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What if its Digitaly FORGED? IT IS PHOTOSHOPPED:_omegalul::_omegalul: DOCTORED PHOTO OF A PANDA 

whatttttt????? :_5head: Red pandas are related to racoon’s rather than panda. Further evidence for Panda’s not existing! actually red panda is better cute dan panda youtube this aint a conspiracy stream :grinning_squinting_face: Red Pandas are the SSR pandas conspiracy it's just a spray painted sun bear ive never seen taka so he's not real WHAT IS THIS CONSPIRACY:_omegalul: :_omegalul::_omegalul::_omegalul: THE PANDA CONSPIRACY m i n d b l o w n it's holograms, dude But Hana, how do you know that your "reality" isn't just a simulation? Man Hana you trippin ITS ALL NOT REAL panda is a myth, just like a unicorn how do you even do that :_banamaki::_banamaki::_banamaki: I've seen them IRL tho... Hologram pandas :_monkas: that outfit kinda reminds me of red panda.... oh shit she's catching on, I'm gonna lose my job over this What if everything is a hologram? animatronic? oh my God she has a point!!! :_monkas::_monkas::_monkas: it's animatronic high copium dosage wwwwwww hana-chan:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Pandas are not real, the Apollo missions never reached the moon  Never trust on things u see in the internet, pls guys 2D PANDA :_monkas::_banamaki::_monkas::_banamaki::_monkas::_banamaki: This coffee girl is now confusing the heck out of m with panda's being a myth!? wat?!:_thonkang: Bruh that would be harder than just having panda belgium isnt real either Hi Hana. Okaeri! what if, panda is just honey bear painted white