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mommy A Sana Zoo 

:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: MINECRAFT MOMMY :_GuraMM::_GuraMM: from neverland Sana needs a guardian :_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: Go to Mumei house company who is this sassy lost child ? hahahaha :_GuraMM: MINECRAFT MOMMY LOL haha Minecraft mommy :_GuraAA: mommy:_GuraMM:  gura mommy ? gura is unhinged :face_with_tears_of_joy: MOMMY GURA :_GuraMM::_GuraMM: mommy? :_GuraMM: hi gura mommy? no adults here to guide you, sana mommy :_GuraMM: :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: mum :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Gura Mommy?!!? mommy shark:_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: :_RedOwO: Gura mommy!! but sana IS mommy :grinning_squinting_face: sassy lost child Gura is more like the daughter Gura was mother last time mommy Gura she's on the treehouse lmao mc mommy uh oh mama guwa?? Gura is mom now?:_GuraMM: lol MMMOOOOOMMMMM :flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face: no mommy spam chat Mommy:_GuraMM: Mommy Shork :_GuraMM:  Can we have a AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????  goomba mum its gonna get clipped Gura Mommy today. Time to yeet Sana  mommy sorry mommy now im lost:_GuraWat: oh:_GuraMM: Good on you, Gurandma :_gurapat: Mommy gurandma Mommy Gooba:_GuraMM: Gura mommy:_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Mommy Gura:_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Wibu MOMMY GURA Lol :flushed_face::flushed_face: sup Mommy gura confirmed Gura's Sana's Sugar Mommy who is this lost sassy mother? Gura mommy :_GuraMM:  Mommy :_GuraMM::red_heart: Small shark messes with space! More at 11. Gura Mommy? :flushed_face: Guwa Mommy?! lol, maybe I'm still asleep? !!!!! siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i want join pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee minecraft mommy ara ara Saaanaa:_GuYum: LOL gura guiding someone in minecraft? this is trouble. This is one child leading another child. Only bad things can happen. hi guraa mommy goomba mommy Gura:_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: :hugging_face: sports uniforms hello sananana hola Hi Gawr :waving_hand: lmao Yeah Sana and Gura! smol mommy Cuuuuute I thought Sana was sneaking up on Gura Sports Sana and Shork. gura adopts yet another minecraft child :shrimp:  sana still in sports fest mode :_GuraLOL: LOL sports festival never ends  Sports Fes what a sassy mom sana cute I need help on waking up mama mommy LMAO yep still got sports event attire mommy gura Sugar mommy Shark IKZ!  :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM:  :face_without_mouth: Mommy shark do do do do do do :_BlueLight::_EBI::_RedLight: 

enchantment table + pickaxe/book you need to buy a book at phenexton Hi shark 

silkyboi in phoenixton has your hookup trade with MELON you have the pick named "soft hands" You need a book(leather+paper) 52 emerald no Somewhere probably somewhere i dont remember  silkyboi in phoenixton should give u the silky book check your boxes over by pantsu express Are you sure  SharkSoSilky Unless Ame took it :_GuraHAHA: trade diamond pickaxe and silktouch u cant combine silk touch with fortune sadly Check your home Gura just get a book Grab a book too idk good of gura to give exposure to these little known indie games maybe shark house? Нет silky boi :tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent::tent: да can phoenixton trade silktouch? halo bang IRySoSilky:tired_face: need lot emerald hello gura hat house? Super Silky Shark She forgor already Hi Shark :shark: silk touch wat? Teach her how Есть Silkyboi in pheonixton @Advercher Oh, I see thx Gura nyooming Get Gura that 4mil subs ASAP. Share the word. Feed the Shawrk! Gura I love you~! :red_heart:  Gura you may need levels hi gura, hi chat нет mommy is going on an errand :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: bring empty book potentially with our directionally challenged shark  good morning shork I keep forgetting sana is in hololive  no get a book put your armor gura is that sana? Check your shoulker boxes trade melons for emeralds then trade emeralds for book Gura's delivery express service Shark is So Silky theres silk touch at phoenixton armor gura past your haunted village SOFT HANDS AT YOUR HOUSE?? the only fast is the time it takes for you to get lost put ur armor on guwa 

Gura is million-year-old granny? Oh nyo! wait if sana 3 where did she grow to have big booba Gura is -9 

silky booooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii too late for that sana :_GuraMM: was that "I am too" or "I am 2" onechan Gura is a lost child on airport after all Hello  mommy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo damn this world is crazy Gura Gura makes a lot of yabe jokes for a three year old. little sniffers imagine sana is physically 3 don't lol  poseidon't :_guWAT::_guWAT: chat: processing all this talk of Coral makes me crave faces. LOL KEKW Inaff Posiedon't ICE?? Actually, Sana is only 13.8 (Billion) years old Poseidon't Need "silkyboi" UWU  :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: lol the names i still havent found senawas new channel lmao Sana isn’t space a timeless concept? am I late? Have a good stream Goomba~! :red_heart:  Goobla :_guWAT: UwU Hello Gura~ uwu uWu :chillwcat: uwu!!! Hi cute sharky  UwU? UwUh ..... huh? Uwuh poseidon´t :grinning_squinting_face:  Uwu lol uwuh DANG SHAWN MENDEZ? UwU:_GuraAA: YeS UWU lmaoo SHEEEEEEESH lmaooooo baby gura 草 :_GurNya::_GurNya: Buzz Uwuuuh :_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya: The noise oh nyoo cringeeeeee uwe Uwu :_GurNya: uWu! :_GurNya: UWUh Lol what UwU:_GuraSame: UwU:_GurNya: those names lmaooooo Poseidon't UwU UwU :_GurNya: lmao Shawn Mendez Awua UwU! uwu:_guWAT:  Buzz Lightyear  uweh uwu:_GurNya: Need Book! buy a bookshelf and break for books ù w ú :_guWAT: that cheap UWUH that was familiar  Uwah a STEAL you have 52! WHAT A DEAL and one book WHAT A STEAL 

Yeaaaaaa watashi no RRAMA desu pingus 

Ping is a cruel god She always has Hello gura :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: oh nyo :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: :_gurapat::_gurapat: Nicee o no Snipe the bots! Semper fi! 5 days isnt long enough probably, I'd say do like 3 months sub mode woo :_EBI::thumbs_up: It's the ping! :_GuraAA: gura forgor Let's go no more bots! she forgor sub mode pog 草 you can wear your armour to get extra space Hers is set to 2 weeks Uwu  uw Pingus i think everyone has it on . fuck bots its fine Llamas are immortal just hit it! :face_with_tongue: ADIOS BOTS!! Nice one Gura yes it is a good idea given recent events nice bgm 1 billion years subs YES I SUB NO FKIN BOTS the clannad song is stuck in my head Begone BOTS POG Nice lucky I'm a subscriber since before debut :face_savoring_food::blue_heart::shark:... :purple_heart::wolf: deleted hallo :_EBI::_EBI::_EBI: Bye bots. nice  :_GuraHAHA: nice choice gura ooooo speen is anyone 44 years old here?? nice gura never clear from the bot invasions speeeeeeeen those goddamn bots, I hope not another Kobo situation happens :_OHH::_NYO: Took out one bot here. Spinning UwU lmao SPEEN UwU sadge UwU 5 days is fine speeeen uwu git rekt bots wow dango Speeeeeen :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA:  Seems like it was mostly a south east Asia problem, but it doesn't hurt to be safe Give it a bit longer Goomba Boat is good bye bye bots hi:sparkles: Good sharkk :_GurNya: always leave it on Sub mode time woo sub mode uh oh, are bad bots chatting? Nice going Gura Hey look you’re winning. It be a shame if you have a PING - the game get hecked bots :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: Nice one goomba SPEEEEEEN Get life bot You have no power here stinky lewd bot he's hanging on top there 44 year subs:_GuraLOL: Ladder clutch  SPEEEEEEEN TwT UWUWUUUUWUW final wave, good luck feels to good to be a shrimp speen uWu 

X*2 :_RedGura::_RedGura::_RedGura: gooooooooooooooooooooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

LOL hi Kiara LMAO classic Goomba hi Kiwawa :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: lmao oh hi kiwawa TENCHOUUUUU lead the boat! kiwawa? THAT WAS EVIL Gura the Bully Senpai Returns :_GuraHAHA: Hewwo Kiara! KIARA! :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Hiya, Kiwawa tenchou no bully  :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: KIWAWAA USE HAYBALES :shark: SAVED LOL  Lol :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: bad gura :c Hi Kiara lol hi kiara! LMAO KIARA Hii Kiara:_GuraLOL: gura hit it what a menace lol Hi Kiara! :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: サメ Predator shork Hi tenchou! hey kiawa :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Kiara! hi Kiawa hi kiara Hi Kiara!  they eat what KIWAWA Ayy kiara with the help kiwawa Kiwawa Hi Kiwawa Hello tenchou! Chicken in chat use the boat, it would not get fall damage THEY EAT WHAT :orange_heart::chicken: Tenchou Heyo Kiwawa hi kiwawa Why you Are you bullying me how is my stinky shark today Hiya Kiwawa KIARA JOIN TOO Hi kiwawa karma oof Karma LMAO Kiara awake at 3 lol :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Kiwawa!? Hey Kiawa Hi chicken lady  hey kiwawa! YOU SASSY BRAT GOOMBUS Instant Karma hi tenchou! hello kiwawa made it's get away ho kaaaaaaaaa KARMA almost karma the express way :_GuraSame: kiara kiara come on and play togather! do a falcon punch karma lol おはよー hi Oooof :_RedGura::_RedGura: that's called Karma gura nice fall kiwawa the time... Hi TenChou! kiara it's 3am lmao hi tenchou Chimkin! Safe!! Love to kill lamamas karma hurts Hi Tenchou kiawa Maybe put that armour back on Gura lol kiara love hai guraaaa Kiara Hello PETA? KARMAQ! 

puppy mills are plain depressing  WJO MENTIONED SPIT ROAST 0_0 grind those puppies up 

well they can IF their not there what's a puppy mill? :_guWAT::_guWAT: puppy mill a rumored puppy mill Rumor mill. No shutting those down. :_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH: a rumor mill run by puppies aquit! A bug flour mill :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: Uhhhh :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: wait what?? :_guWAT:what Puppy mil :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: lamao spit lol kawaii gura KUZKO gura dad jokes rising a pupply mill hot dang :eyes: ADOPT A PUPPY gamers gaming lol LOL rrrama :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: rrrrrrrrama como te rrrama And that's just what I'll do Gura wtf? drama llamas always spread rumors Gura no beware of  Watashi no rrrrrama lmao Creeper What? rrama Ramma creeper :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: puppy mill sounds WAY worse, wonder if Gura has been to Amish country she would know if she has a puppy mill is way worse wtf Gura:_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH: creeperrrr LMAO is that a kronii reference hajimeye mitaii kronii reference Creeper aww man lmaoo Puppy mills should be outlawed watashi no rrama kiwawa olleh break the door it must go in Sssss Boom arpaca? I saw a creeper Kroni lol hajimete mitai HAJIMETE MITAI DEMO! KOKO KARA WATASHI NO RRAMA Hajimete no spew lol that video rrrrrrrama Rrrrrama 初めてのチュウみたいにww the kronii clip lol watashi no rrama desu lol:_GuraHAHA: A puppy mill breeds puppies in poor conditions. aww man creeper just wanna give you a hug gura she mighthet spit roasted Creeper :_guWAT: is that irys who's that talking? creeper no creeping! Gura will eventually die to that creeper, I can see it Run Gura run! Hajimete mitai not wearing armor by the way koko kara watashi no RRRAMA Desu Puppy mills need to be destroyed that kronii/polka/subaru clip haha GuraWhat GuraWhat GuraWhat  rrrrama:_GuraHAHA: 

X*10 x*3 kill 

Gura threatening UWU Gura is so punchy today :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: giving the stink eye lol Uwu forgives you! :_GuraMM: safe for now:_guWAT: Kendrick Lamar guraaaaaaaaaa  I thought yall were going to get coral how are you gura? are you have a good day? that's foreshadowing :_RedGura::_RedGura::_RedGura: :_GuraSmug::_RedGura::_RedOwO: headpats for gura mc huh don't forget to get the sempai tax uwu for now??? YA BE Name it Nope see he spit on you as soon as sana leave Gura seems extra samegaki today.  "safe" lol :_RedGura::_RedGura: That's a no you catch this animal? Safe :_RedOwO: konnitiwa UwU poor Uwu stinky... おはよう:grinning_face_with_big_eyes:サメちゃん:shark::sparkles::white_heart: uwu is plotting its revenge Appreciated, not forgiven :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::red_heart::blue_heart: shark plotting sana teleport he will never forgive nor forget Guras fate eternally bound to the UwU LOL Shes batman :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :_RedOwO::_RedOwO::_RedOwO: Lol Kiwawa :orange_heart: Hi @SquidsAreAwesome100 :waving_hand: Sana has the zoomies :_guWAT: WHAT :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA:. Lmao. :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM:  oh my HAHAHAHA lol! hahahaha a leash on Sana wat huh AYO?! LMAO oh wow YABAI Yabe NO :eyes: woof woof?? oh nyo :flushed_face:  OH NYO maigo sana LMAOO Lmaooo Oh god BAITED Hajimete mitai a rrama  :_GuraHAHA: Sana KINKY OHNYO Sasuga LMFAO Yabai lol, Sana too eager lol ayo 

Gross D: yummy 

AYO Oh hell nah ugh... :_OHH::_NYO: mold lol UUU :_GuraWhat: gross Привет из России :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: BRUH :_GuraOK::_GuraOK::_GuraOK: adds sound quality most sanitary reed player ew LOL eww DISGUSTING DAMMIT GURA LOL YUMMY :_GuraMM::_GuraMM: uuuu wtf Oh, that’s nasty :nauseated_face:  :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat:  Oh yeah, reeds are disgusting oh god Uuu I've been there Yikes YOU HAVE TO BUY NEW ONES!!!! EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW ???? uuuUUUuuu OOOOOOHH gooooooodd.. I felt that lmao earthy flavors Extra Zesty Delicious Reed :face_vomiting: LOL  Oh god.  LMAO C l e a n too to bottom!:_GuraHUH: free snacks lol  you don't really clean the reed, you just get a new one Good god, Gura lol GURA NO :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: i mean its constantly underwater Can’t just keep reusing it that long! :fearful_face::fearful_face::fearful_face: reed crust Ina's Clarinet it look like chicken squidward is undersea... yeah he cares about his clarinet oh nyo ~ :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Thats the first time I've heard ALL other participants simultaneously repulsed, sasuga shork :astonished_face: Cause he is underwater Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz Gura Rawbbit oo its like seaweed..... in the sea :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Ina Clarinet :_OHH::_NYO::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Are we back into the SNOTcast extra taste:_GuDuh: :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM:  lmfao :face_with_tears_of_joy: spongebob lol im watching it  Stap it Gura lol Please show me your MC skin  Looks like a tooth poor Squidward :_GuraMM: You could see it when playing though?? autoclave that thing is this a rorshach? :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: Lol probably have barnacle instead :grinning_squinting_face:  YA BE. they don't clean well then Squidword has the best clarinet in the sea why does it look like it's booty up? I see a tooth It looks like an extracted tooth Squidward would have algae, not mold. i see a thicc booty THICC PEKO oh nyo Pekora lol pekora nooooo rawrshark it looks like a dumpy phantom of the opera mask Pain peko :nightmare: He loves that clarinet more than anything, its always clean Dumpy rabbit. Jacko pose ! rabbit more gross things please!!! fauna see the soul lmao guwa I see a rump.. Squidward plays his clarinet underwater, it's probably fine melted wings she's a vegan that's why I had that type of clarinet player next to min in middle school  Gura just dropped Fauna a dead rabbit? Gura sees a dump truck rabussy got me actin up She's vegan I see my parents fighting Gura you are the only horny one Its the BLOB test lol\ :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: fauna too innocent  caked up rabbit poor pekorA :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA:  twerking amogus Kroni nailed it gura dont be mean to the vegans  WAT Kronii iskeriii naked woman 

Fluffy cows shamPOO Fluffy Cow 

They all want Sana's wheat :grinning_squinting_face: 4 inch fur FLUFFY COWS Fluffy cows! yeah those are fuzzy naaah they smell like ass chickens smell like chicken, cows smell like cow :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: nah, even if they bathe... they return to that smell because they lie almost everywhere. Some stinky Fuzzy Cow!!! Fuzzy Wuzzy I give my Pup a gud snoof to determine if She's in need of a groom!:_GuraSame::_GuraGlow: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Try asking Subaru, she's a farm girl. :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: fluffy highland cows lol maybe they smell like burgers when they're clean Lol Heyya Goomba :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: Aurochs I like the smell of cats :smiling_face::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: tiny claps but gura smells like unwashed hoodie This shark needs a fluffy cow Blow-dried cows= Floofy Cow uuuuu :_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: I can smell your hoodie Fuzzy cows? :astonished_face:  fluffy cow :0 absolute units! An Ox then? Gura and her Fuzzy Cow spinning Fubuki xd Foofy cow Fuzzy cow! these look super cute fluffy cow COWnsil fluffy cows!! floofer cows fluffy cows :_GuraLove: Fuzzy cow! :D uuuuuuu Highland cows Scottish Highland cows they pretty cute GROOM COWS do they taste better? I like the cows using those rotating brush things from car washes. :slightly_smiling_face: fuzzzzzzzzy simon cow Fy It's natural gas that's odorless. Methane has a natural smell to it. Fluffy :cow2::cow2::cow2: I saw one playing elden ring FuZZy CoW~ :_GuraLove::_GuYum: Fuzzy cow named Daisy or Marshmellow :red_heart: cows are surprisingly cute, they have dog eyes Cute cow:blue_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::green_heart: Gura wants a COW? lol Like yaks? how about make a cow meat processor  I’ve stuck my hand I cow mouth before morning gura Fuzzy Cows :_GuraCry: :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: Cows after you bathe them and dry them mogu mogu  just like real life Entity cramming It was slimey 

lol HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :blue_heart::_GuraHAHA: 

:_OHH::_NYO: lmao new titel of vid Lmao :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: CLIP IT! "HOW COULD YOU" tru and real clippers gonna clip LMAOOOO welp that's getting clipped lol, oh no Hi clippers senpai mercilessly bullying kohai The truth finally kroni x kroni "gura bullies kronii[SERIOUS]" :_GuraHAHA: GURA HATES KRONII >GONE SUKI< :_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug: GURA HATES KRONII:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: SERIOUS Gura hates Kronii finna be on worldstar LMAO GONE WRONG GONE ******* gone sexy :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Is that true???:_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: GONE SEXUAL at 3am lmaoo LOL confirmed SUKI UWU OH NYOOO :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: uhmmmm ur going to fish right? haha Goorah hate kronii :_GuraOK: Clippers Clippers are at work already so this is why she doesn't sing "Ride on Time" anymore.... Now that's definetely what the video is called Why all this senpai bully? HI CLIPPERS time mommy rekt clippers you know what must be done... LMAO are you referencing someone? N y o o o o o o o:_GuraCry: hi clippers :_OHH::_NYO::_RedGura: :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA:  Will not believe this happened! Gura: Dai suki Kronii hi gura Clippers bring called put The truth finally comes out kronii suki Top 10 Anime Betrayls REAL :backhand_index_pointing_right::hollow_red_circle: KURONISKI Bait Clippers:_GuraMad: lol  CLIP IT AND SHIP IT BOIS Friendship ended with Ouro Kronii. u_u Gura loves Kronii, not clickbait real sad news serious Clippers lets goooo haha GURA HASTES KRONII [SERIOUS] [ SeRiOuS ] Gura Hates Kronii Gura HATES Kronii toxic gura Hi mommy shark cliper [SERIOUS] gotta love these goobers oh no here come the clickbait drama videos  kroniiphobic ah yes... the mortal enemies... shark and time Lol SPONSORED BY RAID SHADOW LEGENDS LOL go to ocean already GURA HATES KRONII (CONFIRMED?!?!) go to atlantis to get coral? RRAT is Gura hates Kronii! bully gura haha Kronii... haha Kronii LMAO Gura, Bully?!? Confirmed! Kronii cries Gura misuse her senpai-ness to bully her Kohais Gura hates Kronii [serious] (not clickbait) rool (gone wrong gone sexual) 

he is on the RUN! freedom! :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: 

:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Fox on the run~ WSWIPER nol SWIPING lead :_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH: there he go THE OTHER ONE :_GuraHAHA: Bad friend, NO:_GuraAA: thieving BRAT Keystone Cops here lol hi Gura! LMAOOO HES A SPEEDYBOI LOL FREEDOM FREEEDOOOOOM instant chaos WE HAVE A RUNNER SWIPER RUN what a little bugger! RUN FBK ZOOOOOOOOOOOM loool lure with berries GOT JUKED he's good and there he go Chat is escaping SOO FAST..... :face_with_tears_of_joy: LMAO :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: Im fast as fck boi Foxes making a break for it F cheeky one lol swiper ha GURA DONT CHASE IT, THAT ONLY MAKES IT RUN MORE He fast af under sana's house YOINK Fast AF boiii yeet He's in the crawlspace!! Finnegan Has Escaped NYOOM thasts m hi zoomin lol, that for ZOOMIN THO Lolmao JUKES juked Fox has the zoomies! Get it! fbk and polka roamin free That one is afraid of players, so it won't stop running FREEDOM!:_GuraHAHA: Under the house surround him! Yooooo it's like a real fox gura ILY outplayed by fox omg its just like a cat Too fast LOST VISUAL Swiper no swiping weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Friend gasgas Freeee:_GuraHAHA: fox rescue! gotta tie him down with a lead Zyooooooooooooooooom !!! Hola FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! :_OHH::_NYO::_GurNya: smart fox dora lol friend thief swiper no! o7 be safe on your journey little fella ruuun :_OHH::_NYO: FREE FBK PORUKA ORUKA? spit valve Lol fox on the run Run foxy Fredoom :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: ESCAPE fbk just yet god I want kronii to yell at me like that! FREEEE love all around for you here :red_heart: HOW LMAO lmao under the floorboards The fox outplayed her lmao :_OHH::_NYO::_EBI: only the fox god knows 


show it a berry :_GuraHAHA: POLMAO guess he lives there now freedom! Dang it Swiper mumei's berries oh no lmao Swiper don't steal! Wheeee Like a possum :B basement :fox:  Fuburun How TYPICAL :ear_of_corn: fox friend USE trap door to crawl under bro it's like real life when they hide under houses and stuff :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: He's under the porch:_GuraHAHA: 3290?? wtf??? hes safe now reminds me of my puppy wait how he get their :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: yall still going to Atlantis??? this is too real press shift when walking near them lol smart fox Sniper no Sniping, Sniper no Sniping, Sniper no Sniping they always go under the crawlspace just need a leash give berries This is like watching kids play outside ;p; LMAO  Polmao TONGS???  WHAT GURA Berries in hand? Tongs?? LOL LMAO Berry for Fox lol pair of thongs :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: TONGS AND THONGS you need some jaws of life Need a cattle prod. Tongs n Thongs lol Kronii Get some berries!! Tongs n thongs :grinning_squinting_face:  This is home now  he's hiding in your crawlspace :_GuraHAHA:lmao LMAOO poooor tongs n thongs he made his choice  ok bro lol Omgod Sana's icon xD <3 too real :_OHH::_NYO: :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Escaped and hid under the house....... Yep, apparently foxes really are cats Oh Nyo undercover friend 

Moomei? HOOO hoo 

MUMEI Hoo? Returning to the scene of the crime IMMEDIATE INTERROGATION? brutal Mum? no HOO? Mooms!? mumei? oh Mumei Hi Mumei what does the fox say Cant read the name, it was covered mumei Mumei! Moomers? MOOOOOOOOOOMS Mooooommmmms Mooomers MUMEIII let the interrogation begin  moom MOOM hooo? mumeeeiii Moo moo Muman p Moom moomei? hi mumei moomers at some point they'll run out of fox to give Mooms! mum join? Hoo interrogate time SNOT is comingggg Hi Mumei! Hi Mooms Mumeeeei guilty party you building or searching something gura? ganbare. Stay healthy and take care. See you :red_heart: ooh a Sir FOX-ALOT Mumei Muted  plz no :_RedGura:Interrogation  3cm Moomers do a barrel roll FOX Lmao Moomers! Hello Mooms :_RedGura::_RedGura::_RedGura: its moom :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: guilty mum hey mumei muuumei:_GurNya: oh hi MUUMEII:_GuraAA::_GuraAA: Mooms gonna catch some hands? Interrogate her! MOOmei oh noh mumei MOO MAY moom! :_GuraSame: M O O M moo mei Full Council??? hi moomers mumeiiiiiii Mum hi mumei! moomei Moom is here Moomer MUMEI joining now that she finished! :_GuraAA::red_heart: SNOT cast with a guest!:_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: mummers?! mum? Moom! lol mumers mumster mooms Oh hi The MOOM SLAYER Hi Mum The MOOM approaches Hello Mooms! mumei? you mean gura 2 Da Moom LOL it is the moomster lol mumei busy MUMERS hoomst :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: MUUUUUUMMMMMM LMAO flower :_BloopYAYL::_BloopYAY::_BloopYAYR: mum Moomoo  what the owl doin? lmaoo mooomei? Gura STILL too lazy to fix her chat lol MOOMS HERE Gura of the Sky and Mumei of the Sea together again OH SHE'S HERE The culprit mum! lmao Moom  lol  moomers muted Munmei LMAIO Moom? mum?? Gura waitng for the banter :eyes::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: :_GuraHAHA: mumei: "oh hi!" TOWL Moomei mumei! Full SNOTcast + Sana lets goooo Interrogation time lol Fauna the bird is their :> okay.. gura's talking to herself now MOOmei! Mumei moomerz The MOOOMS Oooh Mumei :yougotthis::yougotthis::yougotthis: Council collab? quick bust out your best bae impression! Cute Mumei Your a primary suspect Mumei Yeah! More people in VC! Mumei!! Mumei~~ Mumei on new PC ???? LMAOOO 

LOL She can’t keep getting away with it :_GuraHUH::red_heart: prank 

she cant be punished shes cute Samumei Hyde UwU don't let her harm the moo moos!! :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA:  Being too cute is a crime :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Bulli time The fox agrees SHE MOVED LEWD Moomers No trial, straight to jail MUMEIS TRAUMATIZED :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: The council of the Shark will now decide ur fate It was ENDY :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: MOOM? Why does Mumei look like animal you're watching. She has a weapon! She needs punishment :_GuraMM: Moom Cute! guilty silence  you cant stay mad at her.... she's CUTE Mumei is innocent 4 idols 1 mumei Now we just need Bae for full council:_guWAT: The council shall decide your fate punishment must be punished? 3 oneesan one mumei punish her :_GuraMM: すぐチャットすればいいのに敢えて無言でコミュニケーション図ってる時間すこ Is she being cute to garner empathy? comense spanking Mumei is roasted :grinning_squinting_face:  humanity on trial she needs punishment... :_GuraHAHA: hoo let the cow out? prank her guraaa Owl did nothing wrong Gooombaaaa~ Mum There's the Moom. Moom mumeiiiii Mumei lol You can't be mad at her, she's cute trial by combat Moomers! HI MUMEI :_GuraLove::purple_heart: Punishment mus be punished -Gura 2022 the council will decide her fate lol Hello Mumei! Hi MOOM! :brown_heart: She must be guilty she is too quiet Hi Moom~!! oh hi :_GuraLOL: momers oh hi Conesuences will never be the same GURA! Samumel Hydei Hi Mr.white HI MUM mumei inno she's here :_GuraLove:oh hi Da Mooms! Oh there she is!!  mumei!! Hi Moomer HEY MUMEI Leave the Towl alone leave her alone. Hi mum Hi Mumei! I HEARD HER? Hi Mumei the moomster 4/5 of council and then there's Gura mumei is sana hair Moomer!!!:brown_heart: Cute but a Psycho TOWL MUM lmao shes hiding behind Sana OH HI\ MOOMEI Hi mumei hello mumei! She has been summoned Mumei volume low :_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: MOOM WAS THAT HER? :virtualhug: Mumei! Moom is here! Mumei!!! mumei, troublemaker, the towl mum lmao the png layering Mumeiii Hello Hi Mumeiii:red_heart::red_heart: hi mumei MOOMY Mumeiii  LOL  Moomer wait, I see Sana :_GuraOK::_GuraOK::_GuraOK: Gura Mumei loaded behind your Sana dango PNG Hi MUMEI :_gurapat::red_heart: lmao Watch out, Mumei's chat is scary にだいめなえなえ Mumei low volume Welcome back Mum dango has hair Hi Mumei~ DANGO IN THE WAY lol  Hi Moom will she pass the test? why moomei:_GuYum: Sana suffocating Mumei:_GuraHAHA: welcom to VC moomei I'm not sure she did this one, although she has certainly done a lot. moomei lol da moomer ga kita YAAYY hello mumeii THICC RABBIT Hi Mumers Punished Mumei Hoo let the cows out?! :_BloopYAYL: samumei hydeshi sana's dango are covering mumei gif Gura :v hi Mumei I hope she gets on VC from kfgtu hi mumeii hi mooms:_gurapat: SNOTS? :_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Kronii. haha birb dango faced mumei Greetings Mumei 

poor fauna Kronii mean :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: 

it was gura She was tryna sell her perfume  what the hell is happening? GURA CLOSE THE ENTRANCEEE lol You had one in your basement lmao witch she's owns the bonkerroni now:_GuraLOL: a witch Fauna where CHAOS Sounds like a witch Witch :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Marine? Fauna?!?! remove the button  :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: it's a Witch LMAO hewwo A WITCH what is happening even? PILLAGER  Panik! :grinning_squinting_face:  lool hello gura :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: oh god lol What lol?? witch breach cursed bunkeronii lmao It's a Witch Fauna disappeared :_GuraCry: LMAOO inside :_GuraHAHA: Shion is upset You remember when you were being targeted in the JP server? Marine?? LMFAOOOOO  lol what is going on? lol witch D:  check entrance :_GuraHAHA:  Where are they!? Probably a Witch or Marine WHAT LMAO Chaos, lol CLOSE THE DOOR GURA a Witch in Bunkeronii Save Faunya :_GuraHAHA: senchou? LMFAO Did they try to make Fauna into an ingredient ? in the Bunker bunkoronii becoming a dungein lol oh hey, all of council here sweet Gura: WHERE ARE YOU?! Is Fauna in the other other entrance? witch? is this the lure? irony thats some security lol come back GURA IS SILENCE Chaos lol  What is happening? Lmao ??? LOL Gura so lost :_GuraHAHA: AX TIME shion what there must be someone living in the attic, wait.. :_OHH::_NYO: Bae is here in spirit thats a witch, what's going? A withc? just CHAOS Chaos follows Kronii  hi gura yall are being fooled kronii has some weird neighbords goomba remove button this is such a disaster I love it lol PANIK paniiikkk what is happening Other Entrance probably doko? I am so confused most of council I mean D: The backdoors Gura! 技術力は高いのに不法入居者が多すぎるなここww yooo I'm ded lmao! :clapping_hands::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::clapping_hands::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::clapping_hands::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Kronii just wants a quiet life doko Where are you Fauna! Fauna being assaulted by an old lady?:_GuraHAHA: f kronii peaceful A witch? Lmao ITT: gura watches council LOL 

KronMei in the BG @Blue lit content faunya:_GuraHAHA: 

:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: po-tay-to :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: deez why are there like 21 endermen tee tee :woman_judge::woman_judge::woman_judge: court judge :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: teetee lil bit o trollin LOL Kronmei at it again poor owl Gura is too attractive :grinning_squinting_face:  Kronmei flirty potahtoes LOL  nuts Snotcast time Omg these two :grinning_squinting_face:  ame doko? Ame muted  Lmao LMAO ATURANTISU :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Mumei work lmao lol dezz Eat the tater Po tah toes potats AMEEE DOKO Eat your veggies Mumei plant it back potato overload potate looool Bully the owl with tatos ame doko :potato::potato::potato: stuff the bird with potato:_GuraLOL: Feed the owl! Lol Kronii the grandma force feeding Mumei No Ame they said NaNa where is ame lol Moonei and kronii progressing their relationship goob Kronii is making sure her owl stays fed :_GuraHAHA:lmao You WILL EAT THE POTATOS lol, Mumei:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: WHAT LMAO why there a danko on mumei jpg Oh nyo lol  so ute Owl hates potatoes? lmaoooo yes Artists are going wild  :_GuraWhat: seems so technically yeah HAHAHAHAHAAAAA foe grais LMAOOO uhhh :blue_heart::brown_heart: Po Ta to LMAOOOO llol MC got lively again:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: LOLLL Owl abuse D:  Jazz music stops detective doko? Yes force feeding tag ANIMAL ABUSE It's tough love. OWL ABUSE! animal abuse? Mumei abuse lol :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: :_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL:  AHAHAAAHAA EAT POTET. :eyes:  LMAOO Don't you mean "po-tah-toes" Mumei? LMAOOO  HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHA lol Mumei Lmaooooo Mumei mumei crying EAT IT!!! owl foie gras Owls Foe Gras Jadi babu Kronii lagi 

lol  so fun to tease kronii :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: 

LOL :face_with_tears_of_joy: Bid shark! lol LMFAOO gura's head is censored! :_GuraHAHA: I'm crying lol poor kronii :grinning_squinting_face:  LMAO LMAOOOO bedding 1.3K waiting for Kronii stream lol hahaha LMAO :grinning_squinting_face:  Lol why are you like this!? mexican standoff This is gold :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: YOU think its not an auction xDD :_gurapat::_gurapat: :skull::skull::skull::skull: LMAOO why is kronii so easy to bully LOL Open the auction God I love this:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Bedding not bidding kronii so cute being awkward 30 minute "nap" :eyes: I'll give you 3.50 :_gurapat: WHY ARE YOU LIKE THID??? LMAO  :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Maaaaaan comedians everywhere OH NYOO I CAN HEAR DISTANT FAN FICTIONS EVERYBODYY HIDEE hip PRESERVE the SMELL lmao LMAOOOOOOOOO! Oh a bed, Precious Boomba:_GuraLove: kronii is super frisky today :grinning_squinting_face: bruh moment :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: :_GuraHAHA:lmao theyre ruining kronii's nap lol :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA:  1 Block of Diamond for that Bed KEKW so chaotic her nap time slowly dwindling  :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Ouros Crisisonii OCEAN MAN :water_wave: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: Take me by the hand :raised_hand: lead me to the land that you understand :raising_hands: :water_wave: OCEAN MAN :water_wave: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: The voyage :bicycle: to the corner of the :globe_showing_americas: globe is a real trip :ok_hand: :water_wave: OCEAN MAN :water_wave:  why is this so awkward Kronii being confused :eyes: grumpy needs a nap this is why she don't get on anymore :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: this is a good nap session LMAOOO Why not both? Kroni wants to get Gura in bed!!!! :eyes::eyes::eyes: Kronii is so bullyable this is getting too crazy :_GuraMM: this is social anxiety just share the bed omg thies is chaos Lol this is chaos stalling 2022 share Pain Kronii :_BlueLight::_GuDuh::_GuraGlow: definitely a vr stream Sharing is caring  One day Kroni is going to snap :grinning_squinting_face:  the whole bed sharing :flushed_face: Sharing? sleep with Kronii WHAT IS HAPPENING Gura confused just use kronis Bids for a share of a bed? WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS Burn the bed:_RedOwO::_RedOwO: Go get some sleep Kronii This moment brings a tear to my eye:smiling_face_with_tear: sharing the bed :eyes: WHAT LOL :_GuraMM:sharing the bed Share lol ?????????????? LMFAO LOLLL she so cringe AYO?? 9라 gachikoi distance sharing the bed? this is fun WOAH LOL AYO? :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: FANTICS INCOMING LOOOOOL :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: HAHAHAHA vore totally distracted :grinning_squinting_face:  vore??  they bullying the time woman bad sharkkky lol Give u 2 sharks and a sheild KRONII?????? what?? WHAT VORE Kronii!? WAIT HUH hm:_guWAT: George go cause disorder B e r y ~:_gurapat::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: what?! Hy oh nyo :_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL: GURA  lmao what whore:_GuraWat::_GuraWat: Oooh not sharing? ???? 

i'm here for this dynamic GURAAA PAP TT DONGGG You're so hot don't be sad 

lol NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO uh oh, spam LOL :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: pain peko lol  nooooo Nyoo NOOOO NOOOOOOOOO gorgeous Nooooooo :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: It's people watching without intent to eat NOOOOOOOOOOO lmao Nooooooooo noooo  NOOOOOOOOOO Nyooooooo LMAO nooo nooooooooo NOOOOOOOO nyooo noooooo ahahahha NOOOOO :_GuraHAHA: LMAOOO OCEAN MAN :water_wave: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: Take me by the hand :raised_hand: lead me to the land that you understand :raising_hands: :water_wave: OCEAN MAN :water_wave: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: The voyage :bicycle: to the corner of the :globe_showing_americas: globe is a real trip :ok_hand: :water_wave: OCEAN MAN :water_wave:  just checking the time NOOOOOO Noooooooooooooooo nooooooo lol Gorgeous :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: noooooooo Nooooo :_GuraHAHA: NOOOOOOO wow back to MC its been so long RIP noooo Nooooooooooooooooo What's wrong with watching Perfection?? off kronii goes dis a pear she has a stream NOOO:_GuraHAHA: :_NYO::_NYO::_NYO: bye kronii Nyoooo wow gura so flirty tonight:_GuraMM: Nooo Kronii! Ta-Da..... :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Daily life of Kronii Noooo Noooooo o7 Kronii noooo Noooooooooo KRONII COME BACK you can't erase time:_GuraLOL: there goes time Manager-san! Nooooo stare :eyes::eyes::eyes: krooooniii 10 minutes turns to 1 hr M O O D :_GuraWhat: noooooooooooooooo bye kronii good, they can check the tunnel now Shork stalker NOOOOOOOOOOOO:_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: :_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: :_GuraMM: nyo see if she over sleep :grinning_squinting_face:  the tunnel secret tunnel time noooooooooo :grinning_face_with_sweat: bye Kronster byebye kronii 10min * 5hrs "I wanna see you being self-conscious" LMAOOOOO Kroyasumi! Kroyasumi!!! Kronii absconded :grinning_squinting_face:  Kroyasumii "Slept for 12 hours, woke up, ate a bunch of hot dogs then went back to sleep for another 8 hours" p Nooo:_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: See you later Kronii~ :red_heart:  bye kronii! KROYASUMIIIII Bye Kronii. Try not to nap too long, I guess. Kroyasumi kroyasumi the clock need to sleep Kroyasumi~ lol kroyasumii we're out of time... Kroyasumii:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Kroyasumiiiii Kroyasumiii :_GuraHAHA: good night Kronii gronichiwa Kroyasumiiii is that even a nap lol protect kronii at all costs Go to the tunnel Kroyasumi ! See you in 30 mins! LMAO kroyasumii She aint waking up in time :grinning_squinting_face: kroyasumiii kronii streming 30 mins CRYASUMI 10 minutes isnt even a nap unless she oversleeps Incoming missed stream. lol くろやすみ〜 she pissed LMAO :grinning_squinting_face:  Kroyasumi  kronii oversleep waiting stream lezgooo!!!! :_NYO: KroYASSumi Kroyasumi:blue_heart: Kroniiyasumi Kroyasumi :blue_heart: Kromori :_GuraHAHA:lmao See Yaz Kronster Rest Well kronapsumi Lol good night! What's wrong with watching Perfection?? 'w') Lmao bye bye kronii kroyasumii!!! Hahahahah kroyasumi~ i bet Kronii wishes she put Minecraft today instead of Pathless Night, Kronii~ Kroyasumi:_GuraHAHA: Tunnel Time LMAOOOO Kroyasumii :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: 10 min nap lol Kroyashumi~ *5 hours later* oh, my stream :blue_heart::_GuraHAHA: Goonite Kronii wait wasn't Ame in here? Bye Kronii Bye Kronii! Kroyasumi :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Not worth it  LMFAO 

vegans man Calm down Fauna free leash 

:_RedGura::_RedGura::_RedGura: woah whats a minecraft Perfect plan :_GuraHAHA: That went dark quickly kill it take the lamas :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: yes FAUNA?!?! free leads oh. poor Kronni fauna said that in the sweetest way possible Murderous Nature ...Do it Fauna Chise Violence Time to take the llamas lol. brutal nature oh my god lol :_gurapat: they're just gonna spit at you kill fauna?? D: Down in Africa? The Llamas will despawn lol Yes Outfit the cows with elytra, douse 'em with flammable fluid, set them ablaze and send 'em flying through the air, like huge mooing buzzbombs. ?!? Invisible merchant...... evil fauna lmao Replacement for Mario! :_RedGura: use boat  Y E S Sana Llamas YOU PSYCHOS NOOOO!! You must Cease. Oh no Mumei has gotten to Fauna payback Sana for the Llamas that despawned lol Fauna woke up today and chose violence no one would see it happened, invisible blood Yo these three are F'D up yo :_GuraWhat: fauna.... kronii doko kronii come back and stop these madlads put him in a boat yeah, that's how I get most of my leads HE'S SMART these traders are the easy way to get elash so smart two free leads and some free Llamas come with them! Faunya moment oh no LOL he ran in LOLOLOL smart :grinning_squinting_face: He's smart he's trapped now He's a cow now This is home now free the llamas, george Fauna be like: Murder UUUUU peace was never an option Fauna is rather violent today, lol What is this Dark Fauna? I think she is asleep? Don’t  He smart 商人という名のリードと革を落とすATM キャー グラちゃーん・。・ faunya is leaking into minecraft smart man Fauna thinking the Mumei Way Mother Nature be dangerous Now part of the herd lol YABE Lol. MOO OCEAN MAN :water_wave: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: Take me by the hand :raised_hand: lead me to the land that you understand :raising_hands: :water_wave: OCEAN MAN :water_wave: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: The voyage :bicycle: to the corner of the :globe_showing_americas: globe is a real trip :ok_hand: :water_wave: OCEAN MAN :water_wave: they join the cows he is hiding among the cows now Merchants are not a part of nature apparently... Lucky guy he despawns tho Boat USED boat Chotto Mate Burn him he heard your plans Fauna Playing Too much Assassin's Creed naol 

we won't judge What Gura:_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: Cultured Owl 

Meme lisy TARZAN TELL US show time LOL OH it's this video LMAO mumei's secret meme playlist lmao they're flanking  Meme playlist Flying down the stairs you mean? lol Mumei show it What the dog doin What :_GuraCry: We won't judge Mumei humor we won't judge, we just want good memes ask her if its the tarzan video Memei INJECT THE MEME what? Omg spit it out Is it the Tarzan thing from last night? Gura why are you a shark Lmao a dog falling down playlist? :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: :0 omg bruh oh jeez lol that sounds horrible :_GuraCry: Cows have the right to walk freely...go fauna :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: gura showed that meme on stream lol Hehehehe :_GuraHAHA:it jumped The one that explodes? :_GuraWhat: LETS GOOO? oh it's only 23k people The overpass dog video.. A cool MuMeme? lol I know what you're talking about gura lol  tweet it? the possibilities these sadist have is scary lmfao It's ok mumei we all have dark humor:) LMAO COMEDY With the hit marker? :_GuraWhat: :_GuraWhat:  lmaooo OOOH I KNOW THIS ONE :_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh: Who kicked who's dog now? We literally subscribe to her for her sense of humor I saw it, is fun and cute what do we search? Grand Dad Music the sliding dog wait what ??? :_GuraOK::_GuraOK::_GuraOK::_GuraOK::_GuraOK: what the dog doin'? Tarzan tells? oh. I wonder if Sana had the key or not lol :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: Ayo the pizza here  D: non lethal falling:_GuraLOL: is it Tarzan video? itss fiiine the one that rolls and "blows up" at the end uuuuuuuuhhhh we watch you guys, you think we won't find your meme funny? mumei humor:_GurNya::ok_hand: please tell me it's titled "important videos" does it? Poor dogo :disappointed_face: send it I literally laighed at a skeletonm riding a helicopter bike, youre fine lol :_GuraOK: IT'S JUST ROLLING ON THE STAIRS i think i know that video Lmao it likes it join Mumei membership if you wanna know the video lol yeah i know that one HUEHUEHUE :grinning_squinting_face:  You do know Kronii can just go back and watch the VOD? Oh nyo gura my dog fell down the stairs. let's gooooooooo :blue_heart::green_heart::brown_heart: GRAND DAD run on only it's front legs? The Tarzan scream? :_GuraWhat:I'm judging I think I know the one :grinning_squinting_face: what the dog doin? the Lion King "On purpose" it's the rapunzel let down your hair from earlier isn't it? w h at play the husky uh huh SLIDES suicide dog? I know that one gura showed that in the meme revierw I think The oh hi kronii meme Not the doggooooo i know  Tarzan Yells? the one where it yeets itself down? :_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH: Like running but tripping down the stairs? thatn one dog that jumps to his dead on the stairs Like it rolls down? Dog consented  Ooh, the pitbull jumping down the stairs? Tarzan? you're about to not have pants.... OH that video Night Gura “The dog does it on purpose” Mumei is a fan of Poob? :I 

Is it dark? the one where he runs and jump off was hilarious C O M E D Y 

Hi Dog falling down the stairs? :_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh: i think i know which video mumei is talking about it's adorable :_GuraWhat:qhat sat ayo the pizza here zombie inbound It's gotta be the Tarzan yells! It's safe now "on purpose" Lol the csgo dog falling down the stairs green screen edit tarzan yells as characters... :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: the one with the zoomies that flew down the stairs :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Do it! :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT:It's inevitable. the Tarzan one meme us DO IT :_GuraHAHA:lmao Do it mumei  THE TARZAN CHANNEL it's ok, we love Mumei's humor DEW IT the sacred ancient civilization text!Spills it moomer SHOW US SHOW US Don't do it! tarzan yell as characters it's ok is it cute and funny? :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: We won't judge No judgment here peer pressure Tarzan Screams? IT'S OKAY MUMEI WE UNDERSTAND let's hear it mumei we won't judge... much  stop he's already dead! We all memers here it’s all goood dogs are wierd sometimes come on mooom Rapunzel? mumei relatable anxiety GIEV MEME GIVE US THE MEME We already judged you in Calli's stream, Mumei What the dog doin memei Gura's leggings is on life support:loudly_crying_face: the MEME Mumei Pull his pants down :_guWAT::_guWAT: show us!!! Memei. Mooms we love you, we won’t judge ;-; the meme moom:_GuraCry::_gurapat: MEME :clapping_hands: REVIEW :clapping_hands: give us the meme mumei! DEW it mumei:_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL: It's ok Mumei We're not that judgemental YES LMAO important videos They're gonna love it Nothing could possibly top bellybutton lint discussion I need memes mumei:_GuraAA: We love ya Mumei! SHOW US THE MEME PLS I will not judge you for meme. gura take off yoir Helmet WE WILL BE KIND show us the funni Mumei Ohhhhh that lol LOL show us the memes mumei :_GuraHAHA: keitom show us the meme Oh god this again lmao :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: meme review oh the tarzan yells Lesgoooooooo ohhhh that YES! THIS too many people here for tarzan talk YES o fauna is here :3 lol LMAO :_GuraSame: ohhhhh we know rest in piece zombie xDDD ? AMAZING we won't judge show us the meme! OMG this kawaii OOOOOH it "fell down the stairs" THIS ONE OH THAT Show the me-me we won't judge :_GuraHAHA:lmso Calli tarzan Yell!!!! Give us da Memes Im subed to him!  :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: lmao here we go again oh this :_GuYum::_GuYum::_GuYum: YESS LMAO oh the tarzan LMAO What? show them 


do it! not bidney mumei cute :eyes::eyes::eyes: They did it last night. She is LYIIIIN' Dew it!!! Oh course Guras still wearing the dragon head:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Oh yeah Tarzan yells channel that instantly got 400+ subs overnight Everybody go sub to that channel, too! Mumei cute aauuuwoooo gura is a bidney princess can she do one? Gura and Carol Burnett lol Zoro Tarzan my man gained over 500 subs overnight MEMES 651 subs so far, let's go Fauna.. but what if:_GuraHAHA: pull a Tarzan cute Dew it LOL Mumei acting Shy Ollie probably could oh God that dude is going to wonder why they went from 200 subs to thousands in just a day :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: dew it :_GuraSame:  Peer pressure lmao that channel only has 650 subs. How did she find it? do it do it gura Channel name is "Tarzan Yell as characters". kawaii oh, tarzan yells as characters :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Calli Mumei and Bae all did it yesterday tho xD DO IT OOOOOOoOooOOOoooooOOOOOOO Disney adults lets add subs to this channel Technically Hololive has collabed with Marvel.... which is owned by Disney Fauna can do it LOL :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: lmao :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Do it  Calli tarzan yell is good B o o o o o b l a b o o o o :two_hearts::_GuraSame: LORD PALATINE WOULD SAY..DO IT :_GuraAA:Do it:_GuraAA: mumei what the hell LOL HAHAHAHA OOOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOHOOOHHHHOOOOHOHHHH :_GuraHAHA:lmao Cuteee LMAO Edgy owl lol mumei is the shark shy Lol Dew it :_GuraSmug: Heyyy  hey gura its ok mumei IT IS lmao what LMAOO looool SHOW US SHOW US the dude got an instant subscriber count hahahahhaha lmao mumei hahahaha you wouldn't get it... She's SO CUTE AAAAAuAuAuAuAAaaaaaa funny Let us hear the tarzan yell lmao I found the channel  it's funny mumei:_GuraLOL: Mumei being a hpster :grinning_squinting_face:  but Calli understands Mumei :grinning_squinting_face: Show it try it maybe we will she took an arrow to the knee "no one understand me" :grinning_squinting_face:  but moom KS Gorillla 

She is not, but she's having a cake everybody watch it except for kronii lavacast is most popular gift in 2b2t 

she has a stream coming up who is watching ? Some lame tunnel  I’m late  she's not sleeping LOL Kronii has to set up for the next stream kronii just unlocked her chat so she's awake she gave up on sleeping :_GuraPeek::_GuraPeek: She could have the stream up before she gets ready LOL wow paranoid lol True Secret portal SHE DIDNT SLEEP Kronii spy Kronii's eating cake atm Waddup shork:D nahh she's awake fosho LOL JUST WAIT 20 MINS Waaiiiit a little bit longer trust issue :grinning_squinting_face:  I doubt she is asleep make spare keys yeah she might be watching JUST GO no, she was sick during that time :_GuraHAHA: :anguished_face: :_OHH::_NYO: if you wait her chat will tell her to look Kronii is one of us.. wait 15 min Kronii? :eyes: so just kill 15 minutes BGM :_GuraHAHA:risky just wait for 15min :_GuraAA: kronii tweeted sup kronii she IS watching :_GuraPeek::_GuraPeek::_GuraPeek: she's gonna look for clips anyway Kronii please leave :grinning_squinting_face: she's totally watching lmfao No she literally wakes up 5 min before stream to start lol  I had the honor of watching it all, Gura. Now I join you, as they show you. HAHAHA OH NO lol oh Kronii Hmm She tweeted lmao IT'LL BE FUNNY :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Go away kronii Lol :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: shoo Kronii, no peeping just wait until she starts streaming she didn't sleep Lol Kronii can be felt by Gura don't talk use in game chat:_GuraLOL: true lol she can even delay her stream if she wants too lmao Kronii lurker? Wait for her to stream and say nonsensical things while you do it Blue hair is a symbol of the strong make kronii a helicopter pad :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: lol; 草 Wait until her stream starts LMAO Spyronii lmaoo Nature owl preserve  WHERE ARE YOU KRONII Hide the screen lol  Lmao LOOOL fire? :grinning_squinting_face: :_GuraHAHA:lmao she can watch the streams too :grinning_squinting_face: Kronii Just go to bed hi garu LOL :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: blow up the bunker to summon kroner :grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat: 

very cozy cabin lol :flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face: 

:_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :eyes::eyes: bath :_GuraMM: Their marriage is on the rocks Moona and Flare are decoration geniuses, you can ask them :_GuraCry: kfp fighting :eyes: lmao :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM:  Mumei dying to show her work :grinning_squinting_face:  oh my :_GuraLove::_GuraWhat::_GuraLove: cute!!! :_GuraLOL: cute I wanna see too oh:_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: Bath scene :_GuraMM: cute:_GuraMM: Spicy. :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: cute with the axos!  stinky you gotta share the memes to pass time! :_GuraAA: Oh sow Gura needs one PLEASE leaf water... spicy ONSEN :smiling_face_with_hearts: cute! LOL  spa episode oh my:_GuraMM: oh bath scene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) remove the clothes :_GuraMM:  Instant Oya cute:_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: cute Yal should go to read more fanfics  bath :eyes::eyes::eyes: @bmxdude1337 whats there to be confused about battthhh tub club :flushed_face: Dont drink the water gura :_GuraComfy::_GuraComfy::_GuraComfy: 11 minutes left Idol soup KFP fight Sploosh :_guWAT: WOw based design its raw man :_EBI: 6 wowe bubble bath?  write some fanfic that's a good length for a bath Spicy take the mask off gura lol nice sea monster Bath water when :_GuraMM::_GuraMM: veggie shark owl soup oh lala  thanks gura 11 min bath :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: Mini-Onsen!~ SNO Cast かわいい CONTENT amouranth Hot Tub Baby Bath scene yay new stock of gura fauna bath water hahah :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: Quit drinking the bath water, Gura. Anyone have any bath pizza? wow :flushed_face: Gura, swimsuit time fuanana . pizza 

aw*3 :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: OOF 

aww Sadge lol :slightly_frowning_face: :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: :_GuraCry: Yeah.. KRONII IS ALMOST LIVE LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO Pain DAMN Normies being cruel :_GuraCry:oh that’s sad oof i've had arguments with family in my head but i've never been mad at anyone for something they did in a dream :_GuraCry::_gurapat: :_GuraCry:Poor girl:_GuraCry: owl shy Reñatable same uh... in the shower??? mood mumei... That so Sad Oh Nyo :red_heart: that's kinda sad Aww relatable  my high school was in the hood but a lot of them loved anime :_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH::_GuraHUH: :pleading_face::pleading_face: mmmmm you could have been her friend! sadge Emo weeb  :loudly_crying_face: it do be like that debating in the shower mumei is shy pain ah:_GuraCry: feelssad :disappointed_face: shy owl  I know that feeling :_GuraCry: :_GuraCry: :_GuraCry:  eww imagine talking to people Aww :_GuraSame: social anxiety people? ew goorus is extrovert I feel that mums relatable secret weeb Ew talking! Simulations damn hey goooorah I adore this Mumei chat graphic Poor Mumei thats sad.. :_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL::_GuraLOL: :sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face: wholesome :_SamtTBH: .Lol Oof Lmao oh nyoo damn bochi  :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: oh man thats so sad 6 min memes understandable  Conversations in my head :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: LOL human contact? sounds cringe weird memes lol LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOo the memes! F Small talk is the absolute worst Mumei :red_heart: great this is too real XD Its ok, she has people to talk to now LMAO the imaginary conversations... too often... mumei memes Biggest fear AHHAHA My memes:_GuraCry: :_guWAT::sweat_droplets: LMAO FAUNA lmao Going outside :_OHH::_NYO: LOOOL Just Intuitives having fluid conversations here LMAOOOO ahahaha loool savaged :_GuraCry::_GuraSmug::_GuraCry: :_GuraHAHA: LMAOO :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: "Weird tarzan memes!" Kromer tarzan memes :grinning_squinting_face: aww:_gurapat: Fauna!? LOLOLOL loool PEIN THE BULLY LOL lmaooo lmfaooooo roasted Fauna pleaaase Hahahahahaa Noooo hahaha :beating_heart::beating_heart: WE DONT CARE LMAOO LOL   mumei :disappointed_face: :_GuraLOL: LMAOO damn  LMFAOOOOO LMAOOOOO :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: poor moomers one way to find out if they don't like your memes, show them to 20k people lmao Fauna poor mumei LOL LMAOOOOO NOOO FAUNA WHYYYYY relatable :_GuraCry: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: mum relatable Sadge Lol I feel that baited LOOL understandable Fauna is savage today NOOOOOOOOO LMAOOOOO lol  

LMAO :goodvibes: :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: 

Is fine, none of my friends will find out I watch HoloLive. lol  don't phrase it like that bro :_GuraMM:mmm ears I still think ASMR is a little weird for me sometimes lol true gamers need an example Fauna feels personally attacked lmao did Goora make something ? Fauna so cute oof oh I remember this story :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM:  fauna strangely quiet lol :_GuraMM::_GuraMM: lol LOL :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Aww Kronii hello Gyrra cuteee :_GuraLOL::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Kroni expert Asmr poor fauna It's a small world after all a connection nice KronMei!!!! fauna T_T interlinked! :_GuraCry::_GuraCry::_GuraCry: wow jesus goes sicko mode on judas kronmei was meant to be It’s a sign  tee tee Wow i think it's still questionable to speak with friends about it because they don't know KRONMEII <33 Shout out please! Ohhh fauna: :eye::mouth::eye: :_GuraMM: thats a flag is this a romance anime cute you love to see it towl found her plp ear sucking connection fauna asmr FAUNA SILENCE... it's still weird to be honest Degeneracy in Internet is just so common now :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: what game is this? LOL goomba 1min Yandere Fauna activated Fated. asmr mother nature? they were meant to be Connecting over ear sucking, how cute 1 minute! I hate asmr lol toy ears:_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: wait you can do that?? share share It was fate niche internet connections:_GuraLove: it is weird but...... so cuuuuuuuuute Fauna up and down It is Fated plot twist: that was fauna Shuba ASMR this is just a chill podcast Time and civilization connected for a moment  ... while we talk about asmr .. when is your next one gura ?  :_GuYum::_GuYum::_GuYum: I'm pretty picky when it comes to ASMR But I really enjoy Faunas ASMR starting in a minute Aw Fauna what happened to chat 1 minute 

not yet Stream Snipers didn't start yet 

Not yet kfp employees not starting yet "Waiting for Ouro Kronii" delayed 31 mins It isn't going yet. Give it a few minutes. even the loading screen isn't safe :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA: :_GuraHAHA:  o: nap be hitting hard. Gura did an asmr soon :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: y'all never start on the exact minute lmao oversleb she was sleeping the whole time stream sniping stream sniping lol poll, is she going to wake up for it? chats gonna snitch  Holomem ASMR vs Twitch Thot 'ASMR' probably still napping  gura i missed you loading screen doesn't count sniping lol lez go see the mumei amazing adventure Tarzan man, Tarzan man, does whatever a Tarzan man can. Waiting for Ouro Kronii Ch. hololive-EN go stream kronii DO IT NOW Fauna acting like she knows nothing of what they're talking about hahahhahaa pffff lmfaoooo LOOOL LMAO LMFAO mumei in the chat:_GuraHAHA: mumster is obsessed on kronii :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: ear licking asmr is not weird:_GuraMM: Kronii could still be lurking around :eyes: lmao lol Gura nooo :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: oh no  Kronii eating cheesecake maybe INUENDO LOL :_GuraHAHA:lmao Kronii is watching can you girl call kronii wake up vegan lol Kronii definitely watching it is now just 11 no meat Lol POtato Potates RAIIDDDD GURA SENT ME she's vegan Really enjoying the SNT Cast Chats just going to spoil it so just get on with it 0_0 uff :_GuraHAHA: SAME smoker is very fast big potats NO SNITCHING :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA:\ uh she hasnt started cuz she is trying to find out what you are hiding :_GuraMM: :hydrate: what we all do :flushed_face: heeey lmao Gura :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM: :_GuraMM:  clean after yourself big potats... :_GuYum: Same  :eyes: 

Hey, Gura. How is best Shaark? wut I've sprained my wrist 

lmao lol LMFAO :_GuraWhat: How?! How? slaps faunas roof guira knocked herself out multiple times I've never broken a bone :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: *slaps brain* OOF :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: HOW YABE Oh yeah the barn story how broken many bones Oh nyo  They gave her eyes in the inside congratulations aw ah yes LOL ask Fauna to sing a sea shanty Oh geez OUCH LOL? :_guWAT: ouch ??????????? LOL oh yeah lmao Lol what ...HOW? wth :_OHH::_NYO: Oh no Nice job Gura LOOOOOOL That’s hilarious  WUT I stubbed my toe. worst day ever. Yabe :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: :_GuraHUH: :_GuraLove::_GuraLove::_GuraLove: ah yea that happened nani :_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh: LOL how? how is that possible?! Oh i remember this story these girls drive my old wild You also knocked yourself out with that barn door. WHAT? kek :_gurapat::_gurapat: oh my :grinning_squinting_face: Ouch Thought she was gonna say fit so many staples lol ....HOW? how lol OK LMAO whut how:_GuraWhat: I got my finger crashed long time ago, now it looks funny :_GuraSame::_GuraSame: SASUGA :_guWAT::_guWAT::_guWAT: omg I forgot about that:_GuraHAHA:  i shouldn't laugh but.....:_GuraHAHA: damn loool yeah that's some skill:grinning_squinting_face:  says the one who has dent in her head Oh this old story :_GuraHAHA: nico nico knee cap oh Nyoo Gura..:_GuraCry: HOW! D: LMAO I did that too WOW How? oof Oh Yeah I remember this story LLOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL how? due to the head trauma :_GuraHAHA: oh this is an ancient one :_GuraAA::_GuraAA::_GuraAA: oh, this story AMNESIA LETS GOOOO the barn door as well slaps bald head :_GuraWhat:...:_GuraHAHA: She still stream sniping i bet relatable ouch......... Wha?! Nice I kinda had a bit of cracked fingers on the left hand because it got through a dough roller and I was terrified I was gonna lose my hand:smiling_face_with_tear: ah I remember this, gura told this in the past EAT HER?! doin sick backflips but... how? I remember this lol Gura Tyson :astonished_face:  ? :_GuDuh: yep she did lmao only gura She doesn't remember because it caused brain damage. so bad OMEGALUL Okay Kronii is live. ocd Ah the kneecap shes on! kronii is streaming now brain injury? SHES LIVE she start Sneak 100 She was zooming! she's live is that where you got the dent? Gura zooming SHE STARTEEEED :_GuraOK::_GuraOK::_GuraOK: :_OHH::_NYO: :thanksdoc::thanksdoc: old story:_GuraHAHA: Oh yeah, I think she told this story SHE STARTT kronii here Taking boots off :_GuraCry:Oh Goob:_gurapat::_GuraCry: Someone on Kronii Chat Wanna SNITCH  :_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh: you realize when youre fuked Gooooooooooo Kronii is on until you wake up later haha flexible goomba Kroniii streaming! Flexible and you knocked yourself on a barn doors She started Kroniichiwa!!! I did that, didn't KO myself tho lol 

lol lmaooo that was perfect lol 

LMAOOO evil team HORROR. see its perfect LOL LMAO get out, it's a cult HAHAHAHAHA OH hi :_GuDuh::_GuDuh::_GuDuh: THIS IS REALLY GOOD :_GuraMM:  scary Want to play? :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Oh my… :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: Council being Council :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Lmao :0 :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: lmaoooo LMAO :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: This stream is gold THEY'RE STARING THERE MENACINGLY Hololive ERROR EN version soo creepy ONE OF US! ONE OF US!!! NOPE lmao kinda creepy! EERIE DUDE Gura being initiated that was awesome Nothing suspicious here. :_GuraMM: they are living in kronii's walls is this a cult??? skeriiii hahaha The creeper picture make it creeper lol Jesus....:_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: lol, oh my god that was spooky:grinning_face_with_sweat::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: What an excellent test run :grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face: cuma menatap dalam diam Lmao they did the technoblade  YABE Yiiikes Oh hi gura looks genuinely scared  Wait mine the floor there! this is scary, idk minecraft can be this scary council chambers That was perfect dramatic music it's like the twins from the shining gura gonna have nightmares CULT CULT CULT THE TIMING Spooky secret societies :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: hahahaha :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: sorry wrong room :_GuraHAHA: LMAOO oh hi She’s playing something else  GET OUT OF THERE SHARKY. RUN! LMAO :grinning_squinting_face:  Lol perfect thats creepy LOL no no no feels like a cult lol best duo Horror aaaaaaa :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Huge Cult Vibes creepy Oh Hi HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH All road lead to Bunkeroni the silence Krolumitati! mumei is just so happy rn The Stare :eyes: create a redstone entrance to Kronii room, like the main bunkeronii entrance "oh would you look at the time! sheeesh..gotta go!" :grinning_squinting_face: REMEMBER WHEN YOU PRANKED MUMEI :_guWAT: cobblestone lol cult they can be your angle or your devl creepy kohais :_GuraMM: :_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug: best stream Jump into the painting omgñ YANDERE TWINS gura wont but we will The senpai being bullied  pls fix the tiling lol  :eye:u:eye: One of us Is this a rehearsal for when Kronii finds it?  make sure its the same block another room insert they'll never know song LoL Why are they being so creepy about this? jump!  Unfortunately I am in your walls monsters under the bed YES oh that would be great dont tell our die 

no*2 I used to be her good stuff stash bae room 

ollie filled the chest shh chat theres one more secret in there it used to be her vault Its a S den Giant Kronii Shrine Praying? That used to be her secret chest Dig under not so secret anymore is it? it used to be a stash destroy the cobble stone Gura, dig further behind the painting pumpkin shrine? used to house her diamonds Ollie Left that LOL ollie put that stuff Ollie did it Build Conduit :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Totally not a secret :grinning_squinting_face:  her secret stash Let's-a-go Bae room Kronii's cult rituals for Mumei She used to hold diamonds there  Ollie theres a secret to the right that was Ollie doing the chest Bae has a secret room too it's a decoy dig down the yellow wool You can make One Way Glass apparently. old kornii's stash dig down :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: CHECK BELOW :eyes:is that a mumei shrine there is a Rat hole  Bea built a room there dig Baes room is nearby there too Her previous secret room its her important items :grinning_squinting_face: she USED to put her valuables there bae also has a secret room in the bunkeronii Gura finding the dark underbelly of Council. Didn't Bae build her room there? bae have a secret room there old secret room near BAE's Secret base too! shrine, peko Didn't Bae make a secret room? bae but it was obvious as hell mumei shrine? old Kronii treasure room mom pick me up i'm scared chat shhhh quite GO UNDER tavern for gwoombus yes another seceret behind the picture just see Bae built a secret room to left of chest amethyst block with a few chickens on top BAE'S SECRET ROM!! CULT OF BERRY Is this where Bae made her room? do it behind the leafs in thr wall she used to store her stuff there keep Baes room a secret Bae's room is there under the carpet bae room  Ollie put that there  the old secret box bae secret it was for valuables until people found it Not a secret anymore BREAK THE FLOOR under the yellow carpet kronii shrine Bae dig a room here too break it berries and feathers..... break  Kronii needs to fumigate  Dig dig dig past the paitning go under Bae secret room right? bELOW carpet ... wierd:_GuraLOL: former secret stash of Kronii before it got discovered Oi oi oi no snitching! I made that Bae secret room break the cobble find bae's room another one behind cobble wall Dig into it. i think it's from bae Gura don't read! That carpet is Cover check it RAT Hole Bae made a room under it Bae has a panic room there chat SHHHH Dig yellow wool yes chat shhhh dig under the chest it a secret room Bae has a hidden room there it WAS Kronii's secret stash until everyone found it rat hole don't snitch bae's room Shhhhhh Its Bae hidout S n e e e e f :two_hearts: :nose: kebawah katanya bae put it theere? stop the snitching guys and that was her secret storage stash Bae's secret room Secret rat room kayaknya gua doang yang indo ya? bae secret room  lol bae's Bae room ? :_GuraHAHA: chat dont snitch yez breal the wall different stones nope nothing at all Build a conduit  Bae also have a base their bae's room undergoround here break the stone to the left of the chest  Check below QUIET CHAT it was her secret stash, until IWyS found it omg shush chat hey no snich carpet is Bae lmao bae's secret room  YES welp there goes Oh no nothing! bae also has secret their they don't know bae has a secret room there lmao old treasure room SHHHH to the left build a maze Chat... wtf NOT WITH THE BREAD there's a secret Bae room Bae did nothing... stop lying lol Chat stop narks dig left of box left of the chest walls left of the chest Bonk bonk chat! Bad! behind the cobblestone BREAK IT 

fix the block under the bed cowbell in the lounge to ring when she is in this room chat does not forget 

Fix blocks Gotta lay low let it build up Do it off stream mostly! Hehe...:_GuraPeek: We never forget :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: She'll notice both the cobblestones under the bed AND the gravel behind the painting. humu humu TOMORROW :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: cheeky chat bois fix the floor under the bed invis potions lol put villager under the floor damn cheeky chatters make a fake collab:_GuraLOL: They already snitched on her current stream make a decoy project :_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug: uh oh offstream prep The snitches!! keep a low profile for now, yeah raid stream with a black screen ....TOMORROW gather resources well now that you said that, theyre not gonna forget TOMORROW LOL :blue_heart::green_heart::brown_heart: Snitches Chat stinky if chat sees it you know they will spoil it The chat will probably tell her tomorrow, though PLAN!! the floor beneath the bed is pretty obvious though tomorrow! we never forget :) off stream?1 Chat never forgets I can keep secrets:_gurapat::_GuraGlow: how about you fix the dang floor Stealth squad NEVER FORGOR :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: We won't forget I saw nothing or maybe someone will distract her Thank you for the stream! Gura & Council:_GuraLOL: do it tomorrow chat will be snitch chat is gonna snitch :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM:Do we ever forget? RAID for sure tomorrow :_GuraAA: plan something now, and do something different to swerve chat Gura when You wanna Collab with Kobo? make it a member stream offline planning :slightly_smiling_face: "Tomorrow!" - Ina chat would never do that set off fireworks! Chat...... we wont tell.... No snitching We just gotta be shush  tomorrow so stream end here?? :_EBI::_EBI::_EBI: Bad chat you snitched about the Bae Hole gonna be 100 clips spoiling it yep lmao She has minecraft tomorrow yeah LMAO Someone will always snitch sadly LOL hahaha Don’t trust us The chatty chumbies No one forgets' Record it and post it to YT snitches get stitches no nametag crouch Snitches Get Stitches LMAOOOO YES you can built a nuke down kronii house Gather resources lmao break te Obsidian looooool LMAOOO :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: OH NO LOL snitches already snitched in her stream anyways  Gura fox the hole That would be hilarious  chat never forget Ruh roh  klol chat'll be incessant about it till she finds out. Superchats? lol you should fix the block I won't say nothing there is a obsidian block in the room. Clear your evidence guys :_GuraHAHA: Snitch HAHAHA Your temple Gura!!! Do it Lol BRUH Yesss My lips are sealed just pop up occasionally to kronii's minecraft stream That's GENIUS i forgor already didn't you know that chat is like an Elephant... we NEVER forget Use the tunnel no snitches oh my god poor Kronii through the tunnel wait what?? XDD a really long tunnel! LOL YE :_gurapat:not gonna say a word Perfect plan :octopus: tomorrrow! :octopus: rails lol yes TOMORROW :octopus::octopus: Sana was already planning to join her Fauna is an evil mastermind  :spouting_whale::spouting_whale: make a big tunnel around Lol yes 

lol even one room done perfectly Soviet base 

LMAO That's so funny but to much work replicate her house and Blow it up That would be crazy just her room replica is good enough LOL inseption bunkeroni maybe build a bathroom that would be actual mindbreak lmao make a 1-to-1 replica the walmart bunkerinii :_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA::_GuraHAHA: Too bad you guys cant build it if you tried Building a storage bunker and need the OG bunkronii maker that's way too much work basically the backroom lol Inception psychological plotting:_GuraSmug: oooh LOL :_GuraAA::_GuraAA: Discount Bunkeronii A perfect replica of the bunkeronii, but upside down symphony of the night style  LMAOOOO if you wanna do that get a good pickaxe first please lol Bunkeronii but EVERYTHING is changed slightly L.O.L is that a darksoul reference LMAO  :_GuraLove: you need to fix that she's gonna notice lol ask management to clone the bunkeronii lmao weird buneronii Big confuse sound too tough A reclusive bedroom same exact room lmao Bunkerception YABE :_GuraHAHA: that sounds so complicated lol existential crisi  The Backrooms?? LOOOOL :_GuraSmug: backrooms good idea YES That that would take forever  evil Gura BunkeroniiCeption :_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat::_GuraWhat: bruh Bunkeronii all the way down :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face: that's pretty ingenius  the bunkeronii backrooms! Layers of fear Poor Kronii lol Inception lmao I had the same idea  Glitch in the matrix thats alot of work That's an SCP lol obviously if you dont fix the floor perfect Are we trying to gaslight Kronii :grinning_squinting_face:  the psychological damage :_GuraHAHA: oh god the backrooms ohnyo bunkeroniiception Omg :grinning_squinting_face:  requiem da L imagine leading her there, than explode the thing? and then she realize its just a copy oh that's good evil gura GURA WHEN YOU WANNA COLLAB WITH KOBO? PT do it backroomronii That is so evil. just build the one room That's evil:_GuraHAHA: Make a hidden door? hallo the bucleroni :_RedGura::_RedGura::_RedGura: Replicate the melon ceiling too  so ambitious THE BACKROOMS OF MINECRAFT This is best Idea ever  the backrooms but bunkeronii :_GuraHAHA:genius Gaslighting Kronii’s base like PT Requiem Imagine if she sees this Lmao Yes THAT'S A LOT OF WORK LMAOOOO she's gonna gwak ah replicate one room yeah nice use her own stuff :grinning_squinting_face:  THATS A GOOD IDEA GURA Lol 

o7*3 E*2 Thanks for the stream girls! :_GuraHAHA:おつサメでした〜 See mumeiter~ Faunwell~ 

:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Bye! byeee snitch hate! thanks guys see you tomorrow later gura :_EBI:7 Bye bye:_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: Thanks for streaming! :_gurapat: Thanks for the great collab gubye bye gura! :blue_heart::brown_heart::green_heart: byee bye bye bye bye guwa Bye Goomber BYE BYE snitches get stiches :_GuraMM::_GuraMM::_GuraMM: bye goomba :_gurapat: byebye Gooobai good night Gura :blue_heart: see you tomorrow :blue_heart: :_GuraWhat: ByeBye Gura ~~ See you ~~!! bye GURA:_GuraSame::_GuraSame::_GuraSame: :blue_heart::_EBI: :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: bye thanks for the stream Gura:rose::rose::rose: no super chat?:_GuraWat: fine, bye bye Samegaki bye guwa :_gurapat: Teeheeheehee byeczencziczcewicz they thinking the same thing for sure after this Thank you Gura Thai was fun Thank you:_gurapat: :_GuraSame:7:_EBI:7 thanks for the stream :blue_heart: SNOTCAST Happy scheming:_RedGura::_RedGura: goobai~ bye gura thx for the stream Bye Mumei :_GuraComfy::_GuraComfy::_GuraComfy: FINAL SALUTE FOR THE SHARK. o7.o7.o7. o7.o7.o7. o7.o7.o7. o7.o7.o7 they already snitched Thank you guys for streaming!! Bye Gura, Fauna and Mumei~ take care and have a good night! bye bye:_GuraHAHA: :_gurapat:bubye Bye Now I’m just vibing Full time to chilling Under the sea!!!! :face_in_clouds::face_in_clouds::face_in_clouds::face_in_clouds: Bye bye Gura~ :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: bye bye gura !!:blue_heart: bye funa mumei gura! baibaii bye! bye bye cute sharky Thank you for the stream!!!!!!! smile and go!!!! minecraft is still running :grinning_squinting_face:  good byeeee!  great stream! have a good night gura planning off-stream! gura cute Gura! I Love You! :loudly_crying_face: :_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya: bye gura bye bye shark Great Stream!!!! clippers no snitch Bye! Thanks for the stream :_gurapat: thanks for stream Gura~ Byeeeeee :pig: bye Goomb~! Have a good rest:_gurapat: :_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya: Goobai Gura:_GuraLOL: thank uuu goodbye :_GuraSame:7 Byeee :_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug::_GuraSmug:hehehehe..... Take care chumbies :_gurapat::_gurapat::_gurapat: like ya goomba bye sharky Bye Snotcast  Bye bye  Bye:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: Byeeee bye bye! See ya! おつ鮫です what's this song? See ya Gura thanks for steam!!! thanks for streaming tonight Gura! Lots of fun topics today Bye bye Gura :_GuraSame: goombaii Goobai ladies!!:_gurapat: byeyeyeyyeye goombye Thanks for the stream :_gurapat::_EBI:7 Bye bye MINECRAFT STREAMS ARE GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN AGAIN :_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya::_GurNya: Thank you Gura!! :_GuraMad:brat bye stinky:_GuraLove: BYEEEEE good nite gura thanks for the stream :virtualhug::virtualhug::virtualhug: bye guraa Thanks for the stream Goomba :_gurapat::blue_heart: Bye bye!! time to search for Tarzan scream on YT bye gumba Goodluck on your endeavours Byebyeeeeeeee :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::virtualhug::virtualhug::virtualhug::virtualhug::virtualhug::yougotthis::yougotthis::yougotthis::yougotthis: nyaw BYEEEE good night :zzz: good dream :zzz: Nighty y'all :person_raising_hand: Uhgbye, Bubye