#9【TGAA 2: Resolve】A Legendary Trial Continues ※SPOILER ALERT【Pavolia Reine/hololiveID 2nd gen】 | Pavolia Reine Ch. hololive-ID



lmaooo  :_kusa::_kusa::_kusa: uhh... 

hold up Every single day, yes Reine...:_blush: Reine :_bonk::_bonk::_bonk: based on kiara, yes lmao bruh yes :_memo::_memo::_memo::_memo: kinky LOL Hmmm... No....not that I know.... Wat Nope, I'm quite normal well i only know one European holomem.... Uhh  non relevant here mate. You take that those opinions to your local counselor Reine, try asking Kiara if she wants to put a collar on you? .... nooooo ... right ? Maybe? no they are just have their own fetishes if they want it :_blush: @Takanashi Kiara:eyes: hmmm :_kusa: :_kusa: :_kusa:  wha- sounds like something the French would enjoy Lmao Chain a homie No... Lol Yep, exactly like that lol  I mean, it is fun:_glasses: yeah every day Unfortunately, No:_kusa: Dear Europe, what you doing? :_memo::_memo::_memo: not everyday we must no EU bros Lol EU bros :_blush::_blush::_blush: :_bonk::_bonk::_bonk: Well… :_kaget::_kaget::_kaget: We totally do Guys please:_kusa: They're incontinent European Monopoly only the french lmao, no Perhaps Listen, don't kinkshame depends No :_kusa: yes 100% true Probably in certain situations…:_blush: :_memo: objection, hearsay! is THAT what happened in the Maldives with Kiara? :_memo::_memo::_memo: Bruh No kinkshaming chat Yes :_blush: Don’t deny euro bros Check with Kiara EU bros onegai no wonder why you're in a hurry to take a vacation to Europe... it's mostly the french Only when I have a safe word  :_kusa::_kusa: