Ame doko:_ameCry: who is ame? Ame Doko can you help find this missing ame i miss her so much :_ameDed: god it's been so long :pleading_face: ame doko:_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: ame is hiding:_ameInspect: :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE:doko ame doko AME DOKO :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: smol take over :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry:a-am-ame doko :_ameDed::_ameGun1::_ameCool::_ameGun2::_ameDed: Amelia Dokoson :sleeping_face:  :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: shes setting up something, unsure of what however :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: ame doko :_ameDed:  hmmmm? I hope we get smol ame! !? ame bringing out the hands Ame :_ameZoom: Ame doko :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: I hear something Doko?  :eyes:!!! :_ameCry::_ameDed::_ameCry::_ameDed::_ameCry::_ameDed: :_ameZoom: footsteps:_ameEar: No thoughts :_ameDrool: Head empty :_ameDrool: Maybe she’s setting up handcam to show the flick?:_ameZoom: :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: :_ameTOTO::_ameWWW::_ameAAA: Smol.Ame.?????? Ame doko ame doko:_ameCry: did she raged? Smol Ame to the rescue? sounds? lol Ame dokooo I hear noises small ame incoming? I MISS HER :_ameDed::_ameDed: AME DOKOOO Where she go? What do? :_amePray: is it an idol meeting? AMEDOKO? :loudly_crying_face: AME Doko? :_ameInspect::_ameInspect: ame doko :crying_face::sad_but_relieved_face: AME DOKO?! :_ameCry:ame doko ame? uhhh what is going on? :_ameEar::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: Is that a door I'm hearing? Feel better? Ame doko¿ 

AmE DoKo :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: Ame doko??:_ameSad: 

:loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: Perhaps she's setting up a Morbius shrine to channel to channel the power of Morb? ame doko? ame doko... :_ameUhh: It has been a decade since Ame left us :sad_but_relieved_face: Ame went to the store to get milk :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: ame doko ;v; :eyes: Wii got rekt :_ameDed:  :_ameUhh:/ Ded :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: noo ame doko ?  ame doko SOMETHING IS ON THE OTHER SIDE :_ameBubba:? Think I heard a door! Guys act normal! She is gone forever :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: :_ameZoom: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :_ameDrool: It's been 5 years since we've seen Ame...  is the world ending :astonished_face: AmE DokO Ame wa raibu o kakushimasu?  she's setting up 3d now hi where? :_ameClown::_ameGun2::_ameClown: Donde esta ame ameeeeeeee super morb galaxy It's time to move on, chat. Ame is gone... :_ameThink::_ameMMM::_ameMMM: Ame Cute Doko? :yellow_heart: diner show up or something chat is lost without ame :grinning_squinting_face: Ame dō yatte :_ameBubba::_ameCry: ame?  Wait, she has been gone for awhile... :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: :loudly_crying_face: AMW DOKO Ảm  Aqua bgm bwain no fell good  Ame doko?:loudly_crying_face: ame doko:_ameCry: she's punching holes in the drywall AME DOKO :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: :_ameDed: Ame doko :loudly_crying_face: its been 2 years since no ame :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :_ameUhh::_ameGun2: She's moving in an old CRT set, lol :_ameHeh: :_ameZoom:? ame I miss u :loudly_crying_face: please come back. be patient, it takes a lot of setup to go full morb :_ameCry: doko im scared アメちゃんどこー? 3D ame??:_ameThink::_ameThink: *ahem... Ame doko? shes probably giving our moms a ground pound as a mothers day gift don't worry she'll be back:_ameHeh: Losing blood:_ameDed: tiny ame noise:_ameZoom: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: wryyyyy Amee Dokooooo? ame doko..? I think maybe Smol Ame got her... 2nd intro lets go Ame doko? :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: bubba go get ame! :_ameRgb::_ameRgb::_ameRgb: 

:_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: maybe she's getting her other mic to be far away from the sensor Ame doko? 

:_ameEEE::_ameAAA::_ameTTT::_ameEEE::hollow_red_circle::_ameTTT: ame doko? :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: ame maybe is here :_ameBee::_ameBee::_ameBee: 3D for technique; that's what I'm saying chat:_ameThink: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: someone is going to take this stream! ahhhhh Collect all the purple coins :purple_circle: Ame doko rage closet Ame Ame doko? :,( I don’t know if she’s coming back… aaaammeeeeeeeeeee :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: Ame Doko Man seeing the Wii again is so nostalgic  She went to the store and isn't coming home. morbing time?  :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: wtf I just came:_ameSad: :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: Ame doko? Maybe it's the bootleg nunchuck?:smirking_face: she went out to buy a new controller :_ameDed: :_ameLighto::_ameCry::_ameLighto: Ameeeeeee! :_ameSad::_ameArm1::_ameConc: Ame Doko? Ame doko?:loudly_crying_face: Ame went to get Ina milk, she’ll be back chat we must become Ame wait if she really set up 3d to prove she shakes the wii remote that would be great :_ameArm2::_ameCry::_ameArm1: :_ameArm2::_ameDrool::_ameArm1:doot guys pls don't give up on your hope, she'll be back  :_ameWWW::_ameAAA::_ameHic1::_ameUUU::_ameUUU: Smol Ame kidnapped Ame:_ameSmug::_ameGun2::_ameCry: ame doko ame doko ame dokooooooo :_ameCry:  :_ameCry::_ameCry: Any moment now :_ameDed::_ameDed: its not a good idea to leave us alone o7 ame doko ame's a real one, dropping the stream to fulfill her daily morbius watchalong quota Ame doko:_ameCry: is she going to set up the 3d model? :_amePray::_amePray::_ameSad: I miss her so much:_ameDed: ameeee doko :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameCry: :_ameDed::_ameSad::_ameCry: ame doko :loudly_crying_face: :_ameClown::_ameGun2::_ameDrool: :_ameDrool::_ameDrool: Chat, stop sounding desperate. She'll be back...r-right? she will be back! give her some time.:_amePray::_ameYay: ame? :_ameArm2::_ameDrool::_ameArm1: ame dokoo :_ameArm2::_ameClown::_ameArm1: :_amePopcorn: Ameeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

La creatividad……. this is just a way to make more excuses isn't it handicam :_ameYay: 

:_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: middle of screen :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: Hand Reveal (not clickbait)?! sushi we can finally witness desk-kun getting abused!! Ame Welcome back Ame. Lol is that sushi??? Hi ame WHOA nice hand cam!! :_ameArm2: :_ameRage::_ameArm1:  I don't remember my wiimote looking like that... this music.... :_ameArm2::_ameArm2::_ameDrool: cute hands :_ameCute::_ameCute::_ameCute: Oooooh Amelia Genius Watson :_ameHic1::_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameHic3::_ameAAA::_ameMMM: :_ameHeh: :_ameArm2::_ameArm2: ayo??? Now this is content:_ameCool: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: oo :_amePopcorn::_amePopcorn::_amePopcorn: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Hands :_ameZoom: Feet Cam next :_ameHeh: :_ameArm1::_ameArm1::_ameArm2: HAND CAM! hi ameeeeee おお! wow AME CUTE~~ Yosh! new wiimote = sushi pretty handy :_ameArm1::_ameArm1: Kimbap controllers No we’re gaming do the funny gesture, Ame! handcam? ame be gaming for real now Sushi roll will get us through this did you get real one :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: noice feetcam! Kimbap!! ame cute:_ameLove::_ameLove: Nice controllers cool :eyes: yummy controllers sushi controller wii maki:_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: Very creative Ame tasty wii controller nice:_ameHeh: Nice wii motes :hand_with_fingers_splayed::hand_with_fingers_splayed: okaeri ye yey ye They look tasty:3 ame those are not wii controllers What about a feet cam? more Sushi……? edible wii cons :drooling_face: lol nice Capital H plis they arent connected to each other :_ameHeh: we can see ame's office:_ameZoom: no wonder they don't work, those are sushi rolls :_ameArm2::_ameArm1: hands :eyes: hi ame :_ameArm2: wii sushis :thinking_face: wiimote sushi edition handicam :_ameArm2::_ameYay::_ameArm1: thats sushi :raised_hand::camera: Shake those Sushis Ame :_ameArm1:  no wonder they dont work :eyes::eyes::eyes: Oh this won't be abused by the Internet ooohhh Kimbap wii controllers? creative genius! Tensai!!!! they dont look official ame I MISS HER :_ameArm2::_ameHeh::_ameArm1: \:yellow_heart:/ yoshikage kira's wet dream Bgm loud /mic quite  no wonder they don't work The rare sushi-cons :sushi::sushi::sushi: standard issue wiimote and nunchaku whoa ame has hands Ame's hands BOTTOM LEFT confirmed Cute Ame:yellow_heart: Nah they're sushiimotes :_ameHeh: lmao  :_ameEEE::_ameAAA::_ameTTT: :_ameUhh: :_ameArm2::_ameRgb::_ameArm1: no wonder why you're having problems, it's food! :_ameGator::_ameArm1: I can’t believe she’s actually dressed like Amelia irl!! maybe its not working since you're using a maki roll those controllers look delicious, where can i buy them :_ameYay: La creatividad  welcome new investigator~! :red_heart:  hi [ES] Ame:ok intentemos una vez mas, tengo que reajustar mi monitor Hello Ame technology hand cam :eyes::eyes: Where did you buy it?? Handcam, LOL! :_ameDed::_ameDed: handcam lets gooooo oo nice handcam "unregistered hypercam 2" Ame, I think I know why your Wii controllers aren't working... Welcome :_ameGator: welcome back Ame I'm ready to see ame throw her controller on table LOL :_ameArm2::_ameGator::_ameArm1: i think the problem is you're using sushi as controllers... silly detective those aren't wiimotes, those are sushi  Ame  Lol bootleg Wii controllers are actually sushi mash-cam LFG :_ameArm2::_ameDrool::_ameArm1: :_ameGator::_ameGator: 

김밥? where did you get your custom sushimotes? :rofl:  

:eyes: Let's go! You can beat this! :_ameArm2::_ameHeh::_ameArm1: :_ameUhh: welcome new :_ameArm2::_ameGator::_ameArm1: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: sushi? :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Sushi Controller sushiimote 教室で太巻きをふりまわすアメちゃん rip desk kun he gonna die soon or later hey wait those aren't wiimotes 김밥 2줄 입갤 Ame is so creative lol sushi wii controller ?? clicking monitor buttons :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: This is incredible :_ameHeh: :_ameArm2::_ameDrool::_ameArm1: Her fingers went THROUGHH Lol, I come back and there’s a hand cam? This is hilariously awesome and creative AF LOL Have you watch the evil dead movies:thinking_face: wait is that sushi? :_ameHeh: You are incredible:_ameYay: Hand cam:) handcam what a beautiful hand Now you can’t cheat chocolate wiimote Sushi Roll controllers LOL :_ameArm2::_ameYay::_ameArm1: :_ameGator::_ameArm1: Going to this extent for the truth the mark of a true detective.:_ameCool: ame ur wii remote looks a lot like a soda can You're playing with sushis, that's the problem :elbowcough: la creatividad strikes once again wii motes are made of SUSHI??!!1 what was that :_ameUhh: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYay: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: HANDS :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :_ameArm2::_ameGator::_ameArm1: :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: Memories of Senran Kagura :_ameArm2::_ameSmug::_ameArm1: Woahhh :_ameUhh:  Not sushi, kimbap ame:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: Ame is so galaxy brain :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh:  :_ameHeh: sushi rolls aren't wiimotes blessed Ame did you really need to do this? I already trusted you when you said that the controller didn't work since that type of mechanism his finicky at best...:grinning_face_with_sweat: Hi Ame:yellow_heart: :_ameBubba: The Sushii-mote SushiMotes Oh thats the problem those are not controller :rice_ball::rice_ball::rice_ball: don destroy that sushi ame すし wow that tracking That's a nice candham cute distant ame LA CREATIVIDAD is back wii bar can you do bananas? Sushiimote i like how the wiimotes are sushi ame is holding two thick, long and black ... lol Wii!!!! You gonna eat that Ame? handcam lets gooo Sensor bar doko? Is that a reflection on the DESK???!!!! kimbap??? 

:_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: lmao same 

:_ameSad: i bet you won't stop playing this truly is the peak of technology That is even worse :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameCry::_ameCry: you can do it lol :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_ameHeh: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: Both. aaaameeeeeeee :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: :_ameUhh: jerk it side to side isn't :eyes: For real From my past experience, FLICKing SIDEWAYS by the WRIST results in better registration D: D: :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry:nooo smooth next time ehh? :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Ohh much better LOL O_O_O_O_O_ mood understandable What :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: Ha ha... :pleading_face: emotional damage  same lol Stop trying :_ameDed: Oh noooo Okay:_ameCute: that is why it shows... ok that is what is say its side to side SIDE TO SIDE O7 Amelia lmao try it the thing is wrong :_ameHeh: this star is optional GO Ame Go Please don't get too mad you're too beautiful to be mad yes it did shake it side ways Ohhhh, YOU GOT THIS i love you Yes thats what it says I remember getting stuck on this one for awhile years ago :astonished_face: It does :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameBee: Wich direction are you shaking it???? i think i see you spin everytime you shake Best Song in the game! remote bar battery low? yes I forgot her Wiimote had problems. I didn;t know that there was sushi roll wiimotes Yes good luck! Now i have to watch this Ame, this is too AUTISTIC :_ameYYY::_ameEEE:S It is sideways wdym lol But this level is my favourite.:_ameCry: Mood Ame tell me what is a flick? lol a little side to side flick of the wrist does the job fine yeah sideways Lol count me in I did sideways when I played :_ameHeh:  see yeah Just don't panic Ame :_ameCry: this image is a TOP DOWN view of the controller like that left to right yes picture is side to side try in a circle handcam? Yeah its normal Those are pretty weak tho side to side AME :3 Oh no literally the image *pro gamer noises* PLS Not down i stopped trying years ago not down Ame, you've been through a lot, maybe you should take a break.  :_ameGator::_ameArm1: Ame the innovator  Timer ame ... Keep going Omg Ame..... Yes! BRUH AME down is bad 

Brain.exe has stopped working That counted :disappointed_face: it's okay to overcompensate on the waggle, since the cooldown is there :_ameHeh: 

[ES] Ame:tengo un motivo por el cual es dificil,pero no voy a decirlo :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Sure Ame :_ameHeh: ok I won't say it :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Skill issue :slightly_smiling_face: shes in the suit :_ameUhh: Suuuuure lmao ame cute :_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: Skill issue :_ameHeh: booba X What’s your reason Ame? if there's a cooldown, just shake 2 times to be certain :_amePray::_amePray: PLEASE GROUND POUND MY MOM WATSON Brain overcooking say it:_ameHeh: Heyya Ame :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: Its the ping LOL it's the ping from the brain to the hands is it the equipment:_ameHeh: Hi, everyone :_amePopcorn::_amePopcorn::_amePopcorn: its oaky ame we believe :_ameSad: :_ameHeh: yeah cause youre using sushi rolls  Hands too small literally a game for children :_ameHeh:  she's using sushi! it's a handicap It's fine :_ameThink::_ameThink: Your skill at games? kappa Go watson%%, GO AME GO ames got reasons chill shake shake It's ok Ame. You got this! perfect :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: nice nicee There you go! Because you're playing with sushi oh? could that reason be whats causing this? lol have you tried using Wiimote instead of sushi? u got this Watson! just a bit more!!! :v :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: maybe try spinning? lol  Ame is gaming I saw lolol Ooh she gamin hand cam is such a good idea :red_heart: Whelp :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: ye i see 

only buff kids are allowed in Nintendo cool club :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: VIVA LA AMELIA!! :red_heart:  

Which one *does* count? so close That shouldn't be a problem lol Ame got this :_amePray:  gotta work out for proper wiimoting A Master is not bound by his tools Guys, I do believe that one doesn't count :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Try holding your arm still and just move wrist, maybe…? baby game WHAT THE i wish i was one of those sushi rolls..... LOL :_ameHeh: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: LMAOOOO 1UPが置いてあるのやさしい That was crsazy Laugh you can always stop and come back to it later does the controller have the wii motion plus? FLICK using the WRIST may result in better registration LMAO :_ameDed::_ameDed: LMAOOO :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: you did it so late :_ameHeh: F LOOOOL i seen it なんでぇええ FAQA :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh:  :_ameCute:  bruhhhh lmao :_ameHeh:  I SAW IT you are innocent lmao :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: That was definitely game :_ameDed: LMAOO lol LMAOOOOO :_ameUhh::_ameHeh: LMAO  ROFL Silly Lol you're shaking it downwards :_ameHeh: too bad :_ameClown::_ameClown::_ameClown: :_ameInspect::_ameInspect: why is this game so rage indcing? oof LOL  :_ameCute: Like one big drum smack go next FA:_ameQQQ: the rage bouncing :_ameHeh:  one more time:_ameHeh: Stop. Panicking. Detective. flick it please, Ame agitated hand movements* the detect odd LOOOL I can see you your legs raging lmao ame... nani lol tas ame Maybe move the sensor bar? Idk baby game.... 

pain :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :yougotthis: 

she's gaming :_ameInspect: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: the vod can not be checked its not posted :_ameSalute: Looks like it's efectively registered at the start of the jump please at need a death count clip CLIPPERS Mario's just lazy man lol instant replay damn, but it was nice seeing you get so far flick the wrist ame:_ameHeh: check the VOD looooool:_ameHeh: Need:_ameBee: HI CLIPPERS its all there in black and white :_ameDed::_ameDed: She's gonna go back and edit the vod Sometimes it doesn't move lol :_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: I can see you shake it up and down instead of flicking it to the side Clippers its up to you elden ring is easier than tthis level :_ameUhh: check the replay! Oh there will be clips... We will :_ameHic2::_ameHic3::_ameHeh: try a side to side motion! the ame grindset :_ameHic2::_ameHic3: we must review the cctv footage :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: :_ameLighto: :_ameYay::_ameLighto: There seems to be a bit of a delay between the handcam and the gameplay.:_ameThink: Ame giving the anxiety going for extra coins :_ameHeh: narrator: we will not see it in the clip Immortalized on clip as evidence  lol :grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat: :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :raising_hands: LAMOSOA Heya Ame!  Clippers clip this :_ameZoom: :_ameUhh: :_amePray::_amePray: stop moving ur arm; just ur wrist Lmao ka zumi i'm waiting for that clip !!! I'll see that in the replay too [ES] Ame:fijense la replay, ok ese no cuenta  totally counts 

:_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: Go Full Morb to beat it ame is angwy .. 

ww type type ame its side to side movement.... :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face:  :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: the 3d makes this so much better :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: :_ameUhh: :_ameHeh::_ameEar: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: dont forget guys... we're here forever Broke your hand in anger lmao :_ameEar::_ameUhh::_ameEar: :_ameUhh:dont break your hand ouch Lmao :_ameHeh: LMFAO I unironically believe every word says because she's perfect and can do no wrong:_ameHeh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: lmao :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: HAH! :_ameZoom: :_ameTTT: :_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: こんにちは More wrist, ame! lol T her little hands shaking when she's mad oh my god :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face:  May be adjust the sensitivity of remote? Ah, one of her gremlin screams, I never caught one live before show us full 3D please  :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: nice clock :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3: These mario ambitions... GIT MORBD :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: u broke ur hand??:_ameUhh::_ameUhh: and ur gonna fix it? fyaaeeeeaaaaaaaauuck Hic use your wrist its only game why u have to be mad? hic HIC cute noises :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3::_ameHic3: imagine raging so hard you break your hand :_ameUhh: IT DIDNT DO IT I SAW Broke her wrists  Gremlin rage funner is 3D Try shaking it horizontally live hand reaction hardcore SHE MORBIN looking Amelia...stop and do another level this one is broken for now probably bigger and harder You should listen to chat--chat is an expert at that quick, wrist jerking motion like a horizontal chop Don't worry Ame, this is entertaining mario + ame = rage Be careful with your hands :_amePray::_amePray: Are you pointing the control forward too Ame? Are you flicking it down or sideways? LOL :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: The subtle side look, then the hand rage. Chefs kiss lol :_ameHic1: :_ameHic2: :_ameHic3:  did you get the real remotes Put these ambitions to rest 

Nice legs bro cute! :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: 

dayum, nice leg! :_ameInspect: :_ameInspect: why are you in a school? yes freezy flake Haunted! I can't believe Ame is not a real gamer... Ame leg :eyes: Nice:_ameZoom: haunty hall seem fun Haunt legs yes :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameHeh: Haunted Halls :eyes: legs i like freezy flake Ghost house looking respectfully Freezy :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: Legs The top one looks wild haunted halls That's cute lake haunty halls FREEZE no need to apologize for legs haunted halls HAUNTY Haunty Halls hauntedddd are you really a cartoon :_ameZoom:  haunted! Spooky ghosts DON'T LOOK VHAT leg :eyes: :_ameClown::_ameClown::_ameClown: Freezy flake legs ame? freezy Cute! freezy time Frezzy Lake Thigh haunted house Haunted halls you can choose WoW Kawaii Freezy flake is more relaxing  Frezzy thigh cam bonus! LETS GOOOOO Freezer Flake leg? We'll do them both eventiually ) Ghost town? cute:_ameLove: i wish i was desk-kun Ice level music is the best. I've never gotten this far in the game haunted hall is fun try out haunty :leg:  :_ameHeh: 10/10 gamer posture Leg leg HAUNTED Lake Haunted lags good Danty legs Haunty leg yes haunted hills Halls L e g s hey ame!  Haunted  THIGH  leggy falls:_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: legs:_amePray: THIGHS All the homies love haunty falls go to leg :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh:legs? xin chào ame:waving_hand: :leg: Ame is playing games at school Leg Came boomei time good :ok_hand: wingardium leviosa ame spooky:_ameUhh: Leg Cam T H I G H  haunted place  :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: leg level lady piernasus :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Yes Leg A woman of class oml this chat is really active Yes. Leg. Spooky ghosts scare me. :_ameWWW::_ameAAA::_ameHic1::_ameUUU::_ameUUU::_ameYay: True gamer posture :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: I hope its not tooo scary 

tummy cam :_ameZoom:  Tummy cam Upskirt Cam :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: 

looking respectfully ice levels always have good music sushi wii-mote? interesting tummyu :_ameHic4: Ameeeeee :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameZoom: Let's gooo i have this game this fun  Cute! Put camera where your head would be and face it down respectfully :_ameZoom: perfect When well you quit being filler and start stealing show, Ame:smiling_face_with_horns: cute clock cam Nice clock  nice clock Cute:_ameLove::_ameLove: hey bro, nice clock Ame POV cam when tummy cam tskr:_amePray: :_ameTTT::_ameUUU::_ameMMM::_ameMMM::_ameYYY::_ameZoom: no more thighs?:_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry:thighs doko Show clock:_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: the proposal angle :ring: Nice clock bro Nice clock bro! Nice clock No more zettai ryouiki:_ameSad: :_ameCute::_ameCute::_ameCute: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameHeh: :elbowcough: physiiiiics. :_ameTummy::_ameTummy::_ameTummy: :_ameTTT::_ameUUU::_ameMMM::_ameMMM::_ameYYY::_ameYay: The WHAT 可悲大集合 Nice Clock bro Zucchini controllers? :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: Has anyone told you you’re adorable today? :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: belly button your issue is cause you using sushi and not wiimote :eyes::eyes::eyes: Now we can see the tummy hort in real time Clock cam :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: watch-cam :_ameTummy: nice clock bro Clock cam???  :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: HAND!? :_ameTummy:Cam tummy cam when :_ameTTT::_ameUUU::_ameMMM::_ameMMM::_ameYYY: Clockcam Well there’s your problem, your using sushi as controllers. Pros know you use egg rolls for superior detection. :virtualhug: Clock Cam Cuz you are adorable  :_ameTTT::_ameUUU::_ameMMM::_ameMMM::_ameYYY::_ameTummy::_ameTummy::_ameTummy: nice clock:_ameCool: :_ameTTT::_ameUUU::_ameMMM::_ameMMM::_ameYYY::_ameHeh: you watch is broken Ah I love this music fire and ice nice Clock cam! im here for the Wii Controllers RIP my dudes you were gone too soon :_ameTummy::video_camera: Please don't be mad at the game I have faith that you'll defeat it defeated you're beautiful you're awesome I love you Amelia 

:_ameHeh::_ameHeh: what about 2d ame on top of 3d ame:_ameZoom: no wink :_ameSad: 

:_ameHeh: :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: armpitt Just close both eyes, lol :_ameTTT::_ameUUU::_ameMMM::_ameMMM::_ameYYY::_ameHic3::_ameAAA::_ameMMM: blessed timing Nice:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: nice  Wink! ; D tummy cam @PZenny I confirm LOL :red_heart: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Can you put 2D ame on top of the HandCam Ame lol :_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: lmao :_ameHeh::_ameEar: Lmao :_ameHeh::_ameEar::_ameEar: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameEar: :_ameUhh::_ameEar::_ameUhh: :_ameEar::_ameHeh::_ameEar: OH MY GAWD lol :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: LMAO lmao Nice dub :_ameCute: :_ameUhh::_ameEar: :_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameHeh: :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: A letter to a baby? Amelia Toadson :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: Nice voice acting Rosalina? Lmaoooo Toadson, my beloved pog letter from Mama that toad voice is terrible and accurate ame best va I love Toad voice so much Lmao Toad :_ameLove::_ameLove: Tskr :_ameHeh::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: cute voice:_ameLove: lmao gremlin VA やっぱキノピオなんだよなあ!:_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: I wonder who that could be..... :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameLove:Toad Ame :_ameEar: cute > < WOW Wow! Rosalina my beloved lmaooo aaaa cute :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: :_ameHic3::_ameUUU::_ameTTT::_ameEEE::_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: 

o7*9 :_ameSalute::_ameSalute::_ameSalute: :_ameLighto::_ameGator::_ameLighto: 

:_ameEEE::_ameAAA::_ameTTT::_ameUhh::_ameHic3::_ameHic1::_ameAAA::_ameTTT: :_ameLighto::_ameGator::_ameLighto:  bye Amee :magic_wand::crocodile::magic_wand::yellow_heart: later investigator :_ameLighto::_ameGator::_ameLighto::_ameLighto::_ameGator::_ameLighto: :_ameLighto: :_ameGator: :_ameLighto:  bye bye Ame bye :custard::custard::custard::_ameGator::_ameGator::_ameGator: :_ameInspect::_ameInspect::_ameInspect: 07 bye ame :_ameLighto::_ameGator: :_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameLighto: :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: ame raid time lmao :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE: Take care! :_ameUhh: :custard::_ameArm2::_ameGator: :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: Bye Ame o7:yellow_heart: :_ameSalute::_ameSalute: :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet: :_ameLighto::_ameGator::_ameGun2: :_ameParty::_ameParty: wame doko BYE AME I LOVE YOU flan I wonder if ame will play mafia this coming week:_ameThink: :washhands::washhands:gracias por el stream Ame! :_ameConc::_ameHeh::_ameConc: :trumpet::_ameGator: :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: ILoveYou:_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameLove: THANKS FOR THE STREAM AME :_ameLighto::_ameGator::_ameLighto:  :_ameBee::_ameBee::_ameBee: :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: Thank you for the stream, Ame! Have a safe and wonderful day! :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameLove: bye amee:yellow_heart::yellow_heart: bye everyone o7 LATERS CHAT Byeee o7 :yellow_heart: good night ame:_ameCute::_ameArm1: :_ameSalute: