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o7*2 O7 :_sal::_sal::_sal: 

hmm :_yay::_yay::_yay: cute Special OST?! Italian BGM? sorry i dunno I can feel my hands moving on their own with this BGM 鼻歌助かる ooh new intro bgm:_yay: Chat I got six baby chickens. Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, Lucille, and Kathleen. I wish I could show them off :loudly_crying_face: They're getting so biiiiig. I'm starting my KFP branch office. Hi Kiwawa!:_luv::_luv: Stream delay :( What's wrong with internet? :_fpm::_sal::_sal: helloooooo :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: :_penlight::_aww::_penlight: :_yay: is this prerecorded? :_lol: new intro:_yay: :_yay:  Hallo :_sal::_sal::_sal: Kiwawa :_yay::_yay: Kicky ricky or whatever! :musical_notes:かわいい Mama Miaaaa!! :pinched_fingers: :_win: :_luv::_luv::_luv: humchou! sup :_hey::_sal: HELLO ANDIAMO!!! :wine_glass::_wah: Ciao bella :_sal: tskr :_sal::_yay: Is this a prerecorded loop of Kiara:_tin: howdy everyone :ox: moo Unmuted btw Tenchou! Ciao Kiaraaa!! OHHH THIS BGM. MOLTO BENE :_spark::ok_hand: Am I a subscriber? ikz groovy music :_uhh::_uhh: kiwawa humming:_pray: Hello :grinning_cat: This makes me want to eat some spaghetti KIWAWA :_luv::_luv::_luv: Humming Boss:_luv::_luv::_luv: :red_heart:  Good morning Tenchou. :baguette_bread::chicken::baguette_bread: uh oh, chat not in members only? it seems so lol MAMA CHIMKIN!!!:orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: chiara... i like this bgm Is this Kiwawa humming pre-recorded too?! Giorno Kiara :_wah:  Viva la Kiwawa:orange_heart:🇮🇹:orange_heart: Mama Mia Pizzaria De MOLTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :_yay::_yay::_yay::_sal::_sal::_sal: Buona sera KFP!:_sal::_sal::_sal: :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers: hello Very fitting :_chu::_chu::_spark::_spark: bots amog us suddenly i want some spaget SAPORE DI CASA New Chiwawa BGM:_yay::_yay::_yay: This is Tenchou´s new song Prerecorded humming hallo!!!! Hello hello~~ 

meow :_penlight::_pet::_penlight: :pinched_fingers: Pizza koko? 

:_daw::_daw::_daw: :_smo::_smo::_cho::_cho: meow meow meow :_smo::_cho: :_daw::two_hearts: :_chu::_cho::_smo: cute :_aww: :_penlight::_cho::_smo::_penlight: Kiara: I am Italian! :_wah: cute!! so peaceful :_luv: :_luv::_pet::_zzz: cute Tenchou :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :_sal: Forza Ferrari :red_heart: :_sal::_sal::_sal::_sal::_sal::_luv::_luv: Cute kikkeriki Tenchou! :_pet::_pet::_pet: meow meow~~:musical_notes::musical_notes::musical_notes: ライブボイス? buon appetito kiara! o forse dovrei dire Chiara wuff, wuff, wuff wuff, wuff ... :_lol::_lol: :_yay::_yay::_yay: MEOW?? Ciao Tenchou! cute noises :_cho::_yay::_smo: :cat_with_tears_of_joy: :_par: 可愛い :cat::cat::cat: :_sal::_sal::_sal: :_chicken::_bokbok::_chicken: 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹:green_heart::white_heart::red_heart: Hi Kiara!!!  :cat:  Italiani ci facciamo sentire? meowsies meow? Kiwawa cute :orange_heart::orange_heart: :_smo::_daw::_cho: Meow meow meoooowww!! :_cho::_smo: @Andrea Rebek Essendo Austriaca, forse qualcosa lo capisce. I hope she's doing the Italian hands :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers: CIAO KIARA COME STAI? :smiling_cat_with_heart_eyes::smiling_cat_with_heart_eyes::smiling_cat_with_heart_eyes::smiling_cat_with_heart_eyes: finally not workilng so i can hear the cute meowing meow meow meow cutee italiani??? :shelterin: o7 :_chicken::_yay::_chicken: :_penlight::_aww::_penlight: :_luv::_luv::_luv: :_sal::_sal::_pet::_pet::_sal::_sal: Cute!!! ciao kiara e chat Kiara is being especially cute today VIVA LA KIWAWA:_luv::_luv::_luv::_luv: I LOVE YOU :sparkling_heart: ITALY LET'S GOOOOOOOOO :cat::front_facing_baby_chick: TE AMO KIARA nice :_pet: :_smo:  :cat::cat: ALLORA RAGAZZI COMINCIAMO A LAVORARE! Italy Snackos les goooo:_nom::_sip: She's speaking the language of the Gods! Chonkers took over Kiwawa I think Meow meow! :_pet::_cho: Meow meow :_pet::_zzz: Adorable Dubito Andrea, é brava ma mica fino a sto punto Meow meow meow! :_smo::_cho::_pet: BELLA ITALIANI :raccoon::raccoon::raccoon: meow? Nya? i feel spoiled now 지금 이 방송은 한번 끝까지 있어보고자 숙면도 포기한다! de molto! VIVA LA TENCHOU vibing:_sal::_sal::_sal: 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 Raccoons meow? :_wah: Lets gooo Mrowwww Ma che ooh! ayoo :_pet::_zzz::_pet::_zzz: How can Kiwawa be this cute? How's it even possible?  

Buongiorno did you get to see the david statue in florence? Sounds like you worked as a clerk 

Dame bacho Hello Tenchou I’m ready for the snacks  So only for hotels and restaurants Brava, Kiara! :_lol: Anch'io dico sempre "La forchetta a destra" Hotel!! :_lol: :_lol::_lol::_lol: Concierge training? yeah very italian :_lol::_lol: lol you worked into a hotel? perchè le frasi da hotel?? So that's the origin story of Sasschou :_wah: Chicktalian? Still better than American language education :_wah::_wah: Kiara sounds like a Swiss lmao POLLO :chicken: second hand Piano? Prima colazione? quante colazioni ci sono? Kiara maji Tensai! WOW its not bad lol Tenchou is quite good with languages:_lol: brava! il vento d'oro MERCI BECOUP IL FUNGO LUNGO LMAO Bonjour tenchou! Tourismus Schule Lmao LOL  :_wah::_wah::_wah: Glazie? kiara was italian from the very beginnig LOL IRyS:_lol::_lol::_lol: la forchetta :_lol::_lol: Grazie oh yeah Grazie! Hearing Kiara speaking italian is a bliss for my ears  mama mia Kiwawa like my spanish skills . ciaoo kiaraaaa :_bokbok: è ARRIVATA SPERANZA somebody toucha my spaghet! lol the german incident :_lol: You ever hear of Wakfu or Dofus? First breakfast means there is a second breakfast, I approve ask kobo to teach you, lol thats really good IRys needs that german crash course asap lmao Pollo parlante :grinning_squinting_face: Grazie - Irys  Yup 

Esatto esatto :_win: 

:_lol::_lol: :_lol::_lol::_lol: correct poor IRyS, she'll learn huh:_wah: HI FRIED KIARA KAWAII WAIFU SENPAU secondhand piano lmao Italia sì Italia no La terra dei cachi è morto Richard Benson... quello del polllllooooooo it means SILENT, doesn't it? dondestia la biblioteca and slow :_wah::_wah::_wah: piano is an inseriment too :_lol: Piano means a lot of things ahahah piano means floor? piano = floor how's Tenchou's Italian? Bravissima Brava KFPasta Grazzie correct! Ciao Chiara  Kiara you're actually good :thumbs_up: :_wah::_wah: :_wow: :_uhh::_uhh: yeah, camera is room Me who speak Italian: My time has come Ah yeah def hotel talk lol :_wow::_wow: seconda colazione > prima colazione Piano means floor, slow and... Piano lol chiave piano also mean piano as instrument Hey you're pretty good actually Why is she speaking the merci beaucoup? Ecco la Kiara :_spark: 10chou you're too cute lol I thought piano meant quiet? ahh Facciamo uno spuntino we get the keys guys :_wow::_wow::_wow: Piano / Forte - silent / loud, isn't it? Tourism-minded Kiara E' comunque italiano! :clapping_hands:  che bello Che level up sei pronta a lavorare come cameriera fenice all you need Piano also means the instrument piano, or slow, or quiet, or floor, lol second fiddle is a say8ng in english so it sounds funny to us o7 You're at least basic google translate level Perfetto:_1010: Viva la Chiara bravissima 

:_wah::_wah::_wah: The more you know  Its da booooot 

That’s kicking Sicily  Yeah boot conutry :_lol: Amazing おお :woman’s_boot::woman’s_boot: it's called "Stivale" yes, very distinctive shape A boot kicking a rock Divertimento con le bandiere ayo gabagool omg i didn't knew that! hai perduto la compagnaaa :woman’s_boot: TORINO PAESE DI FUMO We are always here :_uwa::_uwa::_uwa:ohhh now wayy oh nyo ~~~:_lol::_lol::_lol::_lol: stivaloni sheeeeesh I LIVE IN A BOOT? O MIO DIO FEET? :_uhh: Spain gets hotter during the summer. we like to call it a boot too in italy Lo Stivale, yep True Lo stivale, grandissimo :woman’s_boot::soccer_ball: There’s an exclave of Italy called Campione d’italia avevo sentito dire hmm yes yes naruhodo kiara mia madre assoluta :_spark: :woman’s_boot: :woman’s_boot: :woman’s_boot: Flexes :_lol:  In Canada, it's the shape of about OLIVE tasty olives It looks like a Chicken Nugget SICILIA Man i love trees olivi and gangsters lol 中身なんなんやろー That is how I learned which one was Italy on elemetary school :_lol: I know, Alpenkind All of trees kiara ti spiego, il nord non so chiama nord si chiama polentonia e il sud non si chiama sud si chiama terronia Excited Kiara is extra cute. kiara funfacts: gelato INVADE il bergamotto Olive oil Pizza! Orange trees in the south なんちゃらかんちゃら :_lol: piaza right next to slovenija and Hrvatska :_dro::pizza: :pizza::pizza::pizza: なんちゃらかんちゃら:_lol::_lol::_lol: 

s*2 sei su dieci  Italian jouzu 

Mama mia pizza pasta what's after 10??? Not bad :_spark: :_lol::_lol::_lol: Count Kiwawa :vampire: :_wow: lol ottimo! arupapa? im sure there are they exist There are! :_wow::_wow: There are V! out oif X ? Brava! :_lol: sasuga Di motto! I'm sure there are are there any? lol Pizza papa? hi kiara! im so happy you saw my menu design i made for you :red_heart: HoloIT when Yuuni I'm sure there's someone  YESS heyyyyyyyy w l'italiano yes ciao interesting... aruran yup there are Yuunihho is Italian Vtuber scottish vtuber yagoo please Yes ther are  :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers: we have some actually What about Davie06 yep there are ha mangiato Patatine Amica Chips Lime e Pepe credo there are not that i know There’s gotta be at least one Tifa Lockhart idk Merryweather knows one Pretty sure there is There are a couple yes Me to Kiara, me too Does Aruran count? Probably  There must be at this point. not really Oof *dead chimkim* Dario Moccia Vinny Vinesauce? SIIII I'm Sure there Are there's a few on twitch I’m sure there are someone out there  Yuniino none that i know of yuniho is a friend of ollie :clapping_hands::clapping_hands: there's a couple i think? Hololive Italia quando??? Ollie knows one There are many who answered your european vTuber tweet! Aruran  There are a bunch of ita Vtubers!! Next snack! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Not that much, but it's for the better probably does Aruran count? Yuniiho is Italian! Theres a really nice fox artist Maybe when Holostars gets English members, one of them will be Italian. Next snack~ Tsuki Mia is an italian vtuber mama Mia so delicio :clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Next snack! Kiara what's 1 to 6 yes there are :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Next snack Oh? a drink theres yuniiho, shes italian tea Aruran :_lol: Well at least it’s not just cheese, salt, and bbq like the us I feel like there's tons of European VTubers out there lmao today a whole generation of jerusalem vtubers debuted, it was fun YAKITSUKI is an italian vtuber NEXT :clapping_hands:SNACK :clapping_hands: Once again: we need HoloEU xD ahhh estathe  lol wtf is that packaging there's some italian vtubers but they speak english :clapping_hands::clapping_hands:NEXT SNACC leettssss goooooo ODDIO L'ESTA TE esta theee DARIO MOCCIA HAHAH EstaThe I know an Italian American REGULAR streamer... The italian military marine have a vtuber limoncello? THE ESTATHE :clapping_hands::dragon::clapping_hands: CICCIOGAMER 89 EstaThé oooooo Famous Italian Vtuber Tifa :V the italian airforce has a vtuber Next snack Estathè! Ooooo:eyes: :_spark: nooo Estathe :_wow::_wow::_wow: oooh yuniiho is italian Yuniiho is a great italian vtuber ESTATHE LETS GOOOOOOOOOO Should the drink not be cooled? ESTA THEEEEEEEEEE 

non le incollano più esta la pesca Wir lieben Süßigkeiten.  

no no glue they give you separately so you don't streal the tea Imports stole your straw and left a new one Nice! a napoli lo apriamo col portafogli della anziana che passava di lì oooh DyaRikku and Yuniiho are both Italian. I should have guessed oh iii I just got home. What did I miss? lipton > estatè :peach: gang yeah they're usually packed in line of three probably just broke off during shipping or packaging quanti stereotipi in questa live alla pesca è semplicemente meglio Guanti Safe :_yes: capisco quello che dice, 10chou this snackbox wasn't made 20 years ago at least :_wah: Se vi piace il the al limone potete bervi direttamente il detersivo per i piatti :_lol: Please let their be sphagetti in the snacks :_wow::_wow::_wow: ottima scelta quello alla pesca easy to damage Bullet's eye:_spark: :_mgn::_mgn::_mgn: i live since 10 Years in italy now and they give youthe straw seperate (some are glued on it) さすが! nice This is prime middle school food :_1010::_1010::_1010: :grinning_squinting_face:  i love the background music hahaha :_wow::_wow: Saluti!:_sip: :_spark: :bullseye: :_spark::_spark::_spark: sasuga :_wow: Kanpai:_sip: its packaged together usually BULLSEYE NICE Nice Aim!!!! Let's go :_sip: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: FPS Pro SaSuGa :_sip::_sip::_sip: :face_savoring_food: jea jea, always excuse vor noodlearms :_lol::_lol::_lol: Sniper Tenchou Bullseye! :bullseye::_pray: good? E' buonissimo Nice one! Bene! :_spark::_spark: Bet that's gonna be :_1010: I suggest to make 2 holes to drink it easier!!! 

:ok_hand: :_lol::_lol::_lol: gottem 

Lmao 7? Step it up, Italy! Capito 7/10 She got us Che box di merda mama mia papa pia イターーーーリア! Nice lol :_lol::_lol: Bueno  PAN DI STELLE POG dio santo :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers: nino pinooo 7/10 not bad:pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers: PAN DI STELE 草 wwwwwwwwwwwww Where's the garlic bread!? :ok_hand: gottem le Fruittella! 7/10  WOOOO pan di stelle Ho appena cenato, guardando le merendine mi è venuta già fame we just lost the game ragazzi OOOH PAN DI STELLE LET'S GOO siii :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: MAMA MIA :_lol: Uhh, pan di stelle buoni pefforza :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers: fonzies sono buonissime the pure Italian buoniiiii :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers: omg, I pan di stelle PAN DI STELLE!! I LOVE THOSE!!!!! That one is GOAT! PAN DI STELLE THIS ARE SOOOOO GOOD non i miei preferiti :pinched_fingers: Italian accent the whole stream lets goooooo Italia :ok_hand: pan di stelle  pan di stelle yes YO PAN DI STELLE?! uuuuh pan di stelle I pan di stelle Molto Bene PON :_lol: IL PAN DI STELLE CRISTO SANTO oh no the hand signs coming out pan di fucking stelle Bene! Bene! PON?! Pan di Stelle poggeroni Yes!!!!:_dro: nice accent oh pan di stelle non può sbagliare PON:_uhh: Pon Stelle gnammi buono PAN DI STELLE LET'S GOOOOOO Oh neat! PON BAR PAN DI STELLE??? Pan di stelle!! IL CUOPPO panpon what a pon PAN DI STELLE:_hel::_hel::_hel::_hel::_hel::_hel::_hel::_hel::_hel: Star bread BUONISSIMO 10/10 Ci sono le Pan di stelle PAN DI STELLE MOLTO BUONOOO :_dro::_dro::_dro: PAN DI STELLE SI ragazzi però niente bestemmie:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: LET'S GOOOO star bread bread from star :red_heart: SI VOLAAA IL MIO PREFERITO MY FAVORITEEEEE Pon lol Pan as bread?! il pan di stelle orgoglio nazionale Goccole>Pan di Stelle OH LET'S GOOOO pon lmao :_lol: siiii Pon :_wah: Now THAT looks good :_dro: Oh... good I want them!!! Pan di stelle!!! Bread star? il pan di stelle lets goooooooooooo e certo ooooo quelle sono buonissime! PON:_oof: this looks so good i want it PAN DI STELLE LET''S GO Looks tasty :pinched_fingers::ok_hand: eccoli those are so yummy :face_savoring_food: ah theyre so soft nice ones pan di stelle is amazing :_huh: Oh? pon Pan di stelle! LETS GO! LET'S GOOOO pan di stelle!! Pan di stelle are actually very famous during Christmas Yoooo, that looks FOCKIN AMAZING  LMAO Ponkotsu Stellar 


MAMA MIA essere scammati da qualunque cosa è da tipici italiani Hah? :face_with_tears_of_joy: :_lol::_lol::_lol: Give Kiara her Pokémon!:_mad: Rate wisely :eye::mouth::eye: Oh nice LOL Mama Mia Pizzeria. here's the scam I was talking about se non gli piace il pan di stelle scoppia la rivolta Il pan di stelle è una bomba :_wow: cioccoccino CIOCCOCCINO AHAHAH :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers: rotate it nice :_yes: Wow:_spark::_spark::_spark::_spark: yes oh twins turn them on OH MY IT LOOKS SO YUMMY :_wow::_wow::_wow: cute Alfajores?  sono al contrario Ohh it looks good am I only that English with Italian accent make me funny? turn them the poke'mon got made into pepperoni and put on pizza You don't have to say mama mio at the end of every sentence you know lol CARRINO Turn them around おいしそう! mammuts pure i pan di stelle sono falsi, non sono i veri :_nom::_nom::_nom: Cite chocolate? buoni buoni チョコチーノww Looks yummy! Turn them! Tipical: italian scamming with hopes of Pokemon, but delivering only the standard version Cute! CUTE Mama mia :_spark::_spark::_spark: OMG they look amazing !!! :_nom::_nom: Moar Chocolate!!! :_spark: :_dro::_dro::_dro: I'm starving... :_spark: Oh cool!! Peppermint patties?  :_dro::pinched_fingers: :_daw: :_spark::_dro: that's A spicy meatball!  star pie :_wow::_wow: It looks smooth Cute Cool WOW looks like brownies wow Nice THey look cute  Belli! Woah cute! :_uhh::_uhh::_uhh: can't stop laughing:_lol: Omg CUTE Godopoli, arriviamo! ahh yess the good stuff Round Bambino:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: WAH wtf is she talking about? perfezione Chocolate? Chocolate?! CHOCOLATE!! They look like brownies cute! that's a cuuto chocolato! :_dro::_dro: Looking good omg I miss those so much ma That looks good love the star shape looks cute and good  Are they peppermint patties? Yummy  mario cart item  Pan di stelle, the memories carino! biscottino! Exuse  moio :star::_spark::chocolate_bar: i want it so badly Ooohhhhh im hungry www :expressionless_face::ok_hand: :white_heart::white_heart::white_heart::white_heart::white_heart::white_heart: so cute look nice Looks yummy :_spark:A star like you Carini processed perfection o dio They look like hostess cupcakes lovely 

YUMMY:_dro::_dro::_dro: that's called "crema pan di stelle" fudge like? 

:_nom::_nom::_nom: Sounds good. put that on auction right now Nutella??? :_pray::_pray::_pray: Mogu Mogu  Ooh, that sounds delish Sounds pretty good. oh baby, classic pan di stelle there crunch? sound good full of surprises I see It looks so good 8/10 sisi All the textures :face_savoring_food: :_nom::_nom: That sounds pretty good, actually. Ciao Kiara, much love from Italy!!! Deliciano yoooo they're like Hostess Ding-Dongs except probably actually good Reminds me of those carmel creme candies! :_dro::_dro::_dro: :_1010::_1010: nutella... :_dro::_dro::_dro: lol Lol Sounds like a hostess cupcake Nutella but no Nuts :_wah: :_lol: NUTELLA 100/10 10/10 LMAO :_spark: Kiara | KFP Nutella fan Ferrero product I think LOL Nutella is from Turin🇮🇹 :_lol::_lol::_lol: gg Italy Yummy! it is? oh my i didnt know nutella was italian nutella :pinched_fingers: Thank you Italy :_dro::_dro::_dro: Nutella wait really??? Kiara’s Italian accent is sounding cute VAI NUTELLA Nutella = gods food Mozerella naruhodo Nutella is ok Nutella, Kiara's favorite OH MAN I'M ALREADY STARVING IN 4AM. Tenchou's review really describes well :_pray::_pray::_pray: Let us have a bite Kiwawa :_bokbok: :_dro::_nom: looks really good :_yab::_yab::_yab: Is there gonna be Kinder in the box?  tenchou a real one yep, Nutella is from Italy Voto? Bussin yumm snacc gone I WANT TOO nice ora aho fame, ecco ta da 9/10 Pan di Stelle... gone 

:_yay:Eat em up eat em up eat em up :_lol::_lol: they are a cereal... 

Kiara so hyper today lol reese puffs are a cereal Underground snack lmao reesespuffs Reese's Puffs! :_lol: :_lol::_lol::_lol: Kiara's unhinged:_omg::_omg::_omg::_omg::_omg: reeses puffs cereal  barretta al riso soffiato EAT 'EM UP REESE'S PUFFS REESE'S PUFFS REESE'S PUFFS www lmao lol Mai visti in vita mia drunkchou Reese’s Puffs is a cereal. eat them up eat them uo  LOLOL EAT EM UP probably already exists wtf lol Reeses puffs are cereal rese puff?? ooh it has rice ok magari è buono  well, actually I saw it sometimes, but never ate it ahsh REESES PUFFS what lmaooo EAT EM UP EAT EM UP REESE'S PUFFS LMAOOOOOOOOOO eat em up:_lol::_lol::_lol: ciocori non lo vedo da tantissimo Hyper Kiwawaaaaaa Reese puffs are cereal lol I see Motta and I think panettone she is drunk  It's not a famous brand but should be good those are different lol Are you actually drunk LMAO reeses puffs? Reeses Puffs, the peanut butter ones CIAOOO Reese's Puffs! Reese's Puffs! Eat 'em up, eat 'em up, eat 'em up, eat 'em up! I've never seen that Oh no EAT 'EM UP! :_yay::_yay::_yay: Nippon?? LMAOOOOOOOOO ... WHY LMFAO EAT EM UP EAT EM UP EAT EM UP AHAHAHAAH Reese's Puffs are cereal based on the candy :_lol:  :_uhh::_uhh::_uhh: ar she already drunk??:_lol::_lol::_lol: :_uhh: It's Reese's, not Reese ok, i'm italian, i live in italy and this is the first time that i see that chocolate bar She doesn't need alcohol if snacks can make her like this... I've eaten that the other day, it's yummy Too much sugar for 10 chou Ciocorì is like a drug! XDDDD ya slightly excited there birb? I AM IN MISERY~:_yay::_yay::_yay: LMAOOOOOO With Kronii now confirmed as Canadian i think the fanart of her as Beaver can't be far behind REESES PUFFS LMAO REESES PUFFS:_yay: :_uwa: Where is this enegry coming from !?!?!:_omg::_omg::_omg::_lol::_lol::_lol: LOL :_dro: i think someone is becoming Sugar-chou! Too much sugar Kiawa :grinning_face: Its cereal oh my god nether did i  REESE'S PUFFS! drunk already? sorry boss :_lol: Hyper Kiara:_spark::_spark::_spark: peanut butter chocolate flavor That was one of the funniest moments istg SHES SO DRUNK PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE FLAVOR What have we done to her? :_uwa: We did good PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE FLAVAAASAA It was so funny lmao LMAOOOO EAT EM UP EAT EM UP EAT EM UP  dont know if she is amped by the sugar or drunk... or both Eat em up eat em up eat em up! cpr è andata, l'abbiamo persa con una fiesta.  LMAOOO PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE FAVOR The memes 

zio gerey How big brain are you? :_uhh: lol 

gerri has great meme potential Ich kenne nur "Wer wird Millionär" mit Günther Jauch :_wah: La accendiamo? LOL oh yeah there's an Italian version too Exactly  gerry scotti lmao gerry in hololive would be such a blessing yes lol Yes LMAO Gerry Scotti LMAO yes :yougotthis::yougotthis::yougotthis: GERRI SCOTTI SIIIIIII Yeah :grinning_squinting_face: Yep :_lol: yes he is Regis was a good host. Rip YEP the host, yes Yes ahahah gerry scotti YES Si why is kiwawa so cute today? is it the 6G? SIGNORIII yeahh yrs :_lol::_lol::_lol:yep kiwawa search gerry scotti signori buonasera yep hit the nail on the head yes, that's him yesss ... It was!  Gerry Scotti tv host yes LOL mitoco Gerry Scotti yeah hahahah Gerry Scotti is the MC of the Italian version, yes yep Oh they have it in Italy too? GERRY SCOTTI that's the host we had one GERRI VTUBER exactly No idea Jerry scotti Yeah he is gigachad YES AHAHAHAH yea Gerry Scotti is my father  somehow UK like to make lots of quiz shows that got exported everywhere Il Gabibbo che diventa Vtuber come siamo arrivati a parlare di gerry scotti? lol Hi kiara, your looking cute  Lmao lmao SIGNORE E SIGNORI, BUONASERA! the goat aspetto il Gabibbo. BELANDI tv host GERRY MIO AMORE Gerry Scotti = host of italian version of "Who want to be a millionare" Gerry Scotti is the best italian presenter Gerry Scotti AHAHAHA I CANT GERRRRRYYY SCOTTIIIII 

rip penalty? LOL Lmao I have no idea 

NON LO SO literally noone knows R I P Can we get Subaru x Hunziker for Paperissima? :_huh::_huh::_huh: huh... Is it Dokomi? what are these answers LMAOOOO wtf what on earth I already forgot the question D: The RIP penalty? Rip penalty? ?? whats RIP? :_lol::_lol::_lol:i have no idea :tired_face:IDK What lol what are these Interesting answers :_wah::_wah::_wah: I DONT REMEMBER lol what demonitizing questions :_uhh: LM,AO hololive summer fest RIP Penalty 草 What lol lmao I have no idea lol I pick third option lol has to be football related la cipolla hmmm i choose a :_lol: RIP penalty. Lol Non la so nemmeno io World champion of what? wtf is a rip penalty rip penalty:_lol::_lol::_lol: :_uhh::_uhh::_uhh: RIP penalty :grinning_squinting_face: nobody cares if the president dies uuuuuh wtf is this lol RIP:skull: RIP penalty :_lol::_lol::_lol: what the heck is a RIP penalty? Whats the RIP penalty? Aiuto :_wah::_wah: :grinning_squinting_face: When the penalty is rip  I'm gonna guess It's the sports thing :_wah: Yeah football What are those other two answers? :_lol: if you can't say death you can say "shadow realm penality" Weirdly specific answers lol :_huh: the weird one is prob true Football Write the question in the screen idk soccer of course italy number 1 :index_pointing_up: 🇮🇹 :hundred_points: world champion in all facets ??? whats the RIP Penalty? No idea campioni del mondo! wut:_wah: yes soccer 

Now Kiwawa is banned from Italian accents indefinitely :_uhh: lucca comics grazie Kiara. love Austria 

grazie Kiara viva Hololive KIARA VIENI A FAR VISITA QUANDO VUOI :red_heart: :red_heart:  annamo da alibaba :_daw::_daw::_daw: the Vatican needs a KFP too FORZA ROMA La maggica Roma Grazie a te Kiara for reviewing our snacks milano  Yay! is das für dich net ne 30 min autofahrt ? xD Good idea! :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: come around for lucca! yeah let's go to the beach each LUCCA COMICS! Kiara? NOT going to the beach? What do you do with our tenchou? Cultured city traveler milano games week oh yes please come! Comicon ye Sìììììììì lucca comics siii HOLOLIVE TO LUCCA Lucca Comics oh yeah go to Terracina near Rome for a nice sea Viva la Kiara! YEAH! Romics lucca comix woo Lucca?? magari Ohhh!! :_luv::_luv::_luv: buono we will get the )€ ticket^^ lol aspetto il gw Kiara come to Lucca yes! So, Follow the Yellow Big Road? :_win: Rome is very cold at winter though  Elba? Lucca let's goooo Grazie for the fun stream Kiara :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: let's goooo!!!!! nah not milano KFP at the Vatican? kiara really likes to travel #KiaraLuccaComics Comes to Naples we have the best pizza in the world When in Rome Grazie Responsabile del negozio Lucca comics is Amazing Kiara al Lucca! Venice is also lovely :_lol::_lol::_lol: 

:_daw::_daw::_daw: lots of collabs is GOOD! Do take care! :_daw: 

:orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: :_luv::_luv::_luv: Reine and Mumei Collabs!! :_luv::_luv::_luv: I got erranda to run, but thanks a lot Boss, ti vogliamo bene love your collabs~! yay collabs! A *lot* of them :_daw::_daw::_hel: love seeing many collabs for the best reasons yeah,thats treu  working hard as usual this was the only solo stream right? :_luv::_luv: We love the Collabs! :_daw::_daw::_daw: :_luv: :_luv: :_luv:  M a G a m e r G u r l :two_hearts::_ohoho: okay true posso scrivere sempre in italiano qui cosi ci riconosci ? ok! karaokeee KIARAOKE:_spark::_spark::_spark: Are you getting excited? :_daw: that's a lot of breaks in the week. good on you for taking breaks tenchou! take care of yourself Alright Yeah but it's been fun! Looking forward to it! Arrivederci!  Yeah, that's good sounds good sounds good! We really would love that. :_luv: Lets gooo:orange_heart::orange_heart: the collabs has been fantastic Youre not gonna Jetplane us again, right?  That's fine you should have fun with your friends Karaoke will be nice ! So excited for you!:_luv: t'aspettiamo alla sagra della gallina scagarona vacation with Reine? Nice to see you hanging with the other girls:_daw::_daw::_daw: :_luv: Relax girl thats the point No worries if you can't Yeah a nice chatting stream with Reine will be nice No need to 

Here's hoping :_oof: fingers crossed the weather is fine 

not in those region, tenchou :_pray::_pray::_pray: :_pray: Hopefully it'll be fine :_pray: We pray for u:_pray: Of course it’s gonna be hot, you an Reine are there hopefully you two will still be able to hit the beach  :_luv::_luv::_luv: Kiara it'll be fine, don't worry about that :_luv::_luv: :folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands: Hopefully it will be fine:_pray::_pray::_pray: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::sun_behind_rain_cloud::beach_with_umbrella::sun_with_face: @Giorberto Non trovo la bandiera Italiana ma eccomi :_cry::_cry::_cry: weather is not set on stone Hoping for the best:_luv: staying indoors with Reine in rainy weather oh nooo just be prepared and hope for the best. be ready to take advantage of any luck you get hopefully :_pray: Everywhere you go, always bring the weather with you Visiting during the Rain season is rather galaxy brain i hope it'll be sunny :_pray::_pray::_pray:KOBO :_ohoho::_ohoho::_ohoho: :_pray::_pray: :_pie::_pie::_pie::_pie: :_pray:sunny day IRyS doko? vacations with RAINe I need a hero:_yay: :green_heart::white_heart::red_heart: Ocean Man take me by the hand Right? It's all just water yeah smart kiwawa Oh? dies the rainy season start in the maledives Step i: Befriend a big sea turtle. Step 2: Ride it between islands. Step 3: Profit. kobo tasukete "It REINEs a little bit" :face_with_tongue:  hoping it'll be okay :_pray: Pray to the Kobo Well you couldn't have known Are u going to wear swimsuites? Buon Viaggio kinda not the same. Monsoons are not up yet? Bad decision, sadly maybe a rain ritual? I mean, one of Reine's kouhai is a rain shaman so maybe she can get you at least one clear day! Oof what happens happens. chill 

:_pray::_pray: :_pray::_pray::_pray: :_pie: 

Irys(hope) vor you that weather shanged  Oof. oof lol :_oof::_oof::_oof: tell Kobo to stop the rain :_pray:Pray to Kobo :_pray: True:_pray::_pray::_pray: don't beat yourself up, weather's hard to predict no matter what take it easy, weather forecast changes every 3 days :_oof::_oof: Pray for good weather :red_heart: :_pray: Pray to kobo:_pray::_pray::_pray: you can never predict the weather Wishing the two of you the best weather luck :_oof: Come on phoenix luck, give Kiwawa some good weather :_pray: :_luv::_luv::_luv: I'm sure things will work out! :confounded_face: :_pray::_pray::_RP :_oof:  Call Kobo:_pray::_pray::_pray: :_pray: :_pray: :_pray:  whoopsie Lets just hope it'll be a nice vacation anyway! we wish you guys get some sunny days Reining take me to the land I will hope for some sunny times swimming in the rain is still an interesting experience  how about Reining? have Kobo call the Reine away  :_ohoho::_ohoho::_ohoho: ask Kobo to stop rain Yeah Wish you luck :_daw::_luv::_daw: Yes yeah time for some teru bozu Tell Kobo It'll be fine Kiara :_luv: yeaa, unlucky :_daw::_daw: Though we want one story of you two applying sun screen on each other  don't worryyyy yeah feels bad It can still be nice, give it a chance  :_pie::_pie::_pie: Time to ask kobo to change the weather pizza time island weather can be v unpredictable :folded_hands: hope not...  Play Monopoly at least you'll meet reine  

:_oof::_oof::_oof: Just go swimming in the rain :_pray::_pray::_pray: 

sad  FORZA ITALIA massages? RAINY DAY OFFLINE COLLAB LET'S GOOOOO Pray to Kobo :_pray:  more intimate bonding, not a waste  Just look at Reine in her swimsuit can still swim if its raining, already wet anyways At least Reine will be there In the rain with REINE :P You cant stay inside and play monopoly All that tome to play Monopoly… Just say" kobokan" 12 times Streaming from the maldives thoughts? getting wet isnt that bad :_pie: play lots of board games just ask Kobo to make it not rain  :_spark:scuba? :folded_hands::people_hugging::people_hugging::people_hugging: No Kiara, diving while raining is a bad idea Raine head pats or rain? cold water sadge Ah dang hopefully the weather gets better:_pray: You have license for diving? just dance in the rain! I'd hate to be stuck inside all day with Reine :_pray::_pray: if the sea is not rough Irl Twister stream sure, that might work :disappointed_face::disappointed_face::disappointed_face: and in austria/germany we get summerweather lol oh man I hope it goes well tenchou Bring umbrellas to swim or something. Anything to still swim don't worry too much, it won't be that heavy You might be stuck playing Uno and Monopoly with Reine all day Maybe they just meant "REINE" will be there :_luv: Reineing? :_pray: Well you'll wanna be careful with the weather when it rains and diving Rain would be fine. Storms would not Kiara diving? :_uhh:  massages time I guess 안녕하세!!~ :_spark::_spark::_spark: Gotta believe Turn a rainy day into a Reine day! it'll be fun regardless :red_heart:  Just gotta make the best out of it, you'll have company at least :_wah: Anything that happens is because of Kobo so your happiness depends on her pls dont get hit by lightning while diving never tried diving in the rain so have no idea effect XD I'm sure you'll figure something out if things are a bit worse than expected you can ask the locals & hotel what excursions's are available in those weather :_luv::_luv::_luv: 

안녕하세요!!~ not every safe snorkeling is probably tough when raining 

At least you will be together ! teru teru bozu time Damn Snorkoling is fun! I hope you do dive tho :_cry::_cry::_cry: Bring Monopoly :_oof::_oof::_oof: mario kart training diving requires training I hope you Travel safely :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::_pie:M o m Perhaps they have an indoor swimming pool as well? NEVER dive while the sea is not calm. - from a rescue swimmer :_pray::_pray::_pray: :_pie: I think it's because if rain turns into storm, rescuing divers becomes difficult :_daw::_daw::_daw: it gets very rough in the water :_luv::_luv::_luv: It'll be fine Kiara :_luv: pillow fight instead terrible idea :_luv: :_luv: :_luv:  Why didn't you look it up beforehand? Gonna get in those Monopoly reps forced mario cart training arc :_pie::_pie: thats good have fun with Reine Kiwawa:_luv::_luv::_luv: The best for diving is a calm weather... Visibility wise you'll find something fun to do Go on food binge! :_oof::_oof::_oof::_oof:thats a expensive switsh playing Have some nice massages there too Hiking is still an option! Surprise reine and kiara stream Mario Party Switch in Beach Clothes :grinning_squinting_face: :_pie::_daw: Don't think about it Kiara :_luv: Hi Tenchou  You’ll be playing Smash :_ohoho: Kiara, relaaaaax. rain is good fishing weather! hope for the best, prepare for the worst Just think about Reine in her swimsuit :_luv: least you can meet Reine mexican snack? it'll be fine You'll have a lot of fun Tenchou! you and Reine can "Smash" at the hotel *lennyface* Try contacting the hotel for advise Let's stay optimistic yeah :_luv: Have you thought of stopping the rain? maybe u and reine could play smash bros :_ohoho: Lets just hope it'll be a nice holiday! 

EXPOSED :_yan::_yan: Just don't look at this twitter he been cheating alot 

lol poor la+ Kiaraaa what are you doing? GO AND WATCH THE EUROVISION NOOOOWWW It's not random, it's Miku and Violet's been a long time fan. Yeah:_luv::_luv::_luv: :_lol::_lol::_lol: lol :_oof:La+ The shows not even that good too *Sad Kusogaki sounds* Understandable  but yeah you and ina are the best together :_aww::_aww::_aww: he's cultured :_luv::_luv::_luv: Kiara hates la+ [serious] la plus collab when :_daw::_daw::_daw: It's like this lineup was almost built around you! being LA+ is suffering Friendzone the Ina TakoToriiiii :orange_heart::purple_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart: Takotori keeps on winning :_luv: :_spark::_spark: :_luv: :_luv: :_luv:  you're the breast of the whole bunch tenchou :_luv:  :slightly_smiling_face:... Poor yamada :_danke::_schon: RIP La+ :_wow::_wow::_wow: My L o v e will never Die just you fuggin wait M a a :two_hearts: Ill come to the Kon':_cry: Yamada in shambles :_aww: awww:_daw: Rip LA+ La+ is just 4th wheel P R O U D  I was surprised you four were chosen specifically poor Yamada Because you're Kiara Lap-chan. o7 inyaaa sad Yamada noises Because you're awesome La+ cry you can sell stuff Kiara Easy excuse for you to talk to pekora and set up that holotalk now  You are the most boing boing WELL DESERVED The choosen chicken! :_wow::_wow::_wow: You are EN JP fluent you're the host? you're the host nice lap+ :_oof: I'm being targeted :_daw::_luv::_daw: Best spokesperson in EN Because you are awesome:_luv::_luv::_luv: 

LOL noo, we are not fosters, LMAO 

:_lol::_lol: ohhhhhh Austria, pay her! :_oof: lmao Oh :_lol::_lol::_lol: [serious] Kiara dodges child support :_lol: :_lol: oooof :_oof: Wait, are we paying our own child support with membership? oh? waht Parenthood is confusing :_lol: Nooo you pay us child support because we are children and need support yabe? :_yab::_yab::_yab: aren´t we emergency food? :_lol::_lol::_lol::_uhh: Calli refuses to pay so... *We're* paying the child support. :grinning_squinting_face:  wait aren't we paying our own child support? loool Hoodie is awesome, can’t wait to be able to use it again when it’s no longer 40C here you should get the foster parent support :_wah: lol We pay our own child support:_wah: oh... hopefully i get LAST years birthday merch before this years BD How could we marry Mamatori if you're our mommy I suppose I shall ask the question again later @EvansL :_wah: tax for childrens can i get my allowance :yt::yt: pain parent? what's that? :_spark::_spark::_spark: :_uhh: no the KFP has to pay you for their own support oh thats right:_wah: Well can we adopt Reine as our dad? :eyes::eyes::eyes: shareee mommy, can I get my allowance? oh my Yes you are and it's cute :_ohoho::_ohoho::_ohoho: Kiara omg :_uhh::_uhh::_uhh: yes Go for it!! a Dindl? Reinements  Is our Tenchou our mom now? YES Lol DO THIS :_yes::_yes::_yes: 

Oh did he ...no I did not lmao 

Yeah Felix? nice :_lol: we ar spaming dokemio as KFP Heard about that he did, finally? He has such CUTE dogs!!:_cry: Yeah he finally moved after so many years! Hey Kiara, Reine asked whether you want the top or bottom bunk, not sure what she means i dont follow him so was only informed right now Yeah he did! after 84 long years Oh yess So happy for him Im afraid of H e r:_ohoho: Yeah it's possible now!  9 year old army ARISE oh? So you can meet Pewdiepie Oh yeah he was having some trouble wasn't he it open :_spark: :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: I don't follow him :woozy_face: didnt he get married in japan? :_yes:i saw that Ohhh so Trash Taste special incoming :_spark::_spark::_spark: Eigo Jouzu I don't think so? he moved? PewDiePie Collab when??? hes weeaboo No clue Who? I don't like him. :_huh: Interesting, I guess if there was someone from Europe in the male holoEN group they're putting together would you collab with him? Don’t think so  Ah so he's going to be on Trash Taste I don't think he does I think so does that mean we'll see others go there perhaps..? Ohhh nice, good on him! Thats really cool have you ever been to poland? Huh, didn't know that Ya he speak japanese  No clue :_lol: I think only a little bit he's a fake weeb? i don't think so a bit  i dont think so  Probably a little? Him and Marzia tried studying, speaks a little bit Preying Mantis is Female:_bokbok: no clue never watch him lol He doesn't speak Japanese for what I know lol, haven't seen a pewds videos in a few years does he? No? :_wah::_wah::_wah: as good as a weeb does He's not very jouzu I think lol lol he practiced a bit, not sure if he's fluent noo idea ? Collab with pewdiepie ikzzz nope I don't think you realise you always trend in top 10 for entertainment category for UK twitter when live dun care bout that dude didnt he been there before? I think he does a bit Don´t know Weeb Japanese maybe no idea he was getting buff I have literally never seen pewdiepie speak & intend to keep it that way Yeah he does but it's not great 

Marry Calli EZ :_luv::_luv::_luv: I mean, living in Japan as a foreigner is awful from what I understand. 

:_daw::_daw::_daw: Home is where the heart is :_daw: understandable lol Well then I mean... Marry Pekora How does Calli do it? Better propose to Reine then just marry Irys live in JP is hard Ame said she planned to stay for a month in Japan yep :_oof: wow HI KIARA, eating ramen rn! True you need a bachelors to work there :_luv::_luv: It's very... difficult Tourist route is more fun Marry Nene Should Marry Nene Aren't you one of Nene's wives? Get a japanese cat and marry it WHO IS GONNA BE THE LUCKY GUY :grinning_squinting_face: :_pet::_zzz: understandable.. Marry a Japanese cat :_smo::_cho: marry nene humu humu marry pekora iz Married to your cats and job i understand Marry Yagoo Marry Calli Not even calli? :_lol::_lol: Time for O'riends to become O'wives nenechi can take care of that:_lol: Right :< I thought you were marrying your cats :_huh: Time for Marriage Fraid marry pekora? :_wah: marry your cats lmao おはよう Calli needs to be Japanese first, then everything will be easier Yeah about that.. how are japanese positioned towards divorce exdee So which JP Member are you going to marry??? Growing up out of the weeb phase  We getcha boss OPEN THE BORDERS OF WANO i mean JAPAN Poor Babies if they had to fly to Japan. :_pie: wouldnt you be able to get work visa if you wanted to? Understandable married route no Calli marriage Yeah :_cho: :_smo:  :_cho::_smo: I love Japan but I'd never wanna work there :grinning_face_with_sweat: jea home sweet home~~ Happy Kiwawa:_luv::_luv::_luv: Holostars like walking visas) I mean, there's a plethora to choose a bride from 

College is pain Senseichou :_oof: 

:_lol::_lol::_lol: LOL Lol online diploma exists :_wah::_wah::_wah: Just marry Nenechi lmao i could run a pigfarm in japan haha got chu LMAO :_lol::_lol: :_wah: You don't get to pick where you get to go for the English teacher role either Teach English to HoloJP amen sister  lol Japan is extremely strict in terms of immigration calli was a teacher no? lol understandable If you had a daughter would you let her live in Ha english teacher route, LETS GO asdsadsa I tried to teach English in Japan. It was a nightmare. I gave up pretty quickly ahaha, it sure is hard huh :grinning_squinting_face: That’s what most people seem to do, teaching English  ask Yagoo to hire you as an English teacher for the JP girls  :raised_fist:tellem LET THEM KNOW KIARA!!!!! @EdoSan calli did the teacher route Preach it sister what a tangent Is it also that hard to immigrate to Europe from elsewhere? :_yab::_lol: Can 10 years in software developer work there ? :_wah::_wah: Company sponsorship work too (like GeeXPlus)  GO TO SCHOOL W I F E !:_mad: University is useless anyway humu Not going for Master or Phd degree in japan  @Takanashi Kiara Ch. hololive-EN Only in Japan on Youtube explains how hard it is to live in Japan and how hard people has to work to be accepted into Japan. Dude lived over 20 years in Japan. Isn't streaming a specialist in entertainment? :thinking_face: Please enjoy your career :_pie: can't Cover do that for you? Don't you have one of those? lmao Cover But now if you could be sponsored by a company, say Cover as an entertainer it should be easier, right? naruhodo lol Kento It also means you have to work in Japan which is the worst thing to do in Japan hmm Be A teacher. You don't need education :_luv::_luv::_luv: There must have been a lot of sugar in those snacks :_wah: 

Would’ve kept you from cats too  :_daw::_daw::_daw: :_luv::_luv::_luv: 

its a Silverlining I think a lot of people here don't know about visas... Also the Cats need you Kiwawa a true underdog story:orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: And you're doing the debut out of sheer willpower lol :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: :_cry: :_oof::_oof::_oof: :_luv::_luv::_luv::_luv::_daw::_daw::_daw: the government omagah Believe in the YAGOO that believes in YOU Also closer to your family and cats :_daw::_daw::_daw: trying to live in Japan is super hard (they are still really isolationist and don't like foreigners living there). But for a short term vacation, its easy. Jenma, please marry Kiara... :_daw::_daw: Cover a name that can't Cover :grinning_squinting_face: Japan laws? Tbf Cover could do more Home for cats You're quality of life has improved moving back to Austria so far calli is the only one as well as Irys cardboard 3d debut lol Alles nicht so einfach  guys Cover can't get her a visa "just because" Indeed. You got back to your cats. That's the important thing :_smo::_cho: The struggles :_pie:. But maybe it sort of worked out :_daw::_luv::_daw: yeah we get it :orange_heart::sparkles: complicated and slow moving adulting is hard government bureaucracy Rules and regulations can really get in the way  all it's possible for big companies japan is pretty strict about that stuff 

national policy :_daw::_daw::_daw: Uk at the moment is really messy to get in 

you have to be super lucky to get a permanent residency status in Japan if you are a foreigner. because everyone want to go to japan No doubt Yeah makes sense I'll bet:_yab:  You wanna start a work Visa, visit Japan and apply at a 7-Eleven there :grinning_squinting_face: I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU JAPAN Imagine needing a Visa for Austria, EU gang rise up Just marry Jenma hmm..yea Yeah It's True :_oof: I understand it kinda Understandable Japan has a very high standard  I'm more upset that Cover can't get you proper 3D. At least a suit should be the bare minimum they could do:_pie: Ich hatte genau das gleiche problem mit dem visum anfang 2020 visum bekommen im april wieder in DE, weil mir das alles zu heiß und das geld knapp wurde. Aber ich hoffe das es da nochmal ne chance gibt humu humu Japan has a very long history of not really wanting foreigners to settle there 知らなかったわ well, that's one word for it I guess japan is a strange country  Very bureaucratic  :_luv::_luv::_luv: thank god for Shengen 3 times It's difficult to live in as a foreigner as well japan and new zealand is like "we want useful people :v" Consider that alot of people here has also never lived abroad  :_wow: To be very very fair though, Austria has some very very nice things as well, health insurance is great, environment is great, etc etc japan is the dark souls of bureaucracy  知らなかった:_omg: ethostate xD japan is really popular nah i get it. ive seen a lotta people i know get deported それな :orange_heart: to be honest I'm so tired of this topic can we change it? but everything worked out for you now right? is my oshi not happy? opinion: travel, and no work there looks complicated I completely understand Tenchou. To move to Brasil, all you gotta do is ask lmao 難しいでな 日本人だとわからないよね… yeah most countries is you are working for a company based in that country that company could easily get you a visa 

BIG BIG SAME* that's relatable:_yes::_yes: Relatable 

Haven't met my friends IRL for over 2 years but we still chat I only leave the house to go to the grocery store... It depends for me, but recently I've pulled back more well... EXACTLY!!!!!!! Same Yea! Totally get ya! Honestly, if I wouldn't need to buy groceries and go to work, I'd never leave the house lol Cat-rovert sounds more busy than introvert Honestly same lol :_wah: As long as both of you understand it's fine I don't see my friends for a year and when we do it's like nothing changed. We go back to friends right away. Friendship in adulthood be like that As long as RMT understands too then it's good. :_yay: Same lol what about post cards? same I do that too Kiara's definitely not "rest-of-MYTH" level of introverted. Guess rmt she likes friends like that too I haven’t met new people since high school  same  “Uh, I’m so OCD. I wash my hands twice a day.” :face_with_rolling_eyes: same here! but it's everything cool I get you :_yes::_yes::_yes: :relieved_face: same I just like being alone alot friends are overrated me neither  introvert gang Yep same  no zzz surprise chitchat is normal.. same tbh same but when we need eachother we know we will be there I'm the complete opposite I talk to my friends constantly :_lol: Same, even though we did see each other for a whole weekend:_bokbok: that's what friends are after all I did the same with my friends. And then I ended up with no friends... :_luv::_luv::_luv: It just takes a lot of energy to interact with people:_luv::_luv::_luv: Kiara has the NEET spirit Those are the best kinds of friends, yall could be apart for years but still meet up once and act like you never left so true 

Enjoy cooking! :_daw::_daw::_daw: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 

:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Oh, I'm ecxited if they match :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_luv: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: let us know on twitter! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Pachi pachi she forgor Okay, enjoy your dinner boss! le gasp You're about to get like 3 more SCs lmaooo :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands:well done tangent queen have a nice midnight dinner :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::_yay: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Simple, weeding out the band wagons:_pray: I am at work right now too and listening to u Hopefully it goes well Grazie for the stream today boss:_luv: Eat and rest well Kiwawa I'm sure it will turn out amazing! :_luv::_luv::_luv: enjoy your foof :_daw: Thank you for the stream Kiara, Have a good meal hope ur dinner is delicious! i'm waiting on pizza delivery myself haha:_dro: Ok thank you Kiwawa :orange_heart::orange_heart: Thank you for the stream Kiara :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes::orange_heart::smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: Perfect time, I have to go soon S o o o n :kiss::_ohoho: Thank you for the fun stream Tenchou:_daw::_daw::_daw: enjoy your dinner Auf Wiedersehen. Good night. Grazie Boss:_pray: おつかれさま Thanks for the stream おつかれさま!! Enjoy your cooking! :_luv::_luv::_luv: Always :_daw: Shouldn't be anything too difficult :_danke::_schon: Hello Fresh, the gift that keeps on giving :_daw: :_sal::_sal::_sal:take care kiwawa :orange_heart: Was kochst du jetzt noch mitten in der Nacht?:_lol::_lol::_lol: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::orange_heart: :_luv: :_luv: :_luv:  Thank you for streaming!! :_hey::_hey::_hey: お疲れさまでした:_luv: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :clapping_hands: :_daw::_luv::_daw: :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: Yup of course:_sal::_sal::_sal: :_luv::_luv: thanks again for the world tour, Kiara! Thanks for streaming, boss :_sal: 

:_daw::_daw::_daw: Mama Mia Bye bye:_yay::_yay::_yay: 

Auf Wiedersehen! Hyvää Yötä Kiara! :_luv: B-bye :_luv::_luv::_luv: :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: AUF WEIDERSEHEN:orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: Auf Wiedersehen! :_luv::_luv::_luv: bye bye fire birdy Auf Wiedersehen :ChikinSalute: Auf Wiedersehen Auf Wiedersehen~:_luv: CIAAAAAAAOOOOO :_yay::_yay::_yay: Auf wiedershen! Auf Wiedersehen!:_daw: Auf wiedersehen! :_daw: Auf wiedersehen:_luv: Auf Wiedershen!! bye bye Kiwawa  auf wiedersehen :orange_heart: :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: bye bye Auf Wiedersehen!!! :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: お疲れ様でした Auf Wiedersehen :_luv: Byebyebyebyebye Wirklich wirklich babybel  LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS MY OSHI:_luv::_luv::_luv: Auf Wiedersehen :orange_heart: :orange_heart: Auf wiedersehen Tenchou you are the best oshi Auf Wiedersehen!!:_aww: And in ITALIAN WE SAY!? CIAO Oh ya Babybel bye mama!!! liebe Auf Wiederbye Auf Wiedersehen:_daw::_daw::_daw: Auf weidersehen :_wah::_wah::_wah: :_luv: かわいい:_lol: Auf Wiedersehen :_sal: Auf Wiedersehen~ :_hey::_hey::_hey::_hey: A u f W e i d e r M a m i :rose::_pray: auf wiedersehen Baby bell?? :flushed_face: byebye tenchou! take care! Barbara Ann! Auf Adioooos Babybell! Auf Wiedersehen:_sal: auf wiedersehen ciao! I love you Kiara :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: Adios Kiara Boss o7 auf wiedersehen!:_luv::_luv::_luv: KIWAWA LOVE :_sal:bye bye Auf Wiedersehen!!! :_daw::_daw::_daw::_danke::_schon: :_yay: :_yay: :_luv: :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: bai bai Auf Wiedersehen!:_daw::_daw: :_cho::_cho::_cho: :_zzz::_zzz::_zzz: bgm doko kiara cute! no BGM? Babibel! :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: Auf Wiedersehen:_hey: bye bye tenchou :two_hearts: Kiara is pretty weird CUTE KIWAWA NOISES! Auf Weidersehen! Meow MEOW :_lol: Meeeeoow :_sal: bye byee:_cho: Take care! Catch you later beauty This silly birb lol:_hey: no music AUF WIEDERSEHEN :_daw::_daw::_daw: Auf Wiedersehen!:orange_heart:Danke sencho Tenchou Auf wiedersehen! Thank you for streaming, Tenchou! :orange_heart: Buonanotte, bellissima uccellina :ok_hand: Good luck cooking dinner and good luck with your appointments too. Rest well and see you Thursday. Thanks for everything you do :_daw: おつかれさまー auf wiedersehen~ :_yay: :_sal::_sal::_sal::_daw::_daw::_daw: Good night Kiara and Chat! Till next time everyone! :_luv: BGM doko new ED song drop Auf Wiedersehen:_luv::_daw: thanks for the stream tenchou:orange_heart::orange_heart: :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: :_lol::_lol::_cho::_cho: Auf wiedersehan  G O O O O O :two_hearts::kiss::folded_hands::folded_hands::latin_cross::_pray::_pray::_pray::_pray: :_daw::_daw: :_lol::_lol::_lol: :face_with_tears_of_joy: :face_with_tears_of_joy: :face_with_tears_of_joy: Kiwawa is the cutest ever:_aww::_aww::_aww: Auf wiedersehen Nyaaaaatte Meoww~ :_cho: Did NOT expect her to know Barbra Ann :lol  :_cho: :_sal::_sal::_sal: lmao :kissing_cat::kissing_cat::kissing_cat::kissing_cat: no bgm meow :_cho::_luv::_cho: Auf Wiederesehen :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: :_spark::_spark::_spark: Lol o7 bye 

:_daw::_daw::_daw: :_lol::_lol::_lol: :_pet::_pet::_pet: 

:_nein::_nein::_nein::_nein::_nein::_nein: Good night and I hope dinner is delicious. lol :_nein::_nein::_nein::_nein::_nein: かわいいw Cuteeeeee nyanyanyanya What a spicy-meatball-a! :_cho::_smo: :_lol::_lol::_cho::_cho: :_cho: it's a Tenchou!:_sal::_cho::_smo: :_lol: :_noo::_noo::_noo: ti amo chiara LOL :_cho::_cho::_cho: :_aww::_aww::_aww: silly cats lol :_luv::_luv::_luv: Lol :_smo::_cho: :_1010::_1010::_1010::_luv::_luv::_luv: Bon Giorno! so cute:_aww: Kiwawa... mic on lmao :_lol::_cho::_smo: :_cho::_smo::_cho::_smo: Oh they stealing your snackbox content? :_lol: thank you kiwawa raccoon petting stream next time 可愛すぎw cat hunting snacks  Miao :_cho::_cho: :_pet: Thank you for streaming Kiara:orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart:See you next time!!!!:grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: nyaaaaaaa :_cho: :_smo: Cat noises intensify  :_lol: :_lol: :_lol:  :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::_cho::_cho::_cho: Blessed Kiwawa noises:_pray: SO CUTE AHHH bonkers:_noo: :orange_heart::red_heart::orange_heart::red_heart: meow Le Miau cute:_aww::_aww::_aww: So adorable :_aww::two_hearts: Don't let Bonkers distract you! Cute :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: :_cho::_luv: kyuut:_cho: :_oof:the cuteness :_smo::_cho::_smo::_cho::_smo::_cho: Bonkers again? :_lol: :_1010::_1010::_cho::_smo::_pet::_zzz: cute cute cute!:_cho: BOKERS:_lol::_lol::_lol: Never change Kiara :_lol:  this is why I love you:_luv: Bonkey-wonky! :_lol::_lol: cute! :_lol::raccoon: